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Whitney Simmons

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Here is a HOT FIRE pull workout to shred and sculpt your arms and back! We are hitting back, biceps and rear delts!!
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3 sets of 15
- 10 lat pulldown with single arm emphasis
- 5 lat pulldown
3 sets of 10
- Wide grip seated row
- Close grip underhand seated row
3 sets of 8
- Barbell drag curl into bicep curl

Superset | 3 sets
- 10 cable cross body lat pull down
- 10 cable rear delt pull
- repeat on other arm
Bicep curl complex! 2 sets to failure 😅

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Kinza Asghar
Kinza Asghar Month ago
C&rcgv5ijkv Colon Lv Lv Mn Lv Lv lobo
Victor 2 months ago
Nah, i'm good.
Jusmsrob 3 months ago
This is straight fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Meagan Hiller
Meagan Hiller 5 months ago
I have soooo much trouble with back! The mind muscle connection to my non existent lats 😩
Christine 6 months ago
can I ask what lipstick colour are you wearing, it looks gorgeous on you
Amy Perez
Amy Perez 6 months ago
i want to see a new chest workout
Grace Williams
Grace Williams 8 months ago
i really struggle with upper body as there’s so many workouts for legs and glutes but not as many for upper body so i never know what’s best to do x
Grace Williams
Grace Williams 8 months ago
have you posted a upper body push workout video?? X
Beautyforlife 8 months ago
Whitneyyyy! I just did this workout and I'm trembling!! My arms... My biceps... But it's worth it!! You are the best! You're so inspiring, like I look forward to working out now, thanks girl!
Nadiya Karalash
Nadiya Karalash 9 months ago
Navy is so cute and humble
gbzzz 9 months ago
Is following your workouts like this but with lighter to none weight okay for beginners? i'm starting gym monday and i'm kinda lost
Diana Mendoza
Diana Mendoza 9 months ago
I thought you said, “it’s a pole workout, girl.” I was thinking. “Damn, she’s gonna train us like the strippers train.” 😂♥️
White 9 months ago
We dont really train tbh
meli idk
meli idk 9 months ago
I usually never say that but she is so beautiful wtf
Howard Dodge
Howard Dodge 10 months ago
whitney I love your hair im trying to do a skitch of you in leggings what color would would like of leggings
Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu 10 months ago
Excited to try these today for upper body day!
Carissa Daughtry
Carissa Daughtry 11 months ago
I love her but the clapping 😩😩
Menzies Music
Menzies Music 11 months ago
Wow! This helped so much! Thank you!
Lady Lyn Valentin
Lady Lyn Valentin 11 months ago
I just love you girl😘😘😘witty and funny and damn hot and sexy 🤩🤩
Lauren Evelyn
Lauren Evelyn 11 months ago
Currently following this workout in the gym right now!!
Michelle Tellier
Michelle Tellier 11 months ago
Well! This workout is way more difficult than it looks 😃 I'm new to this so, actually only made it to the curls. Thanks for the gym routines. I'm excited to have some routines instead of wandering aimlessly around the gym not knowing what to do. I've gotten over my fear of looking like "a dork" at the gym. Nothing can stop me now! 💪
Meagan Rankin
Meagan Rankin 11 months ago
This workout was legit I could definitely feel the burn! 💪🏼
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
I work out at our apartment not at a gym at all I work out for 30 minuets a day five days a week I do different work outs every day make it interesting use my you tuber work outs that’s on my phone . Your very pretty.
Michelle Tellier
Michelle Tellier Year ago
What do you think about changing up the order of the sets? My gym is usually packed, I want to do all the free weights at once and take advantage of the cable machine when it's free 😉
Nicole Sea
Nicole Sea Year ago
I love the push pull workouts. 🔥🔥💯❤
Dannie Leigh
Dannie Leigh Year ago
Can you just visit NYC and be on my guest list, because I seriously need someone like you walking me around my gym and showing me how to really use my gym machines😒😒😒 lol😂😂.. seriously though come to NY.😩😩
Janine Ortega
Janine Ortega Year ago
Loved it
Jessica Gardner
Jessica Gardner Year ago
What breed of dogs do you have they are soooo freakin adorable 😍
Rabbit Year ago
I just love when people say "Grab an attachment" like beginners who are looking for advice know what you're talking about...
just Yana
just Yana Year ago
I just wanna tell you that I started going to the gym because of your post. lol
kyra williams
kyra williams Year ago
“It’s a pull workout girl” this has made me happy!
Redefining Strength
Redefining Strength Year ago
Love that you included that unilateral emphasis with the lat pulldown! It's a great way to make sure you're correcting an imbalances!
Kevin Abayare
Kevin Abayare Year ago
I love it 🥰
Kim T
Kim T Year ago
I love biceps
Rosie G
Rosie G Year ago
Omg gurrrrllll!!! Just did this workout and it is hot fire flames!! 🔥🔥🔥
Heidi Vallin
Heidi Vallin Year ago
I just want to understand how you are so blessed with an empty gym on most of your videos lol
Victoria C
Victoria C Year ago
Anybody else feel the row i their forearms too? Or do i just not use my muscles like at all? 😂
Adrian Daniels
Adrian Daniels Year ago
How are the gyms you usually go to so empty?? You going in at 4 am or something??
