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Whitney Simmons

10 months ago

I am SO OVER THE MOON excited to share with you MY VERY OWN WORKOUT APP called ALIVE because it's a beautiful day to be ALIVE BABY!
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Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 10 months ago
AHHHHH ALIVE BY WHITNEY IS HERE! I know we're dealing with some glitches ALREADY (YA'LL CRASHED ALIVE) and my team and I are already ON IT!! We are pushing updates to the server now so give me a few and we should be up and running smoothly again shortly!
Maria Silvia
Maria Silvia 5 months ago
You are awesome Whitney!! Congratulations! Please release the app in android 🙏🏻
Sherry Bell
Sherry Bell 9 months ago
Why isn't it available for Samsung :(
Jack Stone
Jack Stone 10 months ago
Give thank to be a live and hope u say it every time lot of us only wake and dont give thank
jasmocka1 10 months ago
Whitney Simmons you are the absolute best! Never downloaded something so quickly, I love it! Love your videos! And I love you girl! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Madalyn Walker
Madalyn Walker 10 months ago
Whitney Simmons please do a review of your fav gym shoes!!!
Marlissa v/d Beek
Marlissa v/d Beek 15 days ago
Hi Whitney, are there dumbells only programs in your app? I only train with dumbells.. Love to hear from you! Xxx
silver_04 Month ago
Whitney! I loved the look of the app you can tell you really took your time making it and it’s such HIGH quality. I tried it for a month and it’s been a great guidance for me at the gym. Just few tips that would be great if you could improve: sometimes the videos lag so we can’t see what you’re doing when the instruction comes up, it would be nice if we can change what exercise we want to do next or modify as sometimes some equipment can be taken up and can sorta ruin the flow. Id love some beepers to let you know when rest is over. Maybe some more cardio circuit style workouts? And some advice on form so we know how our posture is meant to be and if we’re doing it right. Other than that it’s been amazing for me 💕
Kortni mizuno
Kortni mizuno 2 months ago
Hi! I’m sure you answered this is the video but I must have missed it. But is this only based for at gym work outs? Is there a section for at home work outs? Thank you! You’re killing it!
HeidiNVP 3 months ago
Since we still can’t go to the gym, is this something I can do from home? I don’t have equipment at home.
giiaannaa1 3 months ago
So excited for this! My only issue is I’ve tried other fitness apps before and it’s so hard to follow along on my phone so I screen record it on my Apple TV and then it usually glitches and I can’t listen to my music without it lagging... anyone else have this issue/know a better way to follow fitness apps?
Jasmine Santiago
Jasmine Santiago 3 months ago
I came back because I wanted to be hyped again now the android version is out 🎉🎉
rebecca nulton
rebecca nulton 4 months ago
👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 you go girlfriend 🥰😅🍾
Alicia Marie
Alicia Marie 5 months ago
Such a great name for an app! Literally... working out and being healthy makes you feel alive!
Kiara Morelli
Kiara Morelli 5 months ago
Yay!!!! I’m so proud of you Whitney!!! I’ve been watching you since your very first USposts video, so awesome seeing the person you’ve grown into. Already downloaded the app, your going to show all the people who doubted you wrong. ❤️❤️❤️
Francheska Fox
Francheska Fox 5 months ago
We have to pay to see workouts on your app?
Sabrina Vincent
Sabrina Vincent 5 months ago
Congrats for this! It is such a big and wonderful project. I will definitely be downloading and trying this out
Nathalia Forero
Nathalia Forero 5 months ago
You are so amazing! I had no idea you had this omg I’m back at the gym after a long time and I’ll excited to try it out😍😍❤️❤️
carlie and ava
carlie and ava 5 months ago
i wish i had money :’(
Veronhamtea 5 months ago
You are absolutely amazing. You have created an app that has captured your beauty and your energy. Thank you for the free trial to try it. The timers are phenomenal to have, something that I have missed in other apps. I love how you held out and created something amazing. You are beautiful inside and out and one smart cookie. God bless u and thank you for always reminding us it is “A beautiful day to be alive” every day 💕🙌😊😊
madison cox
madison cox 5 months ago
I'm so so sad that I can't download the Alive app because I don't have an i phone.
