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Bust: 32"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 34"
Glutes: 38"
Height: 5'6"
Leggings 30% off… $42.00
Long Sleeve Crop Top 50% off… $22.50
Sports Bra 30% off… $32.50
Leggings 50% off... $30
Long Sleeve Crop Top
Sports Bra 50% off… $22.50
Leggings 50% off… $30
Long Sleeve Crop Top 50% off… $22.50
Sports Bra 50% off… $22.50
Flex Leggings V3 Khaki/Sand
70% off… $11.40
Flex Sports Bra
50% off… $17.50
Flex Long Sleeve Crop Top (old)
50% off… $15
High Waisted Flex Leggings Khaki/Marl Taupe
50% off… $25
Flex Strappy Sports Bra Khaki/Taupe
50% off… $17.50
Flex Crop Top Khaki Marl/Taupe
30% off… $21.00
Flex Strappy Sports Bra Black/Charcoal
50% off… $17.50
Flex Crop Top Black/Charcoal
20% off… $24
GEO SEAMLESS... black, teal and rose
Leggings 20% $44.00
Sports Bra 20% $36.00
Long Sleeve Crop Top 20% $32.00
TURBO SEAMLESS... cobalt, black, moroccan brick
Leggings 70%… $16.50
Sports Bra 70% off… $12.00
Long Sleeve Crop Top 70% off… $10.50
Ultra Seamless Spearmint Green:
Leggings 50% off… $27.50
Sports Bra 30% off… $28.00
Crop Top 50% off… $20
Ultra Seamless Neon Blue:
Leggings 50% off… $27.50
Sports Bra 50% off… $20
Crop Top 70% off… $12.00
Ultra Seamless Neon Pink:
Leggings 38% off… $38.50
Sports Bra 20% off… $32
Crop Top 30% off… $28
Ultra Seamless Black:
Leggings 20%… $44.00
Sports Bra 50%… $20
Crop Top 50% off… $20
Slounge Black Marl:
Leggings 20% off… $28
Cropped Pullover 20% off… $32

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Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO SAVE SOME CASH MONEY!! You can preview the entire sale HERE: gym.sh/Shop-Whitney2
Sueann Valenzuela
Sueann Valenzuela 9 months ago
Whitney Simmons do you still do these 17 dollar ones 😭
João Leite
João Leite 11 months ago
@Maureen comocuzape11944598806
João Leite
João Leite 11 months ago
@Caitlyn Gonzalez comocuzape11944598806
João Leite
João Leite 11 months ago
@Whitney Simmons comeseocuzape11944598806
João Leite
João Leite 11 months ago
Alejandra Santiago
Alejandra Santiago 5 months ago
Do they still have the underwear on them ? Also how do the power down long sleeve look ? I have not seen anyone wear it before
Zuzana Hnatova
Zuzana Hnatova 6 months ago
Hey Whit love love your videos
Johngallagher89 X
Johngallagher89 X 7 months ago
Today is my birthday and I’m a fan of you and I love the purple camel leggings and do you have any old leggings that you don’t were anymore
Jeannie Moreno
Jeannie Moreno 8 months ago
Are you a size small in the high waisted flex leggings?
Spiritisalive1 8 months ago
I've stepped away from your channel a minute. I love, love, love your hair!!! Looks amaaaaazing!
Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown 9 months ago
What size do you order a small or a medium??!
Temír Olvr
Temír Olvr 9 months ago
Haul bikini
Jessica Hamer
Jessica Hamer 9 months ago
Okay girl. So everytime I wear leggings that are not black, well... tbh the booty sweat line is embarrassing. I'm worried these brands are going to be more of the same🙈
Maria João Sousa
Maria João Sousa 10 months ago
Whitney, do you know when the next sales are coming? Pleaaaaase
gabriel gutierrez
gabriel gutierrez 10 months ago
April shops at goodwill
gabriel gutierrez
gabriel gutierrez 10 months ago
Karen G
Karen G 10 months ago
New subscriber!!!!!! Love your content !!!! 💖🤍💖🤍💖
Adriana Does Yoga
Adriana Does Yoga 10 months ago
I like your channel beautiful- great hauls!
