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Whitney Simmons

6 months ago

Trying and testing viral TikTok healthy snack HACKS!!
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Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 6 months ago
Y’all I’m so sorry... I completely forgot to add my sour patch kids grapes reaction 🍇😂😩 okay I personally just felt like they were simply frozen grapes and didn’t really get the sour patch vibes but WORTH A SHOT!!!!! I mean... I finished them all so they were good 🤤
Han Sha
Han Sha 12 days ago
Apparently your not supposed to freeze them. It's just a lil sugar and a lot of lime.
Hannah C
Hannah C 25 days ago
Seriously the 1 thing I was waiting for. 😒
Kris H
Kris H 3 months ago
The one you showed, I’ve never seen before. I’ve always seen the one when they cut the green grapes open, squeeze the lime over them & you just eat them 😊☺️ I hope that helps. If you do a 3rd video, you could do a redo & try it that way 🤍
Michelle Gallegos
Michelle Gallegos 3 months ago
Old school recipe was using lemon/lime jello powder with sugar.
Amy Shafer
Amy Shafer 3 months ago
I was literally screaming what about the grapes and almost threw my phone 🤣😂
GetASpine 6 days ago
When I was a line cook I’d make faux apple pie as a snack. It’s basically the same thing, I knew you’d love it.
imanobody 26 days ago
tf she didn't even try the grapes
imanobody 26 days ago
i just don't get why a little cut is being made such a big deal out of
Zuneyn Issa
Zuneyn Issa Month ago
This is my first video of hers and I’m already obsessed
Helena Vo
Helena Vo Month ago
Y’all I’m so sorry... I completely forgot to add my sour patch kids grapes reaction 🍇😂😩 okay I personally just felt like they were simply frozen grapes and didn’t really get the sour patch vibes but WORTH A SHOT!!!!! I mean... I finished them all so they were good 🤤
Andrea Wywiorka
Andrea Wywiorka Month ago
Hi!! Anyone know what dog food is in her freeezer!??
Ruth Terrell
Ruth Terrell Month ago
Yesss i hate sparkling water too! Lol
Lisa Kilbride
Lisa Kilbride Month ago
was so worried about your white shirt when you were drinking that drink haha
Samaria Landers
Samaria Landers Month ago
i also wish i was the girl who didn't love sugar but unfortunately that's not me💀
Cassidy Chen
Cassidy Chen Month ago
your eyes are really pretty.
Dallace LaDawn
Dallace LaDawn Month ago
I was excited about the grapes lol but another good oatmeal thing is while you are cooking oatmeal, adding banana too it while it’s cooking and it carmalizes and gives it a natural sweetness... soo good!!
Jenna Jackson
Jenna Jackson Month ago
With gluten free flour you typically have to add more liquid to your recipes to get the same consistency as regular flour
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie Month ago
What about the grapes?!
Jessica Watts
Jessica Watts Month ago
"You know when you go to europe...." Nope. Cant relate 😂😂
Takisha Johnson
Takisha Johnson Month ago
Going to try the cauliflower and apple situation
Rebecca Gerling
Rebecca Gerling Month ago
Where did you get your shirt it is amazing!
Skylar Hatley
Skylar Hatley Month ago
By the end I feel like all the caffeine from the mio has kicked in 😂😂😂😂 so funny!
Cheyenne Stevens
Cheyenne Stevens 2 months ago
I made the cauliflower. OMG SO GOOD 😍🤤
delia ma
delia ma 2 months ago
SAME I really dilike sparking water, or cabonated drinks.
K B 2 months ago
haha... it's because you are using gluten free flour!!! it behaves very different than wheat
Jennifer Rangel
Jennifer Rangel 2 months ago
I would’ve put the chips in a food processor or blender to get it finer more like bread crumb to coat better
Toriana Palacki
Toriana Palacki 2 months ago
What about the fricken grapes!
Amanda Myers
Amanda Myers 2 months ago
Whit is so cute showing all her ingredients during the videos. I feel like she would be the best flight attendant lmao
Makenzi Murphey
Makenzi Murphey 2 months ago
The apple pie dessert is even better with some halo top ice cream on top. It takes it to a 12/10 especially the salted caramel flavor. Just a PSA
Emily Elizabeth
Emily Elizabeth 2 months ago
Lily Ward
Lily Ward 2 months ago
1 Europe isn’t one country luv 2 We literally don’t speak like that
Katja Rainer
Katja Rainer 2 months ago
who cares tho
Yutsimin Franco
Yutsimin Franco 2 months ago
u look like an ashley btw im a lefty too!
