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Whitney Simmons

Year ago

A healthy grocery store haul from Trader Joe's and a complete leg and booty workout!!
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Chicken in instant pot
Spaghetti Squash Recipe
Beyond Meat Meatball recipe

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End Times Ministries Serenity Productions
End Times Ministries Serenity Productions 5 months ago
"Whitney without a gym outfit !? ' We don't know her !!'😅😅 I love you ❤Thank you for all the beautiful tips !!💜
Vanessa Yurrita
Vanessa Yurrita 5 months ago
Great vídeo! Thank you Whitney!
Denai Lacey
Denai Lacey 7 months ago
bake your spaghetti squash in the oven for a little while, before you cut it. it'll soften the squash up, makes it easier to cut ;)
Evin Nazya
Evin Nazya 8 months ago
Sis do u still intermittent fast?
Krystal 9 months ago
Omg that’s the taco seasoning I use to make my chicken tortilla soup! 😊😋
Annamae Joy
Annamae Joy 9 months ago
“I am very sad to say, that I do not have time for a snack” LOL
Constantina Marin
Constantina Marin 9 months ago
Hey whitney, can you pls tell me , how many eggs it's allowed to eats on one week? Thank u soo much!! xoxo :*
Cassandra Muro
Cassandra Muro 9 months ago
I love these videos you always help me with new eating combos. Would never think to make a bowl with taco seasoned sweet potato gonna try that one 💜
doc breeze
doc breeze 9 months ago
I'm sorry for saying this but I was excited for ur vid untill i got super bored of you talking non stop plz just get into the vid I tried watching another vid of you but it's the same you talk so much it's boring asf I couldn't keep watching but still you wasted my time without getting anything beneficial or entertaining from your vids
Ellen Kno
Ellen Kno 9 months ago
Using a mixer to shred chicken? It worked, lol. First time for everything, thanks Whitney!`
kc42291 9 months ago
Girl, put that spaghetti squash in the instant pot! So easy!
Marcela Gonzalez
Marcela Gonzalez 9 months ago
Giiiiiiiiiiiiiirl!!!!! Picked up a bag of POPCORNERS today. I blame you for getting me hooked on them! My daughter and I are obsessed! Always know the yummiest healthy shhhnacks out there! ❤️❤️❤️
Dominique Dorflinger
Dominique Dorflinger 9 months ago
good to know it cooks for "one second,one second,one second" haha
Kayla Hancher
Kayla Hancher 9 months ago
I made the sweet potato chicken bowl and MAN IS IT SO DELICIOUS! HOLY HECKINBOB
Shawna Holmes
Shawna Holmes 10 months ago
PSA - cut spaghetti squash cut in half widthwise and put it in the instant pot with one cup of water, six minutes later..... ;)
Gabriela Mata
Gabriela Mata 10 months ago
Smoked paprika on sweet potatoes 👌🏽
Stacie Weitzel
Stacie Weitzel 10 months ago
I've never considered using a hand mixer to shred chicken....!
Julia Bradford
Julia Bradford 10 months ago
What was the thing she took In the beginning of the video
Aminat 10 months ago
You're so cute I can't 😍❤
essence arielle
essence arielle 10 months ago
This is my first video of hers and dude I’m in love. How is she so adorable 🥰
Kyanna Aida Carbajal
Kyanna Aida Carbajal 10 months ago
9:31 I scream laughed
Nicole Page
Nicole Page 10 months ago
Where did you get the swimsuit in the thumbnail I’m in love!
cookiemonster 10 months ago
OMG popcorners are the best. Kettle is my favourite. I just shovel those bags. They are so addictive
Elizabeth Bembas
Elizabeth Bembas 10 months ago
She said all of her stuff is from Walmart right????? (Just joking 😂)
Jess Mathews
Jess Mathews 10 months ago
Girl why are you drinking a monster at 8 p.m.
Kristi Joslin
Kristi Joslin 10 months ago
Do you know, you can also cook spaghetti squash in the instant pot, it only takes like 10 minutes!!!:)
Simply Dahlia
Simply Dahlia 10 months ago
So do you have a problem with sugar I mean like when you eat that mini ice c come do you crave more sweets ugh cuz I do! 😊
Jochabed 🌈💝
Jochabed 🌈💝 11 months ago
Hi Whitney 🙋🏻‍♀️ My name is Jochabed 😊 I have watched your USposts channel for a while now but have never written a commented. I just want to say thank you for sharing on USposts and Instagram 💟 I think you are so funny 😆 Your last post on Instagram was so good that I just had to comment on it 👍 I hope I am not scarring you 🙊😆 I don’t mean any disrespect to you , I just wanted to say thank you for sharing moments of your life on USposts and Instagram 💟 I truly appreciate all the work you put in to making videos and I am positive I am not the only girl/ women 😁 that looks up to you, sometimes we as women are just shy ☺️ 😆😁 that would be me 😆 lol anyway before I just share my whole life with you 😆lol and all of USposts 🌎 Take care girl🎉 💟 bye for now 👋
A R 11 months ago
I have oatmeal every single morning
Sandra Zayadi
Sandra Zayadi 11 months ago
Whitney just makes me so happy, I don’t know 😪
Katy Dale
Katy Dale 11 months ago
Try poking holes in the squash with a fork in a handful of places, bake it and then slice it open... It's so much easier!
