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Whitney Simmons

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Here are some unhealthy and bad habits I quit to get fit and gain a healthy lifestyle!!

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LavaCreeperPeople 6 days ago
lol i dont even drink soda
Nina Month ago
Eating out is def a tough habit to track, but once you kick that habit it’s healthier for you and your bank account ✅
Tiah Guillot
Tiah Guillot Month ago
Love all your videos!! Please make more fit tips and motivation videos!! Love your good vibes girl!! ✨💕
Maighan Mansukhani
Maighan Mansukhani 2 months ago
I love this! Thank you so much for sharing!!
max.m m
max.m m 2 months ago
I drank half bottle of wine and did a 20 min workout after work it gave me motivation to do it🤔
SunFlowers In Her Hair
SunFlowers In Her Hair 2 months ago
you are so gorgeous. You actually remind me so much of Paris Jackson, you have similar faces. beautiful!!
Attempting Vegan
Attempting Vegan 2 months ago
I completely agree with the scale. I have two sets of progress pics. One from June and the other recent from yesterday. In both months I’m 127 pounds (the weight didn’t change at all) yet you can see in the pics that my butt is rounder, most of my cellulites are gone because the before picture looked so textured lol. And also my belly is so much flatter now! The scale is eh so I only use it when I take progress pics
Evelyn Tsai
Evelyn Tsai 2 months ago
Vthank Thank you so much for these tips! I've been struggling and these "chicken nuggets" of advise was so beneficial. You're adorable!!!!
Jackie M
Jackie M 3 months ago
I try to limit myself to 1 can of coke once a week on frozen pizza night. They just go together :)
Jamie G.
Jamie G. 3 months ago
Love the message
Izzy&Andy D&A
Izzy&Andy D&A 3 months ago
For anyone watching in 2020, my top for with the scale is to always overestimate what you actually think you’d weigh. I used to get discouraged when I’d weigh in and was over what I thought (I was usually only off by 2 lbs of less, but it felt like a fail), so I started overestimating by 3-5 lbs and it made me feel a little better when I was always under what I thought. Basically, delude yourself, just a little bit lol
Polly Parker
Polly Parker 3 months ago
"I really encourage you to not make it a habit of eating out every single day" - Let me just say as a Lesbian I was laughing sooooo much at this comment. SMH. I'm so sorry :)
CoffinEspresso 4 months ago
I had a mediocre booty workout today and I ended up crying, so thank you, I really needed this today. 💗
Erendida 4 months ago
Wow whitney im a new subscriber and i wouldve never thought you would have these type of unhealthy habits you look soo good congrats!!
Edna Ackerman
Edna Ackerman 4 months ago
Thuimko l
Dalal R
Dalal R 4 months ago
How can I stick with eating healthy!? Im hooked on comfort food and I know its bad for me . my teeth and gums hurt, my veins burn from eating dairy and gluten Im sensitive to them and still Im hooked . What can I do to just break this addiction?!
S K 5 months ago
wish this video was in compulsory subject in schools. I have struggled so much about my body image in life!
mc25180514 6 months ago
I love her nail polish so much! Does anyone know the color?
ANH JUNTURA 6 months ago
In the neuro nursing world , we call monster stroke in a can
Valerie Anderson
Valerie Anderson 7 months ago
I just want to say you've been the best company during this quarantine Whit and I'm so grateful to have found your engaging videos but moreso, you're uplifting and fun personality. I'm slowly starting after 3 years of mental refusal to move after a past injury and all the fear of hurting myself again (trust me - I'm modifying and being safe) and the frustration with having to plan workouts and what they all mean is slowly dissipating, thanks to you. I just created Monday to Friday Split playlists using your dumbell workouts, adding some morning stretch videos and some recumbent bike HIITs and it's working. The funny thing about leaving this comment here today is that this morning - I am self-shaming because I got busy with online lessons and just fell out of practise for a few days after a week straight and *gurl* (I love when you say that) am I ever mad at myself. I googled "How do you work out when you don't want to" and because I watch so many of your videos already, this one popped up. After watching it - I'm in a much better mood and ready to forgive myself, love myself and kill it tomorrow. Endless thank-yous ! - Val
Xena Wamstad
Xena Wamstad 7 months ago
Pls second addition x
Elana Hasson
Elana Hasson 8 months ago
Can you do another one of these videos sometime soon!!
