TOP 10 FIDDLE LEAF FIG CARE TIPS... lol I'm obsessed

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Whitney Simmons

4 months ago

I'm addicted to Fiddle Leaf Figs and this is my ultimate guide to care for them... water, re-pot, propagate and clean you fiddles!!! MY TOP 10 TIPS

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Debbie Gonzalez
Debbie Gonzalez Hour ago
petition for influencers to stop using "addicted." you are not addicted. addiction is a health issue.
Anna Figgins
Anna Figgins 20 hours ago
I think this is my fav. video you have ever made. I love learning about people's obsessions haha :)
Jo's World
Jo's World 20 hours ago
OMG! Love this video so much 🤩😍👌🏼🙏🏼❤ And I love plants 🙈😄❤ Greetings from Germany 🤗
Pamela Paulhamus
Pamela Paulhamus Day ago
OMG, you're awesome! Gorgeous, funny and informative! Now let me go see what my Fiddle needs right now!
Anne B.
Anne B. 2 days ago
I finally got a fiddle leaf fig bc of you and this video. ☺️
miamiprincez305 9 days ago
I love this video
Blair Tanner
Blair Tanner 9 days ago
I need to know what lights she is using with her big one !! Help!
Wendy Gavin
Wendy Gavin 9 days ago
I loved your video! I am so glad I watched it...I just bought a Fiddle Fig today! I was so going to repot it tomorrow! I'll wait...leaving her alone. Thank you!
Rose Tan
Rose Tan 10 days ago
When will your fiddle leaf fig drop its leaf after you brought home from the nursery? I just got mine a couple days ago and I really doubt if I could take care of her.
Claudia Steinbach
Claudia Steinbach 12 days ago
What are the grow lights you suggest?
Mels 13 days ago
What’s the little plant you held up at the beginning intro???
Harley 14 days ago
Hahahaha I'm not even 6 minutes in and you are cracking me up! And teaching me shit, well done and thanks! Okay going to watch the rest now
Elisha Archie
Elisha Archie 19 days ago
Does anyone know what grow lights she is using??
Jojo Rcxo
Jojo Rcxo 19 days ago
Got one today named her figgy Azalea
LauraRaquel 19 days ago
Omg this is one of the best video ! Your hilarious and i understand your love for the fiddle
Chaena Passino
Chaena Passino 20 days ago
This is exactly what I needed. Mine has been struggling. 😅
Tangier Super
Tangier Super 20 days ago
Absolutely LOVE this video! Thank you for all of the tips! I am a new fiddle leaf owner and my two babies are gorgeous, BUT I am learning ALOT about how picky they are, thank you for this video!
YoMinelyG 20 days ago
literally just bought one from home depot! LOL remember seeing this video when you uploaded and was like OMG yes... all my 15 other babies died in my apt when covid hit and i went back to my parents and left them in my apt so today i bought some new babies :)
MommaNars Green
MommaNars Green 22 days ago
Full watched your 📹 and I have big fiddle fig for 2 mos and only 1 leaf left.. I will follow ur 10 commandments.. I will update it here. Thank you and by the way you look gorgeous 😍 💕 like ur girls fiddle figs blooming 💖
Hannah Green
Hannah Green 23 days ago
Ok this is by far the best fiddle care video I’ve found 🌿❤️
Damia Zulkapli
Damia Zulkapli 23 days ago
Im a pisces who love ficus too!!! 😍🙌🏻
antoine Gomez
antoine Gomez 23 days ago
Where do you get your plant pots the grey ones ?
Kona Harper
Kona Harper 25 days ago
school kids
school kids 26 days ago
Love love love this video and your personality!
Ahmad 612516
Ahmad 612516 26 days ago
thespeechlessbacon 26 days ago
Robert (my fiddle leaf fig) needs your help T - T He used to be a happy, healthy fig until the cold season came... all the leaves went droopy even though I watered him regularly. And then all but two leaves fell off.
unbeweaveable2 27 days ago
So awesome. I became a fiddle mom in June and I love her. The excitement of find a new leaf is amazing.