Batool Yazdani
Batool Yazdani Year ago
Hey Whit! Can you please do some at home workouts like you did in your earlier videos? I mean you’re doing amazing at the gym but I’d love to follow a at home workout of yours that’s updated and newer! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Peixe TJ
Peixe TJ Year ago
Cat 👏🏼👌🏼🔝😍
Emma Medrano
Emma Medrano Year ago
I always laugh when Whitney finishes sentences with “girl” 😂 idk why luv you whit 💓
Ghanell Lewis
Ghanell Lewis Year ago
Girl ! I’m so happy I found your videos, The most entertaining workout videos I’ve seen ! YOU’RE SO AMAZING !
RUTH Year ago
Thank you!!❤️❤️❤️
hope eure
hope eure Year ago
Your hair looks supa Fab in this video.... Get ready with me, hair edition? 🙆
rabyia Ahmed
rabyia Ahmed Year ago
Can you clarify if this will build muscle or help loose weight? little confused thanks xx
Alisha Nell
Alisha Nell Year ago
I would love if you could do a push and pull routine with free weights as well because I am a very busy mom and don't have time to go to the gym. Thanks!
Abi Year ago
Loved this workout so much x just did it and loved it x muscles were on fire 😘 xx
Ashtyn Pharis Fitness
Ashtyn Pharis Fitness Year ago
Awesome workout!
Jasmine M
Jasmine M Year ago
Can you post more pull & push days? I LOVE THIS!
Carley Houseman
Carley Houseman Year ago
Can we get some more push/pull split workouts? I've been using these same two vids while marathon training and would love to switch it up. You're the only female on USposts I can find that splits this way, so THANK YOU FOR BEING A BADASS!
Lilly Ryken
Lilly Ryken Year ago
could someone help me please. i’m very VERY insecure about going to the gym. i almost cry just thinking of it. i don’t want people to judge me. i’m especially scared of using the bars. i don’t want to use them wrong. i’m so insecure about it
TheSmarien Year ago
I love your top! Where is it from??
EsEm Year ago
I love how you explain the workouts in details! That's really helpful!!
lynn konyali
lynn konyali Year ago
I was a fan since day 1 your videos are getting better and better but you I can't say that about your workouts CAUSE THEY CAN'T GET BETTER SIS THEY JUST CAN'T I LOVE YOU
cassandra soares
cassandra soares Year ago
I am just trying to understand that cable machine at your gym so i don’t look trying to figure it out at my gym 😭💀
Tiên Phạm Thủy
Tiên Phạm Thủy Year ago
I really love your gym workouts with weight and equipments. They're a blast!!!
Y -
Y - Year ago
I anticipate being very sore tomorrow 🤪
Stacy Castaneda
Stacy Castaneda Year ago
Gurllll let me tell u... did this workout today. It’s the bombbb thank uuu
Etecia Williams
Etecia Williams Year ago
Gonna try these TODAY!!!!!!!
Ashika A
Ashika A Year ago
Love you girl 😘 following your workouts everyday.. I’m trying to lose 20 pounds.. hopefully I’ll see some results soon .. thank you so much,
Cammie Koslakiewicz
Cammie Koslakiewicz Year ago
Love you girl! Looking good👍
kaylah pilgrim
kaylah pilgrim Year ago
How many times do you do back day?
Gabriella Batres
Gabriella Batres Year ago
Trying this later today!! You are quite literally one of the only fitness guru on USposts whose workouts I follow!!! You've changed my life and my muscles!
Ella Tucker
Ella Tucker Year ago
Just finished this workout. Omg Whit! 🙌🧡
teagan coltman
teagan coltman Year ago
Please do more machine workouts with hiit involved please xo
Anita Ayala
Anita Ayala Year ago
What color is your nail polish? Love the color!
Valerie D
Valerie D Year ago
Def gonna try the rear delt pulls !!
avital bar gal
avital bar gal Year ago
After a year I’ve been trying to get back to my body, seeing your video helped me realize that though I workout I have to pump up the weights I use. Thank you so much 🙏🏼 You really inspired me. I love your videos, your body looks insane! I’ve just finished this workout, I was so surprised with myself! I used almost the same weights you used on your video!!! Keep up the good work, and don’t forget to share 😉
Chloe salsedo
Chloe salsedo Year ago
how is ur gym always so empty lol what time do you go bc my gym is always busy!
Bianca Cabral
Bianca Cabral Year ago
For us that cant afford a gym membership or machines... do you have any recent at home full body workouts?
Allie Shea
Allie Shea Year ago
Bianca Cabral I’m not sure she has a ton, but check out MadFit, a vast majority of her workouts are home friendly
Rania Tarek
Rania Tarek Year ago
Great video.. Thank you so much for it... I had a question though please, is it necessary that body fat becomes around 10% or less... Or can your body hold to more fat percentage and still train and tone your body? .. Thank you ❤️😊
Valentina Lebu
Valentina Lebu Year ago
Where are your shoes from? I love them! Keep up the good work!
