Healthy Treats For The Holiday

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Whitney Simmons

2 years ago

DAY 7 OF WHITMAS / VLOGMAS IS HERE! 4 simple, quick and healthy holiday treats and sweets! Amazing snacks to no-bake for the holiday lol.

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1 cup drippy, all-natural peanut butter (we used Kirkland All-Natural)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/3 cup shredded coconut, pulsed in food processor
1/2 cup vanilla protein powder (we used Tera’s Whey)
2 tablespoons maple syrup*
Chocolate Coating
1/2 cup dark or dairy-free chocolate chips
1 teaspoon coconut oil
1/2 cup sprinkles

1 cup natural peanut or almond butter
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup honey
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 cup bittersweet chocolate chips
2 1/2 cups quick cooking or old-fashioned oats (see note)
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 cup coarsely chopped almonds

-2.5 cups almond meal
-1 tablespoon cake spice
-1 teaspoon cinnamon
-1/4 teaspoon ginger
-1 tablespoon molasses
- 1/4 cup pumpkin puree
-2 tablespoons brown rice syrup (I used maple syrup)
-1/2 cup powdered sugar

2 tablespoons coconut sugar
2 tablespoons pure maple syrup
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
¼ teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons coconut oil
2 cups unsalted pecan halves

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Natalie Donskoy
Natalie Donskoy Month ago
Looks so good!!! Thanks for sharing!
Marevie Reflecta
Marevie Reflecta Year ago
Oh my gosh!!! I’m making these this year ☺️
Lauren Lyons
Lauren Lyons Year ago
These sound so good!!!! I think I'm going to try it with dark chocolate.
Angela Yee
Angela Yee Year ago
I love your eye brows in this video
Ria Olive
Ria Olive Year ago
I‘d replace all sugar stuff with Xylitol or sugarfree syrup.
Leonardo Bernardes
Leonardo Bernardes Year ago
Whitney I love you
Deborah Moraa
Deborah Moraa Year ago
Everything looks soo yummy and delicious!! 🤗
deerfan Year ago
ik i'm late but you're so fit i can't even focus on the food cos my eyes automatically go to your body 😫 actual goals
Melissa Butler
Melissa Butler Year ago
I just made the pecans and holy guacamole, SO GOOD!🙌🏻
Stephy Charette
Stephy Charette Year ago
Great recipes I want to try them all. So simple and healthier! Thanks!
Sophie-Anne Léveillé
Sophie-Anne Léveillé Year ago
I am very proud since i work where i always dreamed of! I dont have the perfect job yet, but it will come🙃 ig sophiio , thank you !!!
I’m proud that I’ve continuously stepped out of my comfort zone and met tons of new people 😊
Velora Bunch
Velora Bunch Year ago
I am proud that I've started going to the gym in a weekly basis. You inspire me!
Kirsten Bent
Kirsten Bent Year ago
LOVING the plant based stuff Whitney!!
Holly Zetlmeisl
Holly Zetlmeisl Year ago
I’m proud that I graduated college this year and am 1 step closer to my dream career as a physicians assistant! Love you:)
Tammy Wilen
Tammy Wilen Year ago
2018 we did a lot of traveling and I’m proud that I faced my fear of flying and for the first time as an adult did a mother daughter trip. No hubby to hold my hand lol!
angela nguyen
angela nguyen Year ago
Proud of learning to take care of myself again, eating and living a better lifestyle so that I may accomplish my fitness goals.
yomairi carrion
yomairi carrion Year ago
I am proud that I have lost 37 pounds & I have maintained it and I’ll be losing more this coming up year as well !
Leslie Steward
Leslie Steward Year ago
This year I volunteered for food pantry’s to help people who needed it. I feels good to help! Love you Whit and pups ❤️
Mara Ford
Mara Ford Year ago
I don't have an oven at my house so I am sooo glad you posted this and am excited to try! I am proud of making it onto the Dean's list this semester in University! @marrfor IG
Taylor Tran
Taylor Tran Year ago
i am proud of finishing my first semester of college with a 4.0!
Lauren A
Lauren A Year ago
Chased around my toddler for another year :D Proud to be a Mom
Growing Up Blake 1
Growing Up Blake 1 Year ago
I’m proud that at the age of 29 I decided to go to college and become a registered dietitian! I just finished my first semester 😁
madison mcclure
madison mcclure Year ago
I have to try these recipes!!!❤️🎄
Hanae Zerrok
Hanae Zerrok Year ago
I am proud of finishing one year of working out and all the challenges I took love your videos
