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Whitney Simmons

2 years ago

DAY 5 OF WHITMAS / VLOGMAS IS HERE! A Christmas and holiday decor house tour wooohoooooooo plus another BOMB giveaway!

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Francisca Pedregon
Francisca Pedregon 2 months ago
Oh Whitney, how I wish I had dogs like yours that don’t shed nearly as much as my three giant double fur coat babies do. I’d snatch that ceramic holiday decor up in an instant from crate and barrel.
MissLigaLife 9 months ago
What is those breeds of dog? So beautiful?
Steph Year ago
Yep, I like 2019's Christmas tree a lot more! :)
Cynthia Bujold
Cynthia Bujold Year ago
Hello!! I love your floor !! Are they made of wood or tile ? 😍
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
You have very pretty hair
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
Your very pretty and very cool person enjoy watching your videos
Adriana Gil
Adriana Gil Year ago
How do you feel about waist trainers during work outs to assist with burning fat/sweating? Is it worth it to invest in one?
Gabrielle Nielson
Gabrielle Nielson Year ago
Lolol acorns and pinecones lololol!!! Ily Whit
Marisol Madueno
Marisol Madueno Year ago
Where did you buy your living room rug?
Cameron Heinz
Cameron Heinz Year ago
Great decorating! Do you have a home tour of your new place? I love your style!
Savannah Whitney
Savannah Whitney Year ago
Where did you get your fig tree ?! I’m redoing my house and love the one you have!
Courtney Year ago
Where did you get your living room rug?❤️
: Divergent :
: Divergent : Year ago
Alissa R
Alissa R Year ago
I’m watching this in March because I’m dying to know where you got your entry table!? I love it!
Brianna M
Brianna M Year ago
I want another house tour without Christmas stuff your house is so beautiful ❤️
Michelle M
Michelle M Year ago
Oh good you figured out they're pine cones! That made me laugh!
adventuresrfun Year ago
Where is your couch/sectional from?
Emily Taggart
Emily Taggart Year ago
“Acorns” 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ whit they’re pinecones
anna myers
anna myers Year ago
I started working out this year 😊
Stacy Siewert
Stacy Siewert Year ago
acorns = pinecones :) hahaha
Emily Parker
Emily Parker Year ago
Omg is she engaged?
R S Year ago
Drank more water!
Sabrina Margaret
Sabrina Margaret Year ago
Girl, I call pinecones “acorns” too. It’s just a natural instinct.
Brittany Axelson
Brittany Axelson Year ago
Have you tried the Alani Nu balance supplements? If so, what was your experience?
Megan Britton
Megan Britton Year ago
This year I committed to getting in the gym at least 3 times a week and although schedules were crazy at times, I feel like I finally made working out a key area of my life! Something I’ve stuck with everyday this year is taking my vitamins :) you’re an inspiration Whit! I wouldn’t be where I am today without your awesome workout videos, inspiration, motivation and fit tips! Love you
Amelia G
Amelia G Year ago
Where is your sofa from?? I’m moving into my new place next month and have been looking for a similar look💕
Cera Topo
Cera Topo Year ago
Lol pinecones not acorns
Jessy Davila
Jessy Davila Year ago
H E l P!! Does anyone know where her coffee table is from?!
vreyes2122 Year ago
*pine cones Whit 👍🏽
Tae Wilson
Tae Wilson Year ago
In a lot of angles you look a lot like Paris Jackson. Beautifullll
Lokal Lifestyle
Lokal Lifestyle Year ago
I started flossing my teeth daily & haven’t missed a day for 2 months now! I’m going to continue next year! ❤️
Caridad Rios
Caridad Rios Year ago
Barely started flossing your teeth? Eww lol .
Micayla Gonzales
Micayla Gonzales Year ago
Going to the gym daily, and eating healthier.
Sophie-Anne Léveillé
Sophie-Anne Léveillé Year ago
2 years ago i stopped cheerleading wich was my daily trainning. This year I got a subscription to a gym... I still struggle a bit but I'm trying to go at least 2 times a week and create a lifestyle ! ILY ig: sophiio
Bailie Hermanson
Bailie Hermanson Year ago
One healthy habit I started this year was using MyFitnessPal and reading nutrition labels so that I am more conscious of the foods I am putting into my body.
dreamsofanuguish Year ago
Lol look at that Christmas lol
Kaila Marcum-French
Kaila Marcum-French Year ago
This year I wanted to be more active outside of the gym. Being a college study and having a desk job all I do is sit around so I made it a mission to get 12,000 in a day and I stuck with it! Can’t wait to bump it up next year!
Lindsay Noaman
Lindsay Noaman Year ago
Omg everything is so stinkin cute!
Madison Shea
Madison Shea Year ago
“I don’t really like color” lol
The Twin Diaries
The Twin Diaries Year ago
Drinking 2 2.2L bottles of water a day!
