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Whitney Simmons

7 months ago

MONTHLY FAVORITES!! Self Isolation and quarantine edition!! Monthly beauty, healthy snacks and self care favorites.
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My boobs have never been happier rstyle.me/+qvCokch3yrO33sYxci2vOA
Pitty Party labangbody.com/collections/sarahs-day/products/sarah-s-day-pitty-party-natural-deodorant-coming-soon
Made Good granola bites!! DELICIOUS
Journaling like I said... changed my life
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setyourselfonfire 2 days ago
Omg I found the dang video. I was trying to find the video where you mentioned this deodorant. 😅 Flipping through the description did not work.. because I was looking for the word deodorant. Haha
Andrea' M
Andrea' M Month ago
The Pitty party deodorant worked for me in terms of no smell however it left a rash and makes my pits itcy 😖. I dont have sensitive skin either. May work for others but for me it was another expensive natural deodorant. The search continues!
The True Katherine
The True Katherine 2 months ago
When will you have a restock of that sweatshirt?
Katie Alexandra
Katie Alexandra 4 months ago
K T 4 months ago
Paula Queen
Paula Queen 4 months ago
I always wonder how is your tongue so red? is it like that naturally or do you do something to it? mine is always whitish :(
Paulina Ely
Paulina Ely 5 months ago
I'm a fan of this womans USposts vids lol
Rebecca Bustamante
Rebecca Bustamante 5 months ago
Legit started watching you again because I’ve been trying to get healthy and fit again and man you inspire me!
Bridgette Tyssee
Bridgette Tyssee 5 months ago
What is the nail kit link!? I need something!
Melissa Loredo
Melissa Loredo 5 months ago
Ehhh I am so bad at the polish application. No matter how hard I try!!! Smudges, dents, paint on my skin ehhh terrible!
meli15aryam 5 months ago
You should try playing spicy Uno!! It will ruin friendships but it's so much fun!!!
viianangel 6 months ago
My savings account cries when I click on your monthly favorites 😫
Katie Reeves
Katie Reeves 6 months ago
What size do you have in the triangle bra? I'm very small, but I'm not sure if XS or S is best!
bunga padmapurani
bunga padmapurani 6 months ago
just for u know, im in the middle of major boredom but it changes until i see all ur videos! thank you for being your best self and inspiring me to be alive ahahhahahaha, sending u love from bali!
Misshappy143 6 months ago
Journals & gratitude list’s are the best!!!!
Abby McClure
Abby McClure 6 months ago
I need this sweater to come back in stock 😭
ambur wanek
ambur wanek 6 months ago
Love the good made bars because they are peanut free!
MadeDeelicious 6 months ago
Hey Whit, will there be under restock on your tie dye sweaters? I would really like to order one! :)
Patricia Olenga
Patricia Olenga 6 months ago
Monopoly deal is the BEST!!!!
kimberly cecil
kimberly cecil 6 months ago
Could you do a quarantine at home relaxation/spa/pampering video?!
Daleana M
Daleana M 6 months ago
When will those sweatshirts be available again?!!!!?
Maori Brown
Maori Brown 6 months ago
Yesss! Uno flip. Best game. Got it for my going away party it got crazy. And it was a fun game to play when first got to campus. Lots of people wanted to join.
Reeeemer 6 months ago
Whitney what size do you wear in skims?!
Steph Talks
Steph Talks 7 months ago
What happened with throwing your things lol I was waiting for you to throw the monopoly cards and the deodorant 😂
Betty Viraldo
Betty Viraldo 7 months ago
Whitney, I need that sweatshirt you’re wearing!!! I hope it can be restocked soon 😭 love you and your merch.
Sharon Peckham
Sharon Peckham 7 months ago
Chelsea Flohr
Chelsea Flohr 7 months ago
When will the Tie Dye Corded Crew you're wearing be back in stock. I'm in love!
Rebecca Buoni
Rebecca Buoni 7 months ago
I freaking love you 😍😂 you make me laugh so much! Talking about a push-up bra for zoom classes/meetings and nip slips! Good looking out girl! ❤️
J B 7 months ago
Just got on to buy the SKIMS bra and it’s sold out in every color in my size 😭
Kylee Knight
Kylee Knight 7 months ago
Whit 😩😍😍😍 your top is adorable! I always love your favorites videos 🥰
BiancaLacey 7 months ago
Nothing beats a good bra. So I understand you totally lol
sissnath 7 months ago
Please, please expand your shipping to the Nordic countries, more specifically Sweden :D Love your merch, and would love to wear it! Hot fire flames, you know ;p
003ttc 7 months ago
You were right about Monopoly Deal.
Ryback TV
Ryback TV 7 months ago
Great stuff.
Monica Van Deventer
Monica Van Deventer 7 months ago
I love you even more for talking about journaling! Love hearing how much it has helped you and you sharing will help so many others! Helps normalize it :)
Janna Michelle Mace
Janna Michelle Mace 7 months ago
But if you could pls give me that restock date that’d be great. thank u so much. love u so much. ok, bye. 💘
Chelsea Wang
Chelsea Wang 7 months ago
Need your outfit info!!! That sweatshirt is a beauty!