Lee-Anne Pinto
Lee-Anne Pinto 5 months ago
Whit I am 14 years old, turning 15 this year. And my goal is to go ta a gym at 16 and get your app! Can't wait till the moment I can get to a gym and get your app aswell
Amanda Cheatham
Amanda Cheatham 5 months ago
i looooove this app. sooooo much more simple & more clear than the other workout apps i’ve used (and the colors & style - *chefs kiss* )
SaraSahlie Marcato
SaraSahlie Marcato 5 months ago
The 197 ppl who disliked are jelly bc they have androids and can’t download the app
Lemongrass Coconut
Lemongrass Coconut 6 months ago
You are motivating me!! Thank u
Caridad Rios
Caridad Rios 6 months ago
When is this going to be available for android whitney I wanna give you my money!!!!
Rhiannon Chapman
Rhiannon Chapman 6 months ago
I wanted to download this so bad!! Too bad I have an Android, I'll wait for you Whitney!!!!
missleigh 6 months ago
The only thing I can say is YESSSSSS. Lol I would go to the gym and be scared of people judging me that I was wasting time on my phone bc I would be on youtube watching your work outs and trying to follow along 😂 haha Thank you Whitney! Been following you since 2017 💛 Congratulations on your app!
Marta Siordia
Marta Siordia 6 months ago
Whhhhiiittytnnnneeeeyyyyy! 😭😭 I need the Android app.
Jaclyn Castro
Jaclyn Castro 6 months ago
I have been following you for a couple of years now (2017) and have watched you grow. This is such exciting news and very encouraging to me because I have had many people doubt me in my journey. I have to say that I am the biggest doubter in myself though. Tears and frustration and wanting to give up are all things that I can relate to as I am trying to get my own online fitness coaching off the ground. Thank you for your example of persevering through the tough spots. I'm so glad that I found you on YT (and I just started following you on IG finally)! Also, your app looks great! I will be sure to report bugs when I get into it. In the meantime, just windshield wiper the bugs that mess up your app and push on! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your encouragement, inspiration, and most of all your transparent PERSONALITY and VULNERABILITY, which is why I subscribed to your channel in the first place!
Asia Aoki
Asia Aoki 7 months ago
So exciting!! I've been following for YEARS and this is a huge moment. In light of the Covid situation, what is the ratio for at home no/little equipment workouts on the app?
Brianna Torres
Brianna Torres 7 months ago
Who’s doing this app during Quarantine?! It’s seriously the best and helping me loooove my body. Thanks whit, you’re amazing 💕
Shayna Kryger
Shayna Kryger 7 months ago
Literally 💔 this isn't on Android.
Valerie Aviles
Valerie Aviles 7 months ago
Haven’t seen the video yet and I already liked it! I loveeee you Whitney. You are a ray of sunshine during these hard times. I’ve gained crazy weight due to the quarantine, curfew and my anxiety and I can’t wait to start using your app. P.S. pleaseee do an updated Gym Favs video. 💕💕💕
Alaitz Palomares
Alaitz Palomares 7 months ago
When is gonna be for android!?
mckenna ashton
mckenna ashton 7 months ago
I wish the app was for people working out at home too 😖
Brittney Lowry
Brittney Lowry 7 months ago
I wish I could heart this video a million times, so happy for you, you are so inspiring. I love you, i love your workouts, you were the person that got me more into fitness. Love you so much whitney, proud of you for sticking to what is true to you despite the tough times you went through to make it happen. So inspiring I'm crying right now!! YOU GOT THIS 🥰🥰
jenn lardner
jenn lardner 7 months ago
Is the app suitable for someone who does dumbbell only workouts at home?