Lauren B
Lauren B 11 months ago
puppies :)
B A 11 months ago
Beautiful clothing but I am a bit shy and won’t wear crop tops with leggings 😀. Maybe as I get a flat stomach like yours I’ll get some lol
Viri Corona
Viri Corona 11 months ago
My order did take a while to get to me . Is this normal? I noticed it came form the the UK lol was I supposed to order form the US? Or does it even matter? It was the first time I ordered.
mar choe
mar choe 11 months ago
Hi whitney , whats your size?
haleyg0534 Year ago
Your literally my goddess Whitney I love you😘😘😘😘😘😘
Chijaruable Year ago
Whitney, my fam, does your link for gymshark also work for Europe?
Ricky Sean Leader
Ricky Sean Leader Year ago
Karen Palmer
Karen Palmer Year ago
Omg, Whitney! Lol 😂 😂😂😂😂
Koston and Dru
Koston and Dru Year ago
Leesh C
Leesh C Year ago
Purchased 6 leggings through the link! Does anyone know how long your order usually takes to ship?
Amelia Martinez
Amelia Martinez Year ago
So what of you're like me and sweat LITERALLY so much that you're dripping.. (I know gross) does the camo still hide that? Even the light colors?
Amelia Martinez
Amelia Martinez Year ago
This video is so good and so funny that here I am watching it again even though the sale is over.. 😂
steph Year ago
Im cutting my toe nails watching this
rachael richman-harris
rachael richman-harris Year ago
I JUST got my black hoodie from your website and I swear this is the most comfortable hoodie I have ever put on. I have never bought “merch” before but there was no doubt I was going to get yours. Thanks for making such high quality stuff!!! Might keep this on foreverrrr
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
Love you so so much 😭😭💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Larry White
Larry White Year ago
Smoke in my eye balls .... Lol
Pepe TheFrog
Pepe TheFrog Year ago
Liv Siân
Liv Siân Year ago
How do you keep your fiddle leaf figs such a bright green colour?! I recently bought one from a friend but the leaves have so many dark spots and a few holes (I checked for bugs but it definitely doesn't have any!) :( I don't know if it's from previous damage or if there's anything I can do - please help xxx
Savannah Godinez
Savannah Godinez Year ago
Black camp is MINE!!! Used your link... super excited! Women supporting women! Get it Girl!!!
jennyj135 Year ago
Maria Põlder
Maria Põlder Year ago
Aaaaah I feel so bad now that I saw this video after I had already done my purchase, therefore I didn't use the link :(
Veronika Gehse
Veronika Gehse Year ago
«Babyyy» = Steve Cook 😂😍
Katie Krell
Katie Krell Year ago
I seent you in a gym shark Snapchat ad !! Freaked out a little because I remember watching you makin your meal preps when you had that 9-5.. so proud of you and I don’t even know you! I think we would be fast friends 😎
mmahaff11 Year ago
Your makeup! 😍😍 What is on the lips and eyes??
Frances Keller
Frances Keller Year ago
Makeup looks fire!!! ❤️❤️
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham Year ago
Spends all paycheck.....
Alyona Jochaniewicz
Alyona Jochaniewicz Year ago
Love your videos!! Can you do a whats on my iphone video?
Seth Brentano
Seth Brentano Year ago
I love how you could mix and match different sets
paige lameyer
paige lameyer Year ago
Patty P
Patty P Year ago
I got so much of the legacy collection!
Sarah Corzilius
Sarah Corzilius Year ago
What is your height and measurements please and thank you!!♥️ I love you!
Isabel Year ago
What size do you wear?
Melanie9125 Year ago
Wow camel toe
Anna Clayton
Anna Clayton Year ago
did i forget to shop through your link last night? yep. Did i just go back and order some more leggings just to use your link? you betcha.
