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Whitney Simmons

7 months ago

FULL DAY OF EATING! Healthy meals and snacks I'm currently eating in quarantine.
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banana oatmeal pancakes: please don't be a dumbnut like me and blend the blueberries and walnuts in with the mixture LOL cleananddelicious.com/banana-oatmeal-pancakes-gluten-free-dairy-free/
salsa recipe: combine 1 diced tomato with a few tablespoons of diced yellow onion and chopped cilantro... I eyeball all of this just FYI it's too easy!! Add juice from half a lime, season with salt and pepper and that's it.
cook meat of choice... add green pepper and sliced onion. Season with southwest spice, bit of chili powder and salt, add water if you need it. Pop some cheese on tortillas and place in oven for 4-5 minutes until melted.

SWEET POTATO AND & KALE SOUP... just hear my out on this one OKAY I WAS NERVOUS TOO lol
heat a drizzle of olive oil to a large pot over med-high heat. Add onion and cook... then add turkey and cook until browned. Add 1 chopped sweet potato, chicken stock concentrate, season with 1 tsp of Italian seasoning, 2 and 1/2 cups of water and some salt. Cover and bring to a boil. One boiling, reduce heat to medium and simmer for 7 minutes. Stir in kale (I eyeballed the amount I felt was good enough lol) and cook uncovered until kale is wilted. Season with salt and pepper.
Top soup with chili flakes and cheese if you want it! I popped the toast in the oven with buttttaaaaaa and Italian seasoning at 425º for 5ish minutes.
#fdoe #healthymeals #healthy
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jackie fitzner
jackie fitzner 11 days ago
Violife is the shredded cheese you need :)
C M 15 days ago
Ketchup on eggs = life
The Tipsy Creative
The Tipsy Creative 15 days ago
Those weren’t burnt, I’d love to eat them like that lol
Kimberly Pimentel
Kimberly Pimentel 20 days ago
I don’t know if you’ll see this. But after cutting onion in half rinse with cold water. It will help with it stinging your eyes.
leticia romero
leticia romero Month ago
Is that an iPad your using? On a stand? If not can you say what it is? I need that in my kitchen lol I love cooking and following recipes
Helena Vo
Helena Vo Month ago
Celebrate our favorite couple tonight by watching The Voice at 8/7c! 🧡💍
Elenda B
Elenda B Month ago
I'd have to blend the blueberries bc I hate them warm in the pancakes
Elenda B
Elenda B Month ago
I like spicy ketchup
Simona Urbonaite
Simona Urbonaite Month ago
I love you 😘
Simona Urbonaite
Simona Urbonaite Month ago
Hello,good people don’t judge you.Your skin is healthy,it’s about your food you like.Enjoy 💛❤️🖤
Charged by the Creator
Charged by the Creator Month ago
I love ketchup on my eggs too!!!!! The BEST ketchup brand is called “Cadia” it’s so delicious!
Lilly Blickensderfer
Lilly Blickensderfer Month ago
KETCHUP ON EGGS! i thought i was the only one lol
Raquel Weinstein
Raquel Weinstein 2 months ago
Next time pop the blueberries in when they r on the pan!! Like u said! I always do that with those pancakes cus I also make those and it’s amazingggggg! The blueberries just explode in ur mouth it’s amazing😍😍
Reveca Soto
Reveca Soto 2 months ago
I eat ketchup on my eggs too!!!
cierra conrad
cierra conrad 2 months ago
I seriously love and appreciate your vibes ❤️ such a light! Also.... where can I get that robe though 🤣😍
The True Katherine
The True Katherine 2 months ago
I am loving that soup recipe. Reminds me of a hello fresh meal I had. Def going to try. Thanks.
Loni Ortiz
Loni Ortiz 2 months ago
Does your fiancé ever hear that he looks a little like Joseph Gordon-Levitt ? Lol
Sharon Morales
Sharon Morales 2 months ago
I wish I would have found your videos during quarantine but so glad I did now! Keep up the good work! ❤️
Ivania Jimenez
Ivania Jimenez 3 months ago
Jessica Michelle
Jessica Michelle 3 months ago
Pure pineapple juice comes in a can, you can find it with the canned corn and beans ❤️
Maria R
Maria R 3 months ago
God I love the amount of light in your house it’s goals
Madison Kagrise
Madison Kagrise 3 months ago
what kind of bread did you use??