Freya B
Freya B Year ago
I'm proud of settling into uni and getting back to competing in swimming for the first time in a while!
ada barrera
ada barrera Year ago
I'm proud of breaking up with my boyfriend 😂😂😄
Delilah Calvillo
Delilah Calvillo Year ago
Proud of myself because I finally got myself into the routine of working out. @u_smile728
L M Year ago
I'm proud that I'm still pushing on after hurdles that life throws.
Kelli Smith
Kelli Smith Year ago
I'm proud that I got accepted into the program I've been working towards to become a Speech-Language Pathologist! :)
Andi Kurtz
Andi Kurtz Year ago
Love love love these recipes, I'll be adding these to the mix this year. I'm proud of getting through the hardest year of my life, and becoming better than ever!
Rachel Benedek
Rachel Benedek Year ago
The one thing I can say I'm proud of this year was... I kept at it and was focused on my fitness journey even though I was going through a really hard breakup.. You gotta take care of yourself it's most important.
Davis Wash
Davis Wash Year ago
I am so proud that I got accepted to an elite travel volleyball team that will be traveling across my state!!!!
nalahrawr Year ago
I’m proud of making exercise a priority in my life and sticking to a consistent routine.
Zoe Norman
Zoe Norman Year ago
i’m proud i made it 1/2 way through my senior year :)) i can’t WAIT to learn in college. IG: zoenorm
Tiffany Abreu
Tiffany Abreu 2 years ago
Another Thing I Did This Year That I Am Proud Of Is at First I Was Going To The Gym With Someone Cause I Felt Uncomfortable Going Alone And So This Year I Was Like Screw It I Cant Be Dependent On Someone Because If They Choose Not To Go Than I Won’t Go But I Really Want To Hit The Gym So I Got Out Of My Comfort Zone And I Started Going Alone, I Be In The Weight Section Going HAM, Now I Can’t See Myself Missing The Gym.😂 @Tiff86_
FruityLiving 2 years ago
I’m proud of myself this year for being brave enough to start a new chapter in my life after a very difficult year. Hoping to be an example to my daughters. Love Whitmas , Happy I found your channel.
VeganTorTor 2 years ago
I’m proud that I have got through my first semester at university and stuck at going to the gym whilst being there 💕💪🏻 @victoriafitness18
Morgan Williams
Morgan Williams 2 years ago
omg SO excited to try these recipes!! Something I'm proud of this year is that I left the corporate PR world to pursue my passion of the fitness industry. I got two personal trainer certifications and got a job at a brand new BEAUTIFUL gym :) My insta is @mojowilly
Kristyn Strolle
Kristyn Strolle 2 years ago
I’m proud of myself for sticking with a personal trainer for a full year! IG:kstrolle
Miriam Friedly
Miriam Friedly 2 years ago
I am proud of finishing my first semester of college
Sarah K
Sarah K 2 years ago
I'm proud of myself for taking the initiative to get a new job and move to a new city! IG Sierra.kreuz
Macie Reagan
Macie Reagan 2 years ago
I joined a travel volleyball team that turned out to have a lot more negatives than positives. but i stuck with it and came out better skilled at volleyball and having more leadership qualities:)
Jacquelyn N Corpus
Jacquelyn N Corpus 2 years ago
This year I am proud of myself for committing to a better lifestyle for myself. I have committed to thinking more mindfully of my body and what I put into it, and I am so very proud of myself. The mind is sometimes the hardest part to change. Love uuu wit! 💕 ig @jackiee_sea
Ana Rosca
Ana Rosca 2 years ago
I'm proud of saving a beaten dog and finding him a shelter 💕
Jessica Moore
Jessica Moore 2 years ago
Please do a video of your apartment decor and style!! :)
April Bellew
April Bellew 2 years ago
IG aprilco2011 I’m proud of getting through my first semester of college and rocking my dental hygiene interview. Fingers crossed that I got into the program 😬🤞🏼
Lisa Lindgren
Lisa Lindgren 2 years ago
I am proud that i survived turning 40 after years of infertility and 5 rounds of IVF. Finally reached the deadline I gave myself and it was a rough birthday.
Joua Xiong
Joua Xiong 2 years ago
My mouth is watering! Totally making those treats this Christmas. I'm very proud of posting weekly on my Instagram. I find it pretty hard especially when it's such a busy season.
Courtnie Coppernoll
Courtnie Coppernoll 2 years ago
Proud of myself for sticking with my health journey and becoming a certified health coach!!
