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Whitney Simmons

11 months ago

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Cristina Ledesma
Cristina Ledesma 11 months ago
anyone: who’s Linda? Whitney’s subscribers: we’re all Linda.
IJustWantToSleepPeacefully 10 months ago
Mhettallikha Yanez
Mhettallikha Yanez 10 months ago
@Whitney Simmons how do you feel about naked smoothie drinks?
Bodies After Babies
Bodies After Babies 11 months ago
Bahaha I’m legit Linda 🤣
dldl 11 months ago
IGotsSoMuchRhythm thank you so much! This is going to make her laugh her head off. Merry Christmas to you all the fellow Whit subs. Festive love to you all 💕
Kristine 11 months ago
dldl the one where she is wrapping gifts
Nivedita R
Nivedita R 15 days ago
Whitney: Rice cakes trash Me: YAAAASSSS!
Heidi Serna
Heidi Serna 28 days ago
*Just bought rice cakes yesterday* Whitney: "RICE CAKES... WHO? NO. DISGUSTING. TRASH." Me: oh..
Hannah Kistemaker
Hannah Kistemaker 2 months ago
So I loved hummus, then as an adult I discovered I’m allergic to sesame seeds... hummas has a paste that is basically concentrated sesame, so if anyone has a good substitute idea please let me know!
Elysse Ruelas
Elysse Ruelas 2 months ago
Girl you have me saying strawbs and bluebs 😂 thanks Whitney
Reflectionalize X
Reflectionalize X 3 months ago
Lol rice cakes who?
Andrea Cremeans
Andrea Cremeans 4 months ago
Where did u get those sunglasses? 💜
Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
I've never been to Sprouts a day in my life, but you just made me want to try it! I'll have to see if there's one in CLT!
Rebecca Trimble
Rebecca Trimble 5 months ago
Thank you SO much for recommending the rolls they are LIT!! 🤤
Amy Moore
Amy Moore 5 months ago
I just discovered your channel and I’m obsessed! I’m going to start your workout videos on Monday! So excited! And has anyone ever told you that you look like Actress Ali Larter? It’s uncanny!
Mauna McCorkle
Mauna McCorkle 5 months ago
Lawling at your hand sanitizer. Might have been an impulse purchase, but I'm sure you couldn't get it now if you wanted.
Agata S
Agata S 6 months ago
What store did you grocery shop at?
Holland Lutz
Holland Lutz 7 months ago
I love rice cakes. I need to try those lil rollers. I'm munching on caramel rice cakes right now.
Nicole Kehew
Nicole Kehew 7 months ago
Would love a sugar free food haul
Rachel Arsenault
Rachel Arsenault 7 months ago
Add turmeric to your jasmine rice, game changer 👌
Alicia Vazquez
Alicia Vazquez 7 months ago
Who’s watching all Whitney’s videos again during quarantine time? 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️
Bethany Cerise
Bethany Cerise 8 months ago
I love you Whit but I'm taking my flavoured rice cakes to my grave
Kelly Livingston
Kelly Livingston 8 months ago
Dollar Tree sells Pop Corners!! So happy. They are good!!
Kylie Khan
Kylie Khan 8 months ago
You should check out the energy drinks from Isagenix. The Alani Nu ones have a lot of sodium.
Adrianna Gutierrez
Adrianna Gutierrez 8 months ago
omg where did you get your sun glasses!!!!!
Lauren Bearup
Lauren Bearup 8 months ago
please the sunglasses link
Lynn McD
Lynn McD 8 months ago
Where do u shop for this stuff?
Ashley O
Ashley O 8 months ago
Omg when she says gotem! I love her over here cracking up
Dominika Walsh
Dominika Walsh 9 months ago
Where are your sunglasses from
Lindsay Sutherland
Lindsay Sutherland 9 months ago
LOVE me some asparagus, not a fan of the asparagus pee. Why Asparagus, Why you gotta make my pee smell like boiled duck sh*t?
tnay 9 months ago
Where is your sun glasses from?
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait 9 months ago
Holy guac I got the rice rollers at my commissary and I love them so much. I’m sad there’s only 3 packs
Navil Moreno
Navil Moreno 9 months ago
@whitneysimmons I love the roller rice cakes!! My favorite!!
Cinda Keirsey
Cinda Keirsey 9 months ago
I love how much she enjoys her food. It is so refreshing to see a health blogger actually ENJOY her food.
Geneva Vanderboegh
Geneva Vanderboegh 9 months ago
Your seriously my favorite new youtuber
Erin Phillips
Erin Phillips 9 months ago
The seafood flavor 😭 my shellfish allergy could never
Who are you KitTin Chronicles
Who are you KitTin Chronicles 9 months ago
You are so lovely. What is the brand of your sunnies as you are driving to Sprouts?
Hayleigh's Handcrafted
Hayleigh's Handcrafted 9 months ago
I just started watching you & following you and OMG I LOVE U LMAO
shahad Nashi
shahad Nashi 9 months ago
You are so perfect
Greslly Rodriguez
Greslly Rodriguez 9 months ago
So glad to see you using mesh bags! Would love to see you do a video with less plastic/ environmentally friendly food halls. You are the best!