Gege Alain
Gege Alain 3 months ago
je peut savoir ils est passer ou le maillot de bain ????? pute a click
Gege Alain
Gege Alain 3 months ago
pute a click
Alexis Lyles
Alexis Lyles 3 months ago
Sil M
Sil M 3 months ago
Love watching you! You just brighten my day😘🤗
BelleGutiBau 3 months ago
What’s wrong with ketchup on eggs??? I’ve always had my eggs with ketchup 😋
Tania *
Tania * 3 months ago
So I have been trying to eat more veggies, but I only have a few that I like and know I like, my question is do you have any tips or recipes or ideas to trying new different types of veggies? that way I'm not wasting them if I don't like the veggies I'm trying.....love watching your videos 😊
Kimberly Lin
Kimberly Lin 3 months ago
LOVE THE VIDEO! so relatable, I am also a college student, just started my USposts Channel. I post fitness and health videos as well!!! CHECK MY CHANNEL OUT😊
Meg Geissler
Meg Geissler 4 months ago
I can’t believe I just saw this, and Stephen makes it so great 😂😂😂
Gary Largent
Gary Largent 4 months ago
You're not healthy 🤣🤣 you're "skinny fat" and acting like you have good content
Gary Largent
Gary Largent 4 months ago
How are you going to give health advice when you're not healthy yourself?
Christie Eiley
Christie Eiley 4 months ago
Saying you put ketchup on ur eggs made me subscribe!
Carlie Barber
Carlie Barber 4 months ago
“That’s my propagation station” 💀😂
Victoria Wheatley
Victoria Wheatley 4 months ago
What blender are you using?
avery lake
avery lake 4 months ago
i love ketchup
Michelle Torian
Michelle Torian 4 months ago
can I just say that there are wayyyy to many adds in this video... ughhh
Ashley Sargent
Ashley Sargent 4 months ago
What iPad case is that
rosita kivinen
rosita kivinen 4 months ago
You know you can get pinapple juice from the cans that has pinapples slices in it. Just eat the pinapples and bam you left with the juice. 😁🍍 (just pick one that has just the juice without sugar.)
Ellie Yanacsek
Ellie Yanacsek 5 months ago
I LOVE ketchup on eggs and my bf thinks I’m crazy!
The Crownless Queen
The Crownless Queen 5 months ago
lol girl been there done that with thinking my creation is about to come out BOMB as hell just for it to suck lol except my husband is so sweet he will act like it still tastes good just to make me happy lol
Jennifer Romero
Jennifer Romero 5 months ago
You are awesome girl i love your attitude!!!
Mattie Smith
Mattie Smith 5 months ago
Who is your housecoat from? Love the colour!
Jasmine St.George
Jasmine St.George 5 months ago
I just started watching your videos about an hour ago Bc I’ve never seen them before but girl! Ugh! I love you, you are the sweetest. I love watching your enthusiastic energy! Keep doing you 💛
Shaf BUTT 5 months ago
Plz tell me how cna I increase breast naturally
Pink Nerd
Pink Nerd 5 months ago
You should call it “whittine”
Eme Mickov
Eme Mickov 5 months ago
I love pancakes with walnuts and honey 😏 fell you my girl,I'm obsessed with walnuts too😘
Marie Thach
Marie Thach 5 months ago
“I’m not a chef . I know I’m not a chef . You know I’m not a chef,but I’m just a girl trying to live a healthy lifestyle.” Literally me rn . (:
AW 5 months ago
whitney girl is ur nose ok?!? ur always so nasally ..poor thing..i used to wake up every morning with a clogged nose its the worst!
Juicy ASMR
Juicy ASMR 5 months ago
I need that grill thing!!!
Nathalia Forero
Nathalia Forero 5 months ago
I don’t like ketchup on the eggs🤣🤢 but this video is amazing 🤣❤️
thingstolove 5 months ago
I wanna shout from the rooftops how much I love ketchup especially on eggs!!!! True story tho this guy told me “you better not be that person who puts ketchup on eggs”
sujaaay 5 months ago
Replayed at 15:43 way too much 😅❤
Tori Brown
Tori Brown 5 months ago
I just love your personality. You’re so real
Haley B
Haley B 5 months ago
I put ketchup on my eggs!!!
Sydney Wands
Sydney Wands 5 months ago
Pineapple juice is supposed to come from canned pineapple Whit 😆
Meadow Ramsey
Meadow Ramsey 5 months ago
SaraSahlie Marcato
SaraSahlie Marcato 5 months ago
I CANNOT WAIT for the comments that say *”who’s here after coronavirus”* or *”who’s here after quarantine”* lollll
Haley Simmons
Haley Simmons 3 months ago
Still waiting to say that 🥺😂
Hanna Meade
Hanna Meade 5 months ago
Sarah Congialdi
Sarah Congialdi 5 months ago
I put ketchup on my eggs soo woohoo yum
Miah Sanders
Miah Sanders 6 months ago
Whit, the juice you used was a concentrate. Typically, it’s 4 cups of water for one can of concentrate. Im sure if you used less of the can it would’ve turned out better!
Julie World Cooking
Julie World Cooking 6 months ago
Lizete Avila
Lizete Avila 6 months ago
make the dole whip with real frozen pineapple way way better
Lizete Avila
Lizete Avila 6 months ago
i will not eat eggs without ketchup lol
Citlally Chavez
Citlally Chavez 6 months ago
Erika Harms
Erika Harms 6 months ago
Whitney!! Can you link the bathrobe???!!!
