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My tips and tricks to taking care of your workout clothes! How I wash, deal with pilling, keep my white shoes white and more!!
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Daily Struggle
Daily Struggle Month ago
Mcdonalds eyebrows
Srikanth Balaga
Srikanth Balaga 2 months ago
Can you do this for cotton clothes also? I tend to sweat in those, too sometimes. Or do we have to machine dry?
joanna garcia
joanna garcia 4 months ago
would the Hex dryer sheets be a good option as well? I know dryers are a no go but wanted to know if these dryer sheets are good.
KikiSpaghetti 5 months ago
What about washing by hand?
ashleyallover 7 months ago
Where can I find the leopard/cheetah print leggings and sports bra set that she is wearing in the thumbnail photo?
Meraki -Valery
Meraki -Valery 8 months ago
🌸1:30 when it starts 🌸
Belizean Breeze
Belizean Breeze 9 months ago
Love your energy! You’re very inspirational. Currently binge watching your videos! Also love your nails girl very minimal and chic. My fam usually comes for me for white polish lol went through a phase wearing white polish on my toes. Do you do shellac, gel, or dip your nails?
snake 9 months ago
I'm studying to become a home economics teacher and THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY. You never get amazing laundry tips from youtubers! I know we're not in high school rn but if we would be, you'd get a gold star :D
B Si
B Si 11 months ago
In what situations would you use fabric softeners? Is it only useful for towels and bed sheets?
Evelyn Hernandez
Evelyn Hernandez 11 months ago
What detergent do you use to wash your colored gym shoes??
sarahkasey Year ago
Wow now I need your collection with gym shark 😭😭😭
yoko skyes
yoko skyes Year ago
Does anyone know what those shoes are???
Emily Polite
Emily Polite Year ago
Omg where did you get that bin
Lauren Astudillo
Lauren Astudillo Year ago
I have dried my workout clothes for ever. They’re always fine. However I dry on low heat!
Ally H
Ally H Year ago
I feel like I’m the only one who has never dealt with my align one piling??? I wish it with my normal clothes on normal wash and I also throw them in the dryer and have never had issues lol
Bari Wimmer
Bari Wimmer Year ago
OMG you crack me up!
she might be a serial killer
she might be a serial killer Year ago
I really like her washer amd dryer. Looks sleek. Has 4,000 options, but very sleek
Lana Year ago
Don't use fabric conditioner on towels as it reduces the absorbency! Otherwise awesome :D
Stassi Year ago
hey where did you get your black dresser?
J.S. Year ago
Which is actually your favourite gymshark outfit? 🤔😇
Briana Marino
Briana Marino Year ago
Will you be restocking the it’s a beautiful day to be alive crop in a medium!? I lovee it!
LegallyBrunette2117 Year ago
Do a workout clothes/storage tour
Jeanette Pena
Jeanette Pena Year ago
Love this
Hanna Paton
Hanna Paton Year ago
Anyone know what shoes those are??
Patricia Patten
Patricia Patten Year ago
Great information!
Pooja Bakshi
Pooja Bakshi Year ago
anyone knows where is shirt " beautiful day to be alive" from I would really appreciate if anyone can answer or whit can answer that..thank you :)
Alexis Year ago
My washer doesn't have tap
Brenda Gallardo
Brenda Gallardo Year ago
I am loving the effects on your videos!!!
SandraDeeBeauty01 Year ago
I thought OXY clean had to be used on warm or hot water?? So how is that working with cold water?...
Adela Year ago
Don't put softener on towels it will ruin the absorption of the towel!! She just said it and I kinda freaked out
Mimi Z.
Mimi Z. Year ago
Does anyone know what kind of Nike’s those are? Thank you!
Renee Roman
Renee Roman Year ago
I love you lmao
K Dub
K Dub Year ago
Whitney!!!!!! I ❤️ your videos! You’re beautiful, smart, funny!! What more could you ask for???!!! I was at the gym today for 2hrs!!!! I lost track of time watching your workouts & trying my best to keep up. Thankful I found you!!! Keep it up girl!!!!! Ya killing it!💪🏽
Anzhan Mailibay
Anzhan Mailibay Year ago
i know i'm probably much too late but how one video can be both so funny and so useful at the same time? thanks Whitney, love your energy, mannerisms and sense of humour💙
Lovetriceyy Year ago
When will you be restocking your merch? Loved the video?
