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Whitney Simmons

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TREAT YOURSELF with some fall must haves!! Save $10 using code FITWHIT at www.fabfitfun.com/. Disclaimer: I’ve partnered with FabFitFun on this video. This is my impression of the FabFitFun box and all opinions are my own.

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use code 'WHITNEY' to save 20% + free shipping over $40 on my favorite skincare brand EVERRRRRR www.TULA.com/WHITNEY
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This video is sponsored by FabFitFun | Gymshark, Alani Nu, Amazon and Reward Style are affiliates links. Tula is a commission code. Thank you for supporting myself, this channel and helping me continue to create content for you♡

Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark 10 months ago
Where is your robe from???
Makale Fitzgerald
Makale Fitzgerald Year ago
Forever will love you! You are so funny Whit :)
Amy MacLaren
Amy MacLaren Year ago
Where’s the winter box at???
jessmarie Year ago
okay but WHERE IS YOUR YELLOW TANK TOP FROM? I need it in my life
Samantha Starr
Samantha Starr Year ago
Hey Whitney, love your USposts channel but a TIP, please only exfoliate at night, not in the morning as it will make your skin more dry. You wants to slough off the dead skin cells at the end of the day. Night time before bed!
Kitty Rodriguez
Kitty Rodriguez Year ago
Yessss!!! Lol Please do move videos like this lol 😂 it was so cute seeing how you used the products and your thoughts 😘😘
Jennie Bennie
Jennie Bennie Year ago
I honestly love that top where is it from?
Jennie Bennie
Jennie Bennie Year ago
Idek why. Whenever i watch your videos i just naturally end up happier. Its just boosts my mood i love your enthusiasm.
Carla Gomes
Carla Gomes Year ago
I just love your videos... You put a smile on my face and forget all my "problems"... Your positive energy is so infectious... 🥰
sandy A
sandy A Year ago
hey whit love you this was an awesome unboxing !
sandy A
sandy A Year ago
btw liked the format girl !
Taylor M
Taylor M Year ago
Can’t wait to get my box!!
Manvoid M
Manvoid M Year ago
I love your sense of humor😜
Shailey D
Shailey D Year ago
"My whole body is a rough patch." HAHAHA im dying
brittany fallica
brittany fallica Year ago
I REALLY LOVED this review!!! I feel that seeing you use the products is so helpful! Never seen a FabFitFun review like this. I love it.
1329melissa Year ago
Samantha O'Connor
Samantha O'Connor Year ago
Love how you actually test the products in the video !!!
Brittany McDermott
Brittany McDermott Year ago
Love your bathrobe where is it from?
abby mueller
abby mueller Year ago
okay i literally just live for the comedy of your videos 😂 you are too funny!!
Chelsea McBroom
Chelsea McBroom Year ago
I live in Utah. If I pay you for a session, can I workout with you!?!?
Layla Maice
Layla Maice Year ago
Hahahaha d.. r y shes dry.. that's me. Heh heh lol
Layla Maice
Layla Maice Year ago
Anyone know if the pups are cavapoos?
Me'Shell Evans
Me'Shell Evans Year ago
The dry song cracked me up! Your personality brings me so much joy!
Virginia Estrada
Virginia Estrada Year ago
Watching this while at the dog park under a tree in Florida. It’s 100 out here and I’m sweating. While I’m SITTING. I’m not even moving and I’m drenched in sweat. It’s not fall here till like December. And winter doesn’t exist 😩
Jordan Brunson
Jordan Brunson Year ago
Love this! You should definitely try the inverse cold iron for your hair, it suppose to replace conditioner and make your hair healthier and nourished. Would love to see you review it💛
Stephanie Thornton
Stephanie Thornton Year ago
Off topic but. I’ve been meal prepping this delicious meal I made pasta w/ salmon I boil up pasta add Italian dressing,parmasean cheese, and parsley. It’s absolutely delicious And I bake salmon
Linds Year ago
Kidos at Work
Kidos at Work Year ago
Whitney which fitness tracking watch do u use pls?
Devon Dixon
Devon Dixon Year ago
Love how you show the products!
