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GET READY WITH ME (GRWM) natural makeup and beachy wave hair tutorial!! Day in the life vlog too!
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Beach Waver...
Dress is House of CB
CC cream
Mixed with...
Cream contour in Bondi Bae
Cream blush in Poppy Girl
Concealer 2
Setting powder in translucent peach
Face glowy setting powder
Blush duo
Eye shadow
Setting mist 1
Brows in brown
Setting mist 2

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Kourtney With the kurls
Kourtney With the kurls 3 months ago
Lol “buzzers” 🤣
Nicole Sparks
Nicole Sparks 4 months ago
Is she getting married in Hawaii 😍😍
Michael Henri
Michael Henri 5 months ago
Steph is into much older ladies evidently.
Arlet Biosca
Arlet Biosca 5 months ago
PLEASE please please tell me which cream contour you’re using😭😭😭
KY L 5 months ago
Whitney, where did you get that green tank you were wearing at the start of the video?
heartpounds 6 months ago
anyone know where the green shirt and shorts are from?
kristin schaedel
kristin schaedel 8 months ago
okay but where is the beach bag from 😫 I’ve been on the hunt!
Celeste Chaoul
Celeste Chaoul 8 months ago
your videos are so fun to watch! always puts a smile on my face!
Nicole Lheureux
Nicole Lheureux 9 months ago
You are SO cute Whitney! Absolutely love you!
Vanessa Hutras
Vanessa Hutras 10 months ago
Sometimes when I’m feelin’ anxious or sad i just pop on a whit vid, & all feels right in the world 😌💕 just adore you!!!
See Elise
See Elise 11 months ago
For Whitmas this year, I want Stefan to propose in Hawaii.... just sayin. 😝 😝
Hilary Adams
Hilary Adams Year ago
Omg I love the sunglasses! Where are they from (at 7:51)
Monica Roberts
Monica Roberts Year ago
WHIT happy thanksgiving! Ya girl is shopping on Quay Australia (BOGO....are you kiddin me?!) I love the sunnies you’re wearing here! What color are they? There’s so many colors is in the desi high key rimless🤩
Hannah Year ago
Does anyone know where the cute olive green crop top is from she’s wearing in the beginning? 🥺🥺
crzy4bsb Year ago
"Get Ready with Me in Hawaii"?? Umm, where exactly was the Hawaii part to this??? That was why I clicked on this video because of the Hawaii part in the title, very very misleading there!!
Natasha Teague
Natasha Teague Year ago
Re watching this. Can we have more vlogging Whitney???
a bradley
a bradley Year ago
There so cute together
Mar Alvarado
Mar Alvarado Year ago
Whit!! Where is that top from???
Lottie P
Lottie P Year ago
Omg I’m in Manchester and I missed you!!! 😭😭💞💞
Amanda Godfrey
Amanda Godfrey Year ago
Amanda Godfrey
Amanda Godfrey Year ago
What kind of dogs do you have?
Meghan Fusco
Meghan Fusco Year ago you and Stephan dancing😍😍😍
Meghan Fusco
Meghan Fusco Year ago
Loved this vid ❤️ you're so fun! Please keep vlogging 🤗
Theresa G.
Theresa G. Year ago
Anyone else thinks she talks and acts just like marissa lace. It's so crazy how exactly she sounds like her! 😝
Linda Weaver
Linda Weaver Year ago
Omg Stefan at the end😂
Natasha Chiu
Natasha Chiu Year ago
I remember that video too 😂💕
Rachel Adamos
Rachel Adamos Year ago
Where is your outfit from?!
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
How old are you Whitney just wondering
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
Sorry just started to watch this video Whitney I already watched the video room tour ok
Debra Roth
Debra Roth Year ago
I know can’t stand when they did my cleanings before put my braces on the crap hurts when they clean your teeth.
Kaylyn Dudich
Kaylyn Dudich Year ago
“thanks for coming to my ted talk” “love that about me” 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻you’re hilarious and I love you and your man is a good and I can’t wait for you guys to get married !!
HALEY No last name
HALEY No last name Year ago
How did you like the beach waver? Was it worth it?
Amberrae Scholtz
Amberrae Scholtz Year ago
Aaaaaaaaabsolutley love you but I’m born & Raised in Oahu & your pronunciation of Hawai’i is KILLING me 😅
Mathilde Viberg
Mathilde Viberg Year ago
What pants are you wearing in the beginning of the video in the bathroom girl?
Danielle Kashat
Danielle Kashat Year ago
Congrats on being done with Invisalign!! Beautiful smile 😁♥️♥️♥️♥️
Mariah C
Mariah C Year ago
What shade do you use in your CC cream??
Benjamin Ellam
Benjamin Ellam Year ago
You are so find damm ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😜😜😜
GoVerdigo Year ago
I loooved the ending. This was fun. And the dancing so cute. Can't wait for more vlogs!
