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Whitney Simmons

11 months ago

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Jessica Kraemer
Jessica Kraemer 5 months ago
Does anyone know if her hairdresser is in San Diego and what her name is?
Blanca Lopez
Blanca Lopez 7 months ago
Does your hair stylist have an Instagram page
Courtney Bourne
Courtney Bourne 9 months ago
What style are your sunglasses?
Jae Samone
Jae Samone 9 months ago
Just watched this!!! I always love your hair color! 💓I definitely cried listening to Gabriella.
Nonetheless 9 months ago
You look great without make up :)
Love Mawi
Love Mawi 9 months ago
Where did u get those sunglasses?
gabriella martinez
gabriella martinez 9 months ago
Cried at work .... it’s okay 😭😂
Jessica Lowder
Jessica Lowder 9 months ago
Who's crying in Feb 2020?
Olive B
Olive B 10 months ago
I am so glad I found your channel. I enjoyed that getting ready bathroom show😅. I haven’t checked all videos yet but I do hope that you have make up tutorials on there I like your make up.
Sařa Hevesi
Sařa Hevesi 10 months ago
What did she use for the root smudge p.s your hair looks great she does a great job also love a blunt square cut !
Sařa Hevesi
Sařa Hevesi 10 months ago
I’m a current cosmetology student and I very much appreciate you making this video ❤️ p.s Malibu makes products that remove mineral buildup that are way more gentle then bleach shampoo . Great job
Julia Lopez
Julia Lopez 10 months ago
What sunnies 😎 are you wearing???
Francesca Still
Francesca Still 10 months ago
ok i cried like a big baby watching these reactions
Francesca Gueli
Francesca Gueli 10 months ago
Where are those sunglasses from??
mar choe
mar choe 10 months ago
Hi whitney! I love your video! Hair color and what is that sunglasses your wearing?
Izzi Edmunds
Izzi Edmunds 10 months ago
You should do a car tour 😂😂 if you do any organizing in your car like khloe k we wanna see it !
Usfoods72 10 months ago
Super Whitney, SALUT :) Enjoy my Funny Yummy Channel :)...
nicole ferrari
nicole ferrari 10 months ago
Hi whitney! I remember you said you bought a pepper spray that doubles as a car unlock thing and I cant find that video for the life of me! I want to feel as safe as possible. Can you please link that for me again? Thank you sincerely. Xo Nicole
Calliejo Sprinkel
Calliejo Sprinkel 10 months ago
Whit we miss you!
Kyla 10 months ago
ohhhhh my god.. should not have watched this when I'm weaning off my antidepressants... just bawling LOL
Fabianny Anez
Fabianny Anez 10 months ago
This was such an emotional video to watch. Thank you, Whitney, for all you do in this wonderful community. I hope that God continues blessing you
Kenya Fernandez
Kenya Fernandez 10 months ago
Who else is impatiently waiting for whit to post a new video? 🙄🙄
Haley Clarke
Haley Clarke 10 months ago
i absolutely LOVE you and your videos. you are so wholesome and i love how you don't fake it for the camera. you are a true inspiration and a great role model to look up to. thank you for being so amazing! but girl i have to know what sunglasses you are wearing because they are hot fire flames!!
Saint C
Saint C 10 months ago
Omg this video was so cute 🙃💖🥺
Tiffany B
Tiffany B 10 months ago
you should do a review on all you tula skincare products !!!! 💖💖
Alicia 10 months ago
Big question is the scholarship winner been announced ?
Heather Lathus
Heather Lathus 10 months ago
Whitney where have you been!!!??
Kris B
Kris B 10 months ago
Jordan Chavez
Jordan Chavez 10 months ago
Omg where did you get your glasses??? 😍
valeria rodriguez
valeria rodriguez 10 months ago
You are an amazing individual, I love the amazing relationship you have with all of us. You are a sweet heart with all that you do. It’s a beautiful day to be an amazing influence just like you are 😘
Niamh Wilson
Niamh Wilson 10 months ago
You look stunning, + i cried at the scholarship part. But girl, you scare me, please drive with at least 1 hand please!
Stephanie Romero
Stephanie Romero 10 months ago
The one girl was like “oh I won $ story bro” Like WTF!!!?
Ella Buck
Ella Buck 10 months ago
Hey whit! Ik u probs will never see this but I was wondering if your using ur old iPhone X. If not can we get in contact i would love your old phone❤️
Fatima Gomez
Fatima Gomez 10 months ago
andrea Zarnowski
andrea Zarnowski 10 months ago
Ommmmmggg I’m crying for all these winners!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️! You’re the best!!!
Saralyn 10 months ago
Psoriasis. Dr. Eric Berg. USposts.