Jayde Frederick
Jayde Frederick 2 years ago
lost 100lbs and graduated college this month!
Rio Paynter
Rio Paynter 2 years ago
I got into the school I wanted and raised my gpa!
frenchpressd 2 years ago
I'm proud for finishing my 20 page history paper! :D Instagram: lean.nugget
Ginger Auer
Ginger Auer 2 years ago
I’m proud of getting a promotion this year! I’ve worked really hard!
Jessica Cortinas
Jessica Cortinas 2 years ago
Super proud that after fracturing my ankle, gaining weight, and going through depression that I finally got on my hind horse and started focusing on myself. I am a nurse that help underprivileged children and it was a crazy year.......
Natalie Carpio
Natalie Carpio 2 years ago
I’m proud that I lost 30 pounds this year
Maricela Gutierrez
Maricela Gutierrez 2 years ago
I dont know If it's too late to enter! But I love ya whitney! You are inspiring One thing I am proud of is I lost 35lbs this year and finally feel confident in my own body. I am also proud of the time ove taken to learn about myself and grow as a person! My Instagram tag is @m_cela10 ❤❤❤❤
Rachelle Jennifer
Rachelle Jennifer 2 years ago
I’m proud of myself graduating from Utah State! 💙
Brooklyn Jones
Brooklyn Jones 2 years ago
Hi Whitney! I am proud of myself for getting a gym membership this year at LA fitness! And I do want to thank you for your inspiration you have given me!
Connie Edwards
Connie Edwards 2 years ago
I’m proud of myself for standing up for myself and not letting others dictate my choices :) @conniedwards_
Morgan Hewitt
Morgan Hewitt 2 years ago
I’m proud of applying to nursing school!
Bridget Rustemier
Bridget Rustemier 2 years ago
I'm proud of the 5lbs of muscle I put on this year by ramping up my weight and tracking my macros. Happy Holidays!
S Went
S Went 2 years ago
I'm proud that I graduated and started medical school this year! :) IG: risinglamour
Lucy Gardner
Lucy Gardner 2 years ago
I am proud that I embraced a new fitness goal of doing twice weekly spin classes - a totally new exercise for me that has really pushed my fitness to another level!x
Kärol Mõttus
Kärol Mõttus 2 years ago
i'm proud i learned how to let go of toxic people | ig @k2rolm
britany shifflett
britany shifflett 2 years ago
im proud of going back to school for esthetics and finishing it while getting pregnant with baby #3 half way through. I have horrible pregnancies and im suprised I didn't give up.
Darien James
Darien James 2 years ago
I’m proud that I changed my diet to focussing on whole foods and stuck to it IG: dazzfit
Pilar Summerlin
Pilar Summerlin 2 years ago
Im proud of quitting a job i hated and finding a new job that a love! ig: p_summ
Nikki Montano
Nikki Montano 2 years ago
I’m proud of trying to view the positive side of things that happen in our lives! Love you Whit Ig: nikkimontano
Cassidy Pofahl
Cassidy Pofahl 2 years ago
I really struggled with my first year of college. But this first semester of this year I’ve thrived not only mentally but physically. I have had some medical issues, but continuing to go to the gym and get my mind in the right spot had brought my anxiety wayyyyy down! cassidy7pofahl insta!
Lenzi Wells
Lenzi Wells 2 years ago
I’m proud that I graduated nursing school and passed my NCLEX on the first try! IG: lenzidanielle
Lizzi S
Lizzi S 2 years ago
I’m most proud of admitting I need help getting through my mental health struggles. The hardest step is admitting that you need help, and it’s uphill from there.
Sarah Connolly
Sarah Connolly 2 years ago
im proud of starting my dream of studying law at university!! love you girl 😭x
Madeline Savage
Madeline Savage 2 years ago
i'm proud of being consistent with my healthy life style and its now just a habit!!! but honestly i started from watching your youtube videos and GIRL LEMME TELL YOU, you were a big part of my lifestyle change! I was always healthy ish, but you really got me motivated and gave me some great workout/food ideas that get me so excited to try. I LITERALLY LIVE FOR THIS CHANNEL KEEP IT UP WHIT!!!!! insta: mad_savage12
johnsonameliam 2 years ago
Whitney you started my timer on my phone!! 😂 Quit talking to my Siri! Seriously! 😉
Leslie Cervantes
Leslie Cervantes 2 years ago
another thing im proud of is getting through my heart surgery... i had WPW and it was keeping me from working out and trying to be fit and after my surgery and recovery i was able to start bettering myself in the gym w nothing stopping me and im thankful and proud of myself for getting through that bc i am now able to work out!!woohooo:) ig:leslizbth
