VLOGGING WHIT IS BACK! Pack With Me & Leg Workout

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Whitney Simmons

Year ago

VLOG DAY BABY! Leg workout with Nikki Blackketter, my Tarte launch and seeing it in Ulta and packing for my next trip.
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4 sets of 8 barbell hip thrusts with 5 hip thrust pulses
4 sets of 8 deadlifts
3 sets of 12 RDL's
3 sets of 12 sumo straight leg RDL
superset... 2 sets of 10 exercise ball hamstring curl into 8-10 bridges

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Tiffany Wright
Tiffany Wright 9 months ago
Laura Sweet
Laura Sweet 11 months ago
I’m not crying you’re crying 😭 this video still tears me up, so proud of our girl
Charity B
Charity B Year ago
Whhhoooooo hooooooo
Ashley Carpenter
Ashley Carpenter Year ago
Last time I was in Mexico my period was due... good thing I found out I was pregnant lol no period for me that week 😂
Inesam100 Year ago
Where did you buy the swimsuit? 😄
Yanabah M.
Yanabah M. Year ago
Girl, I need another leg workout 😍
Courtney M.
Courtney M. Year ago
So happy for you
Richard Reynolds
Richard Reynolds Year ago
I do like you.
Sydney Palevich
Sydney Palevich Year ago
You're so cute!!!
Alexandria Bilyeu
Alexandria Bilyeu Year ago
It still blows my mind and I’m so happy for you and ALL the accomplishments you have. You helped me 2 years ago fall in love with the gym & changed my life. Seeing you come from college, to your first “big girl” job, to being able to quit that job to do USposts full time, gym shark, all the success! It’s so awesome!!!!
Christy Yoder
Christy Yoder Year ago
Literally all I have to do if I'm feeling in a slump mid-afternoon is watch one of your videos for an instant mood-lift. SIS! WE LOVE YA! xx
Sienna Hovenden
Sienna Hovenden Year ago
Andrea Lopez
Andrea Lopez Year ago
I live for your videos! & I love your personality ❤️
Kaylyn Dudich
Kaylyn Dudich Year ago
What’s the scar on your arm!?! I’m nosey af
Shannon Lucas
Shannon Lucas Year ago
We love you whit!👏❤
Gina Rodriguez
Gina Rodriguez Year ago
Awww girll this made me tear seeing you grow I love it!! I feel like I know you personally im definitely celebrating this success lol.
Emily Keifline
Emily Keifline Year ago
do you still have your calpak?!
Ashtyn Pharis Fitness
Ashtyn Pharis Fitness Year ago
Love seeing fellow fitness chicks on here!
Patricia G
Patricia G Year ago
What jeans are you wearing?!?? I’m obsessed 😍 ps I bought your pallet, also obsessed 😂💕
S RC Year ago
How did you get aerosols on a plane?!? They always open my suitcase and empty the propellant so it won't spray😩
Katherine Hall
Katherine Hall Year ago
I'm so happy you're back logging again! Can you link the packing cubes you have? Love you xo
Augusta Paulikaitė
Augusta Paulikaitė Year ago
Wow amazing ! Congratulations !!!!!
Niccole Cummings
Niccole Cummings Year ago
Gosh, if Whitney had more of those tarts workout days, I would gooo! Iooks like it was so exciting! I’m so proud of you Whit! Great job! 💓
Elizabeth Roberts
Elizabeth Roberts Year ago
why am I literally crying, I'm so happy for you. You are an amazing role model and you deserve everything!
mariana aranda
mariana aranda Year ago
Never tired of you
HB Pencils
HB Pencils Year ago
I’m hoping the colab is still available next month when I get paid!!
Leena Safi
Leena Safi Year ago
Ooh I missed Whitney💞💞💞🎉
susan Year ago
Hey Whit, Love your bathroom. Enjoy your videos. Congrats on launching your makeup line. 💃
Julia Duda
Julia Duda Year ago
Whitt can you please do fab fit fun unboxing?❤❤❤
sigrid Aarnes
sigrid Aarnes Year ago
I love that you are so happy, you make my day gurl!!
Casidee Del Llano
Casidee Del Llano Year ago
I think it’s so cool that a fitness USpostsd got a collab with tarte! You are such an inspiration and I love watching all your videos! You are my favorite and I’m so happy for you❤️😭
Stephanie Noboa
Stephanie Noboa Year ago
I’m so getting the Whitney X Tarte when I get the chance 🥰
Angela Fonseca
Angela Fonseca Year ago
I’m so happy for you! I love you and you’re amazing 💕How do we get invited to one of those parties?! 😫😭 Lol. I want to workout with Whit!!
