MY MORNING ROUTINE *healthy & productive habits*

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Whitney Simmons

6 months ago

MY EVERYDAY MORNING ROUTINE and GLOWY MORNING SKINCARE ROUTINE!! Shop my limited-edition Glow Like Whitney Simmons x Tula kit: | USE CODE: WHITNEY to save 15%

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Sarah R
Sarah R 6 months ago
Huge TULA gal BECAUSE of Whit. Have ALL of these products... but still going to order this kit because of the cute lil bag and so I can say I have it in support of Whit lmao
Nazareth Vasquez
Nazareth Vasquez 5 months ago
Gio Griffin Fit
Gio Griffin Fit 5 months ago
love it!
Jessica Mella
Jessica Mella 6 months ago
Jessica Mella
Jessica Mella 6 months ago
Jessica Mella
Jessica Mella 6 months ago
Whit the best!!!
Kathryn Garven
Kathryn Garven Month ago
what clips did you get from amazon i love them!!!
Laurel Sanders
Laurel Sanders Month ago
Where’s your robe from??
yarelys diaz
yarelys diaz Month ago
You should do a “day in my life, quarantined”❤️❤️
Natalie Duffy
Natalie Duffy Month ago
Okay coming to this video soooo late, BUT I love that Whitney actively uses the products she promotes and knows so much about each product!
savannah smith
savannah smith Month ago
What vitamins c do you usssseeee
Abrielle Brumit
Abrielle Brumit Month ago
Im convinced we’re the same person in different bodies there’s just some things you do say have etc that hits too close to home😭
Christy Hildreth
Christy Hildreth 2 months ago
Can I just say thank you for always being such a positive light in my life ❤️ I came across your page about 2 years ago and I LOVE YOUR CONTENT. With this crazy year especially I love being able to learn from you and better myself but most of all you keep it Sooo Real girl! 👏🏻 and I appreciate that. So you keep doing your thang and killin it at the gym and with those plants! IT SURE IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO BE ALIVE!!!
Team Hill
Team Hill 2 months ago
What Vitamin C oil did you use on your face?? Also, what balm or oil cleanser do you use in the evenings? You should to a nighttime routine video too!!! Uur skin is like same same I am SO dry and looking to start a skincare journey to help this girl out!! and ....I LOVEE you soo I just ordered your kit to get me started!!!
Ashley Kirby
Ashley Kirby 2 months ago
Would love to see a video over hormonal acne and all your top recommendations to keep it at bay🤍
Donna Wolkan
Donna Wolkan 2 months ago
I’m obsessed with your bed set in this video😍 Where did you get it?! That color is so perfect! I need it in my life!
Amanda Myers
Amanda Myers 2 months ago
Late to the comment game, but my girl is GLOWING ✨✨✨
adamesv1 2 months ago
Whitney, I’ve never laughed so hard watching a USposts video. Um, so I feel like you’re my soul sister. MUCH LOVE TO YOU!
Kylie Weber
Kylie Weber 2 months ago
Where are your towels from!?
TheAverageAdventurer 3 months ago
I literally just found her and immediately fell in love. I really love her content and her personality. Just found my new favorite youtuber
Morgan Hill
Morgan Hill 3 months ago
Where is your robe from!??!
sammywamie 3 months ago
man I needed to see this! thanks for the motivation girl
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait 3 months ago
I need to do something for myself every day. After having my son 2 years ago I stopped
Elizabeth Hossack
Elizabeth Hossack 3 months ago
👏parabens👏do👏not👏 cause 👏 sensitivity 👏
Tamara Garner
Tamara Garner 3 months ago
You have the most beautiful handwriting 😍
Jessica Kim Johnson
Jessica Kim Johnson 3 months ago
i love you soo much you put on smile on my face! love your expressions!!
Stephanie Ayala
Stephanie Ayala 3 months ago
Can we tall about your penmanship?? Lol...