Aidia Y
Aidia Y 27 days ago
Ok honestly i love you lol this is so funny and I just can’t help to relate to everything you’re saying
Aidia Y
Aidia Y 27 days ago
“I’m so sorry sweet angel” oh man I’m laughing so hard cause this is ME hahaha “not ready for children” hahahaha
Lucas Krysko
Lucas Krysko 28 days ago
I got a fiddle at Home Depot and it is 9.5 feet tall and I payed $50 but I have to get another one because it’s too tall
Francisca Pedregon
Francisca Pedregon 29 days ago
Girl your tips SAVED my fiddle. I have two new leaves!!!
AM C 29 days ago
Pleade tell me what is the best fertilizer for fiddle leafs .
Preston Lewis
Preston Lewis Month ago
Why did I have to come across this video and fall in love? My new fiddle leaf is doing great btw
Mackenzie Wolf
Mackenzie Wolf Month ago
Do you use a plant lamp for your fiddles that don't get enough light?
Kayla Month ago
Love your energy 😄 thanks for the tips!
Gabriella Zordan
Gabriella Zordan Month ago
Whitney, can you do a video on how you propagated your fiddle PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!
Sasha Gold
Sasha Gold Month ago
Just got a fiddle and came straight back to this
Elizabeth Coleman
Elizabeth Coleman Month ago
I have killed so many. My most recent I am paying very careful attention to. I have officially killed the others as follows: 1. Under sunny 2. Puppy ate it 3. Over watered ; drowned The little guy I just got was from Kroger. Gave it some time. She needed to be repotted. She has a bigger pot a week later. Now we wait.
Samantha Gouldman
Samantha Gouldman Month ago
I can’t find the light you use for your fiddles. Do you have a link? I went back through your favorites videos and didn’t see it 😞
Mike R.
Mike R. Month ago
Love your ENERGY! Thanks for the info!
Laurie Sickles
Laurie Sickles Month ago
Fun to find your page, good tips!
Lopez Family
Lopez Family Month ago
Can you tell me what the name of fiddle food is and tell me what humidifier you use
Mimi Overton
Mimi Overton Month ago
You are absolutely beautiful and thank you for this video 🌱🙏🏽💕
Brenda Cruz
Brenda Cruz Month ago
I have 2 of them. The both I have gotten from Aldi. The first one after a year almost died. It was left with only 5 leafs. So I said will fine, if you want to die then die, I will get another one. I did and I guess it didn't like it and she started to grow again😀. So yes your right the like for you to talk to them and they are both growing and giving me beautiful leaf. I have jade them for 3 years already and both are growing. Can you let me know how you were able to grow the little ones . Thanks!
Heatherlynn Month ago
Do you mean hard water? Hard water is high in minerals. You can either flush your plant through once in awhile with water to remove the salts, use filtered or distilled water, or collect rain water. If your apartment has hard water so does your hose. DO NOT let your plant sit in the water that drains. That watet is full of the salts your plant is trying to get rid of
haylie morris
haylie morris Month ago
I found your channel due to this video lol
Paola Campodonico
Paola Campodonico Month ago
Omg! You're sooo funny!! Loved the video... I'm crying my fiddy is loosing its leaves, I'm repoting tomorrow, I can't wait, I'm scare though. I never thought of fertilizing duhh!!! Good idea! Thanks!!!!
Rhianna Washington
Rhianna Washington Month ago
I just got one and was worried cause she was losing leaves from the bottom. This gave me such peace of mind and all the knowledge.
marjie413 Month ago
I just bought my first fiddle. Love love love her!!
Paola Ramos
Paola Ramos Month ago
I just bought a fiddle so I needed this ❤️❤️
Rachel Nicholas
Rachel Nicholas Month ago
Best and cutest video ever! I was literally entertained and enthralled the entire time! Thanks for making this video I just got a fiddle today!
Lindsay Luciano
Lindsay Luciano Month ago
Does anyone know where the jacket Whitney is wearing in the thumbnail is from?
maddy dooley
maddy dooley Month ago
I just recently got my fiddle from Aldi!!!!
Amelia Chen
Amelia Chen Month ago
my mom got me one and its TEENY im kinda scared but more excited :) my mom got it at trader joes
aditaDE Month ago
Ive never felt more confident of my fiddles than after watching this video! I was worried about one that isn’t thrivinc as much as my other. But I started with buying the humidity tool.