Judie Vasquez
Judie Vasquez Year ago
Why do you make me tear up girl 😫
Charlotte Harman
Charlotte Harman Year ago
girl keep talking about your tarte collab!! you worked hard and it's great to see how proud/excited you are
CR Rajasthani
CR Rajasthani Year ago
Supr vidivo NacE Cr rajasthani👈👈👍👍👈 Mayechenl sbskaraiskrna
Jasmine Herrera
Jasmine Herrera Year ago
I love you so much! Do more of these kinds of videos pleeeease ❤
morgxx7 Year ago
Oh my gosh!! How exciting! I wanted to tear up watching you at Ulta!❤️❤️ so happy for you Whit! Can’t wait to get my hands on that palette 😊
laur836 Year ago
I’m so happy to see your career growing, you are the reason why I started getting into the gym and lifting weights. Truly inspirational ❤️
A H Year ago
"i got a mustache girl" hahaha you are just the best 😂❤
Mimi Year ago
Omg love you sis! Congrats.
Peyton Massie
Peyton Massie Year ago
please do a monthly favorites video with your white gym shoes from insta!!!!!
Claire Brown
Claire Brown Year ago
Did you get the Beis luggage?! Is it worth it girl, PLEASE tell us!
Teresa Rodriguez
Teresa Rodriguez Year ago
So happy you are back. I am obsessed with your videos !
Charl M
Charl M Year ago
Love vlogging Whitney 💙
Lov3Shan Year ago
Yesss! Welcome back! Follow my channel . Such an inspiration
Katelyn Loveridge
Katelyn Loveridge Year ago
Can you do a tutorial on how you curl your hair??
Kalista Socarras
Kalista Socarras Year ago
Omg Whitney you are ADORABLE that clip of you in Ulta & then after you bought it :’) too frickin cute
KickitwithKay Year ago
Any new youtubers wanna support each other? :)
Blanca Acosta
Blanca Acosta Year ago
I am so happy for you. It gives me chills!!!! Idk why I even feel this way about someone I dont even know. Just know that I am still going thru a horrible depression which came acompanied by gaining 50lbs in 2018, I lost all motivation, but your videos cheer me up and motivate me so much, sometimes I try to pay atention to your workouts but I get distracted by your conversation lol!!! God Bless you Wit! 💜💜💜💜
Electrical ASMR
Electrical ASMR Year ago
So happy to see you successful! You deserve it girl!
Melanie Anabalon
Melanie Anabalon Year ago
Wear pink more 😍😍😍😍
Lisa M
Lisa M Year ago
I bought your makeup kit. Love love love it! ❤
Maggie Lynn DeBoard
Maggie Lynn DeBoard Year ago
Where are your facial razors from?!! Love you so happy for ya 😍
Sindy Arceo
Sindy Arceo Year ago
Congrats again! Love it! 😘 So happy I was able to buy it!
Molly Marie
Molly Marie Year ago
Hey people scrolling through the comments! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! 🌸🌻 ☀️ small youtuber here :) aiming for my first 100 subscribers
voiful Year ago
Just did a full face using your tarte set!! Loved it!! So easy to use and perfect shades!! 👌
LiaoJENNY Year ago
Congratulations Whitney!!!! Miss you on USpostseeee
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor Year ago
Can u do a video of how you count your macros
Mackenzie Benedict
Mackenzie Benedict Year ago
Girl, I had the worst day at my customer service job (people are insane!). So as soon as I got home, I sat down and rewatched some of your videos. You’re so positive and know how to turn a person’s day around! You make such an impact for not just me, but so many people! You always remind us that it’s a beautiful day to be alive, and you’re so right. Love you girl!! I’ll be ordering your palette on my payday too 😘
Anna Fox
Anna Fox Year ago
User Name Here
User Name Here Year ago
Actually, please keep talking about Tarte. I bought it and would like to see more makeup looks. Eyeshadow palettes are overwhelming to some ppl.
Максим Толочин
Максим Толочин Year ago
Giovanna Baca
Giovanna Baca Year ago
You are SO cute💕
Rachel Conroy
Rachel Conroy Year ago
GIRL! Your tarte launch was hot fire flames and I cant stop using it!! never stop talking about it!
Nunez Izamar
Nunez Izamar Year ago
Girl you’re body is GOALSSS! Jesusss! I wish I could do all this at the gym.😍😀
Marissa Berube
Marissa Berube Year ago
This vlog brought more joy to me than I would like to admit. Ilysm 😭😭😭😭SO happy for vlogs and all you have accomplished so far
Anavey Haro
Anavey Haro Year ago
Omg literally crying watching your tarte event, so happy for you whit & it all looked so beautiful! You deserve the world & thank you, thank you for the Whitney & Nikki video! Miss your videos 💕
Lil M
Lil M Year ago
you're so funny whitney ! love your videos and tips!
