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Whitney Simmons

11 months ago

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punxie89 Day ago
I'm only 5 minutes in, but gurl you are HILARIOUS! Love it. Glad I clicked.
femm bot
femm bot 2 days ago
Your eyes r so pretty. That’s why you’re a cult leader. Like a religious nutbag but w o the religion 😂
VanCityGal 14 days ago
What size are the cozy pants in? Thanks :)
Laura B.
Laura B. 14 days ago
What camera is that?
Lemongrass Coconut
Lemongrass Coconut 28 days ago
GIRL . I have that core control thong also and it gave my booty crack a rash I just can’t
Holly Wilson
Holly Wilson Month ago
Hilarious 😂 thanks girl
The Unjaded Journal
The Unjaded Journal Month ago
you are hilarious!
Sofia Gabriella
Sofia Gabriella Month ago
Thank u for the honesty
Fred Savage
Fred Savage Month ago
Great reviews on cheapskate quality
Angela Duke
Angela Duke Month ago
Your so pretty!! And your funny too 💖
mariam 2 months ago
17:47 but whit looks better um
Oh Keh
Oh Keh 2 months ago
What size In the cozy skins did you order
Lupe Orozco
Lupe Orozco 2 months ago
I love the way you express and describe the clothing! You are very entertaining. Love it!!
Lily Useinovic Radikovich
Lily Useinovic Radikovich 2 months ago
Omg she is so anoing
Настя Настя
Настя Настя 3 months ago
Thank you for your honesty! Love you!!!
Ioriyagami00 3 months ago
Brittany Congdon
Brittany Congdon 4 months ago
What are your measurements and what size did you get in the cozy collection?
jackiee0911 4 months ago
Idk why companies out here think we all have barbie doll built vageens like we HAVE HIPS therefore we need wider pieces of fabric in the crotch I'm not paying for one lip coverage 😂🤣
Kasey Niebla
Kasey Niebla 4 months ago
I subscribed after the whispered "vigina" 🤣👏💙 great video!
spark0girl 4 months ago
The rant about the thong 😂😂 dying
Gai 4444
Gai 4444 5 months ago
Too much talking, not enough showing of how products look and feel
Sharon Wagner
Sharon Wagner 5 months ago
I've never understood the shapewear excitement! You said you wouldn't last an hour I wouldn't last 10 minutes. Lol, My guy would rather see a panties line or a hint of panties than shapewear! I love all you're white outfits! No! You're correct you don't need shapewear! 🤣
Brittainy Harris
Brittainy Harris 5 months ago
oh my gosh - HOW did i miss this????? this is so great, for so many reasons! You're so cute and funny - I just love your videos!
Zaria Janae
Zaria Janae 5 months ago
Omg I’m 5’7 and they’re longggggg on me 😭
Alice Vincini
Alice Vincini 5 months ago
What size do you wear for the core control ? :(
Kiran Mahmood.
Kiran Mahmood. 6 months ago
I LOVE her 😭
Charissa Guerrero
Charissa Guerrero 6 months ago
haha you are so funny and fun to watch!
Liz Shivley
Liz Shivley 6 months ago
yes girl thongs only!! Nothing worse than a bikini line to ruin an outfit for me ugh
T MD 6 months ago
Brianna Fleming
Brianna Fleming 6 months ago
Bahaha thank u love ur honest review
Nubia Jeffries
Nubia Jeffries 6 months ago
Okay, you are hilarious!! I feel the same about most Victoria’s Secret underwear. Some crotch parts are fine but then there’s others where I am hanging out the side. Hahah
Stacey Del Bucchia
Stacey Del Bucchia 6 months ago
Callie Arnold
Callie Arnold 6 months ago
Honestly my target shape-wear is going strong
Brittany Brazil
Brittany Brazil 6 months ago
JoJo 2.0
JoJo 2.0 6 months ago
🤣😂🤣Whit, you’re hilarious hun. I literally laughed out loud on multiple occasions. Thank you - deeply!
