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Whitney Simmons

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My current favorite winter clothing favorites, haul and try on! Workout clothes, coats, boots, sneakers, sweaters and more xo
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Necklace and Ring: this is a piece created from my moms engagement ring she gifted me💕Jamie at J. Brooks Jewelers designed it for me!

Commonly Asked Q's:
use code 'WHITNEY' to save 20% + free shipping over $40 on my favorite skincare brand EVERRRRRR

Non-slip or break resistance bands I use:

Amazon Favorites:

Camera I use:
Vlogging Camera I use (and in the gym):

Athleisure Coat

3PM GMT | 10AM EST | 9 AM CT | 8 AM MST | 7AM PT
Gymshark Cozy Zip Up | size small - no release date yet
What I'm wearing... borg pullover (already live on site) in size small
Camo leggings | size small
Camo sports bra | size XS
Camo crop top | size small

Mustard & White sweater
Chelsea Boots
Thigh High | I’ve look everywhere for a link and can’t find I’m so sorry 😩😭💔 but they're Steve Madden and there are super similar styles just not the exact pair shown in the video like these
Sock Booties
White Sneakers
Emerald Sweater
White Sweater
Military jacket
Leather jacket

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Locknloadqt 8 days ago
I only came here to see the fitness outfit lul
Cody Beats
Cody Beats 14 days ago
Cody Beats
Cody Beats 14 days ago
Ansley Grace
Ansley Grace 24 days ago
A Whitney Simmons video- 1/3 talking 1/3 whispering 1/3 throwing things
Will Tapley
Will Tapley Month ago
9:34 I want to take off your boots and sniff your socks
Julia Dilworth
Julia Dilworth 8 months ago
Bomb! Here for the camo seamless. :) What's your height? I'm not sure if I should order XS or S and I'm trying to go off of your video. :D
Tucker 9 months ago
Z 9 months ago
I ordered the camo leggings in the middle of this video ngl
victoriakapshaw 10 months ago
Thumbnail = fake news 😄
Mr.G 10 months ago
5:20..... Is what u came for!! 💪💪
Kaiya Iacobucci
Kaiya Iacobucci Year ago
How did I just discover you? Why are you the cutest? Am I in love? I think so ❤️
Anna Chimera
Anna Chimera Year ago
ugh i’m jealous you’re so perfect !
gymnassfan Year ago
♠️ 5:20 ♠️
Alexus Brennan
Alexus Brennan Year ago
ALL THE CLOTHES ARE SOLD OUT :( when you wanna have Whitney's style but the universe disagrees!
Stormy Stephens
Stormy Stephens Year ago
When I purchased gym shark , you were every reason did ... Just an fyi ,doll 🎀
Nicolas Escobedo
Nicolas Escobedo Year ago
Just came for the booty cheeks
existentialfeminism Year ago
u are actually soo funny looool
SDMacMan Year ago
8:46 Lol I don’t think that’s dirt 💩
independent Year ago
Whitney when you started squatting then your face pops out from the side "that was inappropriate" 😂😂😂 too funny!
Cherrysnoww Year ago
This inspired me to get back in to size S. Been an M for too long now, sometimes I feel like even M is getting too small in some clothes 😳
Cherrysnoww Year ago
Doggy poop? 😂
Sara Hoy
Sara Hoy Year ago
Also, any purchase of Madewell jeans comes with free tailoring! Just take them in, they'll measure you and send them out. :)
Sara Hoy
Sara Hoy Year ago
Madewell jeans are genuinely the BEST. I worked there for a year in college and that discount was everything. I still only buy Madewell because they last forever and fit the best by far. YASSSSSSSS.
OliviaGrace Year ago
Heck I love you! First time watching your videos, and girl 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m a fan. You have such nice style 🌟 subscribed!!
Kayla B
Kayla B Year ago
Can you make a summer one? This was amazing but I live in Florida so I only break out a jacket like for one week of the whole year!!
Jaileen Robles
Jaileen Robles Year ago
Lmao I love how you tried to take off the dirt 😂
XAE BUNZ Year ago
Great try on
Kyrene L
Kyrene L Year ago
Hi~~~~~~ I have a problem now,,,,,,,, I want to buy leggings and hoddies by using ur link, but it is not active...:( :(:( :(
Katie Reeves
Katie Reeves Year ago
Where are these Chelsea boots from?? Love them!
Emily Butler
Emily Butler Year ago
What is the video where you mention your fave black denim jacket?
MsStarlet21 Year ago
I freaking love you so much whit! I love that you actually do this if clothes and shoes you have worn and love they aren’t super clean brand new and you saying you love them.. I mean your shoes had mud in the bottom! I love that you actually wear and live in the stuff you are sharing and saying you love and love in. You’re amazing and so real!! The realest USpostsd in the world!! I love you 😍❤️😘💋
Mooo Year ago