Sharon Morales
Sharon Morales 2 months ago
When you opened your freezer... what kind of dog food do you use? I’ve been making my pups food so was just curious :)
Lena Hamersky
Lena Hamersky 2 months ago
Omfg! I‘m new now on your channel. I just HAD to follow you!! Your character is so golden and down to earth..🌸 you are so funny! 💓
Khayla Blommer
Khayla Blommer 3 months ago
I'll have to try the cauliflower one. My husband can smell cauliflower anywhere and hates it. I can't convince him EVER to try it! This will be the real test.
Alex Nicole
Alex Nicole 3 months ago
Oof I’ve cut myself on the potato peeler before while reaching in my drawer.
Parfunie 3 months ago
Omg yes in Europe they will always ask you if u want sparkling water or not That thing was shooking when I moved in lol
Sterre Veldhuizen
Sterre Veldhuizen 3 months ago
You didnt eat the grapes!
Silvia B
Silvia B 3 months ago
Loved the recipe! Thanks for sharing. I do think the buffalo sauce could do without the coconut oil. Was delish overall tho. I did change to just half a cup. And still had alot of the mixture left over
Callie Metzman
Callie Metzman 3 months ago
waited the whole time for the grapes. so disappointed about the grapes.
Pearl Ivy
Pearl Ivy 3 months ago
Starts at 1:56
Jacqueline Staskel
Jacqueline Staskel 3 months ago
How long did u put the cauliflower back in for after putting the buffalo sauce on it ?
Lauren Jans
Lauren Jans 3 months ago
smartsweets just launched sour watermelons!! you will love them!
Taylor Berry
Taylor Berry 3 months ago
Mon-terry 😂😂😂😂 it’s pronounced like Moan-tare-ray, Whit!
Tawny Thongsory
Tawny Thongsory 3 months ago
Where are your jeans from whit??
Nicole Peaslee
Nicole Peaslee 3 months ago
"Is this the most carbonated water in the whole world?" Yes girl, it is. And it's the best water in the whole world.
Rebekah Rosso
Rebekah Rosso 3 months ago
Is anyone else dying to know what brand jeans those are?!😍
Courtney Tousant
Courtney Tousant 3 months ago
I don’t know why I never thought to get a scoop for my ice in my freezer!? WHITNEY SIMMONS HOU ARE A GENIUS!
Katherine Pasos
Katherine Pasos 3 months ago
Uhm, girl. We need outfit deets. Please and thank you 😍
Cristina Gonzalez-Robledo
Cristina Gonzalez-Robledo 3 months ago
That Topo Chico.... lime and salt. Thats all you need
Janel Brackin
Janel Brackin 3 months ago
Ashley Pinkowski
Ashley Pinkowski 4 months ago
Im also addicted to mike and ike and they are made up the street from me
Xx Galvan xx
Xx Galvan xx 4 months ago
What happened to the grapes 🍇😫
Tilly Comedy
Tilly Comedy 4 months ago
your smile is so vibrant ☺️✨
Lillie Hernandez
Lillie Hernandez 4 months ago
Ofelia Chavez
Ofelia Chavez 4 months ago
I’ve never heard Monterrey pronounced like that 😂 Moan-teh-ray
Gianna Minerva
Gianna Minerva 4 months ago
I just paused this 30 SECONDS IN... I have never seen/ heard of u before but I already LOVE ur energy!!! just thought I'd share my opinion
KlembetchFoodies 4 months ago
YUM!! The grapes are my favorite!
Bea F.
Bea F. 4 months ago
omg i thought the song in 13:00 was someone banging at my door lol
Alyssa Mercer
Alyssa Mercer 4 months ago
I always wonder if I'm the only one who uses a cutting board while it's half off of the counter. Always think I'm being unsafe but now I know I'm not the only one!
Rosie Alice
Rosie Alice 4 months ago
Sitting here like where’s the grapes 🍇🥺😆
Platinumxchxrry 4 months ago
ThE gRaPeS!!!
Caroline Price
Caroline Price 4 months ago
Where is your top from?!
Samantha Flores
Samantha Flores 4 months ago
did she really say Monterry, Mexico? I can't
Sebina Leventon
Sebina Leventon 4 months ago
I'm a lefty too!
Courtney Spence
Courtney Spence 4 months ago
Joe Aleman
Joe Aleman 4 months ago
loved this video. It made me smile the whole time and I don't even know why! I gotta try the cauliflower.
