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Whitney Simmons

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WHITMAS $2500 SCHOLARSHIP GIVEAWAY: please only enter once as we will be reading each entry ❤️
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MY JEWELRY ♡ my necklace is a piece created from my moms engagement ring she gifted me💕Jamie at J. Brooks Jewelers designed my necklace, rings and bracelet for me!
Christmas Tree:
Christmas Tree:
Flocked Pinecones:
White Bead Garland:
Letters To Santa Mailbox:
Glass Vase:
Large Glass Snowman:
Small Glass Snowman:
Cypress Tree:
Hurricane Glass:
Zinc Reindeer:
Coffee Table:
Ceramic Trees:
Zinc Reindeer:
Faux Snow:
Stocking Holder:
Bead Garland:
Zinc Reindeer:
Entry Way:
Stair Garland:
Table Garland:
Small Wooden Tree:
Large Wooden Tree:
White Ceramic Houses:
Bead Garland:
Chunky throw

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Mackenzie Lecy-Schoenherr
Mackenzie Lecy-Schoenherr Day ago
You should get fake snow blanket for under your little village! It’s super cheap. Like $3 at Walmart
Julie 2 months ago
I can't wait for Whitmas 2020. We need some happy joy, Whit!
Cori M-H
Cori M-H 4 months ago
First (I know it’s July, but hey, halfway there right?!) Second, your mom does such cute decor! Does she have an Etsy page?
Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee 5 months ago
Anyone know where she got her coffee table from!?
Jenny Schvartzman
Jenny Schvartzman 9 months ago
Where is your console table from??
Shelby Booth
Shelby Booth 9 months ago
What is the great sweat outfit?! Where is it from? I love itttttt
Desiree G
Desiree G 10 months ago
Love love your style! I’m eyeing your rug under your dining room table. Is it dark gray? 😍
Morgan Prinsloo
Morgan Prinsloo 10 months ago
Where are your couches from!!!
Andrew Cislak
Andrew Cislak 11 months ago
Video starts at 2:22
Hollie Marie
Hollie Marie 11 months ago
Also Whitney HOOOOW do you keto your WHITE furniture so clean? I have three dogs and they meeeessssy
Hollie Marie
Hollie Marie 11 months ago
Been following long before the first whitmas
Natalie Rivera
Natalie Rivera 11 months ago
Love you! Been here since day 1
Lara Croce
Lara Croce 11 months ago
Hey Whit!! That zip sweater you’re wearing in the intro is so amazing!! Is it your merch? Where can I find it?? 😘😘😘
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 11 months ago
Adorable ❤️ love that you walked us through vs just showing the end. Most of the fun is setting everything up! New subscriber here, happy to found your channel! Love the content! 😍
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait 11 months ago
I love the little village
Brennan 11 months ago
Where is the rug in your living room from?
Jenna Spruance
Jenna Spruance 11 months ago
Love all of these videos. And it is just amazing the opportunities you are creating with this scholarship. So very thankful.
All Things Public Health
All Things Public Health 11 months ago
Been here all 4 years!
Lo Fa
Lo Fa 11 months ago
Where are your tables from?! Is a house tour in another video, other than the room tour? Thank you!!
Kimberly Mendez-Hernandez
Kimberly Mendez-Hernandez 11 months ago
Hey Whitney! At minute 2:34 there’s this super cute gold spike mirror if you don’t mind if love to know where you bought it, I adore it!!! Love ya! Happy holidays girl
bonbonzz 11 months ago
How do you water a wreath?
Barbie B
Barbie B 11 months ago
Target has the porcelain houses for $5 per house, if your looking for a dupe that’s cheaper, and there cute
Caroline Palmer
Caroline Palmer 11 months ago
Wow this giveaway is such a blessing ♥️♥️ thank you alaninu and whit 🥳🥰
Abby Kraus
Abby Kraus 11 months ago
I’m now an instructor at the college I graduated from....and STILL paying my student loans 😭 one of these days....
Jacqueline LaFleur
Jacqueline LaFleur 11 months ago
Omg!! This is so amazing!! I have student loans I would love putting to towards!
Kathryn Brown
Kathryn Brown 11 months ago
Whitney: “Don’t look at those tags tho” Also Whitney: *points to the tags*
F I 11 months ago
Sheila Garcia
Sheila Garcia Year ago
I love this scholarship idea! The fact that you are both taking the time to read each entry also shows that you are truly putting a lot of thought into this. I love your videos and your overall happy attitude! It truly helps get through the difficult days!
Lauren Crowder
Lauren Crowder Year ago
So cute!! I don’t know why, but I was dying laughing when you called the glass around the candle on the Island “volcano glass” hahaha it’s called hurricane glass, close but different natural disaster haha
Pam Gelenius
Pam Gelenius Year ago
You are Gorgeous! Your place is beautiful! I love watching you! You have the happiest spirit!