Katie Davis
Katie Davis Year ago
Obviously the dogs are some kind of poodle, but I HAVE TO KNOW what breed are they? ADORABLE
mimigoesfishing Year ago
How about putting your hair in braids? A lot less damaging than any buns and ponytails. Plus they stay on through HIIT cardio!
Alexandra Martel
Alexandra Martel Year ago
For your hair, try having your natural color for fall or something 💇🏽‍♀️ We love NATURAL 💙
Alexandra Martel
Alexandra Martel Year ago
I love how Whit always show her lil doggos on her vids like they're her kids AND THAT IS SO CUTE !!! 😍
Lora Snyder
Lora Snyder Year ago
I was laughing through this whole video! You are fab!
Grace Galvan
Grace Galvan Year ago
Whitney your are beautiful ❤️ also, that cheek blush stick has a brush on the other end! No need for fingers lol love u
Alex Suetholz
Alex Suetholz Year ago
I love when you vlog 😭
Linda Rodriguez
Linda Rodriguez Year ago
Girl I totally loved this video. You guys make such a cute couple. I have been watching you since you have had 300,000 followers when I was pregnant. I love your personality and you are so motivational and I can’t wait to get your tart pallet. You are just simply amazing it’s definitely a beautiful Day to be alive.
Fit with Nic
Fit with Nic Year ago
Most entertaining vlogs on USposts
Brianna Nickz
Brianna Nickz Year ago
It’s funny because we all want what we can’t have and I have curly wavy hair and I WISH I had stick straight hair 😂 I look like hagrid daily 👌🏻
Alexis McNees
Alexis McNees Year ago
Omg you guys are perfect together 😭💜
Frédérika LePain
Frédérika LePain Year ago
Caterider Year ago
Would love to see you try to compete someday!
Yasmin Year ago
Are you doing the middle part because of the breakage ?
Mollie Schonberger
Mollie Schonberger Year ago
green veggies are good for dogs too! Leave them in!
Jenna Paul
Jenna Paul Year ago
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vlogging!!! Keep doing it!!
Daniela Fernandes
Daniela Fernandes Year ago
hi Whitney, are the sunglasses at 7:51 high key mini in color black fade to clear or rose? love ya girl
Clare Butler
Clare Butler Year ago
Whit!!! I’m finally getting around to watching this video now that I’m on vacay in Maui! I almost died when I looked up just now and realized that I’m in the very same hotel that you’re filming this video from!
K. Tschida
K. Tschida Year ago
Whitney! I've always heard you say you have sensitive skin. Do you typically break out from product or how are you sensitive? I'm trying to find some new face products (make up to skin care) and I'm so nervous to try anything new. I know not all skin is the same, but are the products you use good for all people with sensitive skin? Or just work for you? Thanks 💙
Noemi C
Noemi C Year ago
Live for your videos, LITERALLY! Absolutely love you Whit!
Farah Lina Tracy
Farah Lina Tracy Year ago
I am so happy you are vlogging more! Don't worry we love seeing the random things that you think no one cares about haha. Please keep it up!! XOXO
Makayla Rittmeyer
Makayla Rittmeyer Year ago
I love the blog style video!! ❤️(What makeup brush are you using to apply foundation in this video?)
Barry n Rhonda G
Barry n Rhonda G Year ago
The content baby content!!!!!!!!!!! WE STAN WHITNEY REMI AND ALISHA
Karla Abraham
Karla Abraham Year ago
Whitney, you are an amazing vlogger!!! 💕💕💕💕💕 we need more vlogs💕💕💕💕💕
Jennifer R
Jennifer R Year ago
The Stefan vlog bomb as awesome lol
LOVER Of Christ
LOVER Of Christ Year ago
I truly love that you said there’s no swearing on your channel, so refreshing. I have a young daughter who will watch her shows next to me & I don’t have to worry about foul language on here....thank you girl!! 🤗😘
Azaria Leigh
Azaria Leigh Year ago
Please ask Them to restock the Flex leggings in maroon. Plz oh plz oh plzzzzzz lol
Shayla Sutton
Shayla Sutton Year ago
I use to have blonde hair and it was always breaking from having my hair up too but seriously stop dying your hair blonde especially ash. I know it sucks but seriously your hair will never be super healthy if your dying your hair blonde all the time! my hair has gotten twice as thick and long since I have been red head. I am also naturally blonde and still.... I think you would looks so gorgeous with like high lights of ash but a base of darker blonde !!! it would keep it so much healthier!
