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Whitney Simmons

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Embarrassing common gym mistakes and fails to avoid!
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Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
Thank you so much for being here and watching today’s video 😭🙏🏼❤️🥰 now... LET ME KNOW SOME GYM MISTAKES YOU’VE MADE 😂
Queen of Cups
Queen of Cups 10 months ago
LMAO the cable attachment thing happened to me today 😹 I just laughed it out
Savannah St. John
Savannah St. John Year ago
What state are you from?
Márcio José Santos
Márcio José Santos Year ago
@Zara Soleil c
Michaela Murray
Michaela Murray Year ago
OH MY GOSH #4!! One time I was unloading a barbell from some jerk who left it all and there was like 135 each side... the bar and weight went FLYING. It was so embarrassing.
Sherry smith
Sherry smith Year ago
You are such a Sweet girl I want to thank you for giving me courage to continue with my weight loss Journey I love how you explain everything so well Stay Blessed sweet Lady And Have a Wonderful Day 😍
Big Cactus
Big Cactus 9 days ago
#1 mistake :Not going
Regan Webster
Regan Webster 18 days ago
Woah, Tip number 4 is something I didn't know. I am only squatting 80 lbs right now so it hasn't happened but good to know for the future.
Oumaima T
Oumaima T Month ago
I thought fitness influencers wear those anti squats proof leggings on purpose to show us bubbly butt and what’s under it , that’s really a precious and rare advice 🥺
Catalina Lee
Catalina Lee 2 months ago
i love whitney so much 🥰💘
pinkangelgal2001 2 months ago
I did the stupid mistake of putting on clips on a smith machine lol I felt dumb bc the clips didn’t even fit but I kept going, people were just looking at me
XxWee_GMxX 3 months ago
Well I ripped my gym shorts at the gym....oh god that was so baddddd 😓😭
SWfan100 3 months ago
Went to the gym with a work buddy the other day and I was always putting on the clips to keep the weight in place and she went "You're all about safety aren't you?" Well duh I don't wanna risk leaning one way and causing a giant accident
cami's toast
cami's toast 4 months ago
I one time was doing some leg exercises with a resistance band and there were these guys near me that were kicking and playing with a large yoga ball. SO one of them kicked it so hard it bounced to the wall, equipment and than me. But it it me so hard I literally flew through the gym since the resistance band I was working with had tension on it. (I almost hit my head on a metal pole) and my boyfriend and the gym host were furious but mostpeople (including me) couldn't help but laugh.
Leah Marie
Leah Marie 4 months ago
Definitely been hit in the back of my head by a lat pull down bar 😅 lol so that’s a good one
robin 5 months ago
xDestinyx 5 months ago
I made the hip thrust mistake in my own home yesterday so I only had internalized embarrassment, but I bout almost died 😂 safety first kids
Vivien Dina
Vivien Dina 5 months ago
I did not know almost any of these but thank God you made this video lol or else I would've hurt myself big time
Katie Crabtree
Katie Crabtree 7 months ago
Tell me why I binged a shit ton of your videos yesterday and now I woke up saying HECKIN' BOB! 😩😩😩
Gabrielle Jarmin
Gabrielle Jarmin 8 months ago
Listing to Whit talk to her puppies heals my soul.
Jessie Martinez
Jessie Martinez 8 months ago
I don't really recommend to use clips because if it's too heavy or you don't have anymore strength to lift, and nobody is here to help, you can just drop the weights to save yourself from dying under the weights lol
Weight Loss Boss
Weight Loss Boss 9 months ago
The gym is so full of silent drama😏
Pink Egg
Pink Egg 9 months ago
I feel like it's super easy to fart when doing weights
Firdaus xoxo
Firdaus xoxo 9 months ago
If you dont know your doing it wrong, you can't get embarrassed 😂 but yeah I get embarrassed easily too, so I go to the gym at 7am when theres no one there 👀😂
kendall mccombe
kendall mccombe 9 months ago
I could have used the hip thrust tip 3 weeks ago I totally fell and it was really embarrassing. It was a haevy bench but I'm 6 foot 1. I always put it against a wall now!!
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose 9 months ago
I went to grab dumbbells from the shelf and behind me there were pull up bars and when I turned around I smashed my head into the head height pull up bars 😬 good times
M 9 months ago
Omg can I adopt you as my older sister oooomg so precious
Jackie Martinez
Jackie Martinez 9 months ago
I wish I would’ve watched this before yesterday 😖
Sinduja Jagadeesan
Sinduja Jagadeesan 9 months ago
Lesson I have learnt from the past....Tie your hair up (be careful if you have a long pony tail) when you foam roll your upper back 😄😄
Raya Draws
Raya Draws 9 months ago
*does a squat test 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sammy Wilson
Sammy Wilson 9 months ago
How is her gym so empty??