J 10 months ago
WHITNEY! I have been following your workouts to a T! I am religiously following your channel and waiting for a new upload from you lol. I am impatient haha! But actually though, seeing some gains thanks to your arm workouts and shoulder workouts and doing the protein thing within 30 mins of workout etc. Bless!!! From Toronto, Canada!!!!
Havannah Anthony
Havannah Anthony 10 months ago
I love that she showed the give away winners. I always see people doing giveaways and then never hear about it again and it makes me wonder if it even happened or if it was all fake
tiffanyJJ 10 months ago
Havannah Anthony thats exactly what I think,
[TONYXX G M 10 months ago
You're beautyful
Nicole Sparks
Nicole Sparks 10 months ago
I’m going through withdrawals from seeing you every other day to nothing 😭 come back we miss you!
Veronika Gehse
Veronika Gehse 10 months ago
Miss your videos 😍
Jillian Walkowski
Jillian Walkowski 10 months ago
Here I am crying for these ladies that won their scholarships 😭 these opportunities are so amazing and beneficial 😭
Jordan Wiley
Jordan Wiley 11 months ago
Whit! Do your self tanner drops actually tan your skin like a self tanner or do they just last the day you put it on?
Ina by Design
Ina by Design 11 months ago
What is the name of your nail polish?
Danielle Nevin
Danielle Nevin 11 months ago
why am i crying at the winners responses lolol
Ana Vee
Ana Vee 11 months ago
These calls made me tear !!! Ugh 😩
Sammy Lee
Sammy Lee 11 months ago
3:27 what kind of dogs are those 🥰
Kayleigh Louise
Kayleigh Louise 11 months ago
When you put your sunglasses on .. you look just like Nikki B 😍😁👩🏼😎
Katie Freeman
Katie Freeman 11 months ago
Hi whit, is there a way that I can reach out to you for some advice please?
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson 11 months ago
Also blunt cuts are the shit
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson 11 months ago
WOW I so love this new tone on you it looks so dang good holy cow
Emilie Railyn
Emilie Railyn 11 months ago
Omgggg was crying my eyes out when you called the scholarship winners 😭😭❤️ I love your wholesome soul Whitney
Iridian Cruz
Iridian Cruz 11 months ago
When are you restocking that beautiful quarter zip sweater!!!!!!!!
Charlotte Pickles
Charlotte Pickles 11 months ago
We have the same phone case and I'm truly so happy about it. Merry Christmas beauty!!
HollyL 11 months ago
So sad Whitmas is over!
Be~Inspired 11 months ago
The Lumie is the best light alarm. We've had one for years - best purchase we ever made.
Tiff Esco
Tiff Esco 11 months ago
Definitely teared up when you called the winners of the scholarship. Whitney, your heart is pure gold, my lady 🧡. Happy New Year!
Bailey Johnson
Bailey Johnson 11 months ago
Where did u get ur sunglasses ??!!
Savanna Haught
Savanna Haught 11 months ago
Whitney your hair is GORGEOUS
Kayla Willoughby
Kayla Willoughby 11 months ago
This makes me want to cry. Congrats to all the girls! 💕
Ashley Chavez
Ashley Chavez 11 months ago
Have me ugly crying on the treadmill right now! These scholarships make such a big difference, thank you for doing such an amazing giveaway! ❤️❤️
Electro Flapper
Electro Flapper 11 months ago
What was the root smudge formula????
Kate Clark
Kate Clark 11 months ago
Can you do a work out clob with Sarah’s day? Pleaseeee
Kaitlyn M
Kaitlyn M 11 months ago
Literally couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the scholarship winners! Such a happy feeling. You’re the best!
Tia Lipovsek
Tia Lipovsek 11 months ago
i want to order this tee that you're wearing, but i dont know about the size, im a bit sceptical,because there is no returns and exchanges:(
Lowenna Cooper
Lowenna Cooper 11 months ago
Try Phillips Hue lights with their bridge - they have a Wakeup setting & it saved my life! I got the LED strip lights and put them behind the headboard of my bed and it’s so gentle and lovely to wake up to! Can control it through Siri/Alexa/google mini too. Life changer!
Tabitha Johnson
Tabitha Johnson 11 months ago
This made me cry 😭❤ sweetest thing ever
Lisa 11 months ago
I did enter because I’m in grad school and living off student loans.. but I would be so ecstatic just to be called by Whitney! That would be so amazing. Just waiting for them to take the 13k out of my bank account I had to pay for the next semester. 😭😭
Living like Leila
Living like Leila 11 months ago
Omg my heart dropped my name is Leila too 😭😭😭 But this made me so emotional how exciting for them!
Celia Jenkins
Celia Jenkins 11 months ago
This is the sweetest!!!! 😍 I love you and these raw vlogs! . Ps. I’m a 12 year hairstylist, your hair looks fabulous! However, I am VERY concerned that your hair was smoking under the dryer. 😅 . (Also, I’m not throwing shade, just genuinely concerned and just a friendly mention that hair smoking while coloring is not a normal thing) 🙏
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor 11 months ago
I think it might have been a steamer!