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham Year ago
yeahhhhh I'm so lazy... I dry all of them!
Andrew Stankiewicz
Andrew Stankiewicz Year ago
So beautiful and those eyes
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait Year ago
No dogs or plants were harmed in the drying of these clothes
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait Year ago
No dogs or plants were harmed in the drying of these clothes
Jacquelyn Fostini
Jacquelyn Fostini Year ago
Does anyone know what the name of the white Nike’s are I can’t find a link for them anywhere! Thanks 🙃
Kimah Jordan
Kimah Jordan Year ago
6:20 it me 😂😂😂 so much laundry drying around my apartment
Patty Leake
Patty Leake Year ago
I just bought that Tee! So excited!!
Jenn Allyssa
Jenn Allyssa Year ago
her face is frozen....
huge nerd
huge nerd Year ago
do you wash all of the different activewear fabrics together? (more delicate fabrics like the aligns with more rough fabrics like the flex or camo seamless)
Carson Mullins
Carson Mullins Year ago
The most fascinating and helpful video ever !!
Kitty Rodriguez
Kitty Rodriguez Year ago
Girl, these types have now changed my gym gear game!! Can’t wait to try detergent 🤩.
Ahniyah Clay
Ahniyah Clay Year ago
Literally the best surprise ever😭
Holli Fullbright
Holli Fullbright Year ago
Thank you! Loved this so much and learned so much! I just bought a bunch of gymshark and want it to last.
Madeline E-N
Madeline E-N Year ago
Can we get an April or May favorites pretty please?
Popo D
Popo D Year ago
oooh would love to see an updated declutter/ gym wear collection video
Edie Classen
Edie Classen Year ago
I would love to see another tour of your dresser/closet for organization purposes. I remember you had a video when deciding what clothing to keep and what you hardly wore and chose to get rid of. I LOVE watching stuff like that. Plus, it feels so good to declutter, which clearly you're good at because your drawer just looked amazing. {Maria Kondo would be so proud of you}. It would be adorable to see your latest closet in your new home and hear how you go about folding your leggings and when you declutter. xoxo
Mi Style Su Style
Mi Style Su Style Year ago
Girl! I would love some V-neck options for us collarbone sensitive ladies! Great video!
Calindy Year ago
Just so in ove with your merch ... Ready to pick everything off the website and then ... WHAT HAPPENED ? You dont deliver in France ... so sad rn Still love you then :p
Melanie Ivana
Melanie Ivana Year ago
Hahahahah I put my clothes all over the house
Paola Luna
Paola Luna Year ago
Youre shoes!😍 which Nikes are those?
Heatherette Babe
Heatherette Babe Year ago
You always make the videos I need, I don’t know if it’s cause you’re a Pisces and you just know what I need but THANK YOU💖
Leslie Herreros
Leslie Herreros Year ago
This ended up being a house tour 😂😂
Sarah Year ago
Always thought I'm the only one using my flat as a drying rack 😂
jocelyne gil
jocelyne gil Year ago
what if you only have one pair of leggings and shirt
Caroline Terhaar
Caroline Terhaar Year ago
Wow the fabric defuzzer is def a must have for lulu align 100%
Meghan S
Meghan S Year ago
Girl you take better care of your gym clothes than I take care of my kids!! Lol mostly kidding😬
Jordan Loftin
Jordan Loftin Year ago
Wow, I relate to you so much!! Thank you for being you and making this content. I subscribed and stay tuned to see upcoming videos! See you soon Linda!!
Kayle N
Kayle N Year ago
I made sure to watch this right before I didn’t my laundry lmao
Nessa Godinez
Nessa Godinez Year ago
Amazing 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 so happy u went over these tips before I buy expensive gym clothes!! Now I feel comfortable spending my hard earned money honey 🍯
Lyn Nguyen
Lyn Nguyen Year ago
Does anyone know how to get rid of those white detergent stains after putting your clothes in the wash? I did tap cold on delicate and only detergent and no dryer but my clothes had some white spots on them, so I just shoved them in the dryer on air dry 🤦🏻‍♀️
Mandy Bishop
Mandy Bishop Year ago
A little personal but do you wear thongs under your leggings for working out? I can't ~seem~ to find any good seamless underwear that are still squat and gym proof but I can't wear thongs everyday!