Yasmine LaShea
Yasmine LaShea 9 months ago
Love your Page! I’m in love with the sunnies 😎 mind sharing details, are they Rayban’s?
Marisa Baptista
Marisa Baptista 9 months ago
Whit, you gotta try Everything But the Bagel Seasoning or the Balsamic Glaze (both from Trader Joes) on those avocados!
michelle leyva
michelle leyva 9 months ago
I just came across your channel and OMG i am in love!! Subscribed immediately! ❤️❤️
Robyn Weyeneth
Robyn Weyeneth 9 months ago
Lol I eat those waffles in the car on the go all the time for some reason 😂
Alyssa Wood
Alyssa Wood 9 months ago
If you're looking for an amazing vegan cream cheese try VIOLIFE omgggg. I made cheesecake with it and the non vegans loved it lmao. It's the closest to Philadelphia cream cheese I can find!
Kaley Conner
Kaley Conner 10 months ago
New drinking game: Take a shot every time Whit says Fan-freakin-tastic
Eric Salzman
Eric Salzman 10 months ago
Hey Whitney Where’s your coat from. The gf would love it and I would love it on her lol
Heather Yelton
Heather Yelton 10 months ago
Lenny & Larry’s Complete Crunchy double chocolate cookies! (Target) [6 cookies per serving] Cals: 160 Fat: 8g Carbs: 19g + 4g fiber Sugar: 9g PROTEIN: 6g-20 per bag ❤️ No eggs, No dairy, No soy, No sugar alcohol, Non GMO, plant-based proteins Tastes AMAZING! I love it for my post workout protein snack😋
nobodycares 10 months ago
You amazing💗👏
Celeste Acevedo
Celeste Acevedo 10 months ago
Does anyone know which jacket that is?!
dia dorado
dia dorado 10 months ago
What kind of camera are you using? :)
Anna DeAngelis
Anna DeAngelis 10 months ago
I add to salt to avocados and the flavor is so much better. I am now addicted to them because of salt. Also, I add to sandwiches add it makes the sandwich taste better.
TheAliLife 10 months ago
Honestly watching Whit talk just brings my mood up so much
Jacquelyn 10 months ago
Why everything gotta be organic tho
Hope Sands
Hope Sands 10 months ago
The guilt just eats you alive LMAO that's so me!!
theycallmedudaa 10 months ago
Honestly editing is 10/10
rockstarr 10 months ago
Clicked this because I saw those rice roll things! Lol
Natasha Crews
Natasha Crews 10 months ago
this whole time I was trying to figure out what you were saying.. "un lux" but its un-lox your dreams, like unlock your dreams, you pronounce lox like lock. just for future reference. loved the video
Fit with Nic
Fit with Nic 10 months ago
Sprouts is this shit
jennifer Dorsey
jennifer Dorsey 10 months ago
Love Sprouts. Do you have a Natural Grocers in Utah?? They have the best produce. IMO.
tt 10 months ago
Can you link that chocolate bar
Sydney Palevich
Sydney Palevich 10 months ago
OMG MUST TRY THE CHIPS - I love the sweet and spicy Doritos
Carlos Bocanegra
Carlos Bocanegra 10 months ago
Did good keep working
Brandy Fife
Brandy Fife 10 months ago
What are your and Stephens zodiac signs?
melissa vandette
melissa vandette 10 months ago
Whitney! I am dyyying. You are too much! Great content but lawd...the humor 😂
Monique Joy
Monique Joy 10 months ago
Whitney Just started my fitness journey and I’m super excited you inspire me it’s been hard but watching your videos really pushes me to never give up Thank you for helping me keep pushing to my goals
Magui 10 months ago
I LOVE Sprouts !!
drummergirl151 10 months ago
Whitney gurlll ya making me hungry I had to pause this video at 8:19! Before I watched this, I bought Siete almond flour tortillas, and the vans blueberry waffles and they're in my freezer. In my fridge, baby carrots and Greek yogurt ranch dip!!!!
Raquelle Lee Las Vegas
Raquelle Lee Las Vegas 10 months ago
Hiyeeeee!!!!! So the first video I actually watched was your weight loss journey and I've been obsessed ever since. I just want you to know you're beautiful and I'm officially a loyal viewer. You've also inspired the majority of my own weight loss journey. Stay you❤❤❤❤✨
Linda Grace
Linda Grace 10 months ago
Yassss it’s a beautiful day to be alive when you are rewatching Whitney’s videos/vlogs
Linda Grace
Linda Grace 10 months ago
Omgosh my name is Linda!! I thought I was imagining it when she said it 😂
marieeclaire 10 months ago
Me packing my lunch is my avocado lunch bag 😂😂
bram9658 10 months ago
Do you have a pressure cooker? I just cooked my spaghetti squash in my iFood Ninja and my mind was blown. ready in 10 minutes and perfect texture!