H 3 months ago
The hormonal acne post pill is normal. Takes the body time, more than a year to learn to regulate or get back to “normal.
Gretchen Lengel
Gretchen Lengel 4 months ago
How often to you use “OH JUST FIDDLIN AROUND” when people ask you what you’re up to and you’re tending to your fiddle babies?! You should, if not!
April Brown
April Brown 4 months ago
Gluten free toast scam!!! THANK YOU! like I've come to terms with it being expensive and not that good BUT WHY IS IT SO TINY?
April Brown
April Brown 4 months ago
You need to watch dead to me on Netflix! Soooo good
Keely Qualls
Keely Qualls 4 months ago
Just got Whitney’s Tula kit in the mail and watched this to make sure I put it on in the same order as her😂😂 I love it!!
Jasmine H
Jasmine H 4 months ago
Whitneyyy! I was watching your room tour for some ideas and I came here to check if you took your bathroom door off yet lol. I'm here to remind you to do that!!! Ok love you bye
Tanya Kane
Tanya Kane 4 months ago
I was so excited to purchase some tula products, just spent half an hour deciding what i want to buy and then realise they dont ship to Australia ='(
Tess Kristine
Tess Kristine 4 months ago
What vitamin c serum are you using?
Ashley Palomo
Ashley Palomo 4 months ago
I started Journaling because of you. It really makes me think of all the beautiful things I have in my life, inspite of what's happening during this time, and how uncertain things are I am grateful for waking up, making breakfast for my husband at 4am lol and seeing my kids wake up with smiles and happy faces saying good morning to me ♥️ it's so weird to feel connected to you and I've never met you 🥺 but I've been watching your videos for 3 years now and I love you for being such an inspiration and loving soul ♥️
Ashley Val
Ashley Val 4 months ago
OMG girly you give me so much happiness 🥰 you’re my inspiration! You are beautiful inside and out!!! You are so full of life!!!Thank you so much for been part of my life!!!! Are you left handed? I’m lefty too 😊 Your hand writing is so beautiful 😘
Cindy Riedmiller
Cindy Riedmiller 4 months ago
So dissappointed to hear you supporting BLM. They are a horrible organization with financial support from Leftists with socialist agenda. Will not be supporting your channel any longer.
Emma Berley
Emma Berley 4 months ago
Parenthood is AMAZING ! great skincare review!
Emma Berley
Emma Berley 4 months ago
love you girl !!
Kara Smith
Kara Smith 4 months ago
Could you do an updated night time skincare routine?
Breanne Nicole
Breanne Nicole 4 months ago
Yay I’ve been needing new skincare!
The Sirian Starseed
The Sirian Starseed 5 months ago
I use to buy the same bread you’re eating in this video and GIRL it is SO LITTLE. I know!! Lol
Krystal 5 months ago
Whitney, try Zitsticka....they work like magic for hormonal acne.
Alyssa Kozak
Alyssa Kozak 5 months ago
Just got the kit :) thanks Whit!!
Paola Obispo
Paola Obispo 5 months ago
I love plant content.
Emily B
Emily B 5 months ago
yay! just bought this kit! also for cystic acne, i really really REALLY recommend trying udos oil, it cleared up my skin in a week. i always notice when i stop taking it. it does not taste the best... but just eat it with some berries!
Taehyung’s Wife
Taehyung’s Wife 5 months ago
LOVE YOU!!! One of my fave videos you’ve done lately 💜💜
Jennifer Rangel
Jennifer Rangel 5 months ago
I can be feeling so off some days and I watch her videos and I totally forget why or how I was feeling right before. Sis is my mini therapy session.
imbrigita 5 months ago
Love 3 scrunchies on your wrists 😁
imbrigita 5 months ago
Watching this at 6am, thinking how to start my morning. 😁♥️
Ashley Goldsbury
Ashley Goldsbury 5 months ago
Hi beautiful! I’m so excited to tell you I ordered this kit from Tula along with the moisturizer, and this is my first time ever using Tula products and so far I absolutely love them! I was wondering if you normally use these products before going to the gym or after?
