VLOGGING A DAY IN THE LIFE! Healthy Eating, Spring Cleaning & Organizing

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Whitney Simmons

8 months ago

A DAY IN MY LIFE while practicing social distancing and being in self quarantine!! xx
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my plant grow light hehe rstyle.me/+s7ibrCJz1YxQBewEQaMcNw
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LLsxy316 Month ago
I hate daiya.. follow your heart is the best v cheese
Bonita Jobson
Bonita Jobson Month ago
❤️ love the videos. Please share, where is your fluffy blk coat from?
HELP SOMEONE AT 9:15 u can see Whitney’s beautiful rug! DOES ANYONE KNOW WTF I CAN BUY THAT OR EXTREMELY SIMILAR. Plz n thank u
Briana Jordan
Briana Jordan 2 months ago
My favorite dairy free cheese is the brand 'Follow your heart'! It's so good and tastes like real cheese.
Scottishroad35 Pinoy
Scottishroad35 Pinoy 2 months ago
My 12 told daughter was listening with me when said “mom, she’s cool”.
Lori Ellsworth
Lori Ellsworth 2 months ago
What breed are your adorable dogs? They resemble my cockapoos.
Kris H
Kris H 3 months ago
I’d love to know where you got that tinted spf moisturizer 😊☺️
Karen Y
Karen Y 3 months ago
Ohh you’re about to save my fiddles with the grow lights as the fall and winter decrease our daylight! And great tip on folding leggings! I’m bout to save some space!!
Jennifer N
Jennifer N 3 months ago
Does anyone know where the black robe is from??
Kara Cruz
Kara Cruz 3 months ago
Where did you get the smaller grown lights? The one you linked is bigger and hangs.
Manon Hamelrijckx
Manon Hamelrijckx 3 months ago
What's the song at the moment you're taking your sheets off?
Samantha Miller
Samantha Miller 4 months ago
Daiya mozzarella is the greatest vegan cheese
Ana Ramos
Ana Ramos 4 months ago
What is the sunscreen called?
Kara Cruz
Kara Cruz 4 months ago
Does you mom sell those signs?
Sophie Snow
Sophie Snow 4 months ago
VioLife is a great vegan cheese brand!
Ben 5 months ago
Fire!!! Loved this absolutely.
Taehyung’s Wife
Taehyung’s Wife 5 months ago
Omggg where did you get that amazing black teddy jacket 😫😭🥰 love you x
Taya Kocherova
Taya Kocherova 5 months ago
What’s the tinted moisturizer that you use?
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
Soooo I need an air fryer in my life STAT! The way I make my breakfast potatoes/hashbrowns takes much more work than that. I like your method better! lol
Alexis McGovern
Alexis McGovern 5 months ago
Try the “follow your heart” brand for dairy free cheese !! The Gouda one is the best!!
Tiffany O'Donnell
Tiffany O'Donnell 5 months ago
The Animal Crossing music!!! Gah i live for it
Corrie Holton
Corrie Holton 5 months ago
Girl vio life! For non dairy cheese
Kristina Lugo
Kristina Lugo 5 months ago
Whit will always be a cheerleader, she don’t need to be on a team. It’s in her heart LOL
Sammi Alyssa
Sammi Alyssa 5 months ago
Follow Your Heart Shredded Mozz is to DIE FOR
mc25180514 5 months ago
Miyokos has the best vegan cheese
Nicole Vynzell Banadera
Nicole Vynzell Banadera 5 months ago
“not our best” hahaha love you guys! Idk why I ever stopped watching you Whitarooski!!! Please do a from beginning to end fitness journey! From before you weren’t “fit” to now!
saltypotatochip03 6 months ago
The best dairy free cheese is Paradise Island
Shana 6 months ago
What is the purple thing you are using while steaming?
nbabombshell 6 months ago
Wait Stefan eats with a leg up. I eat with a. Leg up like I can’t not sit on my stools without a leg up .
nbabombshell 6 months ago
I love Stefan in the vlogs
Lauren Do
Lauren Do 6 months ago
I like violife best, but it doesn’t melt 🥴
Ansley Grace
Ansley Grace 6 months ago
I love the follow your heart cheese
allisonnichole 6 months ago
Megan Ahearn
Megan Ahearn 6 months ago
Glad to see my boyfriend and I aren't the only ones who make random songs about any and everything... all. the. time.
