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ALL MY MONTHLY FAVES THAT I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT! Fitness, beauty, clothes and skincare must have favorites.
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straps to help you pull that heavy weight girrrrrrrrl
it's not a fanny pack it's an over the shoulder bag in beige also in black okay tysm so cute
cozy teddy in black
cutest booooooooties everrrrr
making drinking water SUPER FUN
zincscreen... protect the skin you're in
airpods pro I'm cheating I KNOW OKAY

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Sarah Stutzman
Sarah Stutzman Month ago
I don't believe in things going "out of style". If you love something then I think you should wear it as many times as you want. I'm not a trend chaser.
Laura Pitcher
Laura Pitcher 3 months ago
I really hope teddy coats never go out of style I want to be a granny still in a teddy coat🎉🥳
Laura Pitcher
Laura Pitcher 3 months ago
I love your favourites videos.. they’re my favourite videos lmao please don’t stop do one once a week 🤣
Brea Hewitt
Brea Hewitt 3 months ago
I know this is an old video... but it just helped to convince me to buy AirPod pros! Going to test them out at the gym tomorrow but already in love 😭❤️
Charstyle With Sass
Charstyle With Sass 5 months ago
You made me buy airpods! I litterally paused the vid to go buy airpods.
Ashley Elizabeth Ziegler
Ashley Elizabeth Ziegler 9 months ago
I came for the grow light... Whitney... where is it??
Judy Soliman
Judy Soliman 9 months ago
Did you size up in the booties? 😊
LifeAsMads 9 months ago
Shelby Steele
Shelby Steele 9 months ago
What lip are you wearing?? 😍😍
a g
a g 10 months ago
Can you do a tati beauty makeup tutorial
Jennifer Magana
Jennifer Magana 10 months ago
I bought the Lisa Fitt lifting straps and they are a TOTAL GAME CHANGER. I can deadlift at least 20 pounds heavier now and also use them to go heavier on all of Whitney's "Pull Day" workouts.
Catherine Ralph
Catherine Ralph 11 months ago
What luggage set do you have in your cover photo for the video? It looks so cute!
Sami Kay
Sami Kay 11 months ago
I love freakin much!!!💕💕💕 When I need some positivity I come to your channel and watch old vids lol ☺🤭 also, love your style! 👢👜 💃
Kassandra Cruz
Kassandra Cruz 11 months ago
Freaking love you!
Hilary Chappell
Hilary Chappell 11 months ago
Love watching your videos!!!
Linda Weaver
Linda Weaver Year ago
Whitmas request: Day in my life video. Tbh any video you create I'll watch😁
Don’t worry About it
Don’t worry About it Year ago
Would love to buy your merch. Wanted that super cute black hoodie, went to select size, only goes up to large. ☹️ OKAY SIS. 😂
Dazmn Palmer
Dazmn Palmer Year ago
Girl I need to know where you get your cloths from?! Your shirt is so cute!
Lluvia Vidana
Lluvia Vidana Year ago
Why don't you wear your Apple watch on your ankle! It can still read your pulse steps etc... ♥️♥️♥️🤗🤗🤗
Barry n Rhonda G
Barry n Rhonda G Year ago
Whitney: tells me about the tati beauty pallet *me: doesn't do makeup everyday but wears makeup for band concerts and dance recitals Also me: is on the mailing list to spend $50 to wear eyeshadow only 8 times a year*
Andrea Maria Miralles
Andrea Maria Miralles Year ago
Update on the AirPod pros?!
Luminous Anthem
Luminous Anthem Year ago
L E X Year ago
Whitney or fans: Do you have videos on post-gym stretching or routine? I'm having a hard time with my muscles being too tight and gym after-care?
Dallas Stroming
Dallas Stroming Year ago
Guuuuurllll! Where have u been all my life? I’m a new subscriber and I just gotta say u inspire me to be the best version of myself I could ever dream to be. U make me want to stop cursing, to get off machines for HIIT and I’ve tried one of urs and WHOA girl yes! Loved it! And u make me wanna stop spending money on lower quality items and save for the big buckeroo long lasting pieces! Thank u for being u!!! Can’t wait for Whitmas, until then I’m binging all ur other videos
Lauren Murphy
Lauren Murphy Year ago
Forever my favorite USpostsr. We appreciate you being so down to earth ❤️😂
Aimee Caballero
Aimee Caballero Year ago
Whit: “You keep wearing that sunscreen” Me: Unless you’re allergic to sunscreen 😑
Lindsey Eberhart
Lindsey Eberhart Year ago
When I'm feeling down, I just come watch one of your videos because your energy is so contagious and I instantly feel better.
Madyson Wiley
Madyson Wiley Year ago
please do a must have makeup list for non-makeup wearers!!