Linda Pedroza
Linda Pedroza 5 months ago
I freeze my bread too 🙃, and my family is like : You freeze bread?????😑 Im like yessss!!! It will last longer!!!
itsss.martha 5 months ago
I love your videos, youre so positive and Im so happy that I found your channel♡♡ much love
Sarah Woodfin
Sarah Woodfin 5 months ago
what vitamin C serum do you use!?!
Jennifer Rodriguez
Jennifer Rodriguez 5 months ago
Love your robe!! Looks so cozy. Where is it from?
Victoria Molina
Victoria Molina 5 months ago
I bought my kit- so freagin excited!
Nataly 5 months ago
your personality just puts me in such a better mood!
Vanessa Yurrita
Vanessa Yurrita 5 months ago
Thank you Whitney! I have hard days due to my depression, and you give me hope, you made me feel like I am not alone in this. When you explained your journal I started crying, sometimes its hard. But thank you for showing yourself as genuine.
EmilyBlythe6626 5 months ago
Hey girl! Where did you get your bedding? I love that color!
Ash K
Ash K 5 months ago
I just got mine!! I'm loving it 😍 ❤
Kayla Hill
Kayla Hill 5 months ago
LOL that tick Toc insert was epic LOL
Brittany Cline
Brittany Cline 5 months ago
Watch The Handmaid’s Tale! So intense, but so good.
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
Parenthood is such a good show! Gosh, I just need to go watch it again. It's been a while. Gets me in my feels!
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
Omg that Tula sunscreen, though...BEAUTIFUL. I love it! And I never wear sunscreen, but I will definitely keep using that product and continue incorporating it into my skin care routine!
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
Tula has transformed my skin and I feel brand new because of them! I will stand by that brand forever. They are THE best!
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
Congrats on your collab with them!
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
That TikTok video has my deeeeaaaaddd. LOL Also, you're so cute without makeup, too!
Tiffini Aldrich
Tiffini Aldrich 5 months ago
I just bought this and the toner and I'm nervous/excited to see if it helps my hormonal acne!!!! At what step do I use toner?
WhittniBubbles 5 months ago
Anyone know the song playing when she was fixing her bed?
Melanie Vegso
Melanie Vegso 5 months ago
Loved this video! And girl I love your enthusiasm😉☺. Btw Tula NEEDS to ship to Canada! Like this ant fair, I've been wanting to try their products for so long and cant cause of it. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Daniella Brown
Daniella Brown 5 months ago
the title for this video should be my skincare routine
Bethany Harlin
Bethany Harlin 5 months ago
Watering my plants in the morning is one of my favorite things too! This morning, I have 5 new tomatoes and more spinach sprouting! Thanks for the encouragement of a morning routine, that’s easy! ❤️❤️
mije zuta
mije zuta 5 months ago
Shelby Grace
Shelby Grace 5 months ago
this video made me so happy. you are GLOWING girl!!!! I've been in such a rut lately and your videos help me out so much, so THANK YOU for being so real and raw
Jasmine Hewson
Jasmine Hewson 5 months ago
You're videos make me so happy!🥰 Keep doing what you're doing. :):):):)
Erika Azua
Erika Azua 5 months ago
Whitttttney! Where are the new brow products you were wearing from ?💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams 5 months ago
Can the spot treatment be used at night?
Stacey Nicolee
Stacey Nicolee 5 months ago
Literally smiles, tears, and laughter in one video! ❤️(Happy tears because how you mentioned the birds chirping, and I love the birds chirping every morning because it reminds me of my nephew. We always sang to him in the morning “good morning to you... the birds are chirping.” 👼 ❤️🙏🏽). And then the bread. Immediately cracked me up.😂 Whitney you just fill my heart up so much! 💗Love you!!! Also I’m doing my best to get back on track with my Alive family! Miss you all!💗💗💗
Catherine H
Catherine H 5 months ago
Ahh! I’m soo excited just bought the kit with your code!! 💕 i swear anything that you try to sell I will buy 🥺🤣
Margaret B
Margaret B 5 months ago
I struggled with hormonal acne for years!!!! the only thing that cleared it up for me was a niacinimide cream from my dermatologist!
