EVERYTHING I EAT IN A DAY! Healthy and Quick

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Whitney Simmons

Year ago

Full day of eating! Healthy, simple and go to meals to make eating healthy a bit easier.
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Pancake Recipe: amagicalmess.com/muscle-building-foods-pancakes/

Crockpot Recipe: runningonrealfood.com/slow-cooker-vegan-red-lentil-chili/

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The True Katherine
The True Katherine 2 months ago
Doesn't' taste like dirt but taste like earth - LOL I LOVE watching you
Cait Brewer
Cait Brewer 2 months ago
All I heard was "crop top meal"
Toni Pistritto
Toni Pistritto 5 months ago
I’m MEGA late, did you get Invisalign?! I’m an ortho assistant and am in treatment myself. It popped out at me! Gotta love the lisp it gives everyone. Great recipes girl! Love it!
Concerned Parent
Concerned Parent 5 months ago
Your channel has kept me on track. I’ve learned so many healthy yummy recipes. I was close to giving up on my goals because eating healthy was gross. You changed my life by showing me that healthy eating is enjoyable. I just had no clue what was out there until I found you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and recipes. I’m very close to reaching my goals. ❤️
Ashy Hughes
Ashy Hughes 5 months ago
I am with you on the protein after taste in baking/cooking..unless its a protein shake/smoothie, it can taste like protein powder then!
Meghan Knaeble
Meghan Knaeble 6 months ago
no one: whitney: uhhrugala
a g
a g 6 months ago
if i ate like that i would throw up. my body can’t handle a lot of food. i only eat 1 meal a day and small snacks all healthy. i basically eat like a bird lol
Lata Anand
Lata Anand 7 months ago
U eat really healthy n natural no artificial food so it's good
Lata Anand
Lata Anand 7 months ago
Could u pls tell us ur beauty routine as ur skin is always glowing
Steven Daly
Steven Daly 7 months ago
Those pancakes look 😋
reigning blood
reigning blood 8 months ago
as a chef it pains me to see people using a knife like that xD ......i'll let you off seeing as you are one of the most beautiful women i've ever seen
Allison Green
Allison Green 8 months ago
Yummy food! Your skin and makeup are flawless!
Maeve Bradley
Maeve Bradley 8 months ago
WHITNEY (or anyone SOS) what's this song that yo use twice in this video??? I wanna add it to my yoga playlist so bad but cant find it anywhereeeee
lolypopy26 8 months ago
Omg I love the way you eat!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 finally a video of what I eat in a day that looks real and delicious ❤️
Allie Lo
Allie Lo 8 months ago
What background music do you use in your video? They are so chill ^.^
Deanna Schroeder
Deanna Schroeder 8 months ago
Everyone else: 1/4 of an avocado Whitney: a half of a half 😂😂😂
Lindsay Sutherland
Lindsay Sutherland 8 months ago
Do you love leg day yet? I hate it lol. I feel like for most ladies, leg day is their fav...not me! Wondering if you have any tips on how to love leg day lol
Lauren Bearup
Lauren Bearup 9 months ago
whitney i need to know HOW you wear so much white and don't get self tanner all over everything??? is it magic?
Sara K.
Sara K. 9 months ago
pls someone help, how do you drink a protein shake with water? Once I tried to mix my protein powder with water and I almost had to vomit bc it really didn't taste good. It waa the worst I had to drink. So, how do any of you drink it with water?
Hannin Haifa
Hannin Haifa 9 months ago
do y'all notice how dewy her skin is WOWOOWW
Where You Been Syn
Where You Been Syn 9 months ago
You asked about a vegan yogurt in another video, So Delicious makes one
Sadie 9 months ago
ily queen
jlyxx 10 months ago
Your face is so glowy🤩
Maddie Myers
Maddie Myers 10 months ago
I recommend you get crock pot liners, they will make clean up so much easier
Hilary Chappell
Hilary Chappell 10 months ago
I LOVE how you throw in plant based meals! We can do both! Super balanced healthy meals to me. Thank you for being a great influence for healthy eating with Whole Fresh Foods!!
LuvliePrincess 10 months ago
Does anyone know where her necklace is from?
Kenia Cuellar
Kenia Cuellar 11 months ago
lol i was like... hmmm did i miss it? what is she making? but didnt want to go back bc i was so into the vid .. and then she said it... loool
April Brown