Anna Clayton
Anna Clayton Year ago
PSA they still have some of the camo leggings in stock! ALSO since they're $42 you can use afterpay ;)
bubba g
bubba g Year ago
Me and my friends at school looove this channel
Laura Di Genova
Laura Di Genova Year ago
Abs be poppin🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jeff Edwards
Jeff Edwards Year ago
Hi Whitney. Thanks so much for all the great info. Placed an order and going back for more. Would you recommend going up a size for swimsuits? Do they ever restock items during the sale?
Katrina Nygaard
Katrina Nygaard Year ago
Alaninu is having a buy one get one free for black Friday and no one is talking about it, not even on their website. I spent nearly $100 yesterday then got that email. Pretty upset, thought I was doing them a favor by buying multiple things but they can't advertise something great for customers. Definitely will be taking advantage of the love it or return it guarantee if I don't think they're all that they're hyped up to be.
Mermahlia Year ago
Where did you get the coat hangers for your leggings from?🥺
Amelie Lee
Amelie Lee Year ago
These videos are fun, but I miss the ones with straight workouts 😥this is more like a lifestyle channel now
Jessica Skinner
Jessica Skinner Year ago
You forgot the vital seamless collection! Errbody loves those 😍
Samantha Solis
Samantha Solis Year ago
Girl I shopped thru your link because I love you and I had to do it for your kids!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐶
Meghan Folkerts
Meghan Folkerts Year ago
Made three separate orders today! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the collections!
LetsTalkTiyanna Year ago
Just ordered through you link boo 💕
Tiffany Zhang
Tiffany Zhang Year ago
what size do you normally get?
lisa timsina
lisa timsina Year ago
Sorry but those whispers are one of my pet peeves.
S VL Year ago
You looks skinny in this video,
Briana Serrano
Briana Serrano Year ago
@whitneysimmons I made two seperate purchases (shopaholic) through your link today! 💕 Happy to support you and the pupperoos! 🐾
Caitlin Conroy
Caitlin Conroy Year ago
I had to stop watching cause of the slurping
Joey Pierce
Joey Pierce Year ago
I'm a sucker
Jessica Howes
Jessica Howes Year ago
I got a couple items I wanted using your link 🤗 happy to support! And my first ever gym shark purchases I’m so excited
TheCCaufield Year ago
Thanks for the sale info!! Me and my coworkers got some great stuff. I was sure to use your link since you let me know about it 😘
Sam Gibbs
Sam Gibbs Year ago
literally just sat in the queue in class just to make sure that I could grab the black high waisted flex leggings and the long sleeve crop top and may I just say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MEEEEEEE
Almira Tanner
Almira Tanner Year ago
Who bought from Whitney’s link? Raise your hand.
Almira Tanner
Almira Tanner Year ago
Thank you Whitney for the link. Got most of what I wanted! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. ❤️
Delanie Hall
Delanie Hall Year ago
This was so helpful. I totally didn't buy the turbo seamless set in two colors.. oh right, I did😂😂
Briony Johannah
Briony Johannah Year ago
I have ordered so much from BLACKOUT😍 will be a video soon on my channel ➡️ BRIONY JOHANNAH❤️
Abby Schenk
Abby Schenk Year ago
Used your link! So excited for my order to come in! Love Whitney! Aesthetic inspiration x1000000000 ❤🔥😍
Stephanie Knapp
Stephanie Knapp Year ago
I've watched this video several times and it's really helped me figure out what get since this is my first time shopping from gymshark. I really appreciate being able to watch your videos, you are such a bright light and I love your personality! Thank you💜
tipsbyemma Year ago
Where are your pants from that you are wearing??
hali M
hali M Year ago
I love your videos!! You make me smile 😊. I used your link!!! Happy to support!!