Briana Ramos
Briana Ramos Year ago
Love these kind of videos! So helpful! ☺️ Also would you mind giving me feedback on what helps you stay focused on your nutrition? And do you focus on the scale much at all?
W Year ago
A whole hole lot of poontang
W Year ago
I would enjoy exercising on that mechanism
Karenna Martinez
Karenna Martinez Year ago
Whitney do you use Spotify and have a work out playlist to share?????🤓
Leanna Parsons
Leanna Parsons Year ago
Karenna Martinez if you search Gymshark on Spotify, her playlist is one of the first few results!
Britney Ford
Britney Ford Year ago
What I eat In a day please ! 💕💕💕💕
Jasmine Medrano
Jasmine Medrano Year ago
So I’ve been really working on my arms because I have always hated my huge arms & I have to wear a halter dress in a couple months. During my arm workouts my arms feel tired and start to shake, but I have not felt any bit of soreness in my arms at all. I’m worried that I’m not doing it right. I try upping my weight, but then I can’t complete the workout & I’m still not sore. Any tips? How can I make sure my arm days are actually being effective.
Heather Mathews
Heather Mathews Year ago
This was just what I needed today!! I have been dealing with a lack of motivation the past week, and this led me to spending a whole hour at the gym with a smile on my face. Thanks, girly :)
Jenny TJ
Jenny TJ Year ago
Your furbaby is so sweet 🌞
Julia Timpy
Julia Timpy Year ago
Your videos always make me so happy 🥰💞
Ashley Korte
Ashley Korte Year ago
Thank you 😊
Diana Orellana
Diana Orellana Year ago
“Insert photo here” 😂 I love Whitney she’s so funny💕
Charlanne Te Awhe
Charlanne Te Awhe Year ago
I had been out of the gym for 4-5 weeks due to many problems going on with me body externally as well as internally which lead to me feeling frustrated and messed up mentally because I couldn’t do anything in those weeks. Fast forward, i’ve now started back at the gym this week and the first exercise I did was this one and it kicked my bum. My arms 💪🏽😱😱😭😭 .. it had been so long since I’ve done any type of workout and this truly kicked my rear haha. I loved it!!!!! Of course it took at least 4 days for it to heal and come back to normal-almost but I really enjoyed this exercise. Will keep this in my books for upper body workouts.
Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez Year ago
Totally in lovw with ur channel can you please do a vid of just tricep /bicep day please thank you
Elizabet De La Torre
Elizabet De La Torre Year ago
Freaking love you 🔥
Christine Hatt
Christine Hatt Year ago
I did this tonight and GIRL my body is on fire 😂
Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller Year ago
I love your channel I only found it a few weeks ago but holy hell you got me motivated to get back to the gym. New goal: get some of those washboard abs to wear one of whits “its a beautiful day to be alive.” Crop tops 😍
Liz Lehto
Liz Lehto Year ago
I’ve been doing your workouts with my boyfriend and hooooooooooly cow we’re both super sore but we feel soooo good
k Grant
k Grant Year ago
We don't have a local gym, so I was just wondering if you could do some videos that focus on excercises that can be done at home with dumbbells.
*Lotus* **
*Lotus* ** Year ago
What about workouts at home???
s o p h i e
s o p h i e Year ago
Whit is one of those people i want her to live forever ❤❤ so precious
Bizzy Bowen
Bizzy Bowen Year ago
I just did this whole workout today. I felt great, and it was hard! Thank you for sharing!
Meaghan Rivett
Meaghan Rivett Year ago
Would love to see some core/ab workouts! The one area that I am completely clueless in. Help! 😬
Gabriela Lopez
Gabriela Lopez Year ago
Just when I am about to loose all my willpower, you are there to give me the motivation I need!! Love u!!!
Mayerly Lara
Mayerly Lara Year ago
This is everything whit! You really helped me understand what a good upper body sesh should look like!!!!
HerpDerpnessing Year ago
Could you also show us how to change the attachments on some of the machines? I’m extremely new to the gym and using equipment and have no one to go with! It would be super nice to quickly see how to change them out properly? Or if anyone knows if she’s shown it before?
AFY GLOWS Year ago
You just clip on the attachments using the carabiner on the machines :) You'll see the carabiner at the end of the cable. All attachments have a hole in them, so you'd just put the carabiner through there and you're done!
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller Year ago
WOOHOO thanks!!!
Lorie Estrada
Lorie Estrada Year ago
Loving the new editing!! Haven’t been on the tube for a while or social media Bc I’ve been hitting the gym everyday well trying haha I’m a lot more focused so I’m binge watching all of your vids😂
Anzures Family
Anzures Family Year ago
Excited to add this tomorrow!
Haley Allen
Haley Allen Year ago
I am just starting my fitness journey and am extremely disappointed at myself for getting the the weight I am at this moment in time. I discovered that I love weights it calmed me down and makes me happy I have been watching your videos to help me find a routine and I am extremely excited to start. Love your videos they always make me laugh 😁
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