Yanique Bennett
Yanique Bennett 7 months ago
i love your nails... i'm gonna try to grow mine out, so i can have mine as nice as yours 😂💕💕
Onchelle Jolly
Onchelle Jolly 7 months ago
I ordered the poly gel kit, its gonna be real nail salon vibes.
Grace Ella
Grace Ella 7 months ago
me and brother have become obsessed with monopoly deal we literally play it all day
Aileen Salva
Aileen Salva 7 months ago
Been journaling off and on for years too but there’s one night during this quarantine that my mental health was suffering and it got me back to it. Cheers to keeping it going forever✨
heather h
heather h 7 months ago
whit if you open a nail salon I will fly all the way from Canada to have you do my nails lol
Keley M.
Keley M. 7 months ago
I LOVE how you showed a bunch of different random stuff that relates to a bunch of different areas of life! Thanks for sharing 🥰
Lindsay Angioletti
Lindsay Angioletti 7 months ago
wait i just bought the sculpting bra from skims because of you.. why is this one better?!?!
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 7 months ago
Sculpting is part of their shapewear line and this is like their everyday normal bralette line so they’re completely different! Love them both 💕
Angelina 7 months ago
These favorite videos are my fave! I have 0 social media so have no idea what is "trending" or good stuff until I see Whitney's fave videos! Could you maybe consider doing a "Spring Clothing/Outfit Haul" sometime soon for those of us who can't dress ourselves and need some inspiration/a teacher? Please :))
Hey Dani Girl S
Hey Dani Girl S 7 months ago
Whitt PLEEEEAASEEE restock your shirt!!! 😫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
Mayra CasalYork
Mayra CasalYork 7 months ago
Whitney: it takes a lot for me to invest in an eyelash primer Me: ok she mentioned it and it’s in my cart within seconds
Nichole Ann
Nichole Ann 7 months ago
Idk if you have tried Lume deodorant but its amazing. Its all natural to❤I tested it by using my old deodorant on one arm pit and Lume on the other. And the old side smelled liked purfume and b.o.🤢 but the lume smelled like absolutely nothing😇 and thats after i ran. I buy the unscented version becuase i have senstive skin. They make it in stick form that way you dont have to dip your hands in putty anymore 🤣
Kira Stauffer
Kira Stauffer 7 months ago
Can we talk about your sweatshirt tho😍😍
Kayleigh Rider
Kayleigh Rider 7 months ago
I try pushing this monopoly game on everyone and nobody believes me how fun it is until they give it a try!
Lexy Schlegel
Lexy Schlegel 7 months ago
I really wish Whit’s merch came in plus sizes, like yeah I’m on a fitness journey but currently I’m plus size and wanna rep Whitney in the process!! 😂❤️
Claire Nicholls
Claire Nicholls 7 months ago
WOW, makeup looks amazing! Drop the deetz.
Morgan Hoisington
Morgan Hoisington 7 months ago
Please restock that tie dye top! I NEEEDDDDD...okay maybe not need but I def want that it in my life lol😍
Alyssa Wright
Alyssa Wright 7 months ago
That sweatshirt is a MUST
Jillian Nemr
Jillian Nemr 7 months ago
When will your merch be back in stock? Every time I go on everything I want is always out of stock 😢
Emily Beggs
Emily Beggs 7 months ago
Whitney. You are so funny. 😂
Christine Gonzalez
Christine Gonzalez 7 months ago
Do you know when your tie dye sweatshirt will be restocking? I love it so so much!
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham 7 months ago
Ugh thanks for this. Send help
Shannon Bradley
Shannon Bradley 7 months ago
lol i didnt even notice the organizational boxes until you mentioned them
Molli Z
Molli Z 7 months ago
Lol oh man, I hope Monopoly Deal doesn't get as cutthroat as the regular Monopoly. My family's already on edge from quarantine life. The table is definitely getting flipped
Let Ari Speak
Let Ari Speak 7 months ago
I want to see the dogs in the thumbnail😭
Summer Goldman
Summer Goldman 7 months ago
I’ve been on the natural deodorant train for about a year and I still have not found anything that works 😫 if I sweat, I stink 😑 I don’t want to smell like B.O!!
Sophia Lei
Sophia Lei 7 months ago
Monopoly Deal is my JAM, Whit! I feel so connected to you now that I know you're charging rent all day!
Oak Style
Oak Style 7 months ago
Love your Sweatshirt 😍🥰💕😊😃💗💓
Helen Nguyen
Helen Nguyen 7 months ago
I love that jumper !! Giving me Taylor Swift's Lover vibeeezzz
Lauren Sanders
Lauren Sanders 7 months ago
Omg that sweatshirt!! 😍 I neeeed
steffiwithtwofs 7 months ago
Can you pleeeaaasseeee do an updated favorite supplements video?😊
Brittany Dennis
Brittany Dennis 7 months ago
I really really need to get this shirt this time!! 😫😍 Will you be announcing a date that it will be restocked or do we need to just keep checking it? 😊😘
S M 7 months ago
What did lash paradise do?!