Heather Frederick
Heather Frederick Year ago
Whit just changed my whole design aesthetic. I need to redecorate my whole house. 😂
Emily Year ago
Can we please talk about how excited Stefan got about the lights!! Also love that you’re doing a scholarship giveaway, you’re always trying to help everyone out🥰
Ellie Brewer
Ellie Brewer Year ago
Here since 2016 girl!
annabelle7123 Year ago
Haha that's a lot of Christmas stuff but you have a beautiful, huge American style house, so... whoa.. beautiful. I just decorated my desk at work with cheap sparkly tree ornaments and I'm happy with it, just drawing some doodles on my journal. Maybe one day I'll have my house and space :) Last year I made a tree at my workplace and a cafe, this year no chance :/
Rae Powell
Rae Powell Year ago
Your house is so peaceful 😍😍
Kellie Burns
Kellie Burns Year ago
where is that cute crop top from?
Rayanna Davis
Rayanna Davis Year ago
where is the tree skirt from
Mariah Klein
Mariah Klein Year ago
I applied for the scholarship! I'm studying abroad next year, so this scholarship would mean so much!!
Deyaniza Marte
Deyaniza Marte Year ago
Love love love your decor!!!! Where did you buy your couch? Pleaseeee!! ILYSM ❤️
Krista Thrasher
Krista Thrasher Year ago
Love that you decorated FOR us instead of just showing after it was done!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU
Jodi Miell
Jodi Miell Year ago
My 4th Whitmas! ❤️❤️❤️
Emily Wakefield
Emily Wakefield Year ago
Haven’t been here since the beginning but you bet your BUNS I binged all your past videos 😂(especially Whitmas 😉)
Ashley Kubacki
Ashley Kubacki Year ago
Can't get over how beautiful your home is!!
Lexi B
Lexi B Year ago
I love that you're doing a scholarship giveaway! I have never heard of anyone else doing this and it's such an amazing gift for those who struggle to pay for school!!
Stephanie Clardy
Stephanie Clardy Year ago
Where is your couch from?
Katrina Botell
Katrina Botell Year ago
Your scholarship giveaway is so generous!! And I love that you are helping even grads who have student loans!
Sheila Cruz
Sheila Cruz Year ago
Can't believe I've been here since the first Whitmas!!! I am so glad you found a happy medium and perfect amount of videos! Always been soooo obsessed with your decorating skills even back in the old house!!!
James Wilson
James Wilson Year ago
Girls only for the giveaway?
4444teamo Year ago
Where did you get that jacket!!
Haya Razzouk
Haya Razzouk Year ago
i have been actually since the first whittmas and let me say how much you helped me through these years , thank you
Kimberly Peterson
Kimberly Peterson Year ago
Love your decorations, it looks so comfy and magical!! 😍✨🎄
Caitlin Stephenson
Caitlin Stephenson Year ago
Tou have nuthin to worry about
Corinne Przyborowski
Corinne Przyborowski Year ago
This scholarship giveaway is honestly the best thing ever!! Thank you Whitney! 😭💞
Flaherty Fam
Flaherty Fam Year ago
I’m just waiting for the engagement
simplymicgracie Year ago
Hey Whitney! Where are the stocking hangers from? They're so cute!
Joanna Pilipczuk
Joanna Pilipczuk Year ago
The color scheme of these decorations is amazing
Divine Sol Tarot
Divine Sol Tarot Year ago
🙋‍♀️started from the bottom now we here!! Been with ya girl from the start!!
Divine Sol Tarot
Divine Sol Tarot Year ago
Repping my hometown! Waco!!
Lisa Hayes
Lisa Hayes Year ago
Your home is WHITMAS Beautiful🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
Stephanie Morales
Stephanie Morales Year ago
I know I won’t win the scholarship bcz I don’t use social media so I can’t follow Alaninu, but the fact that 3 other women will be able to go to college makes me so happy, I’m crying happy tears! You’re so amazing, thoughtful and generous Whitney!
Jessica Bernier
Jessica Bernier Year ago
Omg I love the scholarship idea! 😭 so amazing.
Jessica Hipolito
Jessica Hipolito Year ago
Whitney, I love your Christmas decoration! Beautiful joyful, and classy.
Lachelle Year ago
Julia Year ago
I have all the Tj Maxx/Homegood dupes of the CB2 christmas decor - looks just as good but wayyyyyyy cheaper!
Gina Mercato
Gina Mercato Year ago
Nellie Maaninka
Nellie Maaninka Year ago
You are definitely proving me wrong about americans having tacky and over the top christmas taste. Yours is beautiful and tasteful, well elegant even. So satisfying to see everything come together so nicely!!
Victoria Bailey
Victoria Bailey Year ago
I love you're style!! I love watching your design videos and getting ideas for my home!!