Loretta Rodriguez
Loretta Rodriguez 11 months ago
Ok but all I thought throughout the whole video is "wow, I wish my home had amazing lighting like this"!!!!
Shayla Rice
Shayla Rice 11 months ago
If you like pork, pork tenderloin in the instant pot OH MY GOLLY
hopelove24 11 months ago
I love that Whitney uses Siri to set her timers...ME!!!!
pingpongking 11 months ago
I’m a cook. You never stir hash browns. But we also flip them with the pan in the air, so I don’t really know home cooking lol
Heather Obmann
Heather Obmann Year ago
Heather Obmann I have a question! I’ve been really watching a ton of your videos and wanted to ask, would you be restrictive if you were over weight or still eating as much? I know what you are eating Is good nutritious food. I am someone who works out atleast 4 times a week either attending a hit class for 30 minutes or doing cardio but mostly weight lifting. My job is running around. I feel I’m still not reaching my goals but I do want to be happy and not super restrictive. Any suggestions? I usually eat pretty clean, eggs, Ground turkey.. cauliflower rice, etc but Still Have some cheat meals atleast once a week. Any suggestions on how to reach goals without caring too much and obsessing over food? 💜
Tiff Zilla
Tiff Zilla Year ago
Girl, get you some Cutco knives! My husband sold them while we were in college. You’ll never need another set. Make sure you get a the Hardy Slicer and the Cheese knife 💜💜
Rose Year ago
Is no one else offended she shredded chicken with a hand mixer?
Sophia Kelly
Sophia Kelly Year ago
When you were talking about supplements I heard “they will age you” instead of aid 😂 I was like wait what
sarah weintraub
sarah weintraub Year ago
You have to try making yogurt in your instant pot! Its my favorite!
Ricky Sean Leader
Ricky Sean Leader Year ago
Valeria E
Valeria E Year ago
And the snacks???
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith Year ago
updated house tour!!! is that in da future? love you so much
Aimée Ogbonna
Aimée Ogbonna Year ago
You can make spaghetti squash in the instant pot in 8 minutes!
Cici Key
Cici Key Year ago
It’s been awhile since I’ve watched your videos but I’m glad I tuned into this one! This is similar to how I eat which I think is absolutely relatable & realistic. No need to feel shamed for eating like most real women out here! 🥳 Yas Whitney!
Kourtney Hoffman
Kourtney Hoffman Year ago
put that squash in that instant pot girrrrl
Clare Moroney
Clare Moroney Year ago
Whitney: “I’m a plain Jane” Also Whitney: *adds five different spices to her hash browns
Samantha Larese
Samantha Larese Year ago
Whitney pulling out the instant pot is making my life complete ... instant pot for lifeeee
Michelle Andrade
Michelle Andrade Year ago
Where did you get that cute robe!
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait Year ago
I love your day of eating videos so much more now. I know that you were in a different place and mindset in your life before but these eating videos are just so much more realistic
Teny Time
Teny Time Year ago
Everything But the Bagel Yogurt Dip is LIFE ! I dip endives in them for a healthy chip swap 🤤
Boomie Year ago
Just want to say, my friend bought me an instant pot and I've used every day for the past two weeks lol it's amazing
Clover Yordanova
Clover Yordanova Year ago
The pop corners are always sold out here. 😭 You inspired me with this FDOE.
Aschall1 Year ago
Saebryn Year ago
im addicting to popcorners too. I literally was eating them while watching your video
Miss Aubrey
Miss Aubrey Year ago
Buy a coffee frother it mixes it up
ms peoples
ms peoples Year ago
Realistic eating. I love this girl!
Anne Izabele
Anne Izabele Year ago
im so happy for u! u look way happier cooking and the food u make looks so appetizing it makes me wanna go cook
Next Please
Next Please Year ago
great to see white people actually seasoning their food
Triana G
Triana G Year ago
Spaghetti squash in the instant pot!!! SO FAST!
Kelsey Hoffmann
Kelsey Hoffmann Year ago
Pleaseeee do a how to eat healthy in college vid! 🥰
Kyrah Bailey
Kyrah Bailey Year ago
Is there any way you can do a haul of very general food that’s not from Trader Joe’s? I’m a Texas girl and we don’t have that here 😭
Kianaa Year ago
Damn this has changed my whole perspective on eating mind blown
Rachel Cruz
Rachel Cruz Year ago
🤣🤣🤣 a million and ten days to cut that spaghetti squash!🤣🤣🤣
Stephankne Year ago
Instant pot that spaghetti squash! 😉
Victoria Robles
Victoria Robles Year ago
what is your pinterest?
Ashley Turner
Ashley Turner Year ago
Trader Joe’s is love.