Hoopa_ Jeska
Hoopa_ Jeska Year ago
I’ve been searching for a new coat for these Rochester winters I think I might have to get one of those teddy coats because cozy is always in fashion
Maryanne Linneman
Maryanne Linneman Year ago
WHITMAS for men!! What to get for our guys! Staple pieces for men! Ideas?!
Madison Brassfield
Madison Brassfield Year ago
Madison Brassfield
Madison Brassfield Year ago
Idk where you’re supposed to comment on video ideas because I don’t have insta or Twitter BUT I think you should do a video of you on a normal day. Idk if you work or anything but I would totally love to see what you do normally. When you travel and stuff 😁
Brenda Mora
Brenda Mora Year ago
What lipstick are you wearing ?!?😍😍😍
Alexandria Olmedo
Alexandria Olmedo Year ago
Anyone know what type of dogs Navy and Indy are??
J T Year ago
still want the faves vids!!!!
Sarah Real
Sarah Real Year ago
Girl you need to make top staple pieces ! Like what you think we should spend our cash money on!! ❤️❤️❤️
Wildflower90 Year ago
Who else is drinking a white monster right now??? No I'm not, NO it's not my second one.....what? what are you saying?.....psshh. Lmao ok, I'm guilty I know!!! Getting the water bottle RIGHT NOW!
mslooloo100 Year ago
Whitney gurllll.....PLEASE do a tutorial on your makeup in this video!!! first off your SKIN looks flawless and love your eye makeup!!!! please please please! you are goals in all aspects!
Regan Miller
Regan Miller Year ago
I'm obsessed with your personality
Cobi Matsumoto
Cobi Matsumoto Year ago
WAIT I THOUGHT THE GRIPPY PART GOES ON THE BAR WHA 🙃 I'm confused. Have I been using them wrong all this time? 😭😂
So motivating ❤️💃🏽❤️💃🏽❤️
So motivating ❤️💃🏽❤️💃🏽❤️
Aimee Smith
Aimee Smith Year ago
I love this woman. She changed my whole work out, I added HIT and lost weight. Can’t say enough good things about her!!!
luvfitall Year ago
I am legit gettting ALLL DIS!
Lceballos miles
Lceballos miles Year ago
super honest about forever 😂
IrishKatieKatz Year ago
Macie Marie
Macie Marie Year ago
Can you do a new dumbbell only workout because I only work out at home and I’ve done all your other ones so many times and love them. ❤️
Snigdha Uttarkar
Snigdha Uttarkar Year ago
i’m so thankful for your vids i watch them when i’m not feeling so great and they always cheer me up :)
Kelsey Woerner
Kelsey Woerner Year ago
Love favorite videos! I love how you’ve been curling your hair! Would love a tutorial!! 😍
Erika G
Erika G Year ago
Whitmas Ideas: A day in the life of Navy and Indy. Follow them around all day and film them being dogs and doing dog things, basically just give them a full day committed to their shenanigans lol 2nd: A PLANT TOUR!!! 3rdIdea: You recreate Taylor's makeup in the Lover cover album!!!!!! Glitter hearts using Tati's pallette? YAAAAS!
Bianca Lopez
Bianca Lopez Year ago
Where is your blouse from!? 😍
Lauren Healey
Lauren Healey Year ago
Love this so much! I have an idea for an upcoming video. I plan to end a cut phase at the end of the year and go into a lean bulk in January. I'm just starting to dig into the world of pre-workout, creatine, protein powders and other supplements. Do you use any of these things? Would love a video explaining what to use when, brand recommendations and how to use these things in conjunction. (Or if you think they're a bunch of BS, I'd love to know why.) Thanks for all you do!
Shauna Year ago
I just shopped through your gymshark affiliate link! 💓 Sending love from Vegas!
Megan Kallberg
Megan Kallberg Year ago
Can you do a hair tutorial?!
steph Year ago
Has anyone tried the sunscreen product she uses??? Thoughts??.
Hannah Ball
Hannah Ball Year ago
Why are you just the cutest person ever? Your videos always brighten my day so much💗
Kaylee Moore
Kaylee Moore Year ago
WHITNEY. This video has me LAUGHING. How can someone be so funny and so beautiful?! Literally you look gorgeous in this❤️
Dana C
Dana C Year ago
Natacha Oceane did a really cool video where she ate everything her bf did and worked out the way he does for a day! That could be really cool for you to do!
simplymicgracie Year ago
Teddy coats FOREVER
jbowen828 Year ago
I love your plants!!!! Where did you purchase? Ty
Julie Rodriguez
Julie Rodriguez Year ago
Queeeeen, you were dearly missed. 💕 & techno? We love her 😂
Jo Year ago
I love how you exposed yourself with those sweatpants LMAO a blouse with sweatpants? Its a look 😌
Naturallyashley86 Year ago
When leather gets “old, used and crumbly” (LOL)’s called patina. ☺️
Samantha Tiger
Samantha Tiger Year ago
Whitmas: Day in the life of the pups!
