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Whitney Simmons

Year ago

MY BIG REVEAL!! My collaboration with Tarte Cosmetics 💜THIS KIT IS $39... USE CODE WHITNEYxTARTE to save 20% OFF

FACEBOOK ♡ whitneysimmonsfitness/
INSTAGRAM ♡ whitneyysimmons
Thank you for shopping through my link and supporting me I LOVE YOU
or use code WHITNEY at checkout for free shipping over $50
MY JEWELRY ♡ my necklace is a piece created from my moms engagement ring she gifted me💕Jamie at J. Brooks Jewelers designed my necklace, rings and bracelet for me!

This video is sponsored by Tarte Cosmetics | Gymshark, Alani Nu, Amazon and Reward Style are affiliates links. Tula is a commission code. Thank you for supporting myself, this channel and helping me continue to create content for you♡

Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
Aishwarya Limbu Rai
Aishwarya Limbu Rai 7 months ago
Where can I buy this ? I am from Australia.
Natalie Zurita-Hernandez
Natalie Zurita-Hernandez Year ago
Whitney Simmons Does anyone know where I can buy? I got married in July so honeymoon after so been back in September, and now I can’t fine this anywhere!! 😭 help! I want! Oh and please Whitney!! Push for restock on your gymshark line!! I want it all 💕 lol
Jamie Lynn
Jamie Lynn Year ago
Whitney Simmons I went to Ulta in Tyler Tx today and got your tarte collection! Yay!
Shana Year ago
The code is not working.
Sharon Silver
Sharon Silver Year ago
Whitney Simmons coupon code doesn’t work anymore :(
Sofia Johnson
Sofia Johnson 5 months ago
You deserve it girl congrats. I been into your videos for a while now and I love your pallet and can’t wait to try it. I’m going to order this ASAP.
Ericanatalie1 5 months ago
You’re just the sweetest cutest person ever.
Zadie Coats
Zadie Coats 7 months ago
I wish I would’ve bought 10,000 of these because it’s THAT good😭
Mary Knst
Mary Knst 8 months ago
You look so pretty without makeup😯
Ashley Sawyer
Ashley Sawyer 9 months ago
How exciting!!! I’m so happy for you! Been following you for years and I cannot believe I missed this:( you should open your own makeup line *wink wink*
Amelie Lf
Amelie Lf 9 months ago
It’s really finish ? Thé palette 😅😪😪😪
Mama Flores
Mama Flores 9 months ago
Do you remove the peach fuzz from your face? Your skin looks very smooth
Anna 10 months ago
Which colour do you have in the Tarte Shape Tape concealer? :)
Delighted Mommy
Delighted Mommy 11 months ago
So sad for viewers coming in 5 months later to not be able to find your palette online anymore. What’s the update on the palette?
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 11 months ago
It was only a one time launch 💖 once it sold out it was gone. I’m sorry- wasn’t my decision.
Beina 11 months ago
I know it's been half a year but... can I still get this palette??? In Spain???? OMGGOSHHH I LOVE IT!!!!!
Madeline Elphick
Madeline Elphick Year ago
is this going to come back? :( :(
Kerrilynne Roszkowski
Kerrilynne Roszkowski Year ago
is this not available anymore!!!???
Zuleima Reyes
Zuleima Reyes Year ago
is this no longer being sold? :( I love you girl! You are so humble and down to earth! I love it! And i just saw this video somehow i missed it! and now im upset because I cannot find it anywhere.
Johanna Collins
Johanna Collins Year ago
Such a beautiful palette! Getting it ASAP!
Van Ness
Van Ness Year ago
Elizabeth Year ago
I love this! I was never a makeup person until I got this palette! I just bought it to support Whitney and now I get it! I'm shook. The highlight. The highlight. I get it now.
elena babanu
elena babanu Year ago
Tristan Whalen
Tristan Whalen Year ago
Hey Whit, I really want to buy your set but I can't find it now? Is it still available to buy?
Gorditas Grubbing
Gorditas Grubbing Year ago
Why can’t I find it??? I wanted to order it but it’s no longer in store??
Ashley Carpenter
Ashley Carpenter Year ago
Looks like Shape Your Moneymaker palette is same shades just not with the palette art, mascara, or lipstick 👍
Susana C Garcia
Susana C Garcia Year ago
I know it was limited edition but if anyone has one for sale let me know it’s sold out everywhere 😭😭😭😭
Marina F
Marina F Year ago
how come i cant find this??