Everyone keeps saying that the camo long sleeve is tight on the chest, but I’m just sitting here flat chested like...
Mooo Year ago
Gymshark costs more in my country..... all of the things are like 8$ more...
Sarah Horne
Sarah Horne Year ago
Any ETA on the release date of the zip up hoodie from gym shark? :)
Hilary Martinez
Hilary Martinez Year ago
I’ve watched this video like 100+ times and I got everything she got.
Murph Payne
Murph Payne Year ago
I have had 3 pairs of madewells (black, dark blue, gray) and they're the only jeans I've worn for almost 2 years now. They da Also I lost weight, didn't want to buy all new one, and just dried them *horror* but they're still golden
Jennifer R.
Jennifer R. Year ago
For gainss can someone let me in on how much protein to eat/drink? My goal is to have a slim stomach and gaining weight on legs if someone helps that’ll be greaat💖
Raterman's Journey
Raterman's Journey Year ago
love love love the jeans aaand I have the exact same problem... I can't find any jeans that fit me and that they aren't huge at the crazy.. ugggg... What size are you wearing on the jeans?
Jesse Huyler
Jesse Huyler Year ago
Hey girl! Love you and love all of your content, you are always inspiring me to work harder in the gym! I ordered the green camo leggings through your link and they are AMAZING!! I just had a question about the packaging that i was hoping you could help with and or mayne even discuss with the gymshark team...PLASTIC. This order had a plastic bag that the leggings were wrapped in, plastic tags hanging off of them AND a plastic shipping bag. Is there a way to ask for less plastic when ordering/a way to tell gymshark that i cant support them with purchases if the method doesnt change? Asking because it's important and i know you care about the environment too! Thanks xxoo
fitbeautyfun Year ago
What size did you order in the madewell jeans?
Angelica Alvarado
Angelica Alvarado Year ago
Loved this vlog!
Drawingsbykayleigh _
Drawingsbykayleigh _ Year ago
“If I’m going to the movies... stuffed!” I love whit 😂😂❤️
Gemini m8 :-)
Gemini m8 :-) Year ago
You. are. so. cute.
Holly M
Holly M Year ago
Angelina Vassallo
Angelina Vassallo Year ago
Lmao girl I feel you on those madewell jeans I just got my first pair a couple weeks ago and I’m obsessed! Love you and your vids btw ❤️
Malachi Thornton-Fukui
Malachi Thornton-Fukui Year ago
I love you
Pinksmokey Smash
Pinksmokey Smash Year ago
😂😂 I dont buy snacks from the movie theater either!!
Ashley Michel
Ashley Michel Year ago
"ѕσrrч thαt wαѕ ínαpprσpríαtє" 😂😂😂
Sarah Schneider
Sarah Schneider Year ago
What size did you get in the coat!? I really want to get it and I can’t figure out what size to get :( help a girl out !! ❤️
Joshua Waddell
Joshua Waddell Year ago
5:20 is why the dudes came here.
Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson Year ago
You are so beautiful and cute Whitney I love your booty ♥♥♥
Christina Watts
Christina Watts Year ago
Looove your jeans so much!!! I need these 😍 Can I ask what size you are?
Jamie Ortiz
Jamie Ortiz Year ago
Have you ever created a video on how you wash your fitness wear? Am I the only one who thinks the dryer destroys their clothes 😭
Autumn Watson
Autumn Watson Year ago
I feel like people dislike your videos just to be rude:( your videos are amazing and have inspired me so much to workout and live a healthier lifestyle, I’m so glad i found your Channel and I’ll never stop watching your videos!
Sarah Shaw
Sarah Shaw Year ago
Can we be friends yet??!
Sam Fish
Sam Fish Year ago
American eagle next level stretch are the best jeans. AE is not my go to for ANYTHING ELSE. But they did this one thing right.
Sam Fish
Sam Fish Year ago
Also, love your looks 😊
Karen Palacio
Karen Palacio Year ago
When you said that was inappropriate, I'm sorry! Lol 😂
Bethany Rosier
Bethany Rosier Year ago
Wait wait wait, you guys in the US don't celebrate Boxing Day?! It's like a second Christmas!
Rachelle Kathryn
Rachelle Kathryn Year ago
Does anyone know if the camo seamless leggings are full length or 7/8 length?
Taylor Bridges
Taylor Bridges Year ago
I was so gonna buy that leather jacket until I realized it’s 170 dollars 😩
Cass Dominguez
Cass Dominguez Year ago
What socks would you recommend for no show and comfort??
Adrian Daniels
Adrian Daniels Year ago
you're like me! I only ever wear black jeans! Also, THAT THUMBNAIL 😂
Susan D. Hersey
Susan D. Hersey Year ago
yass girl... madewell is my jam forever and everrrr.
Taylor Buchwald
Taylor Buchwald Year ago
Can we trade clothes please? Your wardrobe is to die for!
It's a Courtney Thing!
It's a Courtney Thing! Year ago
