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Whitney Simmons

11 months ago

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robe: Cariloha
dress www.zara.com/us/en/printed-organza-dress-p04661107.html?v1=34146627&v2=1125552
hydration primer rstyle.me/+X8rcH2Q4Fzsgcx5YWONJEA
pore primer lmao rstyle.me/+zkkeh7v7Tx_tXQOLEveOmQ
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Helena Vo
Helena Vo Month ago
You’re my freaking number one inspiration in this whole entire freaking world 🥺🥺🥺 I just love youuuuu! ♥️♥️♥️
ItsMe Gold
ItsMe Gold 4 months ago
You look so much like the an Alicia Silverstone without makeup... very pretty
Jennifer Costain
Jennifer Costain 5 months ago
IDEA: If you do Whitmas 2020 (pretty please do!), you could do like how you organize your makeup/bathroom. Is that weird?
Ashley Puig
Ashley Puig 5 months ago
So here I am thinking “hmm what can I do right now?” It’s 10pm on a Saturday night at home because ya know Covid. Started scrolling thru your videos and I cannot believe I missed this one! I watch them all but somehow this one slipped. Well I was not disappointed (never am). I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. Your personality is A1 and I absolutely love you strutting your outfit and posing with your boo. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. L O V E.
Bridget Hogan
Bridget Hogan 5 months ago
Whitney could be a makeup guru like she's so good
Taylor Norgaard
Taylor Norgaard 6 months ago
Does anyone know where she got that shower organizer?! I need!!! ☺️
Fgivins 6 months ago
Anyone know where her boots are from?
Klearly Kendra
Klearly Kendra 7 months ago
I stinkin love you so much girl! You are so funny and gorgeous 😉
Crys Tal
Crys Tal 7 months ago
You honestly did an impeccable job on your face makeup
sarah hobart
sarah hobart 7 months ago
What size is the curling iron you used?
Norma Barajas
Norma Barajas 8 months ago
I love you Whitt! I was a little mad at someone right now but you brought my mood back up 😂
Shine Hope
Shine Hope 8 months ago
How have I only just found your channel???? I love how fun and energetic you are without being fake or too over the top. So authentic much love
Soha Salama
Soha Salama 8 months ago
From where is your dress please?
Magenta43 8 months ago
Any favorite perfumes?
haley love
haley love 9 months ago
Your so silly and funny 😊 stay gorgeous !! 🤗😇
Ritika 9 months ago
You so pretty 😍
Olive B
Olive B 10 months ago
“When in doubt blend it out” LOL 😆 This make up look is going to be my 2020 valentines date night look🥰
Elizabeth Valverde
Elizabeth Valverde 10 months ago
Ooo girl! Your outfit is on fire!
Melinda Robles
Melinda Robles 10 months ago
My sunken in eyeballs 😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lexy s
Lexy s 10 months ago
Your so adorable don’t look lol
Hawks55 10 months ago
Lol ok I’m prolly the only dude here .....but somehow, someway I found this:) bored and can’t sleep. Your a very attractive woman😄. This made me smile watching it , I’m a divorced Dad to 5 kids. One son and 4 daughters . My kids are my life and my 4 girls have great personalities and hope they all end up with beauty on outside but inside too, like you! Keep being you and love the positive vibes :)
Kesse Leah
Kesse Leah 10 months ago
I friggin' LOVE everything Whitney posts. This girl is so bomb!!!!! Love, love, love! ;)
melindaabond 10 months ago
Wait we see you bf here. Is that planned lol cuz the other vid you didnt wanna show him what ishappeninggg
Carly Ulrich
Carly Ulrich 10 months ago
you were really cracking me up in this video. love you!
Gucci771 10 months ago
Anyone know where the boots are from?
Brooke Danae
Brooke Danae 10 months ago
Girl nahhhh I need the link to those shoes!!!! ❤️
AriesLibraAqua 11 months ago
hahaha i love you whit. keep being you
Elaine Gerald
Elaine Gerald 11 months ago
@whitney I know you love to glow! You should try Tatcha Luminous Dewy Spray!
Tracy Reynolds
Tracy Reynolds 11 months ago
Looks amazing, beautiful, stunning. I added everything to my cart....wowza, do you have any video's for simple girls like me that don't know how to do make up and don't want to take very long? I watch you tube video's and never ever get it! But enjoy watching! Dog lover so I'll pretty much watch anything with your 2, are they doodles?Also.....love that dress, sold out here in Canada!
wildCHILDballad 11 months ago
The Boys song at the end is back and I'm so stinking happy about it! 🎉🎉
ance Bičuka
ance Bičuka 11 months ago
what kind of brushes these are? are they from Jeffrey Star Cosmetics?