Hajer A.
Hajer A. Year ago
M Year ago
Hello Lovely, loving the white Christmas decor. I think its absolutely amazing that you are doing this scholarship. You are sharing the blessings you have received. So happy for you. Thanks for your spirit and example of kindness & joy. HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🎄
Mary Schmauss
Mary Schmauss Year ago
Been here since 2017 Whitmiss!
Kassandra Gallegos
Kassandra Gallegos Year ago
I love whits dramatic pauses and whispers she makes my day 🤣💗🧡
rach boudreau
rach boudreau Year ago
Here since the first whitmas!!! Fav time of year! Love love love!!!!! ❤️❤️
Liz Edmond
Liz Edmond Year ago
I’ve been here girl and I LOVE WHITMAS!! Your my girl! Love ya so much!
Camila Delgado
Camila Delgado Year ago
I need a scholarship! Planning on doing nursing school soon.. love you!!
LorindaOlson Year ago
Tip for pro, cute tree decorating: put XL ornaments (like 6 plus inches in diameter, between 10-15) all over the tree, pick one color (and use the same ornament shape) and put 10-15 around the tree again, then fit as many regular sized ornaments (use different shapes and sizes) that are neutral colored (clear glass, white, gray, silver etc) as you can. Sometimes if I want to fill it in even more I will take those Christmas/floral sticks that you get from Hobby Lobby and insert them randomly into the tree throughout. THIS. PROCESS. NEVER. FAILS.
b lord
b lord Year ago
Super cute, love it.
Jalissa Negron
Jalissa Negron Year ago
A whole scholarship?! Amen hallelujah for Whitney, Katy and Haydn🙏🏼🎉
Denise Paris
Denise Paris Year ago
Merry Whitmas! Entering for the scholarship. Enjoy your happiness.
Alexia Mirabella
Alexia Mirabella Year ago
she said SCHOLARSHIP?? oh girl omw! 💖
Nancy Franco
Nancy Franco Year ago
scholarship? giiiirl say no mo
Ashlie Thornton
Ashlie Thornton Year ago
Thank you for the opportunity.
Meghan Thorne
Meghan Thorne Year ago
Omg your decor is so stinkin cute!! 😩♥️😩
Raquel Castaneda
Raquel Castaneda Year ago
Where did you get the ornaments you have on your tree the different white ones
Rosa R
Rosa R Year ago
So cute ☺️
Sydney Varsen
Sydney Varsen Year ago
Thanks for thinking outside of the box and choosing to do a scholarship donation!
N Harris
N Harris Year ago
I live for Whitmas!!!!
catie collins
catie collins Year ago
Honestly the scholarship thang is AMAZING and So helpful
Saida Ochoa
Saida Ochoa Year ago
forever thankful! This is probably the best GIVEAWAY I have experienced. I have always been paying school out of pocket, hence taking me much longer. So thankful for Alani Nu and you to care so much for us!
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
Love you whit
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
You did a awesome job on your Christmas tree 🎄 love the way it looks I got my Christmas tree up and I got it decorated and still got to finish up decorating are apartment we will have it done in a day or two
Courtney Diaz
Courtney Diaz Year ago
is anyone else wondering what camera she used? that quality was amazing!
Anna Dignam
Anna Dignam Year ago
Scholarship give away 😭😭😭💕💕
Theresa Campbell
Theresa Campbell Year ago
I am so excited for Whitmas!!! And just as excited for the scholarship, I graduated with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design in 2008 and I am still paying loans off, this would be a huge blessing, and I'm sure the majority of your followers would agree and are in the same boat! So good luck to everyone!!!!
erm412 Year ago
Girl you just have the best style!! 😍 I love that everything is festive but clean and simple! 🙌🏼
Kathy Soto
Kathy Soto Year ago
Loving all your decor!! It looks beautiful ❤❤🎄
Shelby Frances
Shelby Frances Year ago
Where is your coffee table from?? It’s perfection 😍
Claire Brown
Claire Brown Year ago
I've been here since the first Whitmas! Love you girl! SO happy to hear that you're doing a scholarship! I'm out of school a and have paid off my student loans but you're going to make 3 girls SOOOOOOOO happy!
Arantxa Peraza
Arantxa Peraza Year ago
Love this section girl!! 😍😍 You're amazing 💖💖
Magaly Berrios
Magaly Berrios Year ago
this is an amazing giveaway! It’s so sweet♥️
Paige Wood
Paige Wood Year ago
Your Christmas tree is BEAUTIFUL & COZY girl!! I LOVE IT!! LOVE YOU MORE!!
Abbey Miller
Abbey Miller Year ago
Will you do a winter (like a Utah/Denver winter) haul? I need work clothes ideas and I have no style 😭 HELP HELP
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