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Monthly favorites video! My fitness, food and beauty favorites and must haves.
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Estee Marquis
Estee Marquis Year ago
Where’s your top from! I’ve been trying to find it for so long hoping you’d talked about it one of your videos!
Hannah Kinkade
Hannah Kinkade Year ago
Sephor?? That's a A at the end of that lol!
Slip Silk Pillowcase
Slip Silk Pillowcase Year ago
Em Meade
Em Meade Year ago
Do you still have snap chat.... I have added you but never see anything on your story. Maybe it's because I'm from Australia but I don't see anything
Seri Elizabeth
Seri Elizabeth Year ago
Do you still like Triple Zero Greek Yogurt?
mistianddustin22 Year ago
Girl you look fabulous thm GAINS 👊👏👏 BIG FAN!!
Jenny Luu
Jenny Luu Year ago
Odd question, because I haven't worn self tanner consistently before, how long do you wait until your next application? I feel like I can't really tell since it seems like it fades unevenly when I put it on. Help a sista out!
Popo D
Popo D Year ago
Heyyyy whitney! I loveeee your videos and your personality so much! Just curious, are you a christian? Or anything of the sort?? ❤❤ you never swear, drink alcohol and you shine so bright girlll ~~~ 😇😇
Kelly Hall
Kelly Hall Year ago
Can you do a tutorial on how to use lifting straps?
Lauren goodnight
Lauren goodnight Year ago
does anyone know where she got her body suit from??
Abbey Dean
Abbey Dean Year ago
Yesss the t-swift little singing snippet 😍 also a huge Taylor Swift fan love you always Whit 💚💕
pecapo353 Year ago
I love you. But stop moving your arms and body in a weird way.
alex hell
alex hell Year ago
Every day is a beautiful day to be alive with Whit fr
Ashley Biesiada
Ashley Biesiada Year ago
Question about your self tanner: does it rub off on your gym clothes? I have so many Gym Shark leggings in the lighter colors and I’d hate for them to get ruined 😭😭
Ashlee Alderson
Ashlee Alderson Year ago
I need to know where this bodysuit is from omg
TheCovergirl01 Year ago
Can you find the energy drink in stores or can you only purchase online?
Jennifer - cjenniferb
Jennifer - cjenniferb Year ago
Hey Whit, Can you please do a vid on how to apply self-tanner? Thanks!
alaska49girl Year ago
All of THRIVE products are amazing !
Heather Stephens
Heather Stephens Year ago
Ok but for real where is your bodysuit from??
Kelly House
Kelly House Year ago
Just a little purple tint, but still gorgeous sis 💖 btw, have you tried the Alani Nu plant based protein powder?? I tried the chocolate flavor and I can’t make it so it’s not gritty? Also is there a plant based protein powder you would recommend?
Viviana N
Viviana N Year ago
I know you're a fitness person but you should make a video on all of your makeup 💕
Mara Timmer
Mara Timmer Year ago
Your hair is an absolute DREAM
Karly Marie
Karly Marie Year ago
I NEED THOSE SCRUNCHIES but dam $39 for only 3 is crazy are they really worth it??? because i have the same problem where hairties rips my hair out
Theresa V
Theresa V Year ago
Hey Whit How Does that CC cream hold up through your workouts? Love the animal print on you!
Jackie Year ago
Megan B
Megan B Year ago
Is the self tanner a mouse or a cream?
Katherine Simone
Katherine Simone Year ago
A ring on the engagement finger??? Say what, or am I just tripping?
Casey Joba
Casey Joba Year ago
Yoplait made a new line of yogurt called YQ and it has only 9 grams of sugar and a bunch of protein. It's soooo good. definitely recommend!
Carolyn Lancaster
Carolyn Lancaster Year ago
Where did you buy this cheetah print bodysuit I LOVE it! 🤤😍
Stephanie Pikulski
Stephanie Pikulski Year ago
How do you self tan your hands?!? Because I screw it up every time!!!!
Izzi Edmunds
Izzi Edmunds Year ago
ahahahahahaha love it "let a girl live her life" ahahahhahahaa
Tiffany Reaves
Tiffany Reaves Year ago
Love you and your videos. I get so many workout and beauty ideas from you. And, I just placed my first ever Gymshark order through your link. I can’t wait to get my order! ❤️🏋️‍♀️🌱
RightNowIsGirlsGen9 Year ago
Can you do a video on how to use lifting straps? Now sure if you already have one but if you don’t please??? 😁
kandiemakeup Year ago
"Let a girl live her life, thank you!" Lmao I've never tried that cc cream but I LOVE the It Cosmetics CC cream which also has great coverage and spf50 which I ain't ever mad at.
