MONTHLY FAVORITES can't live without them lol *dramatic*

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Whitney Simmons

Year ago

Current must have favorites for the month of September!! Makeup, beauty, clothing, fitness and more!!
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INSTAGRAM ♡ whitneyysimmons
Thank you for shopping through my link and supporting me I LOVE YOU
or use code WHITNEY at checkout for free shipping over $50
MY JEWELRY ♡ my necklace is a piece created from my moms engagement ring she gifted me💕Jamie at J. Brooks Jewelers designed my necklace, rings and bracelet for me!

baby blue jeans of my dreams ****by shopping through this link you’ll receive 20% off the jeans!! Good American reached out to me to offer this to y’all after I uploaded the vid WOOOHOOOO
black curvy jeans also mentioned
volume magic hair powder HOW
Long sleeve flex crop top: size small
High rise flex cycling shorts: size small
Box utility cropped sweater: size small (wearing in video)
Aura joggers in taupe: size x-small (sweats worn in video)
makeup melting butter
pink guavaaaaaaaaa
use code WHITNEY at checkout for free shipping over $50
chunky phone case SO CUTE

This video is not sponsored | Gymshark, Alani Nu, Amazon and Reward Style are affiliates links. Tula is a commission code. Thank you for supporting myself, this channel and helping me continue to create content for you♡