Avery Taylor
Avery Taylor Year ago
Favorite Whitmas: how to stay healthy during the holidays. You’ve helped me sooo much, I ditched the scale a couple weeks ago
Colette McCormick
Colette McCormick Year ago
Can’t say I have stuck with it ALL year but definitely getting up and to the gym/doing a workout/maybe just a lil walk everyday to keep myself on track has been my main habit for this year
Holly Zetlmeisl
Holly Zetlmeisl Year ago
Healthy habit : meal prepping everyday for work!!!! LOVE YA
Jass Palomo
Jass Palomo Year ago
One healthy habit I started and kept is drinking water💦
Rachel S
Rachel S Year ago
A healthy habit I started this year is waking up every morning and writing down two things I am grateful for in a little notebook I keep by my bed. Just two things!!! It takes no time at all and really sets a positive tone for my entire day. Wahooooooooo! @rachelleighschmanzo (insta)
Autumn Breuer
Autumn Breuer Year ago
One healthy habit I stuck with this year was paying more attention to my mental health and putting it at the top of my priority list! Insta: @autumnbreuer
kim magoon
kim magoon Year ago
The fact that you bought a pack of long sticks from Crate & Barrel is iconic
Kamilia Arroyo
Kamilia Arroyo Year ago
You're getting me so excited to decorate my future apartment! I love it! and perfect effort!
Dana Purcell
Dana Purcell Year ago
My healthy habit has been making sure to eat breakfast everyday to give me energy throughout the day 🥑🍳
Shelby Myers
Shelby Myers Year ago
Omg I died when you realized you were saying acorns!! Hahaha lysm!
Love your home decor. It’s very simple, easy and pretty. One habit I did all year was to intake more water.
Tiffany Flah
Tiffany Flah Year ago
One healthy habit I stuck to this year is eating more plant-based and giving up dairy. I feel great!
Yes_2Fitness Year ago
One healthy habit I started and stuck with was going to the gym at least 3 times a week! :D gorgeous home!!
Magen Wilding
Magen Wilding Year ago
This year I stoped weighing myself which is a mental healthy habit for me @wildifitness
Sarah Weimer
Sarah Weimer Year ago
Acorns, pinecones, same thing 😂
linell lopez
linell lopez Year ago
I started eliminating dairy and gluten this year and I feel so much better! It’s amazing how small changes make such a huge difference! Oh and your Christmas decor looks amazing❤️ Insta: linell07
Kaylee Hulse
Kaylee Hulse Year ago
One healthy habit I stuck with this year is drinking at least 8 cups of water every single day❤️❤️
Zoe Norman
Zoe Norman Year ago
my health habit was staying off of the scale this year & not focusing on the numbers :)) IG: zoenorm
Stefani Andreou
Stefani Andreou Year ago
My new habit was morning affirmations, Really helpful for having a great productive day.. You are gorgeous dear 😘😘😘 Ig: stefaniantreou
Jayda Nikole
Jayda Nikole Year ago
You calling a pinecone an acorn gave me whiplash
LindsayMaisie Year ago
One healthy habit I stuck to all year was having apple cider vinegar every day!
Jamie Richberg
Jamie Richberg Year ago
Love the garland from target! I started waking up earlier which makes me get my day going and I feel healthier and happier because of it!
Yvonne Gina
Yvonne Gina Year ago
No soda this year,!,!
Kami Davies
Kami Davies Year ago
A healthy habit I have started this year is clean eating and not guilting myself for eating one bad thing. I would always beat myself up for messing up, but that wasn’t good for me so I’ve learned better :)) (kamiidavies is my insta)
Edie Classen
Edie Classen Year ago
This year I started focusing on consistency versus the amount of time spent at the gym. It's more about moving as compared to not working out at all because "there wasn't enough time to". I put a smiley face in my planner on all the days I went to the gym so when I looked at a given week I could see the variations and improvements.
Serena Atkins
Serena Atkins Year ago
I started waking up earlier 😊 Found it has completely changed my routine for the better, I am more productive and is a great start to my day Insta: great_tomate
Elena Sanchez
Elena Sanchez Year ago
Your house is so cute! ❤️
J J Year ago
Love thissss
gigi Year ago
Healthy habit I started was drinking ACV each morning! IG:geneva_akilla
Rachel Patrick
Rachel Patrick Year ago
Look at all the pretty decor! 😍 Looooove the subtle color scheme. My mom’s dream tree is flocked but they always cost so much! Honestly, being healthy is something I still need to make a habit. I try, but not hard enough. I want to look healthy physically and really feel it mentally, but damn-it’s something you really, really need to work toward and for. I do have a gym membership now and try to go a few times week, which is HUGE for me. And right now I’m working on the hardest part-what I eat. But those supplements look yummy! Mine’s a vanilla and it’s too overpowering-I need to switch to something more fruity. Contact: @beautyandthebookshelf on IG
Joua Xiong
Joua Xiong Year ago
I can never say "Phenomenal" again after watching your vids. I have to say it your way now and forever! One healthy habit I started and stuck with this year is drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning. It's recommended to do this to alkalize your blood and rehydrate your thirsty body in the morning rather than drinking coffee (more acidic) first.