Sun & Bubbles
Sun & Bubbles 5 months ago
You make me so dang happy! If you have not watched Schitt's Creek put it on your radar :)
Katelynn Groh
Katelynn Groh 5 months ago
Hey Whitney! I’m planning on getting the tattoo “it’s a beautiful day to be alive” and I thought it would be cool to have it in your handwriting. Is this something you’d be willing to do for me? This phrase became my daily affirmation during a low point in my life and has such meaning to me know.
collin featherston
collin featherston 5 months ago
Miss your vlogs, Whitney!!!!
Bianca Riello
Bianca Riello 5 months ago
Um GIRL when in this routine are you having your morning caffeine because at 8:51 with no drink in sight I feel LIED to
Sustainably_ ShelbyG
Sustainably_ ShelbyG 5 months ago
Plants are seriously so amazing, separate those fiddles girl!
Jasminenergy 5 months ago
i love love your videos .. keep smashing it xx
Kyra de la Fuente
Kyra de la Fuente 5 months ago
love love love journaling. has made such a profound change in my life and allowed me to gain higher consciousness
leah_ nikolle
leah_ nikolle 5 months ago
I need to know where you get your robes I am so jealous whenever I see them in a video!! xoxo
Franzi Wander
Franzi Wander 5 months ago
OMG you're a lefty, welcome to the club!! Greetings from Berlin/Germany
Annette Garcia
Annette Garcia 5 months ago
Can you make a favorites video? ✨
HJS Equine
HJS Equine 5 months ago
where is the fiddle leaf fig video... We waiting.. 😂
Amanda Conroy
Amanda Conroy 5 months ago
Where are you? 😥
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright 5 months ago
Whit! Where are you girl? We miss you!
Sydney Patrus
Sydney Patrus 5 months ago
I love your channel so much!! Every time I see a new vid from you in my sub box, it brightens up my day!! :)
Jade Hymel
Jade Hymel 5 months ago
and then look at all my new leaves
Brian's Pokemon Channel
Brian's Pokemon Channel 5 months ago
Just found your channel. I know most women who have these channels are geared towards women, however I love your channel. You have such a bright and amazing personality, and optimism. I recently started eating right and doing strength training with some cardio. Lost 27 pounds already and my husband is doing it with me.
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith 5 months ago
gluten free toast can either be the best or be the most annoying thing in the world
Latonij Frazier
Latonij Frazier 5 months ago
Lol it's been a minute since I have seen your vids i for got how funny and positive you are💞💞
Lizbeth Garcia
Lizbeth Garcia 5 months ago
The nails are cute but kinda remind me of cockroaches........
Ставки 6 months ago
Откуда столько жира в бедрах?
Hiba Siddique
Hiba Siddique 6 months ago
Can someone help me out? Why can’t i see Whitney’s account on Instagram?! Did i get blocked?! It says User not found!!
Love Dance Fitness
Love Dance Fitness 6 months ago
I love how real you are in your videos and your a fitness inspiration to me💪💪thanks for making bomb content 😊
Came to change my username - can't think of one.
Came to change my username - can't think of one. 6 months ago
You are doing amazing. It's awesome to see you glimpsing these moments of true beauty in your life and seeing things as they are for the first time almost. You have come so far and will go so much further beautiful. (This is a note to Whitney, you AND myself :) )
Krystal Kleven
Krystal Kleven 6 months ago
Just started journaling half way through this video. Really helpful girl!
Claudia Sousa
Claudia Sousa 6 months ago
I love that little intro you did with the @ 1:48!!! It is SO friggen ADORABLE!! Sorry to hear that you've had some tough days -- keep your chin up!! :)
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