Buran Tahan
Buran Tahan Year ago
Hi Iam from Syria I love u sooooo much
donnacal4 Year ago
Loved this one!!! Also, love those jeans. I need them!
Leena Alhawati
Leena Alhawati Year ago
Can I just say I am so damn proud of you. LIKE WOW!!! I came across your channel about two years ago when you were at maybe 700k subscribers and now 2 years later almost 2 million subscribers and a freaking collab with TARTE like GIRLLLLL. Congrats. you so deserve this
sav bailey
sav bailey Year ago
I loveee your shirt!! where is it from??
UnaBluRose Year ago
If you're looking for a really good sunscreen line, I recommend Supergoop (even though I'm not a big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow as a person) lol. They have all sorts of really fantastic products
Abbey Marie
Abbey Marie Year ago
Watching your videos makes me so happy xx
Aprile Shade
Aprile Shade Year ago
Yah, you don't have to stop talking about your accomplishment! Super proud of you! :)
Sheena Barnes
Sheena Barnes Year ago
Convention deadlifts are more of a back workout, hence the variations like sumo deadlift to work the legs and glutes.
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller Year ago
Hi Whit!!!! Congrats on the Tarte launch!!!!!! Can you do a "wash your face" routine soon? Your girl is struggling on face products!!
Starshema Rash
Starshema Rash Year ago
Congratulations! Going to grab me one!
Franziska Gafriller
Franziska Gafriller Year ago
Protect the skin youre in ahahhaahah i can‘t anymore😂😂❤️ so a positive and powerful woman! You make me always smile and you put me always in a goood mooood🤩🤩💪🏻💕
Gloria Zhang
Gloria Zhang Year ago
You are always so bright! 💕
Stella Kitzweger
Stella Kitzweger Year ago
I love when Stephan is in the Videos with you, even though we can't see him in this one. It's so cute when you just randomly talk to him. Love you!!!
Alissa Rivera
Alissa Rivera Year ago
I love watching your videos whit!! ❤️❤️
Emily Chen
Emily Chen Year ago
No, no, no please talk more about your tarte palette!! I'm so happy for you!!
Karen Sierra
Karen Sierra Year ago
Where are your jeans from in this video?? Congrats on the collab btw so happy for you!!
Aimee Crosland
Aimee Crosland Year ago
Random question- but do the GymshArk flex shorts ride up during exercise?
Michelle Ellis
Michelle Ellis Year ago
Gurl! I am so glad you got to do that Tarte event! It truly looks like a celebration of all things Whitney and you super deserve that! You're a beautiful soul to be alive !! Keep doing you and motivating us, we ❤ it! 😃💪❤
Johanna Irland Cormier
Johanna Irland Cormier Year ago
LOVE your tarte palette! I’ve used it everyday since I bought it. I would love to see an updated hair tutorial!
Super Saiyan Trump
Super Saiyan Trump Year ago
How do I convince a girl to lift with me? She says she’ll get top buff
Julissa DC
Julissa DC Year ago
I dont like vlogs, But I LOVED THIS vlog style of talking while unpacking
annie e
annie e Year ago
umm hello???? plz keep talking about it
Tony Pritchard
Tony Pritchard Year ago
ya know ... haha
Evelyn Rodriguez
Evelyn Rodriguez Year ago
Omg I love your New launch 🚀 with Tarte💄and I’m so proud of you! You should talk about it and express how excited you are as much as you want cause that’s your pride and baby! 🎉Congrats to you and keep on vlogging! Love to watch your workout and daily routines, you motivated me and taught me so much with gym and positivity! 💕love u girl!🥰
Bridget M
Bridget M Year ago
Whit so happy for you!!! Random but what breed of dog are Indy and Navy?💕
Hannah Year ago
The highlighter in my pallet was broken when it arrived. So sad I have to send it back and wait longer to use it 😔
Katherine Hall
Katherine Hall Year ago
Soo happy for you!! Don’t stop talking about it!! Also... umm bathing suit collection video??!! So hard to find good cute bathing suits!!
You must be the most beautiful fitness girl on USposts.
HEY ANN Year ago
Whitneyyy yasss never stop celebrating your Tarte collab!! You inspired me to make my first real youtube video on here and I actually reviewed your palette in it! OF COURSE I'm hella biased (but it's literally perfect) and you deserve so much for the energy you put out into the world. Thank you for being such a bright light and inspiration to many!!!!
Haydee Espinoza
Haydee Espinoza Year ago
What mini steamer do you use?!
Torunn Bellingmo Vist
Torunn Bellingmo Vist Year ago
Welcome back! Love vlogging Whitney!
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