Angie M
Angie M Year ago
Real NEED TO KNOW: where do we order the body suit 😍😍😍😍
Victoria Maness
Victoria Maness Year ago
I always get excited to watch your videos!! you radiate such a positive and charming demeanor and you're so entertaining to watch, like I lowkey just want to befriend you lol. Definitely my fave fitness influencer currently :)
Awkwardly Sammi
Awkwardly Sammi Year ago
I just ordered the alaninu energy drinks! Glad I saw you loved them...but I have to say I ordered the sour peach rings lol and that's your least fave 🤷‍♀️ we'll see I guess 😀
Renee hill
Renee hill Year ago
Who remembers watching our girl when she only had 500k subs. Now look, Wowza! love ya Whitney ❤❤❤
J Ferrer
J Ferrer Year ago
are your nails gel or regular manicure????
Jazmin Williams
Jazmin Williams Year ago
Thank you so much for the Yogurt recommendations!!!! Just got the "Two Good" & it is really Tooooo Good!! lmao.
Melody Goltz
Melody Goltz Year ago
Im just now getting into workouts but im not loving anything im trying. I love doing yoga but i want power workouts. Any ideas for me? Im not great at cardio and im also currently pregnant lol
Crystal Farrelly
Crystal Farrelly Year ago
Ok I gotta know girl, where did you get your artwork hung in your room!? Everything about your videos and all your fit tips are changing my life girl! Thank you and ❤️ youuuuu!
Crystal Farrelly
Crystal Farrelly Year ago
Ok I gotta know girl, where did you get your artwork hung in your room!? Everything about your videos and all your fit tips are changing my life girl! Thank you and ❤️ youuuuu!
Chezamayu Kitsukanii
Chezamayu Kitsukanii Year ago
I've been a cardiobunny up until now, but I wanted to start strength training this year. I've been lifting for a month, but now I have a bad knee. It hurts when I bend it and feels heavy after sitting still for a while. I feel no pain when I walk or run however, but it's hard to stay motivated. I want to tone up >_< Should I stop doing squats perhaps or at least lift lighter weights? How can I train legs without causing further strain on my knee? Any tips are appriciated :)
stepheny torres
stepheny torres Year ago
I buy the bigger size tub of yogurt from target!!
sweetslasher Year ago
Hi Whitney... any thoughts on Brittany Dawn's scam issue? 😍😍😍
Brianna Kocinski
Brianna Kocinski Year ago
I paused the video less than 2 minutes in and went looking for the engagement announcement that I clearly missed 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Athena124 Year ago
Straus Family Creamery’s organic plain whole milk European style yogurt is my favorite yogurt by far
bonbonzz Year ago
I seriously thought you lived in Australia... Hahaha
Lily Hare
Lily Hare Year ago
What’s the sugar in the alani energy drinks?
Niccole Cummings
Niccole Cummings Year ago
I can’t be the only one that likes Whitney’s videos before I’ve watch even 5 seconds 🥰😍 I love you Whitney! 💕
Melissa Claasen
Melissa Claasen Year ago
I ALWAYS get so excited when I see you uploaded a new video👏🏼you are the best!
arthurtheaardvark13 Year ago
Videos on how to use straps?! Please please please! Would be so helpful
Stephanie L.
Stephanie L. Year ago
Hey Whit! Thanks for the recommendations! You and Nikki and def winning me over on the Alaini energy drinks because I'm a energy-drinking girl as well and LOVE them so much! I would recommend these NEW Red bulls that just came out there is a sugar free pear one and peach one that are so delicious!!! Tell me what you think! 😉
Judi Tanner
Judi Tanner Year ago
Where is your dress in the thumbnail from?? And the shoes too actually. I need the whole outfit 😍
Michelle Reynolds
Michelle Reynolds Year ago
Hey pretty lady! Love the leopard. Great video!
Taylor S
Taylor S Year ago
So I’m having major trouble growing my butt. I don’t have a gym membership, but there’s dumbbells and treadmill in my basement. I do dumbbell butt workouts, but never “feel the burn” can someone plz give me some tips to help?
Clarissa Cummings
Clarissa Cummings Year ago
Could you show us how to use the lifting straps?? I need these but do not know how to use them!!
Clarissa Cummings
Clarissa Cummings Year ago
Can you show us how to use the lifting straps? I need these but don't know how to use them!
Melissa Machado
Melissa Machado Year ago
Love you whit! I have always watched your fitness video but honestly have always watched them and been like hmm that’s to hard for beginner but it was more me having gym anxiety and not wanting to look silly in front of others but I finally got brave! Took your videos to the gym with me put on some big headphones and did the work outs! Your videos are my personal trainer 💓 all my workouts come from you and I’ve been eating healthy and working out 5 times a week and finally loving every min of it thank you for showing me what it’s like to love the gym 💓 you the best girl!
Jaclynn Hall
Jaclynn Hall Year ago
Can you show how to use the straps? Also try the Vega cashew milk yogurt, has protein and low sugar
Denise Sahagun
Denise Sahagun Year ago
question ! Does filming ever bring stress to you? Having to come out with new content? I know a lot of you tubers we’re getting stressed. I just know that I love watching your videos ! You have such a positive vibe! And I adore 😍👏🏽
valeria rodriguez
valeria rodriguez Year ago
First I want to say you are amazing and I love you. Second Can you please do a small demonstration video on how to use the lifting straps.