Paige Victoria
Paige Victoria Year ago
it’s a beautiFALL day😂🤪
Patricia Murillo
Patricia Murillo Year ago
Monayyy Honayy😂😂 gets me all the time ❤️❤️
isabelle Year ago
What breed are her dogs lol
Amy Thompson
Amy Thompson Year ago
Hey what gym do you go to, I’ve been looking for a gym and I’m wondering what you would prefer
Aprile Shade
Aprile Shade Year ago
You may want to consider using a plastic cap instead of the towel wrap when using the conditioner. A heating cap will really amp up the conditioner.☺️
Madame Susan
Madame Susan Year ago
Misleading title. It should have mentioned it's a FFB unboxing
Veera Koskela
Veera Koskela Year ago
You are seriously da BEST ❤️ Love from Finland! ✌🏻
Kristin Duncan
Kristin Duncan Year ago
where is your stand from in your shower haha
Leoni Year ago
Could you do another Leg & Booty Workout pls ♡ ?
Vanessa Gebka
Vanessa Gebka Year ago
Yaaaaaas We love an unboxing and product try on! I just got my first fabfitfun box and I picked some of the items you showed and now I'm even more excited!! please keep em comin Whit!
Juliana Castro Gomez
Juliana Castro Gomez Year ago
Love you whitney! Please keep using this format 😊
Sherrie Davis
Sherrie Davis Year ago
I liked it keep it up😋💖
SAB Notes
SAB Notes Year ago
Yes I love the first impressions, that makes it different from the others and more exciting ;) I can't wait to receive my box
Ashley Michel
Ashley Michel Year ago
That cheer about being dry 😂😂😂😭😭😭 you are hilarious
Monika Ratniece
Monika Ratniece Year ago
A video by Whit drops and it’s truly a great day!! You’re making me want to find a box like this in the UK now tho and spend money 😂
Katelyn Year ago
my kids have really bad eczema and we have to use so many lotions creams and hydrocortisone. If you're wanting to use something more natural you should try African shea butter from Amazon. It's my go-to for our dry and cracked skin.
Jessica Greene
Jessica Greene Year ago
I love when you do these on your bedroom floor and you’re just throwing stuff. So funny.
Raven Lewis
Raven Lewis Year ago
Hey Whitney! I was wondering what you recommend eating to stay lean but grow a butt. I’m afraid of eating more to grow my butt and my other muscle also growing which I don’t want.
Wothi Year ago
I wish there was something like fab, fit, fun here in Germany...all the monthly subscription boxes you can get here are just sh... 🙈🙄
Hannah R-B
Hannah R-B Year ago
It's a beautiful day when we get to watch a new Whit video
Isabel Gulden
Isabel Gulden Year ago
ugh where is this tank top from 😩😭
liliana rodriguez
liliana rodriguez Year ago
Yes ,love the new style of video
Tilda C
Tilda C Year ago
I LOVE YOU... just sayin
Akilah Musa
Akilah Musa Year ago
“Safety First” but throws items out the box... it’s ok! It’s whit ! 💕😇
Therese Pratl
Therese Pratl Year ago
omg love the "blonde hair & orange makeup" :)
Jessie S
Jessie S Year ago
Love the unboxing with first impression! Yes queen!
Kendall B
Kendall B Year ago
Try the cetaphil body cream, it comes in a tub with a green lid!! The BEST body cream
Maya Franklin
Maya Franklin Year ago
Liz Mercado
Liz Mercado Year ago
Lol Navy thought your FabFitFunBox was a BarkBox 🤣
Sidney Ryan
Sidney Ryan Year ago
I just watched this video after returning from a trip to South America, and already the code doesn't work after only 3 days! I'm so sad.
CeeJays Retreats
CeeJays Retreats Year ago
Kelsey Bloom
Kelsey Bloom Year ago
Girl the daily hair repair will change your hairs life! I’m an aveda hairstylist and it is our top product for condition of hair!! Powered by plants and vegan 🌱💕
Brittany Dennis
Brittany Dennis Year ago
Love this format!! :)
S M Year ago
Even though moisturizers smell amazing, I wonder if the added chemical fragrances might irritate your psoriasis? Have you tried whipping your own coconut oil? You can drizzle a bit of Vitamin E or whatever else, use electric hand mixer to whip. Store in a tight container (will melt in warm temps). Give it a shot!