Carolyn Byler
Carolyn Byler Year ago
Whew that sale got my adrenaline pumping girl....but I GOT THE GOODS 🙌🏻
sharl1027 Year ago
i ordered the two things i wanted and something in my heart was like "check to see if whitney posted anything". after i watched this video i skedaddled back to the gymshark website and ordered the flex high waist leggings and the flex sports bra
Loryann Hernandez
Loryann Hernandez Year ago
I saw your video and I totally got motivated to shop for a bunch of these outfits It would have been my first time shopping with them. I was there when it first started I tried picking out all the styles that I wanted and colors but I was being very carefully a little slower than I'm usually in computers due to my eye PRK surgery so I wouldn't choose different stuff. By the time I went to check out I was so excited but then I noticed that everything was sold out I couldn't get not even one piece I'm very sad and disappointed. I also went through your link. 😢
Emily Shockley
Emily Shockley Year ago
Just bought high waisted flex leggings through your link!! I love supporting you and the pups!!! :)
Rachel Kleinwaks
Rachel Kleinwaks Year ago
Soooo pumped I was able to get my hands on all my top picks (besides the white Non stop sports bra) sooooo excited to try out the camo!!!
brooke schultz
brooke schultz Year ago
Used your link!!!! SO EXCITED 😍😍
Ashley Erickson
Ashley Erickson Year ago
I used your link!! I was able to get 5 leggings for around $150 😄 my most successful blackout shopping hahaha
Mckenzie Cross
Mckenzie Cross Year ago
Dude I had a full cart and it stuck me in the black out checkout wait at 11:10 and then it randomly kicked me back to the website. By the time I got back into the checkout wait and waited everything was sold out so that’s fun. I tried to shop through your link but that’s what happened... this sucks
Mary Brown
Mary Brown Year ago
I bought the flex black high waisted leggings so excited to try them 😃 I went with x small because the small was just a smidge to big so I’m hoping they’ll work I’m 115lbs and 5’6 and half inches.
Selena Gonzalez
Selena Gonzalez Year ago
Just shopped and got almost everything on my list😁 a lot is getting sold out fast! So happy I watched this video to prepare ❤️❤️ used your link to support you and the babies❤️
Miss Mariah Madeline
Miss Mariah Madeline Year ago
Ahhhhhhhh I went crazy I was so scared and I ordered double BUT I DONT CARE!!!!! Because of you I learned to live my best life 🙏🏼
Natalie Glick
Natalie Glick Year ago
Used your link! 💞💞 great video! Very helpful
Takako Kanzaki
Takako Kanzaki Year ago
Thank you for your link and tips to get ready for the sale!!! I was able to purchase 2 Flex sets!! xx
ginnyfromDaBlock Year ago
I got some flex leggings this blackout!!!!!!!!!!
Lise Øverås
Lise Øverås Year ago
Used your link
Jamie's Life
Jamie's Life Year ago
omg im soooo mad i waited and waited and the sirmte crashed juat like last yr ughhh what a waist
biogeek7 Year ago
Just opening the link! 60 seconds on the clock! 🙌🏽
Natalie Contreras
Natalie Contreras Year ago
Whitney link popped up ((CHECK)).....did my homework all weekend ((CHECK)) ...tee minus 15 minutes....about to drop some serious cash monaaaaaaay honaaaaaaaay BABEEEEEEEEYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lauren Grace
Lauren Grace Year ago
14 minutes till i get to support the two 16 pound chicken nuggets!! ready to click FAST ah!
Miss Mariah Madeline
Miss Mariah Madeline Year ago
I’m waiting so patiently
Lindsey Van Herk
Lindsey Van Herk Year ago
which leggings are your fave whitney?
cam cam gracia
cam cam gracia Year ago
I loooooove this makeup look and hairstyle on you!
Yolanda Padilla
Yolanda Padilla Year ago
can't wait to shop! Of course through your link. Btw you should do a review video for Farmer's Dog for some of us dog mommas.
Diane Balleza
Diane Balleza Year ago
Thank you for these videos. I was taking notes so that’s means I will be ready today! I will be shopping through your link. Love you Whit!
Naomi Kong
Naomi Kong Year ago
Abs come thru, girl! 🤩🙌🏼 Loved this video! 🔥🔥
Rebecca Lindenberg
Rebecca Lindenberg Year ago
Love u so much but that slurping sound .........gtg 😅😶🙃
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