Silvia Spadaro
Silvia Spadaro 8 months ago
This is so motivating, i love it! I've struggled so much with many of those things you mentionated and now i'm trying to rebuild my routine, my body and mind. This is so helpful thank you so much. Also your workouts are really great, keep going!
Michaela Shireen
Michaela Shireen 8 months ago
Jordan Belanger
Jordan Belanger 9 months ago
Whitney has been a huge Inspo to getting me back into the gym. Ready to get back to it 💪
Lindsy Leighty
Lindsy Leighty 9 months ago
I needed to hear the scale part more than you’ll ever know!! ❤️
FeelGood Within
FeelGood Within 9 months ago
Thankx so much great tips 👌
Dorri Huffman
Dorri Huffman 9 months ago
I’m currently on a weight loss journey and your videos help and motivate me to have a good mindset and good habits. thank you for your internet presence! it helps more than you know!!
Emily Shockley
Emily Shockley 9 months ago
I used to have guilt too! One of my fitness mentors told me, "you're still on track 95% of the time." That stuck with me. He was right. I'm doing great most of the time. 95% is good.
Sophieslife2 mallett
Sophieslife2 mallett 9 months ago
I have though about getting rid of my scale and using the gym one when ever the gym has hardly anyone around in the morning b4 i ate.
Vivien Dina
Vivien Dina 10 months ago
I feel called out- but that's exactly what I needed lmao
Will Y
Will Y 10 months ago
When ya dislike you're self enough, you'll put in the discipline and energy to change yourself. otherwise. Ya don't want it really and you're lying to yourself
Gina Toftegård.
Gina Toftegård. 10 months ago
Just want to say that The no calories monster, actually has 11kcal. Absolutely insane that they market it as zero, when there’s actually 11. (Ik that’s not a lot but yeah)
Krysta Adkins
Krysta Adkins 10 months ago
You're my best friend.
Brittany Dawn
Brittany Dawn 10 months ago
Breaking unhealthy habits can make the huge difference in your everyday life! I have recently been working on new goals and breaking unhealthy habits. When you start to see the results of your healthy choices you become more confident and motivated! Keep killing it
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham 11 months ago
I STOPED weighing myself last year. Game changer
A R 11 months ago
I weigh myself when my baby wakes up around 4am. Then I drink 10-20oz before we fall back asleep. Then I weigh again at 7am and I'm usually down 2-3 pounds. I guess you could say that's an unhealthy relationship
Leah Vosburg
Leah Vosburg 11 months ago
Guilt is my biggest downfall! Would love a video of more detail on how you got over the guilt.
Kristi Garcia-Jones
Kristi Garcia-Jones 11 months ago
what I just learned from this, is all us women are ALOT alike......great video....I really needed to hear the one about the scale...!!!
Carpe DM
Carpe DM Year ago
I did go to Taco Bell for lunch today... but I got a chicken power bowl! That’s ok right? 😂
Monica Aragon
Monica Aragon Year ago
I stopped drinking sodas when I got pregnant. After not drinking them after so long I do not miss them. Even now when I ocassionaly drink one it tastes like pure sugar to me and makes me feel so thirsty afterward.
Nathalie Cuestas
Nathalie Cuestas Year ago
I binge watched all you meal prep videos... now I’m buying a crockpot!! Lol Can we please get more meal prep vids?!
maria Year ago
I dont eat out because I’m too lazy for that 😎🥺🤣
Alicia Hudson
Alicia Hudson Year ago
I've been binge watching your videos today, you motivated me to kick my butt in the gym with one of your workouts and this video is exactly what I needed today. Love you Whit!! ❤❤❤
Wonderless Dream
Wonderless Dream Year ago
I'm trying to be healthy, working out if eating out finding something on the healthier side but I work at a fast food restaurant because its close to home and temptation is everywhere if I forget to bring my food a salad is 8 dollars and a bean and cheese is 99 cents struggles man but not giving up
Darcey Elio
Darcey Elio Year ago
Wonderless Dream actually working with food puts you off of it The smell of tons of goats cheese before it gets put on to the pizza, ew
Wonderless Dream
Wonderless Dream Year ago
@Darcey Elio fried chicken and tacos on my side, but it kiinndaa helps with not craving it as much cause I'm by it everyday pretty much. Good luck to us both 😂😶
Darcey Elio
Darcey Elio Year ago
Wonderless Dream I totally get it, I work with pizzas quiches and crepes... it’s a hard life
Marlyn M.
