2 TRUTHS AND 1 LIE... with Nikki Blackketter

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Whitney Simmons

2 years ago

DAY 12 OF WHITMAS / VLOGMAS IS HERE! 2 truths and 1 lie with Nikki Blackketter!!!

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Baby Doll
Baby Doll Year ago
Why don’t you do what I eat in a day videos anymore :( missing themmmmm
MICH h Year ago
Nikki looks like Ruby Rose
Leya Rebok
Leya Rebok Year ago
The Taylor Swift reference ❤️❤️❤️
Ericalucymarie H
Ericalucymarie H Year ago
I have watched this video sooo many times because i keep thinking im crazy cause your raw edge hoodie looks orange to me?!?! is it the Pop red color?
Laurinda Wilson
Laurinda Wilson Year ago
I have only watched the first 8 seconds only this video (about 5 times now) and am cryinggg!! Too funny!!
Filippa Hopstadius
Filippa Hopstadius Year ago
If I got to do that with my bestie I would totally SMACK it in her fac, not lightly tapping it
valse incminor
valse incminor Year ago
you actually had 33% chance to get it right
Jozie H
Jozie H Year ago
Lol I was like “hmm.. that’s not right”.
Courtney Price
Courtney Price Year ago
I was wondering if anyone else caught that, lol
Tori Smith
Tori Smith Year ago
Fav vid was the Q&A - could watch you chat all day ☺️💅🏻
Janelle Roxanne
Janelle Roxanne Year ago
😂😂😂 this was funny and cute
Bella Gonzalez
Bella Gonzalez Year ago
Whit, are you in the Salt Lake City area? Utah looks gorgeous!
Life of an empath by Cristina Litvin
Life of an empath by Cristina Litvin Year ago
This is why I love you Whitney, you play to have fun! I love Nikki, but she plays to win. You got the spirit of the game! You win!
Shmerika Year ago
my first kiss was when i was a junior in HS haha
Sophie-Anne Léveillé
Sophie-Anne Léveillé Year ago
the q&a was my favorite but there were alllll great! love ya ig: sophiio
Lois Castillo
Lois Castillo Year ago
My favorite was the Day 8 Grow your booty workout 🏋️‍♀️ Like I always say, you are my fitness guru. Love you Whitney!!! Thanks for liking my tweet last night. Made me so happy haha #fangirling ♥️♥️♥️
Ellyn Hodges
Ellyn Hodges Year ago
The coconut milk whipped cream is better
reba bailey
reba bailey Year ago
Hey whit! My favorite day was the get ready with me and make up routine😊 merry Christmas! @rebabaileyy
Dimitris Bronowski
Dimitris Bronowski Year ago
Amazing chemistry! Hehe! Christmas is over now, looking forward for your New Year's video!! :-)
Katie White
Katie White Year ago
My favourite was two truths and a lie. I was dying of laughter the whole time 😂
Kat Lux
Kat Lux Year ago
I recently subscribed and it was thee best decision I’ve made in a while. Your beautiful personality and energy just put me in such a great mood and you seem so damn genuine and I love it so much! I wish I was your friend! 😭 lol much 💗
Shelby Muirhead
Shelby Muirhead Year ago
House holiday tour was my fav!! ❤️
Ana Feio
Ana Feio Year ago
Merry X-mas!!
Kristen Dyer
Kristen Dyer Year ago
My favorite day was definitely this collab! Y’all are so amazing! Ig:kristen_dyer
meghanaka Year ago
Whikki needs a couples channel
Kylee McKay
Kylee McKay Year ago
My favorite Whitman’s video was you giving us a tour of your Christmas decorations ❤️ Insta: McKaydULook
yoGELLY Year ago
My favorite was healthy treats because food
ZainoVlogs Year ago
this was on the 13th December, where's the other videos? :(
Katheryn Padgett
Katheryn Padgett Year ago
My favorite Whitmas video was the Holiday House Tour!!! Those are my favorite types of videos
alexx perez
alexx perez Year ago
whitmas day 7:)
Priscila Duarte
Priscila Duarte Year ago
My favorite was this video the 2 truths and 1 lie. It was super hilarious and it just made me laugh all the way through especially when you said it was really suffocating me 😂 Love you Whitney ❤️ Email: morenopriscila_77@yahoo.com
Panda Pearson
Panda Pearson Year ago
Yassss on Diana Rodriguez’s shirt idea with both of y’all’s phrases combined!! And my favorite video has to be this one of course! I looovveeee you both so much!
Stefany Flores
Stefany Flores Year ago
This was the best Whitmas vid!
jessica Anderson
jessica Anderson Year ago
So beautiful
Lettuce Be Kind
Lettuce Be Kind Year ago
This video is so funny. Love the chemistry between you two besties 👯‍♀️
D S Year ago
Great video!