Amy Jones
Amy Jones 4 months ago
girllll so close to 2M!! cant wait, so excited for you :) loved this video, thanks for the great tips!
Byanka 4 months ago
DANA SLZR 4 months ago
why does she have dog food in the freezer😂
Emma S
Emma S 4 months ago
this video is 10/10 thanks so much for doing this
Katie Carnahan
Katie Carnahan 4 months ago
I always watch the whole ad bc I want to support you bbyyyyy
Gisselle F.
Gisselle F. 4 months ago
Def will be trying the buffalo cauliflower bites and apple pie 😍😍😍
Nasra Sharif
Nasra Sharif 4 months ago
why is she shocked her for you page has stuff shes interested in lol its a FOR YOU page designed FOR YOU lol
Reegan Carstensen
Reegan Carstensen 4 months ago
6:51 oh it does girl
JESSICA DUVAL 4 months ago
Thank you for being so genuine ❤️❤️
Estheticsandcosmetics 5 months ago
Whit have you tried "Cotton candy grapes"?? they are soooooo good
Lexi Freeland
Lexi Freeland 5 months ago
You didn’t eat the grapes :( i aS so excited for those
Lexi Freeland
Lexi Freeland 5 months ago
You didn’t eat the grapes :( i was excited for those
Becky G Fitness Booty Queen
Becky G Fitness Booty Queen 5 months ago
How did the grapes taste??? Lol
Ainsley Brick
Ainsley Brick 5 months ago
“You know when you go to Europe?” no. no I do not. we’re poor over here
Feed Albert
Feed Albert 5 months ago
If you add some almond extract to the dr pepper it should taste a little more like it. Not too much thougj
Wolf 11
Wolf 11 5 months ago
Wait WHAT ABOUT THE SOUR CANDY? Home gilt snapped them in the freezer and said: 🏃🏻‍♀️
Wolf 11
Wolf 11 5 months ago
I was literally staring at her face the entire time she is so beautiful
Sián Carter
Sián Carter 5 months ago
I’m sorry but your energy just fills the world with happiness. Love watching your videos 🥺
Naomi Ed
Naomi Ed 5 months ago
the outfit, make-up and nailssss!! fire!
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones 5 months ago
maybe more like cheerwine!!
Jimena Rodriguez
Jimena Rodriguez 5 months ago
Im from Monterrey México and I don't really like Topo Chico
Ieila Hezam
Ieila Hezam 5 months ago
I love her😍😍
Isabela Adell
Isabela Adell 5 months ago
Milevia Ayman
Milevia Ayman 5 months ago
Is this stevia on the grapes
Madeline Ralph
Madeline Ralph 5 months ago
The grapes??
Milevia Ayman
Milevia Ayman 5 months ago
This is the first time I watch her but when she said in the intro that is is a good day to be alive I really appreciated this I really needed this because my day was really rough thank u
Giselle Schilling
Giselle Schilling 5 months ago
Did anyone else notice she didn’t film herself trying the grapes or forgot to put it in? I was disappointed cause I wanted to know what her rating is for that one.
Cutieheyhi1 5 months ago
Why is the intro so long lol
Cheyenne Honey
Cheyenne Honey 5 months ago
I add Mio to Bubly. (: It's my go to "healthy" soda. I can't have a lot of caffeine so it works for me🤷‍♀️
maria Loka
maria Loka 5 months ago
Wait! The grapes!
Bailey Washington
Bailey Washington 5 months ago
The cauliflower rice is not heaaaalthy 😭 the person that made that tiktok should know better. She might as well of just ate tortilla chips alone. That’s hella carbs 😭 no hate or shade but that’s false advertisement for people that need low carbs okay sorry bye now it just made me sad🤣🤣
Kaleeyah Ward
Kaleeyah Ward 5 months ago
me reading this while making it: 👁️👄👁️
OhDestiny 5 months ago
“You know when you go to Europe...” Me: ?????????
Berenice Briones
Berenice Briones 5 months ago
Awww you’re so cute and pure I love it.
KRISTEN WEBER 5 months ago
left us hangin on the grapes haha
Jes D
Jes D 5 months ago
“Absolutely no to the sparkling water” is literally my entire life haaahahahahah bloody TV static water
Leslie Cedillo
Leslie Cedillo 5 months ago
I love every time Whit says “don’t look” because of her thumb 😂😂
Hana lanning
Hana lanning 5 months ago
9:37 It always says the measurements in the comments❤️🦋
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