Joyce Leung
Joyce Leung Year ago
I saw your pups and I thought ooh that's a nice fluffy throw, and your arms moved then I was like omg THEY ARE PUPPYS
Allie Weller
Allie Weller Year ago
YES on the hair
Jaslynn Serrano
Jaslynn Serrano Year ago
Absolutely beautiful
Sue Aparicio
Sue Aparicio Year ago
Omg for the first minute of the video I thought the doggies were a fluffy blanket lmao 😂😂😂😂
tarathyme Year ago
SO DELICIOUS MAKES A PLAIN VANILLA YOGURT WITH NO SUGAR 🙌🏽🙌🏽 I think target has it it by the tub
julie97xo Year ago
How do you tan your hands without them going orange?! please help haha
Grace Hui
Grace Hui Year ago
I want to see a makeup tutorial from you... you are so beautiful 😘😘😘😘
Laura Kastner
Laura Kastner Year ago
Loved this so much I missed you
Anneke Schat
Anneke Schat Year ago
If you can't hold it Maybe it's better to do less reps till your grip gets stronger??
Ala Vidlak
Ala Vidlak Year ago
How do you keep sheets white with that tan? I want to get it but I am scare for my sheets to get dirty
Lauren Santos
Lauren Santos Year ago
Watching this while I’m in bed with the flu blessings
Courtney Zielinski
Courtney Zielinski Year ago
Two Good Peach flavor is AMAZEBALLZ
cera garrison
cera garrison Year ago
Silk soy yogurt is actually better in my opinion, it has a better texture and taste, with the same amount of sugar but a bit more protein
Luke Ashworth beefs and babes gym
Luke Ashworth beefs and babes gym Year ago
Love your channel keep up the good work 😃👍🏻
Stephanie Neff
Stephanie Neff Year ago
Where is your bodysuit from? 🥰
Sophia Carrion
Sophia Carrion Year ago
Please please do a Sydney recap vid! Love ya
Gwendolyn Proctor
Gwendolyn Proctor Year ago
You made complete sense when talking about highlighter !!! I feel the same way
Angela Pickering
Angela Pickering Year ago
Hey Whit!! Can we see some Trader Joe’s hauls?! I just bought the beefless ground beef you recommended and I LOVE it.
este britt
este britt Year ago
Okay I LOVE when you sing. My favorite thing ❤️ Did you get braces? As an adult wanting braces myself, I'm always super pumped when other people live my dreams 😂😁
Deidre Lund
Deidre Lund Year ago
What lipstick do you use? You always have the best colors!!
Morgan Gregory
Morgan Gregory Year ago
I’m sorry, but did you say you’ve never had a Mimosa??! What do drink during brunch???! 😱
Alyssa Wood
Alyssa Wood Year ago
Is the alani nu pre work out vegan?
Kiara Baires
Kiara Baires Year ago
love you soooooo much wish I had that energy!!!
Emily Anne Powell
Emily Anne Powell Year ago
Where can I get that bodysuit thoughhh
Mischa Snow
Mischa Snow Year ago
I saw you mentioned on your IG that your workout videos don't do as well on YT. Maybe it's just me, but I miss them!!
Katelyn Halsey
Katelyn Halsey Year ago
I literally love you so much Whitney, you are my inspiration! Are you going to beauty con this year? And I was wondering if you could do another what I eat in a day video, I am trying to get new ideas of what to eat, to get a stronger stomach!
N G Year ago
Loving your videos since 2016😍
Ari Lynne
Ari Lynne Year ago
GIRL Thank you for this video! It's so good to see ya filming again! 😊
Natasha Stevens
Natasha Stevens Year ago
I needed this 😂❤️❤️
Leah Young
Leah Young Year ago
Girl. You are Barbie. So gorgeous.
Ashley Crespo
Ashley Crespo Year ago
Looove you and your body suit!!🤩👌🏼
Lauren Ross
Lauren Ross Year ago
What breed are your dogs?! Does anyone know?
Bianca Ayala
Bianca Ayala Year ago
Heavier dumbbells are DEF slippery 😭 With your sumo deadlift-to-sumo-squat (and up... early WO routine) they are challenging ☹️ Went from 45s to 75s and almost fell on my toes 😫
Masomza Masomza
Masomza Masomza Year ago
Please do a vid on how to grow your social media..particular on instagram
Evelin Villanueva
Evelin Villanueva Year ago
I love watching your videos! I ordered some energy drinks. Also added Tumeric to my cart. Have you tried their supplements?
Erin Wasserman
Erin Wasserman Year ago
whit, your eyes are gorgeous omg
Meagan A
Meagan A Year ago
YESSS YOU ARE MY FAVORITE!!! I love you so much ❤️
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