Asha Master
Asha Master 6 months ago
Stefan sounds like the 73 questions guy
Cece Huey
Cece Huey 6 months ago
girl if you're lookin for good vegan cheese, Daiya is NOT it. Violife or follow your heart. Slices? Chao for sureeee and get them at Costco
Rachel Auerbach
Rachel Auerbach 6 months ago
All violife shredded cheeses are incredible 😋
Sydney Palevich
Sydney Palevich 6 months ago
This breakfast is inspiring
charlotte green
charlotte green 6 months ago
Loving the vlog. My Nintendo switch is great downtime for quarantine life. Get ACNH and add me SW-4476-5342-2033
Mila Carver
Mila Carver 7 months ago
omg the scrunchie hack?! game. fricken. changer!!!
Elizabeth Almaraz
Elizabeth Almaraz 7 months ago
I love your vlogs!!!
Abigail Garrow
Abigail Garrow 7 months ago
Out of your three most worn sneakers which are your fav ? Looking to buy a new pair ❤️
Ilhaam Jiwaji
Ilhaam Jiwaji 7 months ago
Can you do a gym sneakers review!?
shadybreezy 7 months ago
Do you still intermittent fast?
aryssa marquez
aryssa marquez 7 months ago
Field Roast Vegan Chao slices in Original or Tomato Cayenne ❤️
Mariah Smith
Mariah Smith 7 months ago
Violife shreds! 😊
Sara Wright
Sara Wright 7 months ago
The Honest Stand makes delicious vegan cheese sauces that are made from potatoes and carrots and peppers. It's delicious. Also, City Cakes in Draper and SLC make a scrumptious mac n cheese. Also, the entire cafe/ bakery is vegan and they have a ton of gluten free options 😋
Ben Bissinger
Ben Bissinger 7 months ago
YO im trying to gift the premium alive app sub to someone whats the best way to go about it?!?! I cant figure it out theres like no way to gift in app purchases should I just do a whit sims gift card or apple ID credits gift instead?!!? PLEASE HELP
Haley Amsel
Haley Amsel 7 months ago
Holy cannoli!!! Active wear collection goals!!! 😍😍😍
Rebekah Osborn
Rebekah Osborn 7 months ago
Loved this, so cute 💕
Katelyn Long
Katelyn Long 7 months ago
You with no makeup is friggin’ beautiful!!
L. Arreola
L. Arreola 7 months ago
violife is the ONLY vegan cheese worth eating!!!
Doreen Landolfi
Doreen Landolfi 7 months ago
That is a lot of food! LOL I'm jealous. How many calories is that, do you know? I'm just curious. You look great!
catherine camelio
catherine camelio 7 months ago
Violife vegan cheese absolutely delish
Bernadette Carson
Bernadette Carson 7 months ago
I work in a a&e department in uk 🇬🇧 and got some sad news on one of my colleagues today so thank you for your film it cheered me up
Kelsey Colleen
Kelsey Colleen 7 months ago
At first I heard Whitney say “I’m so f***in sore!” and I had to think if I’ve ever heard her swear before but, then I realized she said frickin lmao
April Riley
April Riley 7 months ago
Ciao vegan cheese tastes like provolone and the texture is great. Highly recommend. Love your channel💜🖤💜🖤
Hannah Dreyfuss
Hannah Dreyfuss 7 months ago
Follow your heart cheese. Also Trader Joe’s almond cheese is good
Aislyn Annette
Aislyn Annette 7 months ago
Your dogs look like little chicken nuggets and I love them 🥺 also what kinda pups are they I have no clue
Kaylee Agostinelli
Kaylee Agostinelli 7 months ago
Girl if you have a switch have you been playing animal crossing new horizons? It’s my favorite and super relaxing if you are feeling stress or anxiety!
Kaylee Agostinelli
Kaylee Agostinelli 7 months ago
Annnnnddddd I should have waited to ask this. I kept watching and was that an animal crossing song you used?! 😂 thinking my question was just answered!
Morgan Moore
Morgan Moore 7 months ago
WHITNEY!!!! I'm dairy free too and GIRL after 4 years I have finally figured out the secret to dairy free cheese. Most dairy free cheeses have coconut products in them which is what I have found makes them taste so bad. Any dairy free cheese without coconut oil/milk is SO MUCH BETTER. Still not dairy cheese, but it is 1000x better and it tastes good in things!
Shannon Perrin
Shannon Perrin 7 months ago
PLEASE tell me where you get your house robes!!! They're soo cute
Brianna Manns
Brianna Manns 7 months ago
What is your tree in your house called again?