Marlyn M. Year ago
I want to see more!!! This was so beneficial and loved it :)
Iva Bilic Michaelsen
Iva Bilic Michaelsen Year ago
Part 2222 and 3333!😁
Tasnime Tamri
Tasnime Tamri Year ago
after i started watching your videos i got a gym membership and whenever i start getting unmotivated i just watch some of your videos and they help me so much .thnx queen
Sunny Shinny
Sunny Shinny Year ago
Is it okey to drink homemade juice from fruits ? Like orange juice or apple juice or milk and banana juice ?
Marieta N
Marieta N Year ago
Meltalicca Year ago
OMG Whitney ! I’ve been trying to look for that necklace because I love me some dainty jewellery but I can’t find it anywhere ? Where did you get it ? 😍 Sorry if this is random lol. But, huge fan. Love your video. Legit makes me smile every time you say “it’s a beautiful day to be alive”. Let it be raining outside or there’s a storm, it’d still be a beautiful day to be alive ! Yes gurl !
Liv Copeland
Liv Copeland Year ago
Have you posted any vidoes on how to count macros??
sarahkasey Year ago
Cutting out coke is so hard 😭😭😭 but this video was super encouraging!! About to give it another shot cutting out coke. Also, super thankful we don’t have In n Out in Louisiana cause I would be buying extra burgers for my meal prep 😂😂😭
Natashia Mahan
Natashia Mahan Year ago
Yes please do a healthy habits video and a meal prep please!
Gloria Adair
Gloria Adair Year ago
Please do a new meal prep video! I love watching your videos you have helped me want to truly live healthy. Thank you so much!!!❤❤❤
Chanda Breiz
Chanda Breiz Year ago
That is my struggle right now. Learning to eat better and then I remember you saying have mini goals. Maybe not drink that one can of soda. Yesterday instead of eating of Korean short ribs over rice with potstickers, I opted out and got a taco salad. It’s the small victories. You are such an inspiration!
Kaysi Posey
Kaysi Posey Year ago
Dragged myself to the gym today, even though I wanted to go home and sleep
Kirsten's Beauty Bar
Kirsten's Beauty Bar Year ago
I just choose to stop checking the scales every few day's today cause I know that it was the main factor in the past to discourage me when I would try my weight loss journey
Mystique Suarez
Mystique Suarez Year ago
New Sub here ! Loving your videos ! What state do you live in ? It always seems sunny ☀️😁 where you are ?!
Groovy everywhere
Groovy everywhere Year ago
im working on a better lifestyle for a month now but the thing i dont understand is; how am i way more 'thinner' but still almost the same weight as before?
Victória Alves
Victória Alves Year ago
Madeline Year ago
I can proudly say that I have been Soda-free for a month! Thank you everyone who has supported me and I am now taking another step toward a healthy lifestyle and habits!
Trave Humble
Trave Humble Year ago
Fit with whit! Loves her
Jessica Lara
Jessica Lara Year ago
Do an updated video of this PLEASSSE! :D
Justine Young
Justine Young Year ago
My brother and I laugh at your videos where you reference In-N-Out!! We are both In-N-Out fanatics and it’s always our cheat meal. Makes us love you even more! ❤️
Leah Wood
Leah Wood Year ago
These tips are Tip Top! Great advice 👌 yaaaaaaaasss!
Julia Diers
Julia Diers Year ago
i don't know about the micros but for the beginning for example swap coca cola to diet coke or coke zero. Tastes THE SAME but has 0 calories. so easy
Akshatha S M
Akshatha S M Year ago
I started working out last week and I am following your circuits!! I feel amazing and I love how you pay attention to tiny details like suggesting different position in squats for someone with weak knee like me ❤️ keep doing what you!!! 💪🏻
Angi Sosa
Angi Sosa Year ago
Whit: "don't eat out" Me: *works in fast food full-time*
SoParaholic 9 months ago
Ugh it’s the worst! I would close and hated throwing stuff out so I would just eat it all... 😭
A R 11 months ago
I used to work in fast food. I bought my own food
Gloria Lee
Gloria Lee Year ago
i wish you could be my personal trainer.🥺 once i found your videos i felt so inspired to take control of my body and diet. i really love watching your videos so much.
Sara Grooms
Sara Grooms Year ago
Oh yeah, and the scale is my nemesis every day.
Sara Grooms
Sara Grooms Year ago
My unhealthy habit: smoking. I have tried so hard, but still fall off the wagon. I am military, so I have been working with their smoking cessation program. I will last a a week or two, then I go right back to my crutch and I hate it.