Jessica Steinfeld
Jessica Steinfeld Year ago
Love this! Thank you so much for the inspiration ❤ and food ideas...looked amazing
Codi McLellan Cheek
Codi McLellan Cheek Year ago
Girl! Instant pot really is life changing. You can put the whole spaghetti squash in the instant pot! You just add a cup of water and put the squash on your IP trivet. Cook on high for 12 minutes and then let the pressure naturally release. Cut in half and scoop out the seeds. It’s so much easier and quicker than baking it! ILYSM!!
Rogue Plutonia
Rogue Plutonia Year ago
I eat the sea salt pop corners. my whole family loves it
Rene Underwood
Rene Underwood Year ago
AIRFRYER ... Best thing ever!!
Britta Engstrom
Britta Engstrom Year ago
Please tell me where you got your kitchen utensils 😭😭 the black with the gold scooper!
Rebekah Harris
Rebekah Harris Year ago
Whitneyyyy!! You can cook the spaghetti squash in the instant pot for way less time! Instant pot does it all!
Kesly Urrutia
Kesly Urrutia Year ago
Just discovered your channel. I love ittt! This video made me feel so good because I always feel bad eating bread and potatoes too. I feel guilty for the carbs, but I workout so I guess I need the carbs! Thank you for this content. Carbs are not our enemies haha!
H I Year ago
That's totally beet juice mixed with other crap. Beets will always make you poop. You can buy it so cheap in bulk at any store with health food sections.
Crystal Rivera
Crystal Rivera Year ago
Whitney I just love you!! I’ve fallen off my diet and gained a bit of weight but watching your videos have really helped me regain the strength to get back at it❤️❤️
Hollie Marie
Hollie Marie Year ago
your house!!! oh my gosh!!
Hollie Marie
Hollie Marie Year ago
where is the robe from???
Lara Year ago
I think I'm love with you! Haha kidding just loooooved your last few videos!! New subscriber here!! ❤❤
Jessica Deinert
Jessica Deinert Year ago
I never ever comment on anything, and maybe someone has told you since this was posted, but you can make a spaghetti squash in an instant pot in 6 FRICKEN MINUTES! I saw it on Pinterest, didn’t believe it was true, and then I tried and it worked. I just had to tell you.
mariahe2go Year ago
You can also cook the spaghetti squash in the microwave for 10 min. Just poke a few holes with a knife, that way it doesn’t explode and in 7-10 mins it’s done. Then season and scoop out.
LLuvia Montañez-Solis
LLuvia Montañez-Solis Year ago
More veggies in Whit’s vids! Eye C You!
Slav V.
Slav V. Year ago
beyond meat-----mmmm laboratory grown fake chemical-meat!
The Happy Hour Hound
The Happy Hour Hound Year ago
clickbait pic
Dayna Embrey
Dayna Embrey Year ago
Hey whit, do you still track your macros and if so, how did you figure out what your calorie intake should be?
Laura Flores
Laura Flores Year ago
“I read a tutorial on Pinterest” 😆 makes us all experts
Afisha Carter
Afisha Carter Year ago
What kind of camera do you use?
Life Of Marina
Life Of Marina Year ago
Such an inspiration I love youuuu!
McKenna Stevens
McKenna Stevens Year ago
where did you get your apple watch case from 😭
Karina Rodela
Karina Rodela Year ago
Girl I love your vibe! I would be lost without Pinterest also 😂
Sydnie Wolotko
Sydnie Wolotko Year ago
Apple Watch or Fitbit??
Glam Beauty
Glam Beauty Year ago
This is my favorite channel because she eats realistic
DB Kaiser
DB Kaiser Year ago
Almost offended by that tiny amount of garlic you put in there. lolz
Linn Bertilsson
Linn Bertilsson Year ago
I got confused in the beginning when you did the drink , I thought it was a Sara’s day video .. “ didn’t I put on a Whitney video?? “
Meredith Owens
Meredith Owens Year ago
What curling iron do you use?! I’m looking for a new one! ☺️
Abigail Villarreal
Abigail Villarreal Year ago
Wish there was a Trader Joe’s here in South Texas 😫😭
Abigail Villarreal
Abigail Villarreal Year ago
I’m about 3 1/2- 4 hours away from San Antonio.
H Year ago
Abigail Villarreal idk how south you are, but San Antonio has 2 and so does Austin.
Hannah Randolph
Hannah Randolph Year ago
hi Whitney! firstly, I just want to tell you how inspirational and full of light you are--your positivity + discipline has definitely helped me and continues to help me find light in times of darkness
Hannah Mugel
Hannah Mugel Year ago
Ahhhh you're seriously the best!!! Question: where did you get your black bowls from???
ve ad
ve ad Year ago
love ya
Jenna Lack
Jenna Lack Year ago
1. Body Bloom is sooooo yummy! 2. Stir stir stir for SURE 3. I tried the sweet potatoes with taco seasoning AND the chicken in the crockpot - GENIUS GURL
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