TheGrandeTwinz 7 months ago
Heyyyy love glad to join u here
Samantha Stem
Samantha Stem 7 months ago
Cover your assets is so much fun to play too! Check it out
Bonjeani Burnam
Bonjeani Burnam 7 months ago
We love you too 🥰
Kristen Dimel
Kristen Dimel 7 months ago
I miss you throwing the items when you’re done talking about them 😂😂😂
Kaylee K.
Kaylee K. 7 months ago
i am soooooooo dead at that fact the first thing you said was "i wanted to show you this last year"...................and then it was this monopoly game lmao i love it
Liyana Omar
Liyana Omar 7 months ago
this makeup. grwm please!
Araceli Munoz
Araceli Munoz 7 months ago
Hi, Whit! Which camera gear do you use? (PS. I NEED that hoodie in my lifeeee!)
Jessica Howes
Jessica Howes 7 months ago
Please restock that gorgeous shirt! I love it
Pooja Patel
Pooja Patel 7 months ago
Absolutely love your comments around journaling! I am one of the co-founders of The Scribes (thescribes.co), a mission-driven journal company focused on making high-quality journals that inspire creativity and improve productivity. I would love to send you a copy if you are interested!
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole 7 months ago
if you're not, you need to be getting paid for promoting this stuff cuz dam girl you're so passionate about it you have me about to buy all this stuff lol uno where y'at?
Maleya Nichole
Maleya Nichole 7 months ago
The relationship advice is so good😂
Danielle Martinson
Danielle Martinson 7 months ago
Whit girl! When is the Android app available for alive? I'm dying at home and need this app, pleaseeeeeeeeee
Azadée Bolzinger
Azadée Bolzinger 7 months ago
Thank you gurl. Listening to you is honestly similar to a therapy haha. You are fun, beautiful contageous smile, loving and calming voice, and I just love the way you get happy with little things. I've been journaling for 2 years 1/2 now, I write 3 beautiful things that happenned throughout the day each night before I go to bed, and I gotta tell it has litteraly saved my life❤ And before I listened to your video, I was very anxious and agitated, but now I'm just so calm and ready to go take my online exam😍 Lots of love and thanks for who you are😌😘
Lissette Alvarez
Lissette Alvarez 7 months ago
I love your sweater! You look beautiful as always , love your videos!💗
Angelina 7 months ago
Stay safe and healthy 💕 love your workout vids, will try tomorrow. Lots of love
Heather S
Heather S 7 months ago
Hi Whitney,, what was the gel nail kit you used,; I tried to use the link you put on but it’s not working!! I looked online for one and there’s millions to pick from so wanted a recommendation!! Thank you,, great vlog,, always brightens up my day ☀️🌈✨
Hayley M
Hayley M 7 months ago
Your sweatshirt is so freakin cute!! Will it ever be back in stock in the future?
Natasha J
Natasha J 7 months ago
Hey girl! QUESTION-- how do I sign up to get notified when your merch restocks so I can buy this sweatshirrrt? :) its so kah-yoot :)
Elizabeth Almaraz
Elizabeth Almaraz 7 months ago
Ty Whit
Ronja Sebastian
Ronja Sebastian 7 months ago
Lol, watching this from Costa Rica where non of these are available. ;) Loving the vibe though. 💗Thanks for the sunshine, Whit! ☀️ Hugs from the jungle (also not a bad place to be quarantined surrounded by trees and waterfalls 🌊 ...)
Bianca Taylor
Bianca Taylor 7 months ago
This is nauseating
Kate Anderson
Kate Anderson 7 months ago
Couldn't agree with you more about the journaling and how it helps you understand what you're feeling! I've been journaling since I was like 16, highly recommend it! 😊💙
Becky Smaill
Becky Smaill 7 months ago
Hai, do you think you'll restock the Tie Dye crew you're wearing? I need it...
Katherine Reyes
Katherine Reyes 7 months ago
All of these products will be sold out bc of this video 😂
Nicole Trenchard
Nicole Trenchard 7 months ago
I would love to see a current supplement routine 😍 Also being using Alive at home and girl 🔥🔥🔥
Cynthia Vink
Cynthia Vink 7 months ago
GIRL. made good has a STRAWBERRY bar. I go it at a small market by my house!
mimidl 7 months ago
My kids love MadeGood anything! 😄
Michelle Kooistra
Michelle Kooistra 7 months ago
I had been thinking of starting journaling, then I saw this and it was the sign I needed to journal today. Hopefully I can stick with it, but after one entry I already feel better 💞
Karla Lopez
Karla Lopez 7 months ago
In your previous life you were a salesperson
Sophia D.
Sophia D. 7 months ago
“How you doing down here sisters” 😂😂
Lauren 7 months ago
This is super random but I literally did the exact same thing and bought a bunch of nail stuff on amazon and have been watching an annoying amount of YT videos about it. Anywho, I know how much you love skincare and anti-aging. One of the nail videos I was watching said to put sunscreen on your hands when you put it under the little UV light because it causes aging/wrinkles.
-- 7 months ago
Lauren yes spf 30 or PA +++
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