Valeria Ponce
Valeria Ponce 11 months ago
This made me cry. But I am so happy for the winners😄
Mayra Alexandra
Mayra Alexandra 11 months ago
i legit got tears on my eyes for the winners
Kayla Marter
Kayla Marter 11 months ago
Where the heck do I buy her sweaters?! I’m so out of the loop.
Humble World
Humble World 11 months ago
Your hair dresser is a pro at the vlogging, yes queen.
Kayla Marter
Kayla Marter 11 months ago
Where is your bathrobe from?!
Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee 11 months ago
Zombie 🧟‍♀️
Sarah Congialdi
Sarah Congialdi 11 months ago
what is stephens story.. hmm?
Tracy Campanella
Tracy Campanella 11 months ago
USposts unsubscribed me from you. I'm offended. No worries. I resubbed.
Lauren Murphy
Lauren Murphy 11 months ago
Literally crying from this video. You’re the best 😭😂❤️
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 11 months ago
Thank you for having your colorist discuss color. I’ve been so frustrated trying to explain the super blended blonde to my colorist and I love the bleach bath idea I’ve noticed my color darkening over time
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 11 months ago
Oh my gosh I feel the exact same about Chipotle! I also am not a leftover eater 😂
Livwray 11 months ago
Where are your sunglasses from ???
beastlordcurran 11 months ago
I used a sunrise clock from amazon and ended up getting LIFX smart globes to set the sunrise and sunset. I use two in my bedroom and really like how I can adjust the light in the evening and how it gets brighter minute by minute in the morning. HTH :)
Sharon Peckham
Sharon Peckham 11 months ago
J & H M
J & H M 11 months ago
Does she have a salon? I want her to do my hair!
Elva Ann
Elva Ann 11 months ago
Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you whitney and alani nu for helping so many people ❤
Elva Ann
Elva Ann 11 months ago
Wouldnt miss it for the wooooorld 😘
Alessandra Dina
Alessandra Dina 11 months ago
Anyone know the hairdressers ig handle ?
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 11 months ago
SandiPfitness 11 months ago
Omg Iv been wanting a sunrise alarm clock for over a year but the review are sooo mixed. If you find a good one PLEASE post about it! :)
Read With Heather
Read With Heather 11 months ago
I love how genuinely excited Whit was about calling the winners!! So sweet!
Kayla Edge
Kayla Edge 11 months ago
Omg Whit. I’m not crying you’re crying 😭 thank you for all you do ❤️ love you so much.
April marie Williams
April marie Williams 11 months ago
What style of quay are your sunglasses.... 😍 love them!
SkyeBellezza 11 months ago
I’m not crying you are OKKK???!! So many reasons to keep on loving Whitney !!! You are such a beautiful freakin soul!
Alexis Dickerson
Alexis Dickerson 11 months ago
Does anyone know if we can get shampoo with bleach in for home
Alexis Dickerson
Alexis Dickerson 11 months ago
Celia Jenkins ah thank you
Celia Jenkins
Celia Jenkins 11 months ago
Alexis 12 year hairstylist here! 👋 what you’re asking for is not a real thing. There are toning shampoos that will help soften your current color, but nothing that will actually lighten it. (Well, nothing safe that is...) . Lightener should always always always be done by a professional. It’s very dangerous for your hair to play with hair color like this at home. It’s a potent color process that has to be done strategically. It’s unpredictable unless you know the science behind the lighteners make, the hair strand itself, and internal hair health. You could potentially melt you hair off...literally....Your hair is your biggest accessory! Take care of it and Invest in your hair, sis! 💜 🙏
Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith 11 months ago
I have the Lumie sunrise lamp and I have to say it has made a HUGE difference to my SAD. I would be lost without it and the days i dont use it it is very obvious because I'm so much more tired and grumpy.
A. Dawk
A. Dawk 11 months ago
Whitney" I watch your videos because I love how you start each one It's a beautiful day to be alive that is so true and just hearing you say that just bless my day.
Kiallope Bella
Kiallope Bella 11 months ago
aw so happy for how happy the winners were, sad I didn't win it would've made my year but hopeful for next time! love you!!
Kirsten Halik
Kirsten Halik 11 months ago
My sunrise clock CHANGED MY LIFE! I also got mine from Amazon, but no problems. Definitely give a different one another shot, you will love it!
Aryauna 11 months ago
Aww this was so cute! I loved seeing how excited and thankful the scholarship winners were. I know how significant that help can be and I'm so glad you and Alani Nu came together for this type of giveaway this season! Also, your hair looks so great with the lighter blonde!
Maria Nunez
Maria Nunez 11 months ago
Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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