Rebecca Osborn
Rebecca Osborn 11 months ago
You really are just so pretty and funny...And I’m noticing your jeffree star mirrors 👀💜 really don’t know what we did before setting spray
Veronica Goode
Veronica Goode 11 months ago
omg you mentioning the post birth control acne...SAME girl. same.
VINO9411 11 months ago
Stephan looks like a Switch Hitter LMAO!!!!!!
Margot Ochoa
Margot Ochoa 11 months ago
Ms Whit! You look👀marvelous!🎄and gorgeous 💄👠
Katherine T
Katherine T 11 months ago
"im going crazy" **dips brush aggressively in highlighter** 😂
Harleen Kaur
Harleen Kaur 11 months ago
you should have paired that dress with a chunky belt! (tip for the future haha) btw you are awesome!
Jessie Allcock
Jessie Allcock 11 months ago
I’m not sure I’ve ever related more to a human as what Whitney says getting ready 😂
Araceli Aguilar
Araceli Aguilar 11 months ago
Same girl. A life without blush is not a life for me. I’d pick blush over any other makeup product. Don’t @ me.
Brooke Taylor
Brooke Taylor 11 months ago
Whit: nobody’s perfect Me: she’s literally perfect 😂
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith 11 months ago
i love watching you do makeup, you make it look so fun
Shawn Tisdale
Shawn Tisdale 11 months ago
I live for these videos. So funny. You’re the best Whitney.
Ashley 11 months ago
How do you have the best personality EVER 😩 soooo beautiful. 😍Loved watching and will most definitely use some of your tips while I’m getting ready this Christmas 🥰
danielle roca
danielle roca 11 months ago
Whit... where did you get those boots? 😍 looovveeee them!
Terren D
Terren D 11 months ago
I like ths slurp lol
Gabriela Krysa
Gabriela Krysa 11 months ago
Whitney can you please start adding names next to the links to the products. Sephora links don't open in UK just go straight to french sephora home page 😩
Rachael Day
Rachael Day 11 months ago
Idk if you’ve answered this in another video but I’d love to know what you’re using now for birth control instead of the pill? If you’re comfortable sharing. I’m currently on the pill and have been for 5 years but I’m thinking about getting off. I dont really have any close girlfriends to ask so I’ve just been doing a ton of research. I’d love to hear about what you’re using instead!❤️
Cheyenne Perry
Cheyenne Perry 11 months ago
WAIT EXCUSE ME IM SORRY we love stefan in the "boys" outro w the hard stance hell yea
Sarah Welton
Sarah Welton 11 months ago
Girl where r those boots from?!
Cally Newsham
Cally Newsham 11 months ago
What size are you in the coat for reference? I heard it runs large.
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson 11 months ago
*Gasps*.. "Stunning." I want Whitney's energy while doing my makeup
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson 11 months ago
GIRL the birth control acne is real :(( I'm dealing with it real bad right now. It's so unfair how the pill makes you a clear, glowing goddess, like shining from within.. and then you stop and your body panics and tortures your face
☆ sidney ☆
☆ sidney ☆ 11 months ago
Yasssss girl. I love that glowy skin!!! 🌟💫
MaketheMusicFasion 11 months ago
Taylor Pierce
Taylor Pierce 11 months ago
Someone watched Scott barnes on Tatis channel!!! Yass girl it looks flawless, but it's kinda cheating cause your beautiful without any of it so this totally just enhances your beauty. But great job love. Xo
Brittanie Hicks
Brittanie Hicks 11 months ago
Y’all are too cute! Ok? Ok! 🤪😍😍
G. Gratiela
G. Gratiela 11 months ago
Can I say it´s my fav dress? so freaking cute and aweeesome!
Maile Guieb
Maile Guieb 11 months ago
christina shaw
christina shaw 11 months ago
The slurp is cute!
marianna 51
marianna 51 11 months ago
I LOVE Whitney, she embraces her beauty and acne instead of trying to hide it like everyone else! 😭 ❤️
Haley Amsel
Haley Amsel 11 months ago
Girl you’re my FAVORITE!! Love the snack break in the middle 😂😂😂
mdelskin 11 months ago
What camera are you using to vlog these days?