Brynna Estenson
Brynna Estenson Year ago
Is the palette sold out I can’t find it anywhere
Codi Year ago
I missed it!! ☹️ it sold out before I was able to buy it 😭
Viviana N
Viviana N Year ago
The packaging is just a big sticker they slapped onto their old "shape your money maker" palette, I'm so upset about the quality of this, I love Whitney but tarte did her bad with this recycled product 😂 adelaines morins palette is the best so far
Julia Rose
Julia Rose Year ago
love this palette so much but I cant get my hands on it :(
Julia Rose
Julia Rose Year ago
Viviana N omg i will , i would for sure buy it !!
Viviana N
Viviana N Year ago
I have one I might end up selling, can't decide yet 😂 but keep an eye out on my depop "arkticxaciid" 💌
Louise Beltoft
Louise Beltoft Year ago
Oh man- got MY tears going 😍❤️ love how thankfull you are
Mandy Year ago
Soo happy for you!!! I bumped into the promo whilst looking for something else. Full Body chillz... I was like.. Whitney is gettin it! So fun to see your hard work opening doors for you💕
Kelsie Kellen
Kelsie Kellen Year ago
I just ordered this for my wedding! I can’t wait to play with it!
Kelsie Kellen
Kelsie Kellen Year ago
I got an email from Tarte that it was on sale! :)
Susana C Garcia
Susana C Garcia Year ago
How isn’t it sold out?? Been wanting to buy one :(
FLdancer00 Year ago
Oh, so this is the Whitney!
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait Year ago
Super proud and looks great! Those tones just don’t suit me so I’ll have to skip on it.
Nicole Pados
Nicole Pados Year ago
Your pallet is insane!!! I lovvvvve it girl!!!! It stay on so well during my workout. The colours are totally made for me lol. Da bomb!!
Laura Filby
Laura Filby Year ago
If ever there was a woman who deserves her dreams to come true, it’s You, Whitney. I am so excited, proud and happy for you. I was wondering if this palette was/is going to be available to buy in the U.K.? HUGE Congratulations to you, Sweetheart. You’re so stinking cute!xxx
Theresa G.
Theresa G. Year ago
The way she looks and the way she talks totally doesn't go together! 🙃 I thought she would be serious and put together and more formal and cute. But this girl has tons of personality and silly and saucy!!! I can't get over it!😂 I saw the palette online and had no idea who she was. Now I'm a subscriber even if I dont workout! Lol but I need to! 💪
Amery Morgan
Amery Morgan Year ago
Bought this a few weeks ago and used it for the first time tonight. OH MY GOD these colors brought me back to life! 😵😍 I am shook.
Emily Yu
Emily Yu Year ago
I bought your palette girl!! I’m so excited I can’t wait for it to arrive 😩💕 all the love from Singapore!! ❤️
Raelynn the Gamer
Raelynn the Gamer Year ago
Code didn't work for me so it must be expired but I purchased anyway. Way to go Whitney! Congrats
Kesse Leah
Kesse Leah Year ago
Could she be any more likable?! I think not! :)
Meghan Coleman
Meghan Coleman Year ago
Yay!!! Going to get mine Tuesday!
Jessica Campbell
Jessica Campbell Year ago
Hi Whitney, is it suppose to include foundation? I got mine and it doesn't. Love the colors though.
Beauty By her
Beauty By her Year ago
So I’m guessing you only had your white privileged self in mind and not our beautiful dark skin women? Bc this is ash city sis
Viri Corona
Viri Corona Year ago
“I don’t like keeping secrets. I can do it, but I don’t like to do it” Reminded me of Sheldon from the Big Bang theory show 😜
Sharrell Kline
Sharrell Kline Year ago
I love your giddiness. Also, thank you so much for making it with so many matte colors. Us "mature" gals (going on 60 and proud of it) need the matte shadows! And I love the colors too. Congratulations.
Ehsan Basha
Ehsan Basha Year ago
Congrats 🎊🎈🎉 yay I’m gonna have to get it not that I need but it looks amazing so cute 😊
Chelsey Nez
Chelsey Nez Year ago
Im going to get mine!!!
Jessica Dudley
Jessica Dudley Year ago
Ordered! Eek! So excited. 😆😆😆
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor Year ago
I got this pallet last week and it’s defiantly a new favorite!❤️💓❤️
Kikabrona_ F
Kikabrona_ F Year ago
bought this just to support you girl ♥️
Mirella Love
Mirella Love Year ago
Hi 👋🏼 which brush are you using for the shadows ?? Thank you so much 😊
Mia Thietje
Mia Thietje Year ago
I bought your palette and I am absolutely obsessed!! It’s perfect to throw into my gym bag and anytime on the go to freshen up and I’m loving it! 1000 recommend💕💕
Meghan Year ago
Whitney!!!!! I just got my order yesterday. This is my first "big girl palette" haha I've always been intimidated by eye shadow and what not but I wanted to step outside my comfort zone (last time I was doing eye shadow looks was grade 7 with pink eye shadow and blue eyeliner - not the most pretty sight LMAO). I love the colours that you chose for this palette and love that it has a blush and highlight in it too. I just followed this GRWM and HOLY GUACAMOLE I FEEL SO PRETTY! I can't believe I didn't mess it up haha it was so easy to follow along with you! The lipstick is gorgeous and the mascara is bomb!! One layer gives me nice wispy eyelashes. I've been following you since the first time Jasmine Garcia mentioned you on her channel and it's been so fun to watch you grow and so cool that I now have your TARTE COLLAB! WOW! Also the packaging is so freakin cute AGH!!! Keep up the good work girlfriend ILYSM :)
steph Year ago
Proud of you! 💜
Nathalia Wagner
Nathalia Wagner Year ago
Awww Whitney I just got the chance to watch this, you deserve this girl!!! We’re so happy for you!!! 😍😍😍 you go ahead and cry!!! 💞
Penelope Dean
Penelope Dean Year ago
She is the cutest person ever.
Lisa Whiteley
Lisa Whiteley Year ago
So happy for you!!! Great work 😘😘🥂
Griselda Tolentino
Griselda Tolentino Year ago
Omg! You’re making want to wear make up while I work out. And I don’t wear any while i work out.
Cherbug11 Year ago
Congratulations!!! ❤️💪🏼
Casey Richards
Casey Richards Year ago
The coupon code isn't working anymore?? Bummer!
Kristi Wittman
Kristi Wittman Year ago
I had to come on here to leave a review of Whitney’s kit. I absolutely LOVE IT! The eyeshadows are natural but still have tones that pop and are different than other shadows I’ve used. There’s literally no fall out. The blush color is natural and not too bright. The highlighter is stunning, you can build it up or just do a light swipe for a more natural look. So glad she put a mirror in there! I do wish it came with a double sided eyeshadow brush, but it’s not a deal breaker. The mascara is not too wet or dry, it’s the perfect consistency. Gives volume and length without clumping my lashes. I usually don’t like mini mascaras, but this one is a dream! The lipstick is beautiful, but slightly too light for my skin tone. I use it in the center of my lips instead over another color to make them pop instead of all over my lips. The packaging for all three items is so cute and makes me want to bring these essentials everywhere! I love this kit and I highly recommend! **wanted to add that I have a medium olive skin tone for those wondering.
Jamie Vaca
Jamie Vaca Year ago
The packaging is so freakin cute!!
Katey Lowry
Katey Lowry Year ago
Purchased at Ulta yesterday (forgot about your discount but I LOVE it!! My boyfriend was like, "wow your eyes look so beautiful". He also said that shade of lipstick was his fave. I have lot of lipstick lol! Thank you for always being true to who you are. You inspire me with every single video.
Gabbie Wake
Gabbie Wake Year ago
What foundation do you use
Kristin McQuilliams
Kristin McQuilliams Year ago
Whats the difference between your collaboration and the shape your money maker released a while back? Other than packaging and one shadow name being different?
Viviana N
Viviana N Year ago
It's the same, tarte just put a sticker on it 🤕😭
SimplyBlonde Year ago
never been so excited for makeup in my life 😂 literally obsessed, you’re perfection
Mickayla Bigham
Mickayla Bigham Year ago
WHITNEY just bought mine today! So excited to use it 🥰🥰🥰
Nidia Cabrera
Nidia Cabrera Year ago
Congratulations Whitney ! Love ya Girl 💕I haven’t got mine yet but i will ! I Promise lol 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Elise Krotz
Elise Krotz Year ago
When into Ulta and picked this up, obsessed with the pallet, obsessed with you, hot fire flames family girl - congratulations!
kaleighlutz Year ago
It arrived and I am obsessed! Love it! Love it all! Even went swimming and not a single drop from the mascara
Karrie Blonde
Karrie Blonde Year ago
How freaking exciting. Congrats. I need to get it. I love the foundation as well. What is it called?
Kendall Watkins
Kendall Watkins Year ago
So so so proud of you!! I need another makeup palette like I need a hole in the head but girl, I’m getting this FOR SURE!!! I am so happy to be able to support you. You’ve been such an inspiration to me and my workout journey and I just love you and your cheerful attitude! You deserved this opportunity 10000%!!! Keep doin what you’re doing! The sky is the limit! I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you will continue doing! Love you!!!! 😘❤️
Veronica Montoya
Veronica Montoya Year ago
Abby Dabba
Abby Dabba Year ago
I LOVE how excited you are! You deserve to be!!! Congrats!
Stephanie Mondragon
Stephanie Mondragon Year ago
Win-win for the Whit Fit community
Libby Schlegel
Libby Schlegel Year ago
So happy for you!!!! Cant wait to buy your kit and I don't spend money on makeup ......but for this I WILL!!!!!
Abby Vega
Abby Vega Year ago
I bought your collection! So far I love it!!!!!
Jessica Perlman
Jessica Perlman Year ago
WHIT I got your palette and I’m so obsessed!! Just had to tell you- I followed your steps in this video and my fiancé said this was the best make up look I’ve ever done and I got another compliment from another girl (of course I shared it the details). To top it all off, we were going bowling and one of my fav fitness icons was standing in line behind me. I felt so pretty and confident that I introduced myself!! Thank you for this hot fire flames collab. Pleas do more!!!!
KAnn87 Year ago
Love love LOVE your kit!!!!! Just bought it and it’s super cute and all the colors are easy to wear everyday! I played with it as soon as I came home with and I can’t wait to wear it out. You go girl! You have been a part of my journey into living a healthy lifestyle and I haven’t been happier with my mood and my body and mind. Thank you Whitney for being you and sharing yourself to all of us!
Kathy Fit
Kathy Fit Year ago
Yoi have me sold! How is that blush in super tan skin? I have a really hard time finding a blush that goes with my skin
Heather Frederick
Heather Frederick Year ago
Literally the only influencer collab that I bought the second I saw it.. literally fast forwarded to the tutorial and was like 😱 need now. I just got it and I’m obsessed. Also the highlighter was cracked I called tarte and no questions asked replaced it for me! Congrats Whitney love you and your pallet!! 💜
Swatch Queen
Swatch Queen Year ago
Girl! I saw this palette from Angela Bright. Now I am addicted to your videos! And then I found myself on Tarte website buying your collab!❤️
Monsi Time
Monsi Time Year ago
Congrats girl!! Woot woot!
mariana gonzales
mariana gonzales Year ago
Just ordered! 🥰
Coralia Sharp
Coralia Sharp Year ago
Just got mine! 😁
seaschell2013 Year ago
Kelly Year ago
Massive big humongous congrats all the way from Scotland! ❤️
Micayla Greco
Micayla Greco Year ago
Alright! Convinced. Immediately bought it
Call_meFall W
Call_meFall W Year ago
im so happy for you Whit! I don't wear makeup but will be purchasing because of you!
Theresa Morgan
Theresa Morgan Year ago
Please give Angela Bright a call.....
Beverly Valerio
Beverly Valerio Year ago
Just purchased this today!!! You are amazing and I'm super duper happy for you and all your accomplishments! Your videos are always so fun!
Cindy Vang
Cindy Vang Year ago
Awhhhh!! Congratulations Whitney! I have been following you since day 1. You’re so inspiring. So happy for you girl 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Raye Raye
Raye Raye Year ago
Got the last one... the very last one... at the Ulta in VaBeach...
Myra Ichikawa
Myra Ichikawa Year ago
I just got this in my mail today! Can’t wait to try them out ♥️
Gerry Sati
Gerry Sati Year ago
I legit had to pause the video to say CON-GRAT-U-LATIONS!!!!! WHITTTT!! I'm so PROUD OF YOU ! I love seeing how far you've come with fitness and beauty! SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU GIRL! YAS
Sarah Wigley
Sarah Wigley Year ago
Just purchased!! ❤️❤️
Baylee Marlborough
Baylee Marlborough Year ago
Someone pls tell me where her top is from!!
Molly Newton
Molly Newton Year ago
So happy for you!! This is amazing! Can't wait to go get mine from Ulta! ♥️ Oh and what self Tanner did you have on in this video? I love the color 😍
Leslie Gerber
Leslie Gerber Year ago
I had no idea about this until I saw YOUR display at Ulta yesterday! Congrats!!
Haus von Floof
Haus von Floof Year ago
I purchased this and's so good!!! The highlighter is crazy - best one I've tried. I made a video if anyone wants to see my review
Tamera England
Tamera England Year ago
Gorgeous colors. Thanks also for no cussing and crude language. Classy gal! I subscribed tonight too.
Tamera England
Tamera England Year ago
Really beautiful makeup. I will purchase.
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