GET READY WITH ME! Chit Chat... Fitness Plan, Goals

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Whitney Simmons

Year ago

Simple everyday makeup routine for glowy skin and bronzed skin!! Using all my current favorite beauty products chatting about fitness, current fitness goals and my workout split.
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Clarisse Rose Flambard
Clarisse Rose Flambard 6 months ago
Do you have a discount code for thrive causemetics? Dying to try but I’m in aus so our $ is so bad against yours 😩😩
LLsxy316 7 months ago
What color is the boy brow in blond brown or clear?
Haleigh Minnis
Haleigh Minnis 9 months ago
Whaaaaaat color boy brow? Hate their color selection
Meghan Henry
Meghan Henry 9 months ago
Dying over your “listen linda” 😂😂😂 your videos are seriously the best!
Laura Di Genova
Laura Di Genova Year ago
The commitment on keep talking while the air choked you made me die🤣🤣🤣🤣
MUA Mandy Schultz
MUA Mandy Schultz Year ago
Self ta collab, makeup collab? Hmm...
Kasie Harner
Kasie Harner Year ago
You are so amazing!!
Maddi Covelli
Maddi Covelli Year ago
I want to get rid of my muffin too sooo bad!! Watching your videos while walking on an incline on the treadmill to keep me motivated!
Laticia Mercado
Laticia Mercado Year ago
I’m so late on this but Cover FX Gripping is everything! It’s always sold out so I stalk up when I see it. So good
kim kabinoff
kim kabinoff Year ago
Need a workout shirt that says “Everything I know I learned from Whitney Simmons”
Danielle Halsall
Danielle Halsall Year ago
dudeeeee loved the face modelling with that song playing. so good haha
Caytee Chandler-Pile
Caytee Chandler-Pile Year ago
Just recently found you and have been binge watching like crazy and blending in some of the hot fire flame workouts to my regimen oh my goodness gracious my legs are always minorly sore but so great
Little Chikapu
Little Chikapu Year ago
You always brighten my day girl!
Kiana Lopez
Kiana Lopez Year ago
I absolutely love your energy and positive personality.
Skylar Conley
Skylar Conley Year ago
I loved you so much the first time I watched a random fitness video & 2 years later I love you even MORE it’s crazy !!! like holy heckinbob do I love ya whit thanks for being the bestest that’s all 💓
Astha Aldrin
Astha Aldrin Year ago
I love that my new name is Linda 😂
Edid Linares
Edid Linares Year ago
Her energy is life giving!! I love it
Monica B
Monica B Year ago
GIRL *snaps* You got crinkles cuz you use too much concealer under them! You do not need that much. I personally never use that technique because I'm not about that life. You do you, but keep it more natural! I'm out *snaps*
Mona Bounyasanh
Mona Bounyasanh Year ago
What color dip is your nails ?! 😰
Lolita Shichman
Lolita Shichman Year ago
Your energy is everything ! I can feel it through my computer ! Thank you for keeping it real we all know that the gym can be your best friend and your enemy at the same time.
Kandie Herrera
Kandie Herrera Year ago
Girl yes! I picked that concealer up on a whim and I’m obsessed.
Maddie Rollins
Maddie Rollins Year ago
where is your top from whitney !!!!
Jamie Leigh
Jamie Leigh Year ago
Um can we talk about how amazing your personality is? You actually remind me of myself with the way you talk and your mannerisms. 😘😘😘😘
Marisol Santoyo
Marisol Santoyo Year ago
You look so beautiful without makeup as well!!
Taylor Narron
Taylor Narron Year ago
What type of scrunchies do you use? I'm dying to know haha my hair never stays up in a workout!
Emily Alexandra
Emily Alexandra Year ago
Melanie Czaplinski
Melanie Czaplinski Year ago
For a moment i thought you cut your hair I was like wait what
michele vrey
michele vrey Year ago
So whit. What's on your gym playlist and also How old are you ?
Jariah Mckay
Jariah Mckay Year ago
I feel like you're cheating because you naturally have amazing skin 😂 and I'm super sad because all these products are too expensive for me. 😭 Thanks for keeping it real in every video and actually being yourself! ❤️ I feel like I'm just your friend you're talking to 😂 except my name isn't Linda 🤣🤣 you know what I mean? You don't put on a "USposts" voice that sounds so so fake! 🤣
Ashana Trav
Ashana Trav Year ago
I see a bunch of spots on your arms I was just wondering what they are ! I love u your gorgeous and u got thick asf I haven’t been on ur USposts ina. While but I just subbed love u don’t be offended I’m JW !
Erin Gray
Erin Gray Year ago
Im new and Already so obsessed with your videos!
Karleigh Buchan
Karleigh Buchan Year ago
i love you
Holly Grant
Holly Grant Year ago
I'm pretty sure "Momager" is trade-marked and owned by Kris Jenner, so idk what impact that has on whether you can say that in your videos or not.
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham Year ago
Damnit Linda!