Lauren Cain
Lauren Cain 10 months ago
Take a shot every time she says "to die for" or "pop it in/on" 😂😂😂
Tess S
Tess S 10 months ago
Hey Whit! Since you're so aware with eating plant based, you should look into eating seasonally! Especially fruit and vegetables. It really is so good for not only your $$$$$ but the planet! :-) xoxo
Lauren Greene
Lauren Greene 10 months ago
Whitney ring and sunglasses details? I NEED THEM 😍
Naula Denise
Naula Denise 10 months ago
Cvs sells these too
Just Jessi
Just Jessi 10 months ago
2:19 If you put a handful into a bowl and hide the bag you won't accidentally eat the whole bag LOL Relate-able tho
MikaylaC204 10 months ago
These are my absolute favourite videos! Even though I don’t have access to a Trader Joe’s or a sprouts
Rhea Walters
Rhea Walters 10 months ago
HOW TO USE YOUR AVOCADO AND NOT TASTE IT: - vanilla protein powder - almond milk - avocado - almond extract (and almonds if you want) - Ice cubes - (spinach optional) AVOCADO VANILLA ALMOND SHAKE ITS BOOOMMMBBB AND DOESNT TASTE LIKE AVOCADO JUST CREAMY
ayyboz 10 months ago
You should try the Sprouts hibachi fried rice.. it was in the same spot as the frozen jasmine rice (for me anyways) and it’s sooooo legit!!!!!
Erica Cynthia
Erica Cynthia 10 months ago
i love love love the enjoy life dark chocolate chips. i put them in my kodiak cakes :)
Rosa Casas
Rosa Casas 10 months ago
Does someone know what state Whitney lives?
Cori Regalado
Cori Regalado 10 months ago
Put lemon juice and black pepper on asparagus. You’re welcome
Courtney Wyche
Courtney Wyche 10 months ago
Ohhhh ... those rice rollers!!! 🤤 dont even get me started 😂🤣 also, you should know, my 3 year old black lab, he also approves lol he snuck into the pantry while I was gone and just had himself a little snack with those ... every single one of them 😂🐶🤦‍♀️🤣
Bernadette Nguy
Bernadette Nguy 10 months ago
spaghetti squash recipe plsss
Bridgitte Collard
Bridgitte Collard 10 months ago
WHERE do i find those sunglasses!?!
Mackenzie McGahee
Mackenzie McGahee 10 months ago
Bridgitte Collard Girl same!
Elise W
Elise W 10 months ago
You can freeze avocado!! If you take the skin off just pop it in a freezer bag and you can thaw later :)
FRANNiiEbOO 10 months ago
4:20 Were you just humming "Graduation" by Vitamin C??😂
Cheyenne Perry
Cheyenne Perry 10 months ago
that is my favoriteeee handitizer ~~~
simmyjack 10 months ago
Pop pop pop pop pop pop 😂😂😂😂😂
Lisa Nicole Gomez
Lisa Nicole Gomez 11 months ago
Making my grocery list based off this video. 😂😂😂
Neka I
Neka I 11 months ago
You can get those rice rollers at dollar tree for $1 sometimes 🤷🏽‍♀️
Martha Ochoa
Martha Ochoa 11 months ago
You got me addicted to the rice 🍚 rollers thank you 😊
Nicole Kehew
Nicole Kehew 11 months ago
Love love love your videos. I was laying in bed miserable last week and decided to change my life around because of your lifestyle. Love it so much. 🙏🏻
Izzi Edmunds
Izzi Edmunds 11 months ago
How the tit do all these foods fit into your macros. !?
Amelia Bonilla
Amelia Bonilla 11 months ago
The dr bronzer hand sanitizer in peppermint scent is soooo good!
Anna Kelly
Anna Kelly 11 months ago
You can use the instant pot to make mashed potatoes!
Hannah Waldrop
Hannah Waldrop 11 months ago
In case you didn’t know, Wednesday is double ad day at sprouts. SAVINGS.
Chimay Allis
Chimay Allis 11 months ago
Where are your sunglasses from?! 😍
Lexi Victoria
Lexi Victoria 10 months ago
Or at least that's what they look the most similar to lol
Lexi Victoria
Lexi Victoria 10 months ago
Long Story from Quay
Adriana Gil
Adriana Gil 11 months ago
I have a Sprouts near me but never walked in. Now, thanks to Whitney, I’ll be going there this week lol
tinanxo 11 months ago
I just bought the cream cheese at Trader joes!! and GIRLL its fire
Jessica Sabin
Jessica Sabin 11 months ago
Girl same, I didn't know you could pop froen bread straight into the toaster either!!! Thank you for dropping some knowledge.
Sophia The First
Sophia The First 11 months ago
Why is a bag of chips almost 30 bucks
Tessie Biddix
Tessie Biddix 11 months ago
You're makeup is beautfil what do you use? Love your channel! Been doing your workouts everyday!
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