Al Nherick Jamaani
Al Nherick Jamaani Month ago
This is so entertaining and informative at the same time. You are a legend 😂😂😂
Chloe Torres
Chloe Torres Month ago
Is your house humid?
LivinLikeLydia Month ago
I finally found a nursery that sells fiddle leaf figs and I just got my first one! 🥰 so excited
Paper Moon
Paper Moon Month ago
Miss Whitney, this is by far one of the most informative and fun videos I have ever watched ! I’m 70 yrs old, and just bought my first Fiddle Leaf . I hesitated to even bring it home because I don’t have that green thumb like you do. It needs to be repotted which is what I’m doing today. I’m a bit concerned tho as the leaves are curled inwards and I don’t know why. I’m scared to water it as I tend to overwater my plants. She’s just a tiny little thing, but I do love these plants ❤️. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I have subscribed, and look forward to watching you again. ❤️🇨🇦😷😷☺️
aigoochamnaa Month ago
If anyone can help me out, I’d be so grateful. I just got a FLF. Video said do not repot it immediately and let it get acclimated to its new surroundings... however! the pot it is in has drainage holes on the side. Should I repot it immediately or wait a bit before repotting?
Jessica Alicea
Jessica Alicea Month ago
I know this is older but my favorite plant I got was a fiddle and he has been growing nicely since March! This video was so informative and fun! Thank you!!
allison Month ago
I finally got a Fiddle Leaf Fig!!! So now, three months later, I am watching this video !!! yayay
Fariha Jafri
Fariha Jafri Month ago
This is entertaining and very informative
Kate Month ago
I watched this when it first come out. I’m picking up my first fiddle today at 12pm I’m so excited. I’ve written a page full of notes after watching this video again! ❤️ love this thankyou Whit!
Sharon Month ago
propagated pieces at an aldi in several pots
Chelsey Mcdonald
Chelsey Mcdonald Month ago
Have been following you forever and finally got a fiddle leaf fig!! I love her so much already! Very informative and glad you had this video.
Sofia Angelica Petrushina
Sofia Angelica Petrushina Month ago
My fiddle leaf fig just sprouted to new leafs an one of them are browning from the tips and deteriorating.I feel so sad and anxious because I don’t want it to die😭😭💔
Sofia Angelica Petrushina
Sofia Angelica Petrushina Month ago
The soil is moist but I don’t know if I should water because of the browning tips.😥
Vanessa C.
Vanessa C. Month ago
I love fiddle leaf figs and I have a couple and just got a new baby
Fernanda Ambriz Toledo
Fernanda Ambriz Toledo Month ago
that intro, that's totally me with my hoyas. i'm obsessed with them 🤣 i just got a small fiddle after staying away from them because i didn't want to be heartbroken if i killed it lol thank you for the info 💚💚💚
Yolanda Mallari
Yolanda Mallari Month ago
Love your video Whitney. My favorite all about fiddle leaf figs...😍
Kiiara Kiiara
Kiiara Kiiara Month ago
Love her 👏🏿🌱
Marlegnne Castro
Marlegnne Castro Month ago
Whitneyyyy where did you get those square planters 😍?
Oh SoChristi
Oh SoChristi Month ago
How do you keep your dogs away from them since there poisonous to them ?
Rae Luxe
Rae Luxe Month ago
I just got my first fiddle leaf and I am obsessed too! Thank you for your tips because I’m a new fiddle tree mama :)
Samantha Earle
Samantha Earle Month ago
Thank you for the informative and entertaining video. I have saved it to my plant care playlist. I bought my first Fiddle Leaf Fig yesterday from Ikea. Fingers crossed I can look after it. Your gals look beautiful. Healthy and happy. Thanks again and stay well. Xo
Jannelle Pine
Jannelle Pine Month ago
You are ACTUALLY my favorite and I’m obsessed with watching your videos... Whitney Simmons bought a fiddle leaf fig, so I bought a fiddle leaf fig
Stephanie Tang
Stephanie Tang Month ago
I just got my very first fiddle leaf and the more i look at it the more beautiful it is. and i certainly learn a few things from you! also, pls try to speak louder when you are whispering, i couldnt hear what you were saying sometimes. Thanks!