April Brown 11 months ago
I wonder if you could just use collagen protien because that's my favorite because it's flavorless!
Meagan Smith
Meagan Smith 11 months ago
Where is your blue tank from? It’s super cute
Nicole Hilton
Nicole Hilton Year ago
I love that you are sharing more vegetarian/vegan options. I’m really trying to cut down on my meat and stay healthy at the same time.
Grace Aubry
Grace Aubry Year ago
I couldn’t even think about anything but how cute your dogs are the entire time I watched this video. 🥺😅
Amanda Love
Amanda Love Year ago
Whitney ps lol we like ingredients lists in description box
Amanda Love
Amanda Love Year ago
You are toooo cute. I adore your vibe Whitney!
dominica griffin
dominica griffin Year ago
does your HydroFlask make such a horrific noise while you're sucking on the straw too? ;) xx
Savannah Hanson
Savannah Hanson Year ago
Where is your tank top from?! I love it!!
Sueann Valenzuela
Sueann Valenzuela Year ago
I want your hair ..I’m a busy mom ..I washed my hair with Pantene and it became somewhat pretty again but my roots are grown out 😂😂
Phillip Oxendine
Phillip Oxendine Year ago
I watch Steve Cooks videos so much. But I think he has some GymShark competition. Really enjoyed this. 😁
Nicole Johnson
Nicole Johnson Year ago
Where is your case from with the eucalyptus leaves in it?
Ciara Pharr
Ciara Pharr Year ago
Where do you get the dogs food?
Macy Gray
Macy Gray Year ago
Whit😂 Your personality is the best
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham Year ago
Simple is what I need !!!!
Maggie Stevens
Maggie Stevens Year ago
I want your sweats!!!!!
Enn Vee
Enn Vee Year ago
How do you get your skin so glowy and smooth?
brittany dummett
brittany dummett Year ago
Wait do people actually think tomato sauce with scrambled eggs is weird no it’s then that’s weird I have tomato sauce with everything even with chips and gravy lol
Jen Year ago
I have to have ketchup on my eggs, I like to take the eggy taste away. Is that like not liking water because it's too watery 🤔
Samantha Kressevich
Samantha Kressevich Year ago
Ek-specially????🙄 lmao.....ESPECIALLY!!!!!...
Merritt Ellaine
Merritt Ellaine Year ago
when you're at the gym in this vid and you see the red things behind you I really thought they were handmaid cloaks. like from the show handmaids tale on Hulu and I'm laughing out loud. I literally don't comment on videos and this is months old but I couldn't not comment this
Abdullah abdullah
Abdullah abdullah Year ago
U delicious 😍
jul bry
jul bry Year ago
Love this You are eating so down to earth and much Hard to find nowadays
Alisia Kivinen
Alisia Kivinen Year ago
Do a push-up everytime she says ”u know”. WE GON BE FIT
Amanda Decker
Amanda Decker Year ago
Thank you for bringing such acceptance and fun to vegan and vegetarian recipes! You're making such a difference to the planet, the animals, and your health.
Katrina T
Katrina T Year ago
Are those Handmaid Tale capes at your gym ?8:55 lol I love that not every meal has to have meat!
Ray Year ago
What in the Handmaid's Tale-n-bob is going on at 8:26????
Megan Kaake
Megan Kaake Year ago
I’m new here and already a big fan!
Megan Richardson
Megan Richardson Year ago
do a fall one please 😭
Cazandra Trujillo
Cazandra Trujillo Year ago
The dog 😂😂😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😂😂😂
Kayla Whillock
Kayla Whillock Year ago
What is that tank top she’s wearing for the first half I need ittttt
Dominique Sanchez
Dominique Sanchez Year ago
Fun fact: I dont cry when cutting onions...
Lisa Morse
Lisa Morse Year ago
You are the cutest human ever!! Thank you for this fun vid ^.^
Vanessa Elizabeth
Vanessa Elizabeth Year ago
I love your food plates! Where are they from?
Tiffany Alvarado
Tiffany Alvarado Year ago
These are my favorites
kelsey Year ago
*points to pancakes* “2 eggs” 😂😂
Ally Year ago
Love that plant based chili
Paige Likes
Paige Likes Year ago
next time you go to the falafel place: order the chicken and grain bowl SUB falafel. 10/10
Mona Balgobin
Mona Balgobin Year ago
Wth WHIT. Whats cotton candy grapes and CHEWY NERDS?!? What am i missing out onnnnnn
Becca Mary
Becca Mary Year ago
Just came across your channel, you’re my new favorite USpostsr 😍
Brittney Ondich
Brittney Ondich Year ago
Yesssss cotton candy grapes 🙌🏼
Clarissa Munoz
Clarissa Munoz Year ago
So I tried the lentil chili right??? Girl. LIFE CHANGING. I can’t wait to have this all week 🤤🤤