JoJo 2.0
JoJo 2.0 6 months ago
An arm, a leg and three fingers?! Can you even open the package?! 😂
ncaporal 6 months ago
OMG I’m laughing sooo loud! So refreshing! 😂
Sarah Sauer
Sarah Sauer 6 months ago
What size did you wear in the core control short? You said that you mistakenly got the xxs/xs, so is that the size you had on in the video? We seem like the exact same size and I def want to purchase but I’m scared to get the XXS because I’m usually s/m!
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 6 months ago
I wear s/m 🤍🤍
klaud hennessy
klaud hennessy 6 months ago
youre so tinyyyy
Tina Tini
Tina Tini 7 months ago
Your video is so cheesy, the sounds you make with your tongue is too much... i couldnt even understand what point you’re trying to make...
Mxoxo 7 months ago
What a dramatic intro
Brit Grizzell
Brit Grizzell 7 months ago
I just ordered my first pair of the sculpting core control briefs & I can’t wait !!
yocelin coyt
yocelin coyt 7 months ago
this was super helpful, thank you so much!
XHAPE 7 months ago
Numb butt crack 😂😂 maybe Kim puts numbing cream on before Ps. I love your conservative little blur and nipple cover.
Shanna Chuenyane
Shanna Chuenyane 7 months ago
Could you do a robe video about your favorite robes or great places to get robes. I'm in quarantine and would love some robe advice.
Mariam S
Mariam S 7 months ago
Does she mention what size is she wearing?
Kat Lux
Kat Lux 7 months ago
I wish I would have seen this when you posted! Ima buy some now
Renee Alessi
Renee Alessi 7 months ago
Your outfit today is giving me life
Colleen Cosgrove
Colleen Cosgrove 7 months ago
what size???
Adrianna Rodriguez
Adrianna Rodriguez 7 months ago
Omg the shorts look like American girl clothing 😂
MsLadyofshalotte 7 months ago
Y'all, I love girl talk! 💅💄 Hahahahahaha Bring the tea mama!! ☕
jane weaver
jane weaver 7 months ago
This whole video made me laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣💕💕💕💕
Karina Arrezola-Reyes
Karina Arrezola-Reyes 7 months ago
I just found you and I love you 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍
Taiah Repstock
Taiah Repstock 7 months ago
I'm dying at how she whispers "the v*gina" in tiny
Breanna Wiggins
Breanna Wiggins 7 months ago
"I. Know. Robes." dead lol
C Slade
C Slade 7 months ago
😂😂😂 this is great. I should be in bed - not sure how USposts took me from breaking Amish to this but sure glad it did ! HOWLING! 🤣
N Everything
N Everything 7 months ago
I love her
C E 7 months ago
You’re so stinking cute
JayJay Tailor
JayJay Tailor 7 months ago
I live in Europe, so I have one word: Primark!
Камилла Аильчиева
Камилла Аильчиева 7 months ago
why do you wear these? you dont need it! why suffer?
Maggie Wright
Maggie Wright 7 months ago
does anyone know where to purchase the white fluffy set Whitney is wearing?! xx
Jihane Merimi
Jihane Merimi 7 months ago
Not funny dude how did u because so hateful my dear?
samantha charlton
samantha charlton 7 months ago
Do the control top shorts help hide cellulite?? Cuz that’s where I need the most help😊😊
Hatti Vaughn
Hatti Vaughn 7 months ago
You are too funny! I had to subscribe to your channel😂😂
TheSammi1770 7 months ago
🤣🤣🤣needed a laugh!
Rochelle S
Rochelle S 7 months ago
why would you need to even wear shapewear when you have a hot bod lol
Barbara Hernandez
Barbara Hernandez 7 months ago
doggie yawn 1:19
Carol S
Carol S 7 months ago
What size are your core shorts?
Koneko Yagami
Koneko Yagami 7 months ago
Shapewear is not comfortable. Getting them to lay right is an on going issue.
LifebyDarya 7 months ago
good for you !!!
Paige Ryer
Paige Ryer 7 months ago
Genuinely need to know where your white dress came from?! So cute!
TinaSummerr 7 months ago
It’s been 5 minutes and I love this girl 😂 subscribed 😘
Elgatoconbolso 7 months ago
"I've never used shapewear" growing up thin I guess
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 7 months ago
Or lack of knowledge of knowing what shapewear is
Jissell Dominguez
Jissell Dominguez 7 months ago
Take a shot every time Whitney says stinkin cute. You’ll be blacked out by the end 😅
Jamie Salkind
Jamie Salkind 7 months ago
so do you wear underwear with the core control mid thigh?? or nah? feel protected?