Jessica Fuentes
Jessica Fuentes Year ago
YASS love this Whitney thank u😍🙏🏼👏🏼
Taylor Watson
Taylor Watson Year ago
weird and kind of unrelated question but...right before i watched this video i was out looking at washing machines and this was one of the ones i was looking at! i was wondering if you like it and if you have the matching dryer?
K Skeen
K Skeen Year ago
I always let my sweaty gym clothes air out before I put them in the laundry basket so they don’t get the mildew smell
Gabriella Gulyás
Gabriella Gulyás Year ago
I loved the tips, thanks Whitney!!! great video!! love yaa ❤❤
Jordan Year ago
Could you not just use a pillow case to wash stuff in that has alot of straps ? I've never tried it I just do inside out on easy cycle
sophiepie Year ago
Jordan yeah a pillow case is a good alternative
Leah Mckane
Leah Mckane Year ago
I LOVE these tip videos! Would you consider making a tip video for balancing WORK, SCHOOL & FITNESS? Thank you for being my daily inspiration, Whit!
Nahdya Barron
Nahdya Barron Year ago
WE HAVe the same upside down widows peak on the hairline!!
Kristina Cole
Kristina Cole Year ago
What set are you wearing as the thumbnail for this video?
Hannah McBride
Hannah McBride Year ago
Omg the way she dries her clothes hahahahahahaha on her pupparoo!
As Told By Curly D
As Told By Curly D Year ago
All I could say when she says “ you’re going to want to “ is “Oh SHIT!” 😩😩😭😭😭 everything she said don’t do I do 😩
ColaSoul Year ago
I loooooovvvvveeeee yoooouuuuu, you’re sooooo inspirational, funny & real!! Your personality is always 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️ on pure awesome sauce!!! I wish you would vlog, I could binge watch you forever and ever!!! Thanks for motivating me to start my fitness life goal!!
Very helpful 😊❤️‼️
Lucia Sanchez
Lucia Sanchez Year ago
Why did this video not appear on my subscriptions feed 😭
Tranquility Ki
Tranquility Ki Year ago
Fabric shaver is called a fuzz buster in my mom has one dang near older than me 😂...I definitely need to start turning my gym clothes inside out.
SAN DRO Year ago
I am dying trying the 🏠 drying
SAN DRO Year ago
The drying rack recommondations! Highly appreciated 😆😅🤣
Monica Zapien
Monica Zapien Year ago
Ty so much for showing us how you clean these nikes! I asked for this and you actually did it! Honestly the world don’t deserve you! My voice was heard! Thank youuuuu continue being great!
Samantha Ybarra
Samantha Ybarra Year ago
Lol the dryer 😳 I’m like shit I already messed up.
joe williams-nelson
joe williams-nelson Year ago
Omg, Whit! Thank you for this video for your housewife super fan.
Hilah Skinner
Hilah Skinner Year ago
this is actually very helpful!!!
Terra Henggeler
Terra Henggeler Year ago
I've never commented on her videos (I mean I love them! lol) but this video was so helpful! I have recently been trying to grow my workout gear lately and the stuff I have now, I have apparently not been taking care of them! Glad I know now! :D
Kita :)
Kita :) Year ago
Love all the personality you out in this video! Clothes on the fridge, hahaha you're awesome
Lucy Snewin
Lucy Snewin Year ago
Christina Mendez
Christina Mendez Year ago
Whitney you are the queen! 👸🙌🏼❤️
Mindy Lenhart
Mindy Lenhart Year ago
immmmmmmmm going to need that grey shirt.
Mackwiz Breukelman
Mackwiz Breukelman Year ago
LOVED THIS VID!!! So helpful!!
Ashley Gelin
Ashley Gelin Year ago
Ready to wash my white sneakers now 😍
Petra van Turnhout
Petra van Turnhout Year ago
Whitney, I want like a 10 part series on how to use a washing machine for all types of clothing now tbh. You are so wise
Jay Harriet Pitt
Jay Harriet Pitt Year ago
this explains exactly why all my workout clothes always get ruined... whoops 👀😂 THANK U 💗
Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan Year ago
I'm going to need to buy that fabric shaver!
Carmen Selzler
Carmen Selzler Year ago
loved this video thank you so much!!
MissShylene Year ago
I put all my gym clothes in the drier 😳🙈
Jasmin Thai
Jasmin Thai Year ago
Bruh I died when you said, “Make ya butt look juicy” 😩😂😂
Veronica Doggone
Veronica Doggone Year ago
Whitney's house post workout wash day = instant pop up shop
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