T Romine
T Romine Year ago
Loved this format of unboxing and trying the products! 💞
black sparrow
black sparrow Year ago
Dying and coloring hair damages hair alot.. btw those sugar cubes are so cute lol
Mind Body Spirit Junkie
Mind Body Spirit Junkie Year ago
I adore you 🥰
Dana and Angelo
Dana and Angelo Year ago
Your videos always make our days better ❤️
Samantha Bright
Samantha Bright Year ago
Love the new format!!!
Jessica Allen
Jessica Allen Year ago
Shauna Watson
Shauna Watson Year ago
Where’s your robe from?! Cute!
Addie V
Addie V Year ago
"My whole body's a rough patch lemme tell u" mhm *like*
Laura K
Laura K Year ago
Love them too!!!
Abbey Dean
Abbey Dean Year ago
Love love love you come back to Canada so I can give you another squeeze at the gym shark pop up 💕💕
I Should Know This
I Should Know This Year ago
Can we talk about your hair? Is that balayage? Getting my hair done soon and I want something similar. Need a stylist’s expertise on what to ask for. Thank you in advance for the advise :)
Lisa Weir
Lisa Weir Year ago
Such an entertaining video! You always make me laugh and smile but this video was so funny! :) *in the best way*
Victoria Ark
Victoria Ark Year ago
Where is that housecoat from?
Alyssa Magaña
Alyssa Magaña Year ago
I seriously love your videos you make me laugh! 😂💕
Becca V.
Becca V. Year ago
Love your videos! And how you embrace your skin!
April Peter
April Peter Year ago
foxyredla9 Year ago
Love the new format Whit!
Megan De Leon
Megan De Leon Year ago
Your dorkiness, I’m all for it. You got me laughing at work gorl. 😂😂😂😂
Sarah Braxton
Sarah Braxton Year ago
You make my day! You are so funny and so adorable ! Loved the dry song 🤣 Made me lol
Cailin Morphy
Cailin Morphy Year ago
LOVE THE VIDEO FORMAT, I'm here for it 💃🏻😍
Sarah Whyte
Sarah Whyte Year ago
Girlllll, where is your robe from?! 😍
marissa poling
marissa poling Year ago
Love the format!
Laurie Eheler
Laurie Eheler Year ago
Girrl you are so funny! Love your confidence & attitude on life. 💜💜💜
Ellie Smith
Ellie Smith Year ago
Girl when are you getting restock of your Hot Fire Flames merch? I am in loveeee but both designs are sold out!! Send help xx
gemmelbel Year ago
Oh dear fall unboxing already? Did I miss the summer unboxing video? 😥
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
I missed the summer box this time 😩😩
Leah Butler
Leah Butler Year ago
Obsessed with you!
Laura Ramos Delgado
Laura Ramos Delgado Year ago
You and beauty/skin care products is SO FUN TO WATCH. Your passion just overflows. Love your energy Whit.
destiny alaniz
destiny alaniz Year ago
She said “that was good” hype urself girl
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Year ago
Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller Year ago
Loved this video!! Feel better soon!! Xoxo
Robyn Marissa
Robyn Marissa Year ago
Can the FitWhit code be used for the Annual subscription or just on 1 box?
lilian Rose rodriguez
lilian Rose rodriguez Year ago
Whitney where did you get your robe 👘? I need one like yours 😩
Ashtyn Pharis Fitness
Ashtyn Pharis Fitness Year ago
Love your videos girl!
Caity Year ago
Yes love this! Makes me want to order the box now 🙈
Carolyn Wheeler
Carolyn Wheeler Year ago
Check out Acure for a clean brand and affordable moisturizer. I used the 24hr moisturizer and I have eczema.
Sonia Avitia
Sonia Avitia Year ago
Love that you also get to wear thr products in the video that way you can tell us a bit more about the product like using only a little bit of thr scrub cubes. Enjoy your videos! Could you do a fall outfit videos when it is fall!
Brianna Lyles
Brianna Lyles Year ago
Love you Whit!! Just signed up and I’m so excited
Megreddd Fitness
Megreddd Fitness Year ago
Yesss I love this new format! You’re hilarious and def showing more of yourself which is awesome to see ♥️♥️
Maleny Duran
Maleny Duran Year ago
Girl you just COMPLETELY make my day so much BRIGHTER!!!🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘 thank you for being you!!! Love you girl! XoXo m.
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