Romy Anker
Romy Anker Year ago
I’m new here, but why are you think i’m my mother??? My mother’s name is Linda 😂😂😂😂 You have spoken to the wrong person, I’m the daughter!! 🙋‍♀️
C J Year ago
You are literally the CUTEST
Rafia Mushal
Rafia Mushal Year ago
That look tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Katelyn Klug
Katelyn Klug Year ago
Where did you get your top?! 😍
Dani Pierce
Dani Pierce Year ago
Whitney help....I need a primer but I tend to get dry spots in the middle of my T zone, and the sides of my nose at the bottom above my lips!😊
Melissa Held
Melissa Held Year ago
What kind of plant is that? I want one!!
Tricia Smith
Tricia Smith Year ago
Girlllll!! Let’s workout 🏋️‍♀️ your such an inspiration!
baby factory
baby factory Year ago
I need to find more youtubers like Whitney.
Ngaihzuala Fenate
Ngaihzuala Fenate Year ago
Youre truly an inspiration,. Thanks for loving me!!!!
Devin Kates
Devin Kates Year ago
I think it’d be super helpful to do a video on how you stay motivated or tips to motivate yourself because I love going to the gym but sometimes I get stuck and like blah lol. Thanks girl 💖
Amira H.
Amira H. Year ago
The beauty community is literally quaking at this GRWM 👏🏽 Love from SoCal Whit ❤️ Current Fitness Goal: Lean Bulking *I know controversial*
Ayla Year ago
Your makeup in this video is amazing...and then I realize it will never look this way on me with my poop brown eyes 🙄
Blue September
Blue September Year ago
Ayla Brown eyes are so gorgeous and deep though! Robert Downey jr, Jessica Alba...etc for reference have beautiful brown eyes.
Chill Dog
Chill Dog Year ago
Did you end up liking the pink powder?
Shylowe Perez
Shylowe Perez Year ago
Aw Whit! I can hear the passion in your voice when you’re talking about your “new” investments 😍🔥♥️✨ Can’t wait to support you in your next endeavors!
Shylowe Perez
Shylowe Perez Year ago
Mystique Makeup
Mystique Makeup Year ago
if you want the gripping of the cover fx primer but it is a little dry or it breaks up on you , try the milk makeup hydro grip primer , same effect but MUCH better
Mikayla Gigout
Mikayla Gigout Year ago
I love you!!!!
Maud M
Maud M Year ago
Please do a skincare Routine!!!😻 Your skin looks so glowy, it's absolutely beautiful!❤️😻
Ros with 1 s
Ros with 1 s Year ago
I’ve always wanted to try the Thrive CC cream! Anybody with acne prone skin have thoughts on it?!
Hannah R-B
Hannah R-B Year ago
This is exactly the video I needed right now, Whitney I find you so relatable and down to earth and I really appreciate it. You are literally like the only USpostsr I watch. Honestly, this made me realise that right now it is okay to take time for me and refocus myself and my goals.
jzgiraffe Year ago
OK... Middle part, lip-GLOSS, yoga, in a DEFICIT and an extra rest day? Who IS SHE??? I relaaaaaaaaatttttte so hard right now, the gym and my nutrition has been a massive struggle lately! love and appreciate your realness
Ivory Glass
Ivory Glass Year ago
Random--- but you and PAris Jackson look like sisters
Mallory Brooke
Mallory Brooke Year ago
Clever Smith
Clever Smith Year ago
That tank top through 🤗
Kayla Pearcy
Kayla Pearcy Year ago
Hey Whitney ! Have you ever tried nla for her protein or pre workout ??
iamyoko Year ago
Just a vid idea: hitting macros while on One Meal A Day or Warrior diet 20/4 fasting...
Isabelle123 _
Isabelle123 _ Year ago
You officially have the funniest/inspirational/supportive comment section within everyone i follow 😂 thanks to yourself, your mannerisms and expressions. Im telling you that you can trust yourself and your potential. Love you linda ❤️
Ederson simplis
Ederson simplis Year ago
jsfnlrssn98 Year ago
I love a good get ready with me with Whit!!
Sednalee Year ago
If Whitney is investing in something of her own merchandise, you know I’m walking into the gym or wherever with Whitney Simmons all over 😁💪❤️
Ashley Cosio
Ashley Cosio Year ago
My only fitness goal is to actually go to the gym lol
Devaki Bult
Devaki Bult Year ago
I love your videos, you are so inspiring to me. You are amazing whit 💕
Sarah D
Sarah D Year ago
My goal is to get back to the gym ☹️
Alyssa Boudreau
Alyssa Boudreau Year ago
any small/new youtubers wanna support each other? my new channel is about living a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle in an attainable way 💗
Pamela Rosario
Pamela Rosario Year ago
Can you do an updated stretch video
Zenab Sheikh
Zenab Sheikh Year ago
Whitney could please put your Instagram Fitness videos on USposts? I miss your fitness videos on USposts and need to see new ones! ILY!
Sierra Lane
Sierra Lane Year ago
heyy do you wear makeup to the gym because you film or do you wear it on days you dont film too?