Amina Johnson
Amina Johnson Year ago
please do a video explaining where you get all your home plants/trees!!! lol
Ceci Garcia
Ceci Garcia Year ago
Beis!!! Everyone go go go and buy everything Whitney said!!!!!
Ceci Garcia
Ceci Garcia Year ago
Shay Mitchell Is A Badass😍
Ceci Garcia
Ceci Garcia Year ago
You are so Beautiful && have the sweetest voice😍❤️
Bri Year ago
Can you do a travels essentials video?
Beverly Miranda
Beverly Miranda Year ago
lifting straps vs. gloves, is there a reason you prefer the straps?
Allyson Montrose
Allyson Montrose Year ago
Everytime I watch your videos I want to grow my brows out and gel them straight up 😍😭
OwenD283 Year ago
Your fit
johnstongirl11 Year ago
Hey for Whitmas could you do a run down of all the gymshark collections and tell us what one outfit you would keep if you could only keep one? 🤗😬
lampros mellis
lampros mellis Year ago
what exactly are you my girl?,,,,,are you an angel???!!!,,,,, Stop the comment,,,,,i 'm stunning!,,,
Alex Allen
Alex Allen Year ago
I love these videos!! I always find at least one thing I've never heard of.
Emmi's Wellness
Emmi's Wellness Year ago
Video ideas for my queen: -Week of workouts -Athleisure look book -Wearing old gymshark for a week -Trying crossfit or f45 -Something involving hot yoga -How you make fitness a "lifestyle" and maintain that mindset -Positive body image/self confidence -Another Trader Joe's Haul
Amanda Merkley
Amanda Merkley Year ago
We need and updated hair curling routine!!!! How do you get that perfect semi wave
Amanda Merkley
Amanda Merkley Year ago
For Whitmass!!!!!!
A Moms Distraction
A Moms Distraction Year ago
Have you already done or thought of doing a Video over different supplements and protein shakes. What is your input on the different stuff available and why you use different drinks and what not??
Jessibella Priscilla
Jessibella Priscilla Year ago
Ahhhh this was so cute!! Love you and your videos 😘
Bailie Gooch
Bailie Gooch Year ago
Kiersten Gruteke
Kiersten Gruteke Year ago
Can you do a what's in your bag video??
SssamanthaN Year ago
Can you do a what I want for Christmas video?? I wanna know, cause I’m nosey 🖤😘
Rafiqah -
Rafiqah - Year ago
Whitney, you should really start a podcast where people can listen to you everywhere even when they're working out! What a motivation, ILY 🤩🤩🤩
Samantha Roberts
Samantha Roberts Year ago
I never thought I would use Airpods but I LOVE mine!!! Cannot go without mine!
Sophia MarieDee
Sophia MarieDee Year ago
You should do a collab with YAMI !!!!!
Donnie & Jessica
Donnie & Jessica Year ago
Abby Ferguson
Abby Ferguson Year ago
Please do a collab with Yami for Vlogmas!! 😍
Ms. Arlette
Ms. Arlette Year ago
Goes and buys everything you love hahha
Anna Elam
Anna Elam Year ago
What if you put the Apple Watch around ur ankle? 🤣
Rose Year ago
what the heckin bob
Sarah Martin
Sarah Martin Year ago
Sardat A
Sardat A Year ago
"Listen, i am not okay" LMAO nothing has resonated and made me laugh so much!
Ashley Ryder
Ashley Ryder Year ago
So when are you getting new merch?? I am dying to get some whit workout wardrobe 😍love ya so much love ya so much
Leslie Meade
Leslie Meade Year ago
Lol I love you so much Whitney I literally laughed so much 😂❤️❤️❤️
Haley Brooks
Haley Brooks Year ago
Went and preordered that pallet IMMEDIATELY! It’s all I’ll ever need ever again! 😍😍 Also what shape nails do you have? I’m obsessed
Sydney Palevich
Sydney Palevich Year ago
"Then I heard my name called" hahah I love you Whitney
sophia alcala
sophia alcala Year ago
you radiate such a positive energy!!
Ashley Grace
Ashley Grace Year ago
I love your videos! Can you make video explaining what Macros are and how they work?
whit Year ago
Travel Accessories! Luggage, weekender bags, toiletry bags, luggage tags, passport and boarding pass holders, etc. All things travel please!
preslee nast
preslee nast Year ago
Girl, I'm going to need you to show how you do your hair like this because holyyyyy moly
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