Teresa McComish
Teresa McComish 11 months ago
How can you use makeup that tests on animals :( so saaaaaddddddd
lucy berg
lucy berg 11 months ago
Has there ever been a more adorable human? I’m so doubtful! Whit you are too delightful girl. And idk the firstttt thing about makeup but I watch your makeup tutorials and I’m flooded with all sorts of confidence. Maybe one of these times I’ll follow through and buy some makeup, lol. Love you Whit! Love me some Whitmas! Happy holidays baaaabe 😘
Kaylee Moore
Kaylee Moore 11 months ago
Giggling on the stair master watching this omg I love you so much
Sassy 11 months ago
Do you have any scandinavian roots? You are so swedish/finnish/norwegian/denmark type of girl!
Imani Harper
Imani Harper 11 months ago
Hi Whitney! Where did you get the boots?
Summer Scott
Summer Scott 11 months ago
You are so entertaining. Like for real gotta go to bed so I can go to work. Lol! Where’s the coat from btw?
Christie Marie
Christie Marie 11 months ago
👀 Jeffree Star mirror!! 😍
Hoopa_ Jeska
Hoopa_ Jeska 11 months ago
Spicy quest pop corners taste like Doritos on steroids
Baylee Vaughn
Baylee Vaughn 11 months ago
Hey Whit! What eyelash curler do you use?
Heather S
Heather S 11 months ago
where are those boooooots from thouuuuugh?
samantha babbitt
samantha babbitt 11 months ago
Where is your coat from?!! so cute!!
Hilda 11 months ago
I freaking love you Whit! Thanks for the scholarship giveaway!!! That is so awesome of you to do :) I was a little bumbed out when you were saying your goodbyes at the end of the video and there was no "I was busy thinking about boys" :( But giiiiirl, you surprised us all with that ADORABLE ending
G Cammock
G Cammock 11 months ago
I absolutely love your energy!!
Savannah Morley
Savannah Morley 11 months ago
Anyone know where the boots are from??
Kylee Knight
Kylee Knight 11 months ago
I mean, is there such thing as to much highlighter??! 😍🤣
Her Healthful
Her Healthful 11 months ago
I love your videos!!!!!! ❤️❤️
Lexie Yockey
Lexie Yockey 11 months ago
Girl are you lowkey a beauty guru !!?
Lexie Yockey
Lexie Yockey 11 months ago
I see you trying new pop corners flavors 👀 did you try the white cheddar!!!?
Amanda Glenn
Amanda Glenn 11 months ago
you are a queen Whitney!!!
shelbitedeschi 11 months ago
The real question is, how do you keep your concealer from creasing under your eyes? I can't for the life of me keep it from creasing these days, even after setting it with powder.
Marissa McNally
Marissa McNally 11 months ago
Ah loveeeeeee this video !! More beauty pls!
Callista Weiss
Callista Weiss 11 months ago
Blush does that to me too! Like truly- where does she go? Cause she starts out lookin crazy and then I get to school and I have no rosey cheeks anyone 🙈
Adrienne Hart Lifestyle Junkie
Adrienne Hart Lifestyle Junkie 11 months ago
Okay so HOWWWWW do we get concealer on without creating wrinkles???? Help! The last time I put concealer on someone guessed I was “a solid 39” IM NOT 39!!!! is it just me??
Jody Armstrong
Jody Armstrong 11 months ago
omg if i have to watch that stinking Sephora ad one more time...
GoldBloodedBeauty 11 months ago
You can also stir up your paint pot and press it back down to mix up the oils that settled to the bottom 👌🏻
AbbyJo7251 11 months ago
I also have 1 eyebrow that is literally PERFECT all the time and the other one is just sad no matter what I do LOL I feel you
Don’t need To know
Don’t need To know 11 months ago
I fucking loveeee whits personality 😩😩
Sheetal Maharjan
Sheetal Maharjan 11 months ago
the two of you are so "stinking" cute haha
Boitshepo Botlhomeng
Boitshepo Botlhomeng 11 months ago
Whit, we need these outfits on Instagram 😍😍😍 HOT 🔥FIRE 🔥FLAMES, oh you done did it this time, I don't even know what to say, you're IT!!
Kristyn Rowley
Kristyn Rowley 11 months ago
Where are your boots from?! 😍
Norma Madden
Norma Madden 11 months ago
You look beautiful, thank you for the tutorial!
madison treadwell
madison treadwell 11 months ago
Lovvveeeee this
Maricela Martinez
Maricela Martinez 11 months ago
I loved ❤️ the hair tutorial!!! You looked stunning 😍
gabrielle 11 months ago
The fan 🤣
Courtney Otto
Courtney Otto 11 months ago
Love your make up and hair routine 😍
Mariah Anderson
Mariah Anderson 11 months ago
You’re so adorable. What camera do you use to record?
Cassidy Thomas
Cassidy Thomas 11 months ago
But where are those boots from 😍😍😍😍
Fallon Moore
Fallon Moore 11 months ago
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