Jane Rock
Jane Rock Year ago
Your decor is great! This year I went to stretch classes twice a week every week and it has improved my body tremendously!
Macie Reagan
Macie Reagan Year ago
I set a goal to drinking more water throughout the day, Ive been able to drink 2-3 a day!
Marlene Vega
Marlene Vega Year ago
A healthy habit I started this year was to be a better intuitive eater. Instagram -@_marlene26
Harley Peterson
Harley Peterson Year ago
New healthy habit, TRUE BALANCE!! Realizing I don't have to be all or nothing and just living life in a more balanced manner IG: Harleyamber3
Arcelia Lira
Arcelia Lira Year ago
This year during my pregnancy it was hard eating healthy but stuck to it n drinking more n just water, now my baby is 1 month old trying to figure out a time that I can go to the gym ❤️
Emily Chapman
Emily Chapman Year ago
My one healthy habit has been eating an apple a day!! you know what they say lol
Kärol Mõttus
Kärol Mõttus Year ago
started to eat breakfast every morning | ig @k2rolm
Pilar Summerlin
Pilar Summerlin Year ago
1 healthy habit i started and stuck with this year was becoming better at getting a decent night of sleep each night instead of staying up way to late always and trying to function the next day ig: p_summ
Kaitlin Desselle
Kaitlin Desselle Year ago
Low carb!!!!
Marina Carroll
Marina Carroll Year ago
Love love love the decor! Literally all the same places I shop for home decor. One healthy habit that I started and stuck to this year is to stop weighing myself. You mentioned this in one of your videos but it just wasn’t helpful to me and I was obsessing over the number on the scale. I’m so much happier keeping track of progress with pictures! @marina_carroll
babykatiex Year ago
My healthy habit i stuck with this year was drinking more water, now im an addict! I have my bottle of water with me everywhere I go!
Mayerlin Guzman
Mayerlin Guzman Year ago
Hiii whit!! A healthy habit a started this year is intermittent fasting, great to maintain and loose body fat, currently doing 16:8.
Hannah Prine
Hannah Prine Year ago
drinking lemon water and working out first thing in the morning!
Danielle Marcketta
Danielle Marcketta Year ago
One healthy thing I’ve stuck to this year is working out 6 days a week so excuses!!
brittany pritchett
brittany pritchett Year ago
One healthy habit I started this year was upping my water intake I now drink around 100oz and have stuck with it!😊😊
Adriana Lenz
Adriana Lenz Year ago
Love the décor! Even the tree - just a fun change from normal green. One healthy habit I've stuck with all year is not snacking before bed - instead I enjoy a cup of tea. IG: AdrianaLenz23
Sydney Sirianni
Sydney Sirianni Year ago
You have amazing taste! Decorating for Christmas is my one of my favorite things about this time of year ❤️🎄 One healthy habit I stuck to this year was upping my water intake, I’m not perfect but I used to drink maybe 16 oz on a good day which is way bellow what it should be!
Jocelyn Shaw
Jocelyn Shaw Year ago
Healthy habit I started this year was drinking more water daily! I feel terrible now if I don't get at LEAST half a gallon. Also practicing positive thinking about everything i.e. "its raining but its a beautiful day to be alive!"ig: @jshaw41
Rachel Harmon
Rachel Harmon Year ago
2018 healthy habit has been to never give up on myself even with set backs I persevere and continue to work on bettering myself. Love the decor Whit!! Your home looks amazing.
pamberrytea Year ago
I started lifting this time last year, and I'm so happy I did. One healthy habit I've been working on all year with this is utilizing positive self talk! It does no good to talk down on yourself, so no matter how bad I want to criticize myself I try and tell myself I'm doing a great job and keep going.
miranda reube
miranda reube Year ago
I started counting my macros! It helps so so so much and helps me focus on the good foods I put into my body. Love you! @mirandareube
Vanessa Islas
Vanessa Islas Year ago
One healthy habit I started this year was running ! Stuck with it and improved a lot !!!!!!!
Brandi Newman
Brandi Newman Year ago
Where is the black tree by your fireplace in your living room from?
Ashley A
Ashley A Year ago
One thing I started and stuck to this year, was to stop being so hard/critical on myself ❤️
Michelle Barrett
Michelle Barrett Year ago
More veggies in 2018!
Melody Lai
Melody Lai Year ago
I've started going to the gym and working with a personal trainer to get myself in shape! Ig: @melodyylai
Marie Year ago
Going to the gym and eating healthy!! 😁😁
Tuva w.g
Tuva w.g Year ago
I stopped caring what people think of me, and to just be myself and if i'm someone dislike me i couldnt care less bc i got my friends and i know that they will always be there for me ig:tuva_18
Linds N
Linds N Year ago
You’re the best! I love you keep everything real! ❤️
Faith Miletello
Faith Miletello Year ago
My healthy habit has been stopping eating when I’m full!! Makes me feel so much better and more comfortable in my own body.
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