Kathryn Harris
Kathryn Harris 9 months ago
Hey guys!!! I’m new to USposts and just made my FIRST WORKOUT VIDEO!!! My anxiety is sooooo bad because I’m so nervous but F it! Just trying to get some feedback for my next one!!❤️❤️😭😭
adventureswithevan 9 months ago
Thank you for the tips! I just started going to the gym. I get soooo embarrassed quickly!
Deal_With_It 9 months ago
I've done most of these lmao..
Maudie Maude
Maudie Maude 9 months ago
I went to do a laundry and when I came back she was still talking about bar bell lol Girl I don't do that shit
Hello Raych
Hello Raych 9 months ago
This is so helpful!
alex 9 months ago
Her eyebrows are goals😍
Susana Avalos
Susana Avalos 9 months ago
I...did not even know that... leggings could be ...NOT squat proof...i feel so embarassed
Zsófia Gréta Sánta
Zsófia Gréta Sánta 9 months ago
This is why I don't go to the gym. I just want to enjoy my workout and concentrate to proper form, don't worry about that the others see or think.
Ellisa Bell
Ellisa Bell 9 months ago
Great Video 👍😁
Marina M
Marina M 9 months ago
For #5, you can also just hold down the weight stack while you adjust your weight.... way easier and less time consuming. Easy habit to get used to :)
Lauren OldAcct
Lauren OldAcct 10 months ago
5:15 Oof I’ve never thought about that tipping bar when you’re unloading the weights... that bar smacking you in the jaw would be soooo painful I clicked on this video thinking these would be silly embarrassing things you’ve done but they’re actually really important safety tips 😂
Cdragon06 10 months ago
wait...people load different weight on each side on purpose?!....bruh
urbexpres 10 months ago
i used to work at this gym haha it's so weird to see it on youtube.
desides93 10 months ago
Has anyone gotten embarrassed when you have to re-rack or take off the weights because they're to dang heavy and because stupid gym members don't know how to put the weights back?! Or or has anyone trip over a weight because it's in the walk way? Like bro, move your shit out of my space.
REYNA CORELLA 10 months ago
Definitely learned #5 and 6 the hard way...
Valentine Linke
Valentine Linke 10 months ago
Definitely the hair thing on the cable machine :D
Дима Пономарев
Дима Пономарев 10 months ago
What exercise are you doing with 4pl on bar?
okurr 10 months ago
you look like Zac Efron !!!!
PrinceRushCODM 10 months ago
Right pic in the thumbnail had me rolling
Alexis Ferguson
Alexis Ferguson 10 months ago
This video makes me laugh so hard 😂
SavannahB44 10 months ago
Your eyebrows are amazing
ToriT 10 months ago
I tripped and fell backwards trying to do a goblet squat lol
rock star2345
rock star2345 10 months ago
To rack a barbell, push it against the rack and slide it down
Merry Panda
Merry Panda 11 months ago
You look like Paris Jackson! Wow it's like you're twins 🤣😍
Aiden Pethick
Aiden Pethick 11 months ago
I fell off a treadmill today rip
Metric 11 months ago
My gym’s barbells don’t have clips 😭
Dominique Pagayonan
Dominique Pagayonan 11 months ago
Your really inspiring!!
Tamara Garcia
Tamara Garcia 11 months ago
Been there with the squat proof leggings 🤦🏻‍♀️
TofuCutie 11 months ago
9:06 😂
Adelaide Harp
Adelaide Harp 11 months ago
You are so pretty and sweet! I’m so glad I found this video because your energy is amazing and your funny too! Relatable
A Ramirez
A Ramirez 11 months ago
"you know the cable machine...it will betray you" she is sooooo cute
Katie Dubs
Katie Dubs 11 months ago
You may be the cutest human. You’re too pretty to get embarrassed. 🙌🏻🦄
Infiniti White
Infiniti White 11 months ago
The squat test 😂😂
Megan Pendleton
Megan Pendleton Year ago
Right after I watched this I went to the gym and did slam balls but the ball I used had too much bounce and came up fast and hit me super hard in the jaw
Indigo Amarys
Indigo Amarys Year ago
whitney!!!! u look so beautiful in this video omg
Robert Year ago
First, don't intentionally drop weights in the gym, it's rude. Makes a lot of sounds. You should not need earplug in the gym. And the eccentric part is usually the most important one.
Julia G
Julia G Year ago
PSA: do not use clips when doing bench press!! If the weight is too heavy, you won't be able to slide the weights off and it's very dangerous.
D A Year ago
You are so beautiful omg!