Jamie Salkind
Jamie Salkind 7 months ago
yah wtf with that thong?? need some damn coverage
Nina A
Nina A 7 months ago
It looks like its for a newborn baby....lmao!!! Your so funny and beautiful!
Krabby Kat
Krabby Kat 7 months ago
Girl you're like Salma Hayek's sister
hithisisnina 7 months ago
Definitely thought you were petting your own arm before I realized it was your dogs belly
Robyn D
Robyn D 7 months ago
Your doggy is SO cuuuuuute and I'm not even a huge dog person!
McKenzie Pickett
McKenzie Pickett 7 months ago
How did you get robbed and then say shapewear changed your life?
Lizbeth Perez
Lizbeth Perez 7 months ago
Where is the white dress from?
Natalie Rivas
Natalie Rivas 7 months ago
Im subscribing you’re hilarious
qveenissac 7 months ago
A word to the wise re: shapewear thongs: I've noticed that the only ones that really work well are generally the seamless laser cut kind (you know the kind that feels smooth akin to swimwear--VS Pink makes reg thongs out of this material). Anyway I've tried sooo many shapewear thongs but the only 2 I actually think are a) comfortable and b) flattering are made of a thicker, version of this type of material capable of sucking you in that the regular kind used to make thongs does not posess. The reason these work is because regular shapewear material is so thick as are the seams that it cuts into your booty making it looks like a quad booty esp under clothes UNLESS you hike it up super high in which case you get the wedgie of nightmares (in both front & back mkay). The formerly mentioned material doesn't cut into your booty nor are the seams uncomfortable because there aren't any around the edges! I've tried Spanx, Skinnygirl & Yummie all to no avail. The sit unworn. The only 2 I like are unfortunately rando brands I couldn't find again. PS-Size up 1. It helps a ton.
Melinda R
Melinda R 7 months ago
sooo funny laughing here by myself looking around lol..girls just work out..skip on these ridiculous under garments and invest in your workouts. these dashians do not work out they rely on surgery and this crap.
Ilona Maria
Ilona Maria 7 months ago
In tears, you are sooo funny
Dani Watt
Dani Watt 7 months ago
where is your outfit from i'm obbessed!!
Jeanette Dombroski
Jeanette Dombroski 7 months ago
You’re too cute.
Kenyah McIntosh-Brown
Kenyah McIntosh-Brown 7 months ago
Almost like you gotta wear undies under the thong
Virginia Estrada
Virginia Estrada 7 months ago
Hispanics know that only Colombian fajas are the real thing 😭
Alyssah Yasmin
Alyssah Yasmin 7 months ago
Stop saying “stinking” every two seconds please
Yamaris Bolorin
Yamaris Bolorin 7 months ago
Easy breezy lemon peasy🤣
Millie R
Millie R 8 months ago
😂😂😂😂 subscribing
Kelly Orellana
Kelly Orellana 8 months ago
I'm so glad Whitney mentioned the *V* area wasn't big enough because more brands need to be aware of this!
Yalda Yazarlou
Yalda Yazarlou 8 months ago
I LOVE your personality lmao you make me laugh so much!! super pretty too, also, I would LOVE to purchase some skims and also some other kar-jenner stuff but I can not bare to pay like 20-30 more dollars JUST for shipping, ew!
Natalie Murphy
Natalie Murphy 8 months ago
While I really appreciate the honest review I think it’s not quite as effective if you’ve never worn other shape wear. I also think the experience of wearing shape wear is different for big girls, which isn’t to say skinny girls don’t use it or their opinion isn’t valid, it’s just a different experience. But I do really appreciate your honesty and relatability I feel much more informed!
09mjeternity 8 months ago
Girl you’re doing wayyy too much. I’m exaughsted after 3 min.
Тами Гуччи
Тами Гуччи 8 months ago
You got them for free right?))
OAK REED 8 months ago
maybe it's just not your size... if it hurts why don't you just buy one that is your real size
Kristen Lambert
Kristen Lambert 8 months ago
What robe did you say was your shower robe?
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