D Compilations
D Compilations Year ago
Make another one please 🤩
Tiffany Huang
Tiffany Huang Year ago
I would add to number three though... If you’re like me and hate pushing yourself for any workout, are reluctant in going to the gym, and usually never push yourself to see any gains or have an effective workout, you should be harder on yourself. There’s a level to push yourself to and there’s a level where if you’re already going to the gym regularly and pushing yourself (in your workouts), you can stop being as hard on yourself, if you already know you’re making progress and seeing gains. It’s for the people who don’t see progress and don’t see gains who should be pushing themselves more, and that’s just how it is to work on yourself.
Shari Barnett
Shari Barnett Year ago
Who is Linda?
Samantha Nevarez
Samantha Nevarez Year ago
When I was around 13 I was told I was pre diabetic (I was always pretty chubby) and cut down on a lot of sugar and made the transition from regular coke/Pepsi to Diet Coke/Pepsi . I dropped so much weight even with minimal exercise. 7 years later I guess my body got used to drinking diet sodas instead of regular and I started gaining weight again and now I’m here looking at fitness videos to get back in shape 😂
Cassidy Craddock
Cassidy Craddock Year ago
Let’s have another edition of this video!!
Leanne Ferris
Leanne Ferris Year ago
I never weigh myself. Sugary sodas are disgusting. Missing work outs is a big deal - no weights, no gains. Overcompensating..... depends. Eating out? Yummy. Hotel? Trivago.
Teresa Rodriguez
Teresa Rodriguez Year ago
Your positivity SHINES queen !! love love love your personality and how adorable you are.
dave4248 Year ago
Never weigh yourself. Bad news will make you discouraged and good news will make you something worse.....arrogant.
Ciera Rhodes
Ciera Rhodes Year ago
I would like to see more unhealthy habit videos. I def have the same unhealthy habit of weighing myself daily. I get discouraged cause I have always weighted 128. Since I have been lifting I weight atleast 142. So the number can be very deceiving.
Florentina Year ago
My struggle right now is with the 2 beers I drink every day (helped me in the past with anxiety but now I need to say goodbye). You're right, unlearning a habit is hard and it's done gradually. Sparkling water +lemon is a great replacement for any unhealthy drink (you can even drink it from a fancy glass, it adds to the positive experience).
Kihya Morgan
Kihya Morgan Year ago
How do you get your teeth so white?? Love you and your videos! 💕
Gabriella Quigley
Gabriella Quigley Year ago
I felt attacked on the last tip.. lol
Amanda Miele
Amanda Miele Year ago
She’s so positive, encouraging, and beautiful. Is she a Christian? So different from other fitness influencers🙌
Irma Trevino
Irma Trevino Year ago
Man, you click on these thinking they have good content... ☹️
Michael Year ago
I’m giving a 👍 She is Beautiful! As I’m watching this video I’m patting myself on the back.... I’m already doing all of this. 😎
McKayla Dill
McKayla Dill Year ago
I shove full handfuls of mini m&ms into my mouth after the gym. I'm addicted
Anne Elizabeth
Anne Elizabeth Year ago
What’s a crappy workout?? If I workout it’s a good workout 😂
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie Year ago
Thank you so much! Very helpful video! Wonderful personality btw 😘 ps you totally look like the actress from the adjustment bureau ☺️
Kaylin Mt. Pleasant
Kaylin Mt. Pleasant Year ago
so motivational i love it
K P Year ago
More of these kinds of vids pretty please♡
Bianca Magalhaes
Bianca Magalhaes Year ago
Girl, I love this video! Very realistic and so helpful! Thanks for being real and showing your struggles and how you get through it!
Laura Ramirez
Laura Ramirez Year ago
I needed to see this today 🥺😅
Ana Maria Gonzalez Ruiz
Ana Maria Gonzalez Ruiz Year ago
I love monster, I used to take one a day, but it was making me anxiety levels go higher, so I had to stop drinking it, I miss it😢
Ann R.
Ann R. Year ago
Diet soft drinks are even more dangerous than the usual stuff. In almost all of them is a sweatener that causes cancer and other diseases.
Eric Izaguirre
Eric Izaguirre Year ago
I totally agree on the guilt of missing a work out or eating bad meal
good bye
good bye Year ago
Love ur videos your inspiring me even more 💕
Lily Year ago
Flavors for water helps too.
DaBLODE Year ago
oh no
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