Eve Nunez
Eve Nunez Year ago
U look like Troy from hsm
Anna e
Anna e Year ago
I usually get so annoyed by these youtubers but omg shes so cool
Kaitlyn Hastings
Kaitlyn Hastings Year ago
I was doing the leg press machine and accidentally stuck my pinky finger in the hole where the pin goes (to change the amount of weight) and when the weight came down it crushed my finger and part of it fell off and I was rushed to the hospital lol good times
Bonitazivot Year ago
me learning to do hipthrust: hmmm my bench is moving. Hey boyfriend, go sit on my bench please! :')
Gabriella Coffoni
Gabriella Coffoni Year ago
best videoooo hahaah love you whit!
Adinda Chiara
Adinda Chiara Year ago
this is very helpful omg thank u very much!!
Lela Pena
Lela Pena Year ago
“Issa disaster”
Cyn Chinq
Cyn Chinq Year ago
I was laughing so hard when you did the hip thrust bench clip. Like omg I can just imagine
DearDiary Confessions
DearDiary Confessions Year ago
I just got into hip thrusting. I never knew what the point of doing was. But ohh man, I love them now. 😂 ☺️💜 (In behalf of a growing USpostsr)
DearDiary Confessions
DearDiary Confessions Year ago
🤣🤣🤣 sorry but this was funny. Still love you🤣 (In behalf of a growing USpostsr)💜☺️
Bee Carley
Bee Carley Year ago
new gym goer (for weights) and yesterday i did the first one 😂😂
Ella Senior
Ella Senior Year ago
I was using a 2ft Plyo box the other day, fell off it, all the force went through one heel, and gave me a stress fracture 🤦🏻‍♀️ my doctor said she’d only seen the injury in people who had fallen from big heights
King & QueenJordan
King & QueenJordan Year ago
More I love it lol
Cali Manisor
Cali Manisor Year ago
Omg the number of times I’ve been a hip thrust victim... I can’t even 😖
SAB Notes
SAB Notes Year ago
Love this video and thanks for the examples :)
thebookbride Year ago
Relating way too much to the heavy cable attachment mistake. Gotten more than one heavy bar on my head. It's not only embarrassing, it's also hurt. A lot.
valerie juliana
valerie juliana Year ago
i put the hip abduction to a really light weight and also fell off today
Dylan Riihelä
Dylan Riihelä Year ago
i was staring at her glutes the entire time ngel
Gina Arcona
Gina Arcona Year ago
I’ve made the mistake of clipping a heavy straight bar on to the cable machine. I squatted down to adjust my weight and it knocked me right in the head 😂 I’ve never made that mistake again
Ni Komang Duriani
Ni Komang Duriani Year ago
I thought that only have these mistakes at gym hahahhaa thank you whitney 💪💪
Nissi Soto
Nissi Soto Year ago
WHIT OH MY GOSH @4:20 your ears are so so cute oh my gosh!! 😂😂😁😁
Geniely Cruz
Geniely Cruz Year ago
Off topic, your hair is absolutely BEAUTIFUL
Jordan's Unix-based Machine
Jordan's Unix-based Machine Year ago
You are so sweet and likable. Thanks for this helpful video. :)
Colleen Hennessy
Colleen Hennessy Year ago
This is so great lol The reenactments 😂
Dani Allred
Dani Allred Year ago
kudos for filming all the reenactments and subjecting yourself to judgmental stares haha!
Tanu Gupta
Tanu Gupta Year ago
Whitney Simmons, I think I am having a girl crush on you. 😬😬
Vivian Avalos
Vivian Avalos Year ago
Squat proof leggings are a must, I’m new to the gym & I thought my black target leggings were good enough lmao 😂. Well one day I got home & I was checking out the booty & OH MY GOD I realized they were not squat proof I was so embarrassed 🤦🏽‍♀️
Jassie Kehal
Jassie Kehal Year ago
THE CABLE ATTACHMENT!!! I'll never forget when I saw the attachment coming from my peripheral and just braced for impact
Jade Year ago
As somebody who just started to go to the gym, I appreciate this video :P I wonder, can you do a video on how to use the cables in different ways? Mostly I'm just passing by it and staring at it not knowing how to use it
Jonette Cornelius
Jonette Cornelius Year ago
Totallly relevnt for me!
Elise Troop
Elise Troop Year ago
The content starts at 1:11! You're welcome.
Rachel The uncanny heroine
Rachel The uncanny heroine Year ago
Whitney, thanks hun!
meng sq
meng sq Year ago
back here rewatching this im so happy for ur collab with GS Ahhhh🥺💜🖐🥰👀
Manayer AlHindi
Manayer AlHindi Year ago
is it me ro whitney sounds like sssniperwolf ? LOL
Parva Rz
Parva Rz Year ago
Yea the hip thrusts can get you embarrassed in mannyy waaaayss lol specially when the bench keeps moving and you have a heavy barbell on you which you can’t get out of because the bench keeps moving backwards and youre just struggling but acting like you got it under control and shit 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️
Fern Ben
Fern Ben Year ago
I went to the gym for the first time today and I felt like throwing up
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