Natalie Minassian
Natalie Minassian 7 months ago
Your makeup looks so good!! I’m so happy for you, congrats girl!! This is so exciting! I love doing your workouts!🤩🤩
Nguyễn Đại TUBE
Nguyễn Đại TUBE 8 months ago
Hi! Did you record this video with your phone or camera?
Mary C.
Mary C. 8 months ago
You might have already answered this... I signed up but I don't know what kind of band to purchase. Is there one band for all programs or is this going to change?
Shamar Fewson
Shamar Fewson 8 months ago
I'm clearly really late to this party but HOLY HECKIN' BOB!! I literally came to your channel this morning to find a motivational video to help keep me on track and i get THIS! I can't wait to download the app! This is exactly what I needed, this is so great Whit! So happy for you 🎉🎉💖
Stella Koe
Stella Koe 8 months ago
if u doubt yourself, do u doubt yourself as a queen of doubt? 🤔
Mary Knst
Mary Knst 8 months ago
It would be cool if you included one “fit test” that we can do at the beginning, end and during our fitness journey to see how stronger we have become over time. For example, how many burpees, jump squats, push ups etc we can do in 1 minute. :)). This way we can see our improvement
TheCurlyFitChic 8 months ago
When you said progress photos could be uploaded and side by side comparisons could be done. I was ready to download. But oh wait. Not for Android owners. Sincd it's been two months since this video. I'm going to start looking elsewhere. Too bad. Because I wanted to support this venture. Still think you are awesome!
Dfossss 8 months ago
Just got the app! I love it so far
Miranda Turnbull
Miranda Turnbull 8 months ago
How do you get this app on your tv?
Kassie Calvert
Kassie Calvert 8 months ago
Is this going to be available for android users? I've been following you for ever and was so excited about this app only to find out it's for iPhones only 😭😭 PLEASE tell me there will be an android version available soon!!
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 8 months ago
super proud and very excited to start the alive inside program while in quarantine!!! the alive stronger program will start once the gyms reopen but still very excited and very proud of you!!! it truthfully is a beautiful day to be alive
Juliet Rose
Juliet Rose 8 months ago
What are the main differences between the two programs other than the duration? I can’t access a description without purchasing first.
Daily Dose Of Health
Daily Dose Of Health 8 months ago
Wow! So proud of you Whit!!! You’ve done so many amazing things in the past year. I’m blown away and inspired. ❤️ I am going to check this app out.
Suzana Santos
Suzana Santos 8 months ago
Is it available for Android?
ShaSha 8 months ago
thank u for staying true to urself. we love u♥️
Sofie Dreggevik
Sofie Dreggevik 8 months ago
was so ready to by it right away.... too bad, I have an android:(
Emi Girkins
Emi Girkins 7 months ago
I know I'm going to steal my son's IPad just to heckin download it
Claire Smith
Claire Smith 8 months ago
when you can't go to the gym because of corona virus ):
Eden Valentinov
Eden Valentinov 8 months ago
not available for android :(
Megan Taylor
Megan Taylor 8 months ago
LOVE THIS! SO EXCITED! Congratulations!~
Nadia Kruger
Nadia Kruger 8 months ago
Arletta Peau
Arletta Peau 8 months ago
When will the app be available for android users please?
Brook Duwe
Brook Duwe 8 months ago
I’m soooo excited I’ve been wanting to lose weight for a while but didn’t really know where to start and this is giving me motivation! Thank you Whitney!
Farhana Begum
Farhana Begum 8 months ago
Please get it on android xxx
Mattelstown 8 months ago
whitney i dont think you understand how many times i watch your workout videos at the gym to mimic them for like 4 years now! this app is going to be a life saver! congrats!