Marisol Perez
Marisol Perez 7 months ago
Hey Whitney, just wanted to say I love your videos! Also, I went to high school and graduated the same class with your boyfriend Stefan 😂. I knew he looked familiar from somewhere haha. Anywho, Didn’t know him know him but you know how you “know” people from high school? Lol well anyways just thought it’d be fun to share. Crazy how small a world it is sometimes 😅. Keep making such awesome and entertaining videos 😊.
Saida Ochoa
Saida Ochoa 7 months ago
Chao cheese is my fave ❤️
Kaeli Wilson
Kaeli Wilson 7 months ago
The violife vegan cheese is the BEST!!!
Victoria Molina
Victoria Molina 7 months ago
Can you wash those skims or is this a special kind of situation? I am really tempted. Got my hand on the place order kinda tempted, BUT I am not down for the dry cleaning life.
Haylie Peters
Haylie Peters 7 months ago
Okay glad I’m not the only one who went to East High and hasn’t watched them. They used to have maps for sale in the front office for anyone visiting for a tour 😂 and they kept the two lockers pink all year. 2010 graduating class.
Mimi'sworld 7 months ago
Who else wants Stephen to stay after the quarantine? ❤️
Sabrina Gomez
Sabrina Gomez 7 months ago
Does anyone know what kind of puppies these are??? 😍
Katarina Lee
Katarina Lee 7 months ago
Where did you get your wallpaper in your bedroom? It's so cute!
Christie 7 months ago
Girl, you look gorgeous in the morning! 🌞
SoN2MakeuP 7 months ago
“ Follow your heart” vegan cheese is the BEST !
Norah Zagorski
Norah Zagorski 7 months ago
Cabot cheese makes an amazing lactose free cheddar! Hands down best I've tried so far... Daiya is def not my fave.
veggiemess 7 months ago
vio life cheese!
Shania Nay
Shania Nay 7 months ago
The rug in the kitchen is so pretty where did you get it!? 💜
lauren taylor
lauren taylor 7 months ago
What IKEA dresser do you have? My bf NEEDS these drawers omg
Erin Tamblyn
Erin Tamblyn 7 months ago
Hi! What kind of camera do you use?
Jacqueline D.
Jacqueline D. 7 months ago
Hi Whitney! It looks like you had a different grow light on your fig than the link shows. Do you have a link for the one on your fig?
Kyla Toney
Kyla Toney 7 months ago
This makes me want to be so productive
Beth 7 months ago
Realizing you have to put the sheets back on the bed is the WORST feeling ahaha especially when it's late and you just want to hop in bed
Elisa Costanza
Elisa Costanza 7 months ago
The BEST dairy free cheese us vio life. diaya is my last fav for sure.
ashley Yelhsa
ashley Yelhsa 7 months ago
Chao cheese
Courtney Schlosser
Courtney Schlosser 7 months ago
Nature's Promise dairy free cheese :)
Maddie Greenwood
Maddie Greenwood 7 months ago
Go Veggie vegan is my absolute favorite dairy free cheese omg
Mica Pabia
Mica Pabia 7 months ago
Please film an updated skin care routine! 😍
Jordan Cibinski
Jordan Cibinski 7 months ago
mykonos dairy free cheese wheel is HEAVAN
Morgan Cronin
Morgan Cronin 7 months ago
dairy free cheeses: nut cheese, follow your heart mozzerella and parmesan, daiya sucks dont buy it. Also yet to find a good vegan cheddar.
Jordan Jade
Jordan Jade 7 months ago
Violife and miyokos for vegan cheese!!!
Hekla Lind
Hekla Lind 7 months ago
Does anyone know where her skirt is from in her thumbnail?
Ally Bond
Ally Bond 7 months ago
follow your heart cheese is the BEST vegan cheese
Vita O'Brien
Vita O'Brien 7 months ago
oh girl chao cheese is the best dairy free cheese out there
juditheorganizer 7 months ago
Dairy free cheese options - vegan gourmet and/or field roast chao dairy free cheese. These are my favorite. Daiya cheese is ultimate trash lol.
Teresa M
Teresa M 7 months ago
Love your dog! What kind of dog is it?
LivingwithLaney 7 months ago
Chao dairy free cheese is the best!
Lou Derder
Lou Derder 7 months ago
VioLife cheese is the best okayyy + you both are too freaking cute I CAN'T
valeschism z
valeschism z 7 months ago
Whats the second grow light you used?
Chelsea Tena
Chelsea Tena 7 months ago
Chao cheese is the best vegan cheese!
Giselle Mai
Giselle Mai 7 months ago
what camera do you use other than your iPhone?
Michele Redfern
Michele Redfern 7 months ago
violife vegan cheese! or miyokos
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