E D I T H H’ S E D I T S
E D I T H H’ S E D I T S 3 months ago
I love your energy!! You are too cute and funny! 😄
Charles Segovia
Charles Segovia 5 months ago
Nirali Ruparelia
Nirali Ruparelia 5 months ago
What shoes are those? They're not available anymore so the link doesn't tell me the name
Linda Garza
Linda Garza 6 months ago
what lipstick do you use?? LOVe
Planet Vegan
Planet Vegan 7 months ago
You’re not supposed to watch your face in the shower? Omg. I’ve been messing up even the easiest part of my life! 😂😂😂
L G 7 months ago
PSA: Good American has a TON of styles on sale for $99 right now and the link in the bio for 20% off still works! Just ordered my first pair for $83 after tax 😊
Alaina Noelle
Alaina Noelle 9 months ago
What’s the name of the shoes bc the link doesn’t work anymore 🥺🥺
Stefanie Rodriguez
Stefanie Rodriguez 9 months ago
I love your videos! I have to watch them everyday to know it’s a beautiful day to be alive 💕
Olivia 10 months ago
Okay I absolutely love your camo sweatshirt where did you get it!
Jeannie Vo
Jeannie Vo 11 months ago
Does anyone know if the Whitney Simon collection is still out? I searched gymshark multiple times and when I click her link it leads me to the regular home page
Nicole Kelley
Nicole Kelley 11 months ago
You are adorable and great video ... pronounced Vuh-Lu-Min-Us.
madison schultz
madison schultz 11 months ago
Why aren’t you supposed to wash ur face in the shower ?? I do ....
Jessica Rentsch
Jessica Rentsch Year ago
ur top is everything !!! love it
Meagan Rankin
Meagan Rankin Year ago
You NEED to try Lancôme monsieur big mascara. I have been getting fake lashes forever now. I took a break recently and tried this mascara and honestly I won’t be going back to lashes! It is a MUST HAVE!
Genessis Melendrez
Genessis Melendrez Year ago
Where did you get the sweater you are wearing?
Josefine Jansen
Josefine Jansen Year ago
What is wrong with washing your face in the shower I don't get it?😅😅
Cece Campbell
Cece Campbell Year ago
Love Drunk Elephant so much!! The only thing is that when I use it for my eyes, it blurs my vision so much
Amanda Love
Amanda Love Year ago
Please try Thrive Cosmetics Mascara!! It changed my life 😩❤️
Sarah Hellman
Sarah Hellman Year ago
I just bought that mascara. But in travel size. So far I like it. I feel like travel size is best. By the time it goes bad, I've used it all.
hundredmoreye4rs Year ago
I just realised you look a bit like Emily blunt. Both so gorgeous
Michelle Diaz
Michelle Diaz Year ago
What kind of plant is the tall one in the background ? I LOVE your home and decor!
that.girl. Devi
that.girl. Devi Year ago
Another problem with the Damn Girl! Mascara is that its not waterproof. I noticed that when I add eye drops or if my eyes get watery from my contact lens.
Allee Gallant
Allee Gallant Year ago
Do you still have a discount code for Tula?
Auður Jónasdóttir
Auður Jónasdóttir Year ago
I sooo relate with the white sneakers!!! they all white but all soo different!
D B Year ago
MASCARA ALERT!! Dashing through a train station in Milano Italy. I needed mascara. Kiko Milano!!! Best ever and you can order it online!! Worth every penny. Tricky wand but still.
Trisha Bee
Trisha Bee Year ago
Oh my gosh ! I am a new subscriber! Also you are just like my daughter! Literally. Your mannerisms and movement LOL 😂
relaxwithme Year ago
This whole vid had me rolling 😂
Zaman Khan
Zaman Khan Year ago
*u r so beautiful and smiley*
Asma Limam
Asma Limam Year ago
Love you and your personality!! First video i watch of you and love it!! 😍😍💕💕
Mashael Alhamidi
Mashael Alhamidi Year ago
Try benefit bad gal bang mascara .. THE BEST👌🏻
Jen Ma
Jen Ma Year ago
I wish you tried them on for us :(
Gilda Cortez
Gilda Cortez Year ago
Can you do what’s in my gym bag video?
Ann Cathrin
Ann Cathrin Year ago
How is the sizing in those beautiful Nikes?
jayleen cardona
jayleen cardona Year ago
I can’t she is just so darn beautiful and adorable 😍 I love her what an inspiration
Alyssa G
Alyssa G Year ago
Benefit mascara Maybelline lash sensational Essence lash princess They all work amazing heard good things about thrive cosmetics mascara but never tried it maybe you can review it.
Alicia Alvarado
Alicia Alvarado Year ago
LOL this video is awesome, you're so funny! :P
Emily K
Emily K Year ago
Where did you get your camo sweather
Yusnavy Ramos
Yusnavy Ramos Year ago
Really missing your meal prep/ what you eat in a day videos! 😭😭😭
Laura Denson
Laura Denson Year ago
Are they not getting this top in again? I only see it in black and olive. :(
Tiril Syversen
Tiril Syversen Year ago
I love your videos❤️
Kitty Rodriguez
Kitty Rodriguez Year ago
Same!!! I thought the lash paradise mascara, changed their formula. It doesn’t feel the same 😂 idk how to explain lol it!! But glad we’re on the same page lol😘
shaheer shujaat
shaheer shujaat Year ago
Wow Whitney you are looking very nice beautiful and amazing video well done 😊😊❤️❤️👍👍
victoria butler
victoria butler Year ago
What is the crop top sweater you are wearing girl?! So super cute!!!
G C Year ago
car sitter LOL i do the same thing with my pwo
Kelsi Andersen
Kelsi Andersen Year ago
Whit! Next time you are looking to try a new mascara give Marc Jacobs beauty velvet noir major a try! I’ve been dedicated to it for YEARS!
Lesley Smith
Lesley Smith Year ago
Girl you need to try some Levi’s!
Marissa McGraw
Marissa McGraw Year ago
You should try biossance squalane + antioxidant cleansing oil! It is the best in the world!
summer Sanchez
summer Sanchez Year ago
Where is your sweater from???
Angelina Noelle
Angelina Noelle Year ago
Lash paradise was my favorite too!! Same thing happened to me 🤒
Dekuuu 1000
Dekuuu 1000 Year ago
Hello I am a big fan you are very motivating your arms look strong and powerful your legs and your overall strength is amazing you have made so many fans happy and keep up the good work please post more pics of the bicep flexed because we want to see your progression to help us to progress but thanks for the amazing videos please make a video flexing your biceps 💪 thanks
Labellevie Year ago
Please share your lip combo! It’s so beautiful!! Also tutorial on this look please!!!