Josh Simpson
Josh Simpson Month ago
I thought my fiddle leaf was moody until I bought my first calathea.
Jarrad Sands
Jarrad Sands 2 months ago
How did you deal with your gnat issue?
sophie 2 months ago
Grow lights used? Video on lights and setup???
tess howarth
tess howarth 2 months ago
FLF question! I just bought my first babe, she's a small gal, and she's just gotten her first new leaf BUT the veins are the middle part. What in the heck should I do????
Organize With me
Organize With me 2 months ago
What humidifier do you use and how often do you run it?
Tsungirirayi Burakwacha
Tsungirirayi Burakwacha 2 months ago
I bought one yesterday..i pray she won't die on me..
Carri's 3RingCircus
Carri's 3RingCircus 2 months ago
I just got my first Fiddle last night. I'm sitting here in my Tie Dye sweatshirt looking at my new Big Girl Fiddle so much in love thinking... This girl is my soul sister😄 I would bet I will double my fiddle situation every few weeks lol I feel it😥
Noah Alvarado
Noah Alvarado 2 months ago
I just bought my first fiddle leaf and its nursery pot includes drainage holes on the side. Why do you think its best to repot for pots with holes on the side versus holes on the bottom?
Noah Alvarado
Noah Alvarado 2 months ago
just kidding! you explained later in the vid LOL.
Ashley Kirby
Ashley Kirby 2 months ago
What grow lights do you use?? I have 3 FFF💕🌱
Ana Wardanian
Ana Wardanian 2 months ago
Wow So helpful! Girl you’re just amazing!!!!!! Love from Mallorca
SG G 2 months ago
Meatduck 2 months ago
How often to put that plant fertilizer?
Ea Nabilah
Ea Nabilah 2 months ago
hai, do you have certain tip to accelerate the fiddle to grow taller.. my fiddle seems short, but she keep produce new leaf every two weeks
Babs Strijkert
Babs Strijkert 2 months ago
Who is this, wheres Whit? Where are the hot fire flames? You depressed or something? Used to watch your workout vids religiously and I got excited when I saw this, but i cant deal with the babyvoice, girl. Im seriously cant focus on anything you're saying cause I can hear the constant strain to up your pitch.
Adrienne Gaeta
Adrienne Gaeta 2 months ago
Just curious, why is the side holes a cause for concern on nursery pots? I've never heard this before and am now worried! What if the pot has holes on the bottom and side? Is this okay?
Yoli Collazo
Yoli Collazo 2 months ago
Very informative and funny. Will you be making more videos like these?
Marquita Etter
Marquita Etter 2 months ago
Girl you are so cute😍. Love this!
TJG 2 months ago
My Pride & Joy Frankie my FLF died recently and my friend just surprised me today with a FLF .... I was so happy because, out of 43 plants my FLF was my Favorite
Perette Lear
Perette Lear 2 months ago
Hi Whitney! Just found you on USposts. You are so sweet and funny. Great video with lots of information. I have a FLF inside my home and one outside and the one outside is not as boojie and is doing better!! So now I just bought 3 more from Lowe’s! Have a good day!
D B 2 months ago
I LOVED this super informative video! I recently bought a fiddle leaf and she already gave me 2 baby leafs. This is what I needed to begin our journey! My Monsteras are a lil jealous right now, but I love all of my plant babies so much! Thankyou for just being yourself Whitney 🌱🌿💚
Lianne Hutcheson
Lianne Hutcheson 2 months ago
YASSSSS PISCES QUEEN!! 🐠 Such amazing info!! Thanks Sis!! I just started working for a company that designs and installs indoor plants in homes and businesses and I spent a lot of time hand cleaning each leaf and talking to the Fiddle leafs. I named the two I worked with Bartholomew and Minerva. They are now happy and beautiful in their new homes. I love my job. And this video. ❤️😘
Robin Lane Lowe
Robin Lane Lowe 2 months ago
Hello. I found your channel by looking for fiddle leaf care..and wow I'm sooo glad I did. Yiur channel looks full of great content that I'm so excited to check out; however THIS VIDEO thank you, thank you it was so full of details and exactly what I needed. I loved the way you showed us exactly how you take care of your babies. Thanks for sharing.
Wendy o.
Wendy o. 2 months ago
love your positive attitude
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