Cassandra Luby
Cassandra Luby Year ago
Favorite video for Whitmas was the House Tour because every time I watch I'm looking in the background wondering what the rest of that space looks like and where you got those photos, pillows, etc. HAHA I just moved and am being super indecisive with how to decorate but loving the minimalist style
Erin Decker
Erin Decker Year ago
Whitney will you be doing a camo Seamless try on in the next couple days? (:
Margie L
Margie L Year ago
You two have the best personality! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Doni Blevins
Doni Blevins Year ago
You gals are too funny! My fav video during whitmas was your Trader Joe’s video!!!
Vickimarie16 b
Vickimarie16 b Year ago
My favorite Whitmas was this one..... you put a lot more effort into singing and i enjoyed it! Lol Instagram: vicki_marie16
Alyssa Desmoni
Alyssa Desmoni Year ago
My favorite day of Whitmas had to be the healthier treats. I made some of them and they were super good!!!
Jess Alyson
Jess Alyson Year ago
I DID A THING and uploaded my first youtube video! Go watch and comment so we can be friends! :) :) :)
Danelle Durben
Danelle Durben Year ago
This was my fav 💕
Glory Ortiz
Glory Ortiz Year ago
My favorite day of Whitmas was when you made the holiday treats. Instagram: glowry08
Bailey Price
Bailey Price Year ago
This was my favorite day of Whitmas! Yall are the cutesttttt
Anastasia E.
Anastasia E. Year ago
All of them are great! But the one that got me hooked up was My workout schedule &split! After that I was just playing your channel nonstop 😄 I very much appreciate how easygoing, friendly and helpful you are, amazing job! Thank you😉💚 Insta: anastasiya.shk
Nikki Cardenas
Nikki Cardenas Year ago
Ah, I love when Nikki and you do collabs! For sure my favorite day of Whitmas :)
Reesa Abrams
Reesa Abrams Year ago
Hi Whitney! My favorite video was the Q & A :)
nichole imhoff
nichole imhoff Year ago
My favorite day was the workout of course❤️❤️❤️Contact me at lipsticknikki1@yahoo.com
Melissa Pilling
Melissa Pilling Year ago
My favorite day of Whitmas was the holiday treats video 😊
Tanya Warner
Tanya Warner Year ago
This was my favorite video of Whitmas! I love you two together so much! Ya'll are hilarious! My IG handle is @mrstanyawarner
Jamie Quick
Jamie Quick Year ago
Hi Whitney, I am just now starting my fitness journey and I wanted to know if you think it is best to drink protein before or after your workout?
Beauty Lush
Beauty Lush Year ago
Whitney what outfit are you wearing?? 😍😍😍
Isuzu Jdjxudh
Isuzu Jdjxudh Year ago
My favorite day of whitmas was the Q&A
Jakie❤ Year ago
Love it!! You guys are so funny together.❤
Laura Rueda
Laura Rueda Year ago
This was my favorite day of whitmas, I love the videos you make together!! IG: @laurarueda98
Holly S
Holly S Year ago
This was so stinking precious. However, how does one break every toe? 🤔
Michaela Evans
Michaela Evans Year ago
100% my favorite day of Whitmas was this video I love you two together!!!!
Viviana Ll
Viviana Ll Year ago
Hello, I love your two truths and a lie Whitmas. You Nikki are so funny together 😂😁
Eva Lučić
Eva Lučić Year ago
You were to easy on each other. I would probably put that cream all over the face and hair. Muhahahahahah
Colette McCormick
Colette McCormick Year ago
Favorite day of Whitman’s was def the house tour, it seemed so real and I was honestly excited for you through it lol ❤️❤️
Jenine Young
Jenine Young Year ago
I can't make up my mind between this one and the trader Joes haul! but if I had to choose then probably this one...Insta: Jeninebeans
Felicia Arocha
Felicia Arocha Year ago
Loved all the whitmas videos but this one was probably my fav! 😁🖤 Happy Holidays!! IG: Feli_getsfit_
Stephanie Parks
Stephanie Parks Year ago
The Trader Joe’s food taste test was my fav!! I love seeing what you think of all the treats! IG:_stephanieparks_
Katrina Cross
Katrina Cross Year ago
Holiday house tour :) love the new place so happy for you! You made tour dreams come true
May R
May R Year ago
Could you do a video on setting up for hip thrusts? I know a lot of people scared to do hip thrusts in the gym could benefit from a video like this!