shinigamiknight Year ago
You are so cute and this favorites video brings me joy haha
Kylie Stojak
Kylie Stojak Year ago
Hey girl I know you have mentioned it before, but where did you get your barbell pad from? I absolutely destroyed my hips today doing hip thrusts.
Margaret Sykora
Margaret Sykora Year ago
Kylie Stojak I know you can get one on amazon
Steffanie Vandever
Steffanie Vandever Year ago
OMG! I had to buy these jeans... you made me! ha.
Emma Gordon
Emma Gordon Year ago
cutest doggie
Clarissa Lopez
Clarissa Lopez Year ago
I wanna buy your tarte palette.... Can't find it
Melissa M.
Melissa M. Year ago
I want those shoes! But I don't think they have them in white anymore 😭
Melissa M.
Melissa M. Year ago
MagicallyMeagan omg thank you! 💕
MagicallyMeagan Year ago
Melissa M. Just purchased them off finish line!!
Daniella Faziani
Daniella Faziani Year ago
Wait I thought it was Sunday for the gymshark video!!! I’m so excited!!
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee Year ago
😂I just found you. You are sooooo adorable!! I luv watching you. You are funny and probably don’t even know it! I 💕u!!
katelin rinderknecht
katelin rinderknecht Year ago
YOOO can we get a makeup tutorial for this makeup look?!?
c hart
c hart Year ago
What time r u uploading your new video today girl so excited to see the wsxgs clothes
Molly Year ago
I've been rewatching a lot of your old videos in my newest attempt to get to the gym more and looking for work out to do and in seeing how much you've changed/grown over the years i think it would be really funny to see you react to some of your old videos
LuAnne Hoydalo
LuAnne Hoydalo Year ago
“They’re investments” 😂 relatable
Sara Cameron
Sara Cameron Year ago
You should try the loopy cases
yolanda fonseca
yolanda fonseca Year ago
You know you can wash those sneakers if you put them in the dryer and don't have a dryer rack put them in a pillowcase knot it and put them to dry
Manfred Bismark
Manfred Bismark Year ago
Chelsea H.
Chelsea H. Year ago
what are you wearing on your eyes and lips? Beautiful!
NAHOM TV Year ago
Chelsea H. 🤩
Kathy Mathews
Kathy Mathews Year ago
hi please come back to new york
Megan Cuff
Megan Cuff Year ago
What the heck I’ve always washed my face in the shower 😦 thank u Whitney for enlightening me today
It'sElk Year ago
Anyone know when her new stuff come out? asking for a friend lol?
Isabel Year ago
Tip from a sneakerhead: invest in some Crep Protect for your white sneakers!
Briana Bugarin
Briana Bugarin Year ago
You absolutely have to try Lash Princess be Essence! You can find at Ulta for like $2 & I’ll tell you what it’s saved my life
Healing with Marcela
Healing with Marcela Year ago
soooo I just wanted to say... holy heckenbob i love you so much!
Briana Anderson
Briana Anderson Year ago
But wherreeeeeee is that sweater from?! You're bio says gymshark but I can't find it anywhere😭
Karina Soto
Karina Soto Year ago
This bish can sell me anything. I purposefully strayed away from any haul to favorite videos cause I’m spending my sorrows away.. WHIT my wallet is crying 😭
Eva Luo
Eva Luo Year ago
I'm an Amazon Seller for women shoes, can I get your email?
Sydney S
Sydney S Year ago
You saying “my bum looks fantastic” reminded me of raven from that’s so raven and it gave me LIFE
Madisen Labrum
Madisen Labrum Year ago
But wait why aren’t you supposed to wash your face in the shower?!
Missy Reisinger
Missy Reisinger Year ago
Girl, have you heard of Lush? Their skincare is AMAZING FOR MY PSORIASIS (scalp, face, body, all of it) and I think you’d like their everything.
Shannon Evans
Shannon Evans Year ago
You make me laugh in every video omg love you Whit
Jenny Rowan
Jenny Rowan Year ago
My lash paradise did the exact same thing!! I switched to the Hourglass mascara and it is literally the best thing ever! You should try it... it’s amazing!
Pinky Poler
Pinky Poler Year ago
Whit is my current obbsesion!
Hannah R-B
Hannah R-B Year ago
Holy heckin bob this is exactly what I needed
Sabrisie Re
Sabrisie Re Year ago
GIRL GIRL GIRL, I love you so much
Samantha Lopez Sontag
Samantha Lopez Sontag Year ago
I love your vibe😁💞
Madison East
Madison East Year ago
Try the thrive mascara it's my new favorite!
07tishtash Year ago
Love your camp top! Andddd try a Covergirl Exhibitionist mascara next. It’s replaced my Lash Paradise after it started flaking on me.
valeria rodriguez
valeria rodriguez Year ago
Can’t wait for sep. 21st, I’m so glad GS X WS pop-up is on my birthday weekend
Lauren Rivera
Lauren Rivera Year ago
I am so confused as to why preworkout is supposed to make you itchy😂
Amelia Solis
Amelia Solis Year ago
Hi Whitney! What’s the brand and name of your nail polish??! I love it 💕
Rosé Roulette
Rosé Roulette Year ago
Whitney, I've been marathon running for the last 7 years and I'm trying to branch out towards weights more. I'm terrified of the smith machine, (I dont want to look like a dumb dumb) do you have any tips on using the smith machine? I'm sure you've covered this already. thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!
Anne Rose
Anne Rose Year ago
Does she use a self tanner ?? I gotta know. I need a tan...
heyitskristie Year ago
Beauty community educate me, why is washing your face bad in the shower? I do this too and didn't realize it's taboo.
Sasha Marie
Sasha Marie Year ago
Where is the sweater you're wearing from?! SO CUTE
1987stellalink Year ago
Ummm who doesn’t wash their face in the shower??? I do, have I been wrong my whole life???
Emily Krueger
Emily Krueger Year ago
They totally did change the lash paradise! It never used to be so dry on me and I’ve bought 3 bottles now and I can’t deal 😩
Molly Justine
Molly Justine Year ago
TRY THE BEAUTYCOUNTER CLEANSING BALM!!! No bad ingredients!! Use my friend Jennifer Luedtke to shop from lol!
kd Year ago
Youre so funnyy!! love you! definitely my fav! thank you for brightening my day!!
Amanda Godfrey
Amanda Godfrey Year ago
Where is this sweatshirt you’re wearing from?!
wondernessful Year ago
Omg your dog’s face melted my heart ❤️
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