Paulina B
Paulina B 8 months ago
Whit!! Just wanted to say I've been following you & doing your workouts since 2016. You are SO talented, put together such amazing workouts and are so relatable
ScandaLesa 8 months ago
Girl I need this!!! When is the Android app coming?!!! 😭😭😭
Liang Bricks
Liang Bricks 9 months ago
O my god❤️❤️❤️ love you so much ❤️❤️ just download it and buy the alive strong😍 I’m so excited for tomorrow to do the workout!!!
Maddison Spell-Flores
Maddison Spell-Flores 9 months ago
I’ve tried out a lot of work out apps, this is by far my favorite. No glitches yet, and love seeing Whitney work out with me! Love you Whit, you’re such an inspiration. Thank you for this 🙏🙏
Katie Sanchez
Katie Sanchez 9 months ago
You made me tear up. Congratulations Whitney you’re amazing thank you for reminding me that every day is a beautiful day to be alive. It means more than you will ever know.
Dayz Terry
Dayz Terry 9 months ago
You snapped with this app sis. Congrats!
Dayz Terry
Dayz Terry 9 months ago
The workout previews with the timer?!!?!? AMAZING
Sally K
Sally K 9 months ago
Can't wait for the android release!
DiscoverTheMonkey 9 months ago
Can't wait for the app to come to Android 😍 it will be the biggest help with getting my post baby body up and strong again 💪
kristen De Santiago
kristen De Santiago 9 months ago
Omg I’m so late to the party! I just downloaded the app!
Frances S.
Frances S. 9 months ago
App downloaded!! Can’t wait to use it 😍😍😍
jessical0930 9 months ago
Thank you for creating this!! U truly are an inspiration to me... you are trust worthy, funny, an amazing dog mom, humble, honest, real and kind... it feels like I have a gym partner again and I’m excited about my workout tomorrow... are you thinking about adding meal ideas?? that would be fantastic!! I know this must be a lot of work and I appreciate you!!! 💕
Cay Ayling
Cay Ayling 9 months ago
Please say its coming out on android soon!!! @whitneysimmons
Charstyle With Sass
Charstyle With Sass 9 months ago
I just found you like yesterday, but theres something about your energy and sense of humor that I adore. I definetly will give the app a whirl - Ive been looking to extend my workouts and im too lazy to put something together on my own 😂 DL Alive RN!!
mauritius raybould
mauritius raybould 9 months ago
Pleaaaaase include abs into the weekly workouts! I think it would be good for cardio day?
Missbirdd 9 months ago
I need this for Android 😣
Christina Theodore
Christina Theodore 9 months ago
I love your videos! So happy that you were able to accomplish this. Congrat! I really would like to get into fitness. Ive struggled with weight loss and honestly just for my mental health im interested. Im wondering how the programs are for newbies. Is it to advanced for someone new to working out?
_evie_ruiz 22
_evie_ruiz 22 9 months ago
So happy & So proud of you love !! Wow I cant wait to try this! We love you ❤️🙏🏼
Hollie Marie
Hollie Marie 9 months ago
Hollie Marie
Hollie Marie 9 months ago
I love youuuuuuuu girl!!!!
Lindsey Hernandez
Lindsey Hernandez 9 months ago
Suggestion: In the programs, I would love it if there was a way to organize the week to fit your own unique schedule. In other words, I wish I could match the schedule in terms of the day I want my workouts and rest day to fall on.
kendall mccombe
kendall mccombe 9 months ago
Make it available for Android and I will definitely download. Love your attitude and the fact that you lift wieghts!!! 😃 I work in a gym and it is a massive struggle to convince women to go in the free weights area. We need more women who lift!!
Jordyn Rae
Jordyn Rae 9 months ago
Starting Alive 1.0 today, keep the programs coming!
Jordyn Rae
Jordyn Rae 9 months ago
Ok this app is bomb af. I have always taken your USposts videos to the gym with me and done them but this makes it SO DANG EASY! There is no other app I would ever pay for!!!!!! It’s HOT FIRE FLAMES!