Kelle Strange
Kelle Strange Year ago
Whitney you are amazing! You inspire me! Thank you! Was also wondering when your merch will be stocked up again. 😀👍❤❤❤
Lauren Bandy
Lauren Bandy Year ago
I wore Invisalign’s, only 5 trays for slight movement, and when it was done one of my two front teeth was longer than the other?! I was appalled lol. My dentist shaved it down but I was freaked out at first
Miriam JG
Miriam JG Year ago
More vlogs!!!!♥️♥️♥️
April Davenport
April Davenport Year ago
You are such a breath of fresh air in this social media world. Thank you for being awesome and sharing your awesomeness with us. :) My day is not complete without a fit tip with Whit!!! ❤
Cynthia Ruiz
Cynthia Ruiz Year ago
Hi. We need more vlogs. Thankssss. Love u
Caralina Winterheart
Caralina Winterheart Year ago
Aah, I wish I could have done Invisalign.... full braces for 2 years here >
Miss Mariah Madeline
Miss Mariah Madeline Year ago
he showed up enough in this vlg to last all ur videos - what a good man!
Miss Mariah Madeline
Miss Mariah Madeline Year ago
I literally need you in my life more then a shower.
Makayla Caroline
Makayla Caroline Year ago
Love,it!, can’t wait to go to Hawaii one day. 🌎😎🏖
raira begum
raira begum Year ago
Love u and ur workouts 😘💋
Tori Little
Tori Little Year ago
I just wanna say that a random vlog like this is my absolute favorite by you!!!🖤
Julia McIntyre
Julia McIntyre Year ago
Hey Whit! Olaplex and collagen peptides totally changed my hair, and it was way more damaged than yours!
James Cameron
James Cameron Year ago
2:10-2:14 vocal fry is strong with this one..
Valery Voss
Valery Voss Year ago
I loved this! definitely more vlogs like this!
Ana 02
Ana 02 Year ago
Can you take that Balance supplement from Alani Nu with the Multivitmain Vitamin Code? Or is that intended to be a multivitamin? Thanks!:)
Maddie Appleton
Maddie Appleton Year ago
You are such a beautiful inspiration! I love how genuine and real you are. I have always dreamed of working with gymshark or being sponsored by them because I love fitness, health, and bettering yourself! But I’m 18 and transitioning into college so I don’t especially have money to spend at the moment. It is my dream to create content like this and inspire people to be healthy and be the best version of themselves because that truly is the core of self love and happiness. Just wanted to let you know that you are an outstanding role model and inspire me to push myself in the gym and to understand what exactly it means to love who you are! Never stop smiling girl💗
Nawal Kassem
Nawal Kassem Year ago
More vlogs!!!
Katie Golden
Katie Golden Year ago
Ok I’ve been doing ur tan routine for a few months now. How do you stop it from clogging ur pores?? Please lmk
Katie katiefitbrit
Katie katiefitbrit Year ago
Where are your sun glasses from? I love them 😍
Alexis Jay
Alexis Jay Year ago
what do you feed your dogs? do they eat 2x day? I am very interested! (also sorry if you already covered in another video, I am behind!)
Rachel Chesno
Rachel Chesno Year ago
Where is that green pajama tank from??!!
Marianne Lee
Marianne Lee Year ago
Absolutely love the vlogging!!!!
Raina Lanier
Raina Lanier Year ago
My heart hurts for your hair!! Take it easy beautiful! Also, LOVED you and Stefan’s interactions throughout the video.
Irene Ramirez
Irene Ramirez Year ago
Whitney is legit my favorite youtuber😍😍
Casey Puris
Casey Puris Year ago
Kendall Paige
Kendall Paige Year ago
I wish I saw this sooner so maybe she'd see the comment, but I wanna say thank you to her. In November my grandmother, who raised me from birth, passed away and I slipped into a depression. I just laid in bed and stared at my wall. My boyfriend was pressing me to join a gym and I googled how to start at the gym if your nervous or something and one of your videos popped up and you've been an inspiration ever since. The gym has helped me so much and I can't wait to really see what my body can do and celebrate my mental and physical state. Your channel and Instagram have helped me feel better. I know I don't know you, but that means so much to me. Thank you so much for sharing such valuable advice and relentless positivity. It has helped me so much and I'm honestly so grateful.
BoA Kwon
BoA Kwon Year ago
Whitney you take halo beauty vitamins? Can you do a review on them?
Melanie Ivana
Melanie Ivana Year ago
Claire Elizabeth
Claire Elizabeth Year ago
Wow imagine waking up in the morning and being that pretty 😂❤️
Cristina Diaz
Cristina Diaz Year ago
I love your hair!!! I have super straight hair too and I may have to get that thing!!!
Delilah Pearce
Delilah Pearce Year ago
Hi 👋 Whitney new sub here 🤗😁just wanted to say your beautiful and your personality is everything!!!
rhiannon cee
rhiannon cee Year ago
haha i have the sweatiest face when i workout its ridiculous lol
Stevie Barnhart
Stevie Barnhart Year ago
Loved this video!! We WANT to know this Whitney girl who vlogs!! She's kind of awesome!
D Valentino
D Valentino Year ago
Hey Whitney!! Is your merchandise going to be restocked?? I really want to buy your hats ❤
D Valentino
D Valentino Year ago
@Whitney Simmons Yay!! Can't wait to order 🥰
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
Yes they’re in the way 🥰❤️🙏🏼
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