Halfofmyheart 6 months ago
Had to come back to this video to say that I finally made the soup and it was so freakin DELICIOUS! Girl you have top see if your mom has anymore soup recipes to try because that was definitely it!! 💕 💜Thanks for all the great recipes! 💜💕
Lizzy F.
Lizzy F. 6 months ago
don’t cut the root off the onion and it’ll reduce the chances of crying! ❤️
Kelsi Andersen
Kelsi Andersen 6 months ago
Ketchup on everything 🙌🏼
Rebecca Olu
Rebecca Olu 6 months ago
way to many ads
Nicole Pados
Nicole Pados 6 months ago
Look up onion goggles!!!! I can’t cut an onion without them!!!😘
Gonutify Com
Gonutify Com 6 months ago
I love the way you inspired us to live healthy
Bob johnson
Bob johnson 6 months ago
click bait, where's the bikini?????
kaley vaughan
kaley vaughan 6 months ago
i need to know where your robes are from pretty please thanks love ya
a g
a g 6 months ago
tbh the quarantine has made me eat healthy again and exercise
Priscilla Wilson
Priscilla Wilson 6 months ago
I can't figure out why literally millions of people watch other people cooking and eating. Isn't this what everybody does every day?
Trish 6 months ago
Is that white Gymshark sweater you're wearing at the end released yet?? If so, what's the name of the style? So cute!
rach boudreau
rach boudreau 6 months ago
Girl you have to mix that juice brick with water first!!!! Hahahah 💗💗
Victoria Cohen
Victoria Cohen 6 months ago
Whitney, where is that white quarter zip you were wearing at the end of the vide from??? It looks so cute and cozy!! I want to buy one
Lauren Pfeiffer
Lauren Pfeiffer 6 months ago
You should try White Chicken Chili! If your like me and you hate beans you will love White Chicken Chili! so yummy
Jacqueline Argueta
Jacqueline Argueta 6 months ago
maybe what didn;t work out was the pineapple juice
Dani Bee
Dani Bee 6 months ago
I thought I really liked you but... not a ripe banana gal?!!!.... 😩 who hurt you, Whitney? Who hurt you? 😣
Molly Devine
Molly Devine 6 months ago
Why can’t i tell if she is 21 or 40
DJuicy Juice
DJuicy Juice 6 months ago
Omg u r just so beautiful to listen to look at.. Just beautiful
rachel justice
rachel justice 6 months ago
Any tips for a college girl trying to get fit??💕
nbabombshell 6 months ago
Omg whit ! You eat with a. Leg up too . I do that too
The Caring Co. Colleen Coleman
The Caring Co. Colleen Coleman 6 months ago
Stephan shouting 😂😂😂😂
Brittany Blankenship
Brittany Blankenship 6 months ago
I loveeee ketchup on my eggs. also white rice🙊👀
Shelby Linehan
Shelby Linehan 6 months ago
where did you get that nude tank??:)
Cindy Vang
Cindy Vang 6 months ago
OMG!!! I love you so much! After a year of having a baby, I am back to take control of my health. You helped me lose 30 pounds. Cheers to another 30 pounds again!! So good seeing you!
Terren D
Terren D 6 months ago
Angela 6 months ago
I don’t get how people can make soup without enough broth. I gotta have a lot of broth. I’m a broth girl.
Kristin Stuthard-Mendoza
Kristin Stuthard-Mendoza 6 months ago
Have you had a dole whip here in Hawaii when you visit? They are simply the best ❤️ 😍 🤤
Nimber Chadd
Nimber Chadd 6 months ago
I like ketchup on my eggs too! Are you from Utah or in Utah? Lol
Jennifer Madison
Jennifer Madison 6 months ago
Love this! I just posted a video about how I have lost more than 20 pounds during quarantine (in a healthy way). If anyone is interested feel free to check it out!
Kaitlyn Coggins
Kaitlyn Coggins 6 months ago
I always put ketchup on my eggs! it makes it!
leah gayton
leah gayton 6 months ago
is it just me or does Stephen look exactly like anna victoria's husband Luca?
Dejah Martin
Dejah Martin 6 months ago
I’m on this thing where I eat ice cream almost other day 😩 ( not I’m not pregnant)
Holly 6 months ago
😂😂😂 how you say rotten bananas lol
Momma Life with 5
Momma Life with 5 6 months ago
Hey there 👋🏼 just started following today and have been binging all day 😂 Curious, are you diary and gluten free strictly? Is it an allergy or intolerance?? Or just preference? I learned i have to be gluten free 3 years ago but just found out diary needs to be avoided too 😢 😢 the struggle
Kimberly Dimanna
Kimberly Dimanna 6 months ago
Was it juice concentrate that was frozen? Sometimes that stuff has to be mixed with water so it’s not so nastyyyy. Love your videos!!
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