Destiny Ramos
Destiny Ramos 9 months ago
I was dreaming for this day.!! Im sooo excited. I cant wait to reach my goals!! ♥️♥️ thank you Whitney 🥳
Staci 9 months ago
I was so excited because this is exactly what I need...but only for iPhone? 😭
Efi 9 months ago
I’m so freaking excited!!! :D
Jackie Noelle
Jackie Noelle 9 months ago
I started the app and so far it’s great! I feel amazing. The only thing I wish I could do on it is switch around the order of movements. For example, I work out in a small but very crowded gym. If I move from my bench and free weights to the cable machine, I will lose my spot back at the bench later. I would love to be able to work with the free weights and then move to machines or vice versa.
Olivia Hernandez
Olivia Hernandez 9 months ago
Yaaassss so happy for you Whit!!! I can’t wait to try after I have this baby!! ILY!!! ❤️❤️
Sarah Sim
Sarah Sim 9 months ago
You have come so far! I’ve loved following you from the beginning and I’m so damn proud and excited for you, Whit!!! I can’t wait to use it!
Ashley Whitt
Ashley Whitt 9 months ago
I love all your fit tips, and healthy eating videos. I've lost over 100lbs and wanting to maintain my weight and stay toned. So hard to find the right app. Can you please make this app available for android?
Sarah Gonzales
Sarah Gonzales 9 months ago
So, excited for you whitney!!! ❤❤❤ congrats , girl!!!
Yasmine Guemri
Yasmine Guemri 9 months ago
Dasha Adushkina
Dasha Adushkina 9 months ago
Oh no! Where’s the love for the Android fam? 😔
Sherry Bell
Sherry Bell 9 months ago
Cristina Mourin
Cristina Mourin 9 months ago
I follow you from IG. you are hilarious!!! I can't afford the app right now :(. In Argentina I have to do the math $113*$80 = $9040 (whaaat). But girll , you're worth it !!! Im very happy for you and us!!
Vouserra _
Vouserra _ 9 months ago
Congratulations, girl!
Kimberly N.
Kimberly N. 9 months ago
Ah! When will the android version be available!? AHHHHH. I need this now. ha.
Felicia Watts
Felicia Watts 9 months ago
Downloading ASAP! 💕 I’m a momma of three and I’ve always wanted to be “fit” but didn’t think I could ever do it I’ve started my journey with you as my inspiration. I lost the weight I wanted to loose and I joined a gym and finally started exercising but I’m so scared to be “doing it wrong” So I’m pretty excited for your app 🤗🤗🤗 I love your positivity I aspire so have such a positive outlook. Also side note what shoes do you wear during your workout? I neeeed something more comfortable 😊
jonpsoldier1 9 months ago
Hi! Could this program work for beginners? Do you need extra equipment to use it from home? Thanks! Jessica
Jessica J Hernandez
Jessica J Hernandez 9 months ago
13:21 part got me, you’re the reason why I’m starting today! No more excuses. Thank you Whitney.
Samara Jobarah
Samara Jobarah 9 months ago
You are LIFE CHANGINGGGG I admire everything you stand for ❤️ Thank you so muchhh for staying true to yourself and being such an inspiration to all of us 😭🥰
Emily Hite
Emily Hite 9 months ago
I know I’m late to the party, but I started Alive 1.0 today and SISTER I AM IMPRESSED!! Loved the Day 1 workout and I am so THANKFUL that you incorporated the glute activation into the workout! I know you’ve been telling us about glute activation for awhile now but today was my first time actually doing it and wowowow what a difference it makes! So proud of you Whit!
Stephanie Morales
Stephanie Morales 9 months ago
I’m a little late to the party, and I usually don’t comment on videos but I just had to say congratulations! Just downloaded the app, not necessarily because I’m a big workout junkie but because of you. Something about your positivity and the way you share is really special and just makes me smile. Your personality really shines and gives me perspective about the blessing it is to be alive! 😊
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