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Whitney Simmons

8 months ago

COMPLETE SUMMER VACATION LOOKBOOK! Day and night time outfits xx
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ALANI NU SUPPLEMENTS ♡ www.alaninu.com/whitney
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AMAZON FITNESS FAVES ♡ www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-72e17c5a?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp
MY JEWELRY ♡ my necklace is a piece created from my moms engagement ring she gifted me💕Jamie at J. Brooks Jewelers designed my necklace, rings and bracelet for me! jbrooksjewelers.com/
STYLEDbyFLORENCIA: styledbyflorencia
DAY LOOK 1: Bodysuit & White Shorts
♡ Bodysuit us.princesspolly.com/collections/all/products/asha-bodysuit?src=rakuten&ranMID=44648&ranEAID=2116208&ranSiteID=TnL5HPStwNw-_bSuSvXHLDsMQwzklETfVA
♡ White Shorts I'm Wearing rstyle.me/+AmM7WX_f0FV6TVIH5HxDZw
♡ Shorts Option rstyle.me/+sgZ11CmFl1ukac72OFEWSQ
♡ Short Option rstyle.me/+k2VuWB8tNmc6VuOoE7BjKA
♡ Short Option rstyle.me/+OJdS_NpJcwTEPI2jnb7Eaw
♡ White Sneakers rstyle.me/+cABWmQ32MEd3TzX9GTwoXQ
♡ White Sneakers STYLEDbyFLORENCIA rstyle.me/+Xi72pWSIu2owNowIskzvkQ
♡ Necklace rstyle.me/+YR4jod6azOdmLAYaetzwvQ
♡ Hoops rstyle.me/+Aa3-LMB3MDsHmL145nRjqg
♡ White Purse rstyle.me/+TGsk-4Q_lXFDcfL6b9-eqA
♡ Sunglasses STYLEDbyFLORENICA rstyle.me/+FTj4gnIsqBVcIqLa5ggdAQ
♡ Sunglasses I wore ARE MIA FROM PRINCESS POLLY SITE but these are VERY similar us.princesspolly.com/collections/sunglasses/products/minkpink-gold-heritage-sunglasses

NIGHT LOOK 1: Rust Dress
♡ Dress jluxlabel.com/collections/all/products/rust-pheobe-slip-dress-1
♡ Nude Heels I wore in Tan Nubuck rstyle.me/+yCZM_hRz4WRtSICfSGct5Q
♡ Nude Heels STYLEDbyFLORENCIA rstyle.me/+NuvKjRCDQGo27FRO6vzB_g
♡ Necklace rstyle.me/+YR4jod6azOdmLAYaetzwvQ
♡ White Purse rstyle.me/+TGsk-4Q_lXFDcfL6b9-eqA
♡ Hoops rstyle.me/+Aa3-LMB3MDsHmL145nRjqg

DAY LOOK 1: White Linen Top and Black Shorts
♡ White Top www.getchoosy.com/products/milan-top
♡ Boob Tape rstyle.me/cz-n/d4b9sxcb54p
♡ Black Shorts I'm Wearing rstyle.me/+xlIKRPQgLzr3YAMONiRoSw
♡ Shorts rstyle.me/+K51hJhV3_l4USRRRXMV0JA
♡ Shorts rstyle.me/+BrO0Os7UnjOhBNyOfqQQ_Q
♡ Leopard Heels I wore rstyle.me/+s_kQgneJqaPDGol2aoKjbQ
♡ Leopard Sandals STYLEDbyFLORENCIA rstyle.me/+6S8xVofwDsO_C3iDeO4LZQ
♡ Sunglasses I wore rstyle.me/+vdvY-KjkXiDV9MgeI1ef3w
♡ Sunglasses STYLEDbyFLORENCIA rstyle.me/+xI-G3AJVPpGST8TbTmxjpQ
♡ Necklace rstyle.me/+YR4jod6azOdmLAYaetzwvQ
♡ Bucket Bag rstyle.me/+je1FVGBgZh9_GFrMTY5rNA
♡ Hoops rstyle.me/+Aa3-LMB3MDsHmL145nRjqg

NIGHT LOOK 2: Black Silk
♡ Black Top www.ohpolly.com/double-tap-satin-cowl-neck-top-black
♡ Black Skirt www.houseofcb.com/miciela-black-silky-draped-skirt-us.html
♡ Mini Croc Bag... good news they're having a sale lol rstyle.me/+BrkhHvradoB5WOO8d2OxTg
♡ Hoops rstyle.me/+Aa3-LMB3MDsHmL145nRjqg
♡ Necklace rstyle.me/+YR4jod6azOdmLAYaetzwvQ

NIGHT LOOK 3: All White
♡ White Top www.houseofcb.com/imogen-sparkly-ivory-strappy-top-us.html
♡ White Skirt www.houseofcb.com/kaia-sparkly-ivory-thigh-split-skirt-us.html
♡ Mini Croc Bag... good news they're having a sale lol rstyle.me/+BrkhHvradoB5WOO8d2OxTg
♡ Hoops rstyle.me/+Aa3-LMB3MDsHmL145nRjqg
♡ Necklace rstyle.me/+YR4jod6azOdmLAYaetzwvQ
♡ Heels us.princesspolly.com/collections/heels/products/billini-june-stiletto-heel-white

♡ NUDE BIKINI top rstyle.me/+J0nTK9Y1wu1FlaxRX0zuOