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A FULL DAY OF EATING! Healthy, quick and simple meals I eat in a day to get fit and stay fit.
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sauté red bell pepper and onions
add 2 eggs and scramble
2 Siete almond flour tortilla
add scramble, black beans, salsa and avocado
seasoned turkey burger from Harmon's
1C-ish of jasmine rice
add black beans, onions, corn and top with cucumbers
top with cucumbers SO MANY CUCUMBERS lol
top with salsa or homemade dressing:
Flex BBQ protein chips
Red pepper hummus with bell peppers, cucumbers and carrots
French Onion Chicken
Potatoes and Carrots:
wash, trim, peel and cut carrots. Drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper
dice potatoes and drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle on 1/2 tsp chopped thyme, salt and pepper
add to baking sheet and roast on top rack for 25-30 minutes at 425º
halve, peel and thinly slice onion
heat a drizzle of olive oil in large pan over med-high heat
add onion and cook until softened
reduct heat to medium and add 1/2 tsp chopped thyme, 1/2 tsp sugar
cook until onion is caramelized, 3-5 minutes
add 5tsp of red wine vinegar, tbsp of chicken stock concentrate, 2tbsp water
bring to simmer and cook until saucy
turn off teat and add 1 tbsp of butter (I used avocado butter)
remove from heat and set aside
pat 2 chicken breasts dry and season with salt and pepper
heat a drizzle of olive oil in same pan used for onions over med-high heat
add chicken and cook until browned, 5-7 minutes per side
in the last 1-2 minutes of cooking, top with caramelized onion and mozzarella if you choose to!!
cover pan until cheese has melted

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XRP 15 days ago
I adore dogs, so I don't eat animals...that would be hypocritical
XRP 15 days ago
Eggs = chicken period
Sarra Pryjomski
Sarra Pryjomski Month ago
What winter coat are you wearing!!! I love it
Kristen Senatore
Kristen Senatore Month ago
Where's that winter jacket from!? I love that
Mika Tremblay
Mika Tremblay Month ago
i make the breakfast wrap everyday now lmao
Nesha 2 months ago
I just had your turkey burger meal for dinner and my husband and I LOVED it! Thank you for sharing your wonderful meals.
Erika McKinnon
Erika McKinnon 2 months ago
ok to anyone else is dole whip just fake whip cream? or am i just canadian
Tess Evans
Tess Evans 2 months ago
I love how we find out what Navy and Indy eat in a day too, actually bless you Whitney!
MOLLY PELLETIER 3 months ago
binging your videos! love your food philosophy! what camera do you use?
Bowie Lam
Bowie Lam 3 months ago
Come on, why people hate oatmeal, i love it, ha
FOUNDIT 3 months ago
whitney , i can not change my diet. I dont eat fruits or vegetables , ive tried a few and wanted to puke. I dont know how to get into healthy foods. Nobody is really helping me with this either.
Louisa Mann
Louisa Mann 3 months ago
Ok best dressing, Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, finely chopped garlic and some olive oil, so GOOD
Silvia B
Silvia B 3 months ago
Why the 2 supplements? Pre-workout and Pump, Aren't they similar?
Andra Wongk
Andra Wongk 3 months ago
What brand food do you feed your pups? I’m struggling to find food my dog like.
Stephanie Stoven
Stephanie Stoven 3 months ago
Could have worn them to high school 🤣😂
Leilani Johnson
Leilani Johnson 3 months ago
the way stefan looks at whit is so cute!:)
Kimberly Lin
Kimberly Lin 3 months ago
LOVE THE VIDEO! so relatable, I am also a college student, just started my USposts Channel. I post fitness and health videos as well!!! CHECK MY CHANNEL OUT😊
Cam Con
Cam Con 4 months ago
Hi Whitney! I was looking through your Amazon faves and noticed that your choice of pre-workout and pump, both include sucralose. What is your opinion on that particular ingredient? I really would love to hear back from you on why you think it is safe to consume. I honestly struggle when it comes to buying these products because I've read so many things about ingredients such as sucralose and aspartame. Thanks for your time! Btw I just love your videos!! 💕
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
I reallyyy need to try those Siete tortillas!
Lauren Johnston
Lauren Johnston 5 months ago
Girl I need those white tennies!!! Where can I find them?
silver_04 5 months ago
Hey whit, what do you think of these high fat low carb diets or the opposite (high carb low fat) im seeing all these videos and im just confused to whats best
Shianne Hines
Shianne Hines 5 months ago
What food are you feeding your pups?
Blueeyez9796 5 months ago
How long do you workout usually?!? I’m so curious how you can eat all that food and still be a lil skinny mini.
Gabrielle Olivia
Gabrielle Olivia 5 months ago
Supplements age you? Please elaborate!
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 5 months ago
Hahah sorry it sounded like age I said aid** ❤️❤️
Aiassem G
Aiassem G 5 months ago
What an amazing woman
Mariah Santana
Mariah Santana 6 months ago
Hi! I’m a new subscriber to your channel, what do you mean by “supplements age you”?
Kristin Johnson On Drums
Kristin Johnson On Drums 6 months ago
I notice that most bcaa and preworkouts have sucralose sweetener in them. I recommend researching the risks involved w consuming sucralose, as it is most likely doing your health a disservice in the long run.
Jeanne Spear
Jeanne Spear 6 months ago
Why are they siete tortillas when there’s ocho
Elise Kapii
Elise Kapii 6 months ago
I want to follow this exact day of eating! What’s your caloric intake a day + your macro breakdown?
K 6 months ago
Do you still intermittent fast???
Siana Karaatanasova
Siana Karaatanasova 6 months ago
Do you take bcaa and how long you have been taking it?
slevess13 6 months ago
Giiirl!! Help please! What did you make for the pups?? i need to try something new for mine - she doesnt like anythingggg!!
SIA Slurps
SIA Slurps 6 months ago
Yassss girl I NEEDED THIS
Cherie Southwick
Cherie Southwick 7 months ago
Hey Whitney! Where did you get your robe?! Looks so cozy. I can't find you mention it anywhere, sorry if you already linked it somewhere!
Ruoci Tovar
Ruoci Tovar 7 months ago
I love Whitney, she’s the Ned Flanders of the fitness industry.
Jen Naay
Jen Naay 7 months ago
I recently discovered the FLEX protein crisps about a month ago ....and when I had the first bite....I was in heaven. I order the Buffalo and BBQ flavor ones on Amazon and they are so freaking delicious and healthy!!!!!
Nausheen Jumun
Nausheen Jumun 7 months ago
Can you please link your black serving bowls plz
Becky El
Becky El 7 months ago
I like your plates where are they from??
Jessee Nixon
Jessee Nixon 7 months ago
I cant find your APP?
Heather Murphy
Heather Murphy 7 months ago
I just started following you...and forget binge watching Netflix...I love your videos.
Amy G.
Amy G. 7 months ago
PMS is kicking my butt :(
Honeykai 7 months ago
More of these videos pls!!! You are my favorite youtuber and you make my quarantine days happier!
Alana L
Alana L 7 months ago
Wow! Our lifestyle of eating is very different. I am all about high fat and low carb. you have so many carbs! :-) I am also approaching 40, so, can’t do the carbs like I used to. :-) this has been the best diet I’ve ever been on. I really enjoyed one of your your dumbell leg workouts today! First time do viewer, new subscriber.
nctmoore 7 months ago
Anyone else already eat like this or way less and not lose weight?
Shelby Stensgard
Shelby Stensgard 7 months ago
I love how real you are!! Thank you so much for showing us that it's normal for "mother nature" to hit. I feel ya girl!!
Amy Lopes
Amy Lopes 7 months ago
where is your kitchen rug from???!!!!xoxo
Pamela Adame
Pamela Adame 7 months ago
The siete tortillas are sooooo bomb!! Best tortillas ever besides mommas homemade ones. BUT WHY THEY GOTTA BE $8 for a pack of 8 😭
Vikas Verma
Vikas Verma 7 months ago
I'm also a vegetarian
charlotte Ellis
charlotte Ellis 7 months ago
My family and I used to live on Oahu right next to the dole plantation! We just ,over to Germany last month I miss dole whip soo much 🤤
Cristina Anai Valencia
Cristina Anai Valencia 7 months ago
Whitney could you do a video on your favorite sneakers to work out in. Please and thank you!
Suzie Raelynn
Suzie Raelynn 7 months ago
My secret to great asparagus is steaming it with water, lemon juice and butter! (just a little bit of butter) But I'll be adding in some garlic too now :)
Michi Vegas
Michi Vegas 7 months ago
Quarantine eating has been soo difficult I’m lucky if I eat twice a day
Natalie Minassian
Natalie Minassian 8 months ago
Yesenia Contreras
Yesenia Contreras 8 months ago
whit! do you count your calories? ❤️ awesome recipes btw
blue dolphins
blue dolphins 8 months ago
Your nail color is so pretty! 😄💅🏻 what is the nail polish called? 🎉
Alicia Vazquez
Alicia Vazquez 8 months ago
Watching this video for the second time 💕
syerra 8 months ago
I had eggs with onions in the morning and then got the stomach flu in the afternoon , I can’t eat eggs with onions anymore 😭🙃 the thought makes me nauseous 😅
Spot Light
Spot Light 8 months ago
I made the chicken, veggies and sautéed onions tonight for supper and OH MY GOODNESS!!!! No wonder Stephen finished his so quickly! It was amazing. I’ll definitely be adding this to my normal rotation! So freaking good! ❤️ thank you for being amazing!
Philleen S
Philleen S 8 months ago
You should try going vegan🥰💕
Ashleigh E
Ashleigh E 8 months ago
this is so healthy and wholesome
scampb 8 months ago
I literally laughed out loud when you panned from your dinner plate to his :D
Olivia Eller
Olivia Eller 8 months ago
where did you get the siete tortillas????
Chelley&Nay 8 months ago
Breakfast tacos alllll day and alllll night!!!!!! Yes to this entire video 😍
Wendy 8 months ago
mother nature is most deff not on my side this week either :/ while you're eating veggies I'm eating all of the protein cupcakes in my fridge lol
maddy kinsella
maddy kinsella 8 months ago
What does pump do??
Meriana Spicer
Meriana Spicer 8 months ago
What camera do you use to make your USposts videos?☺️
Roze Rahim
Roze Rahim 8 months ago
Where did you get those bowls from :o
crash 8 months ago
what sneakers were u wearing?
Molly Vazquez
Molly Vazquez 8 months ago
Anyone else like the vid before it even finishes?! Love you Whitney!
SMT2009 8 months ago
What time do you start your breakfast? Do you do intermediate fasting ??
Bjbbl 8 months ago
I love your Necklace from were is from
GoGo TheGreek
GoGo TheGreek 9 months ago
Tony G
Tony G 9 months ago
Damn! that thumbnail clickbaited me here 😭
sara ullah
sara ullah 9 months ago
Love you Whitney ❤️
Shauna Carpenter
Shauna Carpenter 9 months ago
preworkout is a must before any kind of lower body day for me, makes a huge difference in my strength and focus. And I actually love the tingles lol Oh, and my current fav homemade dressing is: a big splash of acv, lots of lemon or lime juice, a little drizzle of EVOO, a tiny sprinkle or two of cayenne powder to taste, a tiny drizzle of maple syrup, a tsp of spicy brown mustard, and salt and pepper. Delish on any salad!
Atalia X
Atalia X 9 months ago
As a Mexican, those tacos make me cringe but aside from that, I really enjoyed your video 😊
Andrea Retzloff
Andrea Retzloff 9 months ago
Whit, you need an air fryer! You’ll love asparagus in there.
Olivia Hanley
Olivia Hanley 9 months ago
how did I just find ur USposts? I love!!🤩
Tamika Brewster
Tamika Brewster 9 months ago
You are so cute and simple. I love your healthy way of thinking
World Nature Video
World Nature Video 9 months ago
Amazing tips and information regarding diet and how to get fit. Wonderful job.
bailey ryan
bailey ryan 9 months ago
please make a video on how you got back on track! really struggling with this lately.
TrueKeratinInc 9 months ago
what camera setup do you use?
Desi Nicole
Desi Nicole 9 months ago
You know what would be a cool series? ‘How to eat well at-‘ and you’d basically do a what I eat in the day shopping at different grocery stores. It would allow your viewers who don’t have access to Trader Joe’s to see brands and ideas from Walmart, or Publix, or giant, or Kroger, etc. just a fun idea.
Audrey G
Audrey G 9 months ago
Another what’s in my gym bag pleaaasssseee or maybe a gym bag starter/ necessities?
Sophie Kennedy
Sophie Kennedy 9 months ago
how many calories is dis tho..
☆ sidney ☆
☆ sidney ☆ 9 months ago
Does anyone know where her pots and pans are from?
Lily Diaz
Lily Diaz 9 months ago
Absolutely love these videos. Growing up in a hispanic household is not easy because we love our cheese! Could you make a college meal prep video? It’s hard to find easy foods to make and take to campus with me so i end up going to the cafeteria (chick fil a, mcdonalds). I would love some ideas!
Valeria Toneva
Valeria Toneva 9 months ago
GIRL YOU ARE THE REASON I STARTED LIFTING. 4 years later I am a national powerlifting champion in my country. Thank you for showing me the path.
Desi C
Desi C 9 months ago
Is it possible to be in a calorie deficit without counting macros? IM STRUGGLING!!!
Jenna Sais Quois
Jenna Sais Quois 9 months ago
Love the glowy makeup 🥰🥰
Traveling Blind
Traveling Blind 9 months ago
Where can I get those protein crisps?
Kari Thomas
Kari Thomas 9 months ago
Sorry I have never heard of a Dole Whip but it looks so good! Is that just an american thing? Love, Canada
Faith Winslow
Faith Winslow 9 months ago
I want that purple shaker bottle 😍
Jacqueline Topdjian
Jacqueline Topdjian 9 months ago
OMG girl I didn't realize they had dole whip in UT! Where do they have it at?!? 😱
Reagan Kinman
Reagan Kinman 9 months ago
You should do a video trying clothes from all those workout brands on insta!! I see their sponsored posts all the time and some are even more expensive than gymshark?? So I’d love like a test of those brands especially their leggings
Amelia Rawson
Amelia Rawson 9 months ago
I really love your purple shaker bottle, where can i get it they don't have any on their website.
Sarah Bullwinkel
Sarah Bullwinkel 9 months ago
@whitneyysimmons super simple at home dole whip: frozen pineapple, coconut milk, and stevia blended up!!!🍍 💃🏼 I have been making it at home since April and then I went back to Disney in december and the legit dole whip was not as good as the at home one 😵
Lisa Fuller
Lisa Fuller 9 months ago
I just happened to find this channel. Absolutely love your dogs!
AprBeck_fit 9 months ago
That swimsuit is everything!! Where did you get it?!!❤️❤️❤️ Love you! Xx
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
Henry Windsor Rurikovich 9 months ago
💓 delicious 💓 we really enjoyed 💓
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