Maggie Funderburk
Maggie Funderburk Year ago
How many grams of protein do you try to eat per day?
Samantha Kwait
Samantha Kwait Year ago
You shared the plain Greek yogurt sub In a video at the beginning of the year and my family has never gone back to sour cream. It’s so versatile lol
Stella Year ago
I love your videos! Your so funny without being obnoxious 🤗☺️😊
Marissa Rodriguez
Marissa Rodriguez Year ago
How much carbs, fats and sugar intake should we have? Protein ideas??
Steph Talks
Steph Talks Year ago
At 4:28, when you said cutie, got him, navy is in the background like... whaaatttt
Steph Talks
Steph Talks Year ago
Omg it was Indigo!!! Oops sorry lol
selina nachtmann
selina nachtmann Year ago
i also use oatly oat milk, i also put ketchup on my eggs and i also hate eating out. i feel soo connected to you girl xd
Living With The Russell’s
Living With The Russell’s Year ago
What brand of pants are you wearing, they look comfortable and cute?
ThatOneWeirdGal Year ago
Is Steph as much into fitness and health as you are?
Sian Elliott
Sian Elliott Year ago
Anyone else rate whits mood, she’s just the positivity that keeps giving
michele vrey
michele vrey Year ago
You ate so sweet whit. I sometimes just put on your videos to listen to you while I'm working in my tunnel... just your voice is such a ray of sunshine. Thank you x
S RC Year ago
Cutting dairy really helped my son's eczema. I know psoriasis isn't the same, but the men in my family suffer from it. You should try it for about 2 months and see how your psoriasis does. But just for reference... Dairy is in everything... Even McDonald's fries😩. I know you don't eat out a lot so it might be easier for you to try.
Janielle Miclat
Janielle Miclat Year ago
Which protein are you using? Whey or vegan?
Elle Falconer
Elle Falconer Year ago
"It doesn't taste like dirt but it tastes like the earth" LOL, so true.
Maria Villalobos
Maria Villalobos Year ago
Do you count calories
Jay O
Jay O Year ago
Doesn’t taste like dirt it taste like the EARTH 😂😂
Mindy Joy
Mindy Joy Year ago
Take a shot every time Whitney says “ya know?” 😂😂😂 Man, I love her.
Anna Howell
Anna Howell Year ago
First off, glad I ran into your USposts. I absolutely love how you break it down. Also, following on IG now. One thing, can we talk about that Handmaid’s Tale scene, while you’re talking about that amazing premier protein flavor at your gym. Haha! I was dying laughing to myself for catching those red hoods. 😂👀🙊
Ema Bago
Ema Bago Year ago
Love it!! You gave me some ideas, love love love!! :D :D
Lovely Sarte
Lovely Sarte Year ago
Love your videos and your energy more videos like this 💕
Angela Streit
Angela Streit Year ago
You need an instant pot now!!
Sarah Shaw
Sarah Shaw Year ago
I came here for meal ideas but honestly I wasn’t listening to a word. I was too busy looking at your makeup and hair!! 😍😍
Brittney W
Brittney W Year ago
"who's that cuuutie?" "GOT EM" lol
Rebecca MacDonald
Rebecca MacDonald Year ago
random question.. do you use a tooth whitening product they are always so white
Ms. Marki
Ms. Marki Year ago
"ya know"
Anais Salazar
Anais Salazar Year ago
Love your vids and your pups. Can you share how you manage to keep your furniture clean with your pups.
Zahraa Year ago
You're glowing
Kota Jones
Kota Jones Year ago
that eyebrow game tho! killin it!
Kristi Bergman
Kristi Bergman Year ago
You have the cutest lil puppies! 😍💕
Hannah Marie Beauty
Hannah Marie Beauty Year ago
Do you count your macros? Do most of your calories come from carbs or fat? I’ve seen so many conflicting videos idk what to do 😭
annabelle7123 Year ago
Really enjoyed watching this, you have the most beautiful smile! Your top-high bun is so cute! Even your takeaway food from outside looks like a healthy option! Love falafel and salad so thanks for all the inspiration 🥰❤
annabelle7123 Year ago
I love how you are cooking more! I live with my parents so (100% homemade food I can't nag or criticize) but in the past it seemed like you and the fit girls are eating readymade/ half-made fast food that's healthier... you are really cookin, fresh veggies and real spices, yay!!! 🙌 i know i can't get cook all the time but you are really cooking from breakfast, respect!
Aleina M
Aleina M Year ago
lol a half of a half is a quarter
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