Julie McCuaig
Julie McCuaig Year ago
My favourite day of Whitmas was the skincare and makeup routine! And this one. You two are amazing! ig: jm.mccuaig
Yolanda Chen [Books & Makeup]
Yolanda Chen [Books & Makeup] Year ago
i love your what I eat in a day! IG @yolandarcn
elizabethconti1 Year ago
Loved day 12!! Learned some new things about y'all
roshninder kaur
roshninder kaur Year ago
I really enjoyed the holiday treats video! love u
Marisa Zuniga
Marisa Zuniga Year ago
Your skin care video was my fav!! Love you Whitney 💜!
Hannah Cohee
Hannah Cohee Year ago
“What I eat in a day” was a great vid! But tbh loved all of them🙌🏼 Insta: @hannah.rose.99
Fran Fidaleo
Fran Fidaleo Year ago
I liked the q and a and like the more casual type of video
Fran Fidaleo
Fran Fidaleo Year ago
Alina Capaul
Alina Capaul Year ago
My favorite day was this one! I love Whikki!! @malinalina5
Renee Lamoureux
Renee Lamoureux Year ago
My favourite day of Whitmas was when you made all the treats, I love the no bake cookies! Insta: renee_lamoureux_
Crystal Choi
Crystal Choi Year ago
My favourite video(es) were the 5 healthy snack recipes (planning on making them for christmas gifts!) and this one! The whikki collab! Hahaha you guys together are the perfect combo! Hahaha
Luisa Perez
Luisa Perez Year ago
I’m really confused about whitmas. Is she supposed to be posting every weekday or every other day? It’s been like 5 days. Which is fine but I thought whitmas was every day.
Lidia Year ago
10:27 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 THEY'RE BONES
Brittany R
Brittany R Year ago
Favorite was Q&A!
Brittany R
Brittany R Year ago
Try the coconut whip cream.. it's sooo good!!
iamrachelchung Year ago
Thank you for the awesome giveaway! This video was my favorite day of whitmas! Love whikki ❤ IG: iamrachelchung
Trulyjessmarina Year ago
Aww this was a cute video ! ❤️ love u two 😋
FitInMyHeart - Dr. Mo
FitInMyHeart - Dr. Mo Year ago
I LOVED THIS!!!!! 😍 #TooCute 💞💞💞
FitInMyHeart - Dr. Mo
FitInMyHeart - Dr. Mo Year ago
THIS was my FAVORITE DAY!!! 😍😍😍😍
Sarah Mayer
Sarah Mayer Year ago
@whatdidsarahdo loved the fun facts. my favorite day of whitmas was the at home workout - i have used that multiple times since you posted it. ty ty
Kira Stauffer
Kira Stauffer Year ago
My favorite day was definitely this one because you and Nikki are my two favorite USpostsrs hands down! You two are just so down to earth and remind me of my best friend and I! Love you two❤️❤️
Krystin Gross
Krystin Gross Year ago
fav whitmas video lf 2018 is the skincare routine IG : krystinnbby
Rebecca Jade Edmonds
Rebecca Jade Edmonds Year ago
My fav was your Q&A cause I love youuuuuuu!!!! @beckysfitnessandfood xxxxxx
Jackie Hsia
Jackie Hsia Year ago
my favorite day of whitmas was your Q&A bc i love getting to know you outside of just fitness!✨💕
Sarah Dolatowski
Sarah Dolatowski Year ago
My favorite day of Whitmas was your House Tour!!
Julia Clarkson
Julia Clarkson Year ago
My favorite day of Whitmas was definitely the house tour/Christmas decor one ^_^
Shelbi Lowe
Shelbi Lowe Year ago
Love it!! My fav Whitmas video was the baking video!! I'm so excited to try them! Xoxo! Insta: Shelbilynn613
Anniken Eek
Anniken Eek Year ago
My favorite video was the cooking one😍 ig: @annikeneek
Amanda Cozza
Amanda Cozza Year ago
Nothing like warming up on the treadmill at 6 am watching this video and having a huge smile on my face! You guys are great💗 I guess that makes this video my fave
Gissel Tamayo
Gissel Tamayo Year ago
Will there be a restock on the hot fire flames small long sleeve tee? ♥️
Carly Anne
Carly Anne Year ago
This one was my fave! I love you and Nikki ❤️
Rebekah Chandler
Rebekah Chandler Year ago
Day 12 is my favorite because I seriously love you both so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Anna Pedron
Anna Pedron Year ago
You guys are my role models💖
Natalia Velez
Natalia Velez Year ago
This video was my favorite day of Whitmas because I have no friends and this gives me something to look forward too.. they all say mean things and your way kinder and loving.
Armida Ordorica
Armida Ordorica Year ago
Your healthy holiday treats! 🎄 insta: @arrmida
Kristin Bates
Kristin Bates Year ago
My fav day was the Trader Joe’s taste testing! I found a new treat that I’m addicted to because of that video
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