Brooklyn Van Zee
Brooklyn Van Zee Year ago
How do gym shark leggings fit on someone who is shorter? I am 5 feet 2.5 inches with a more athletic build. I really want some leggings but don't want to have to cuff them!
Alex Madsen
Alex Madsen Year ago
So pretty!!!!
Jane Soto
Jane Soto Year ago
Such a beauty ur so inspirational don’t ever stop because ur such and inspirational person love u 💓💕💜
Beatriz Téllez
Beatriz Téllez Year ago
Life in Scrubs
Life in Scrubs Year ago
leaning out and more muscle definition!! I started working out my shoulders and it's soooo fun!!! ilyyy byeee
Amber Nic
Amber Nic Year ago
I am very excited for merch! You are amazing and I love your videos!
MsStarlet21 Year ago
I was your 1,523 subscriber lol I remember when people always asked you to do your make up because you did do make up on your channel. I’m happy you are here with your channel. I love the slow chat ages that have happened over time yet also completely the same as in you are stil you and amazingly sweet and funny!! Like growing of course and changing but not changing yourself as in being stuck up or totally different personality because of being a BIG USpostsd now 😘 haha. But really you are popular!! I can’t because you don’t have millions of subs and thousands of comments but then again I’m happy it’s not too crowded haha. I’m not worried about you at all when it comes to changing for the worse as you become more and more popular.. you are just so real and awesome and sweet, kind and funny. Ok lol I’m rambling and I haaaaaate when I do that. But I’m too lazy to reread Thai comment to delete crap lol. Okaaayyyy byyyyeeee whit! Love ya sis 🥰🌸❤️💋
Jaz98 Year ago
where is that tank top from?? :-)
Cecilia Perales
Cecilia Perales Year ago
Your so beautiful 😍 would you be able to tell me what camera you use. It’s so clear.
Lindsay Striplin
Lindsay Striplin Year ago
Literally I love you so much. Your videos always make me smile!!!
ToriTaurus Year ago
Hey Whit! I recently started using "it cosmetics" CC+ illumination -- it's full coverage and SPF 50. It leaves my skin glowing and its bomb! I also set it with their CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder (which is also SPF 50). I think it's a really good choice for when you're doing things outside especially for the summer time! I think you should give it a whirl -- Makes your face super dewy and glowingggggg. xx
shelbitedeschi Year ago
Need to see your new workout split!
Cece R
Cece R Year ago
I love that shirt, I love your smiling face, I just love you okkkkkkk you are a ray of sunshineeee
Missy Jay
Missy Jay Year ago
I just want to say that I so appreciate you being honest about your struggle in the gym. I look up to you so much. I’ve been struggling myself, and definitely beating myself up. It’s been almost two weeks, and before that I was cut down to once or twice a week. I had no motivation. I had no desire. To know that you also struggle with this just really helps me so much. I really really appreciate that.
Octogon Smuggler
Octogon Smuggler Year ago
Hey, so, I'm a 22yo female. 5'6". I weigh 112lbs, and I need to be at 130lbs in order to have a healthy body weight. Any tips on how I can achieve that within the course of the next several months?
Ashly King
Ashly King Year ago
Whit, I fell off for like eight months. Gained 10 lbs. Ugh. Starting again!
Megan Carter
Megan Carter Year ago
Can you do a video of what you do with your hair after the gym? After every workout I feel like it’s drenched in sweat and always have to wash it.
rawrsecret Year ago
You would look gorgeous with short hair! When your hair was back and just the front sides were framing your face, I could easily picture you with a long bob!
Jennifer Vasquez
Jennifer Vasquez Year ago
Girl you are glowingggggggg 🌞⚡️
Kayla DeKraker
Kayla DeKraker Year ago
“I don’t really nose contour.” Describes a full nose contour 😂
Malani Abila
Malani Abila Year ago
Can you please make a video on how you edit your videos???? ; )
jess west
jess west Year ago
How do you not get tanning all over your clothes?!?
mistianddustin22 Year ago
Your GOALS should scare you a little & EXCITE you a LOT!!! You Got This Girl!! Always supporting your GIRL💜
Abril Guerrero
Abril Guerrero Year ago
Wish I could say I took two weeks off😂 took half a year!
Misty Butler
Misty Butler Year ago
I love your videos. You are so funny and positive.
Marissa McNally
Marissa McNally Year ago
LOVE when you do makeup tutorials! You don’t give yourself enough credit that you’re really talented and knowledgeable when it comes to cosmetics! It diversifies your channel from other fitness/lifestyle. Great vid🥰
Christina Mendez
Christina Mendez Year ago
Listen Linda.... your amazing! Lol Thanks for always being so inspiring and genuinely happy 🥰
Kirsten Turner
Kirsten Turner Year ago
Loving your dip color!! Do you know what color it is?
Queen of Fun Travel
Queen of Fun Travel Year ago
When I am burned out on the gym I take Pilates or spinning or some other fun class for a little bit then get back in there😊
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