I absolutely adore you! I’m a new Subbie and have already created a new workout routine from your vids. I’m a weight lifter that has gone stagnant! So I need to switch up my routine and my glutes and rear delts are so stubborn so I like yass girl! If this worked for you it might work for me.
Abby Acton
Abby Acton Year ago
What size do you wear in the camo seamless?? Btw ILY your my inspiration, thank you for being you 😊❤️
Katy H
Katy H Year ago
those jeans look amazing on you! Madewell is expensive but i may go out on a limb to buy because I don’t wear jeans often and only need one good pair 🤷🏼‍♀️ love your style!!
Erin Barker
Erin Barker Year ago
Will you ever do a tanning routine? I’d love to know what brand you use!
Anna Garcia
Anna Garcia Year ago
Help! I can’t seem to find the fuzzy gymshark pullover :(
Alexandra Aranda
Alexandra Aranda Year ago
Just wanted to let you know that I received my camo leggings and gymshark sweaters and I have to say I felt so confident and cute at the gym today!! thanks so much for the suggestion
Florence Stohner
Florence Stohner Year ago
“Knee pop ew” me all day errday😳😂😂😂😂😭
Jenynebutterfly Year ago
Holy Guacamole, OK! You're awesome possum.
Windy Year ago
If I'm going to the movies, stuffed lol you are my spirit animal whit!
Ronni Watkin
Ronni Watkin Year ago
As soon as paid gym shark for me. Whit can you do a beginner work out plan for a person who eventually wants to do weight lifting don't know where to begin. Your beautiful by the way stay awesome.
Valerie Rosas
Valerie Rosas Year ago
WHITNEY I LOVE U SO SO MUCH!!! Ur personality is so cute and precious❤️ I’ve been SCROLLLLLINGG through the comments and either I’m blind or no one has asked but what lip color are you wearing?? It’s is SO GORGEOUS😭🥰 okie ilysfm
Sarah Year ago
I click. I like. I subscribe. Love ya gurl! ❤️
Kayla Kelsey
Kayla Kelsey Year ago
How tall are you?/ Are the Gymshark leggings long on you? THANK YOU!
Sophia Sauceda
Sophia Sauceda Year ago
When will gym shark release the cozy up sweater!? 😫 I need it!
Jacqueline Millar
Jacqueline Millar Year ago
Wowwww you've completely sold me on everything in this video, but then again why am I not surprised bc your style is so bomb!!! Tytyty but my bank account does not thank you 💔
Marl Een
Marl Een Year ago
hi! when is the soft pull over from gym shark gonna be released on the website ? thanks
Chantel Heath
Chantel Heath Year ago
Hahahah I love the jean flexibility part! So important to have jeans you can move around in!
Cass Grace
Cass Grace Year ago
Does anyone have the link to the cropped gymshark hoodie?! I can’t find it
Fawn Whisperer
Fawn Whisperer Year ago
Jesus Christ, woman, that thumbnail.
Alyssa Paige
Alyssa Paige Year ago
Can't get enough fit tips with Whit!!!!
Areesha Shaikh
Areesha Shaikh Year ago
This thumbnail was the funniest thing ever 😂 i love u and your videos Whitney you’re literally the reason I’m motivated to go back to the gym to grow a peach like yours sister 😁❤️
F-zero91maru Year ago
nothing inappropriate about that it's beautiful
olivia smith
olivia smith Year ago
Where are the sweaters and thigh high boots from?
S W Year ago
wow you are adorable, such a sweet soul
Marey Jabbo
Marey Jabbo Year ago
Hey Whitney what size are you wearing the coat in ??
Morgan Year ago
Blue jeans have gotten so weird! I rarely ever wear mine anymore. 10 pairs of black jeans later....HEHE
Morgan Year ago
So i know you did a house tour and talked about painting your wall. But would you do a video talking about how you did your wall? It is so cute!
Quinn Paradise May
Quinn Paradise May Year ago
Any update on when the cozy zip up will be released?
chloe farr
chloe farr Year ago
Can anyone tell me where that wallpaper is from 😊
WHIT! We NEED that Gymshark Cozy ZIP UP! Hello!?!?!? GIVE US THE RELEASE DATES!
LILLY Guerrero
LILLY Guerrero Year ago
How ur 🍑 is soooooo big
Natalie P
Natalie P Year ago
Who else started watching her because of remi???
Martyna Wojcik
Martyna Wojcik Year ago
Omg so unusual to see you wearing actual clothes 😂 But I love you wearing dresses and booties oh Lord, love the style 😍 More videos like that plz xxx
Nikki Rutallen
Nikki Rutallen Year ago
I literally only follow you!!!! your just awesome and I laugh out loud while watching your videos!!!!
Morena Ayala
Morena Ayala Year ago
that knee pop is it normal? happens to me all the time and it scares me . its stopped me from doing leg exercises lately...anyone???
Courtney Leveille
Courtney Leveille Year ago
Is it possible for Canadians to shop through your Gymshark link? I found I couldn't
Love your butt🤪
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