Paige Charriere
Paige Charriere 2 years ago
Im proud on never giving up on the gym even when i havent seen improvement in awhile.
Ale Orozco
Ale Orozco 2 years ago
I’m proud because I made it to the gym the hole year 💪🏼 Ig: aleorozcor_ 💓
Paige Dean
Paige Dean 2 years ago
Im proud I finished my first semester of college strong
Amy Kurianowicz
Amy Kurianowicz 2 years ago
I'm proud of myself for being unapologetically me!
Adriana Lenz
Adriana Lenz 2 years ago
I'm proud that as a working mom, I finally made "me time" a priority!
Kelsey Mitchell
Kelsey Mitchell 2 years ago
I am proud of myself for tending to the emotional hurt of the past through therapy and in turn...finding the love of my life because I am no longer self-sabotaging. I am emotionally happy and secure for the first time in my 36 years on this earth :) XO!
Melissa Arcila
Melissa Arcila 2 years ago
I'm proud of leaving toxic relationships and doing things for my own happiness!!
K O 2 years ago
Last year this time, I was so motivated to workout regularly every week...but my baby was 5 months old and I don't know what I was thinking! She's 1 and a half now and I am finally hitting the gym 3x/week, and taking 2-3 other fitness classes too! It's a year later, but I'm proud I was patient with myself until I got there.
Jana Borghol
Jana Borghol 2 years ago
I'm proud that i started my own fitness journey
JessicaMarieXo 2 years ago
I am proud of changing my lifestyle to a much healthier one this year!
miranda reube
miranda reube 2 years ago
I’m proud that I have a 3.5 GPA! Gotta get into grad school ! @mirandareube
Mutant Girl Yoko Yoko
Mutant Girl Yoko Yoko 2 years ago
I am proud of finally getting my baby abs to show
Courtney Koput
Courtney Koput 2 years ago
I’m very proud that I’ve found ways to overcome my depression and anxiety this year without medication ❤️ ig: courtneypaig3
katy graham
katy graham 2 years ago
i am so proud of myself for pushing through college and keeping my motivation high even when i don’t want to finish school. but i stuck with it and i am half way there!
Karina Maldonado
Karina Maldonado 2 years ago
passed all my summer classes while traveling :) insta: @Karayray_
Kassie M
Kassie M 2 years ago
Something I’m proud of being able to give my pupparoos a warm house, food in their bellies, and lots and lots of love.
Angel Hanson
Angel Hanson 2 years ago
I’m proud that I’ve made up my mind to go to school for interior design
AJ Hans
AJ Hans 2 years ago
I'm proud of taking 1 hour of time to care for myself each day while homeschooling 3 kids! @aring625
Taylor Murphey
Taylor Murphey 2 years ago
I’m proud of myself for taking a big leap of faith and moving from my beautiful home state of Utah (WHOOP WHOOP!) to Indiana to be with my fiancé!
itsuxi 2 years ago
I'm proud of passing all my subjects without problems Ig:@fituxia
Bec Farag
Bec Farag 2 years ago
Hey Whit thanks for the videos they are great and you always motivate me to stay fit & love a healthy lifestyle. 💛 This year I am proud because I really challenged myself repeatedly to do things that were incredibly out of my comfort zone - things that a few years prior I never thought I would be doing - I have pushed past any uncomfortableness and chose to show courage instead. As a result, I’ve reaped amazing rewards, and I am very grateful for the things I have been able to experience this year. Again, thanks for keeping me motivated throughout the year. Happy Holidays! 🤗💜😘
Bec Farag
Bec Farag 2 years ago
My Instagram handle is @becfarag ☺️
Jessica Sexton
Jessica Sexton 2 years ago
I am so proud that I am continuing to go to the gym. I struggle with motivation and my weight so the fact that I have been still getting at least a walk in is huge!!! Insta Ladybug0722
Adriana Jay
Adriana Jay 2 years ago
Omg! I love no bake recipes! For sure I'm going to try these. They look so good! I'm proud of myself, for having to work from 9 to 5, go to school on my days off and still manage to get to my kids appointments. 🙋🏻‍♀️❤
Angela Kom
Angela Kom 2 years ago
Very beautiful girl 😘 very lovely 🌈 one more thing I did this year and I'm proud of is that I lost 3 kilos and I'm almost done with my driving lessons 😄 not much I know but is hard to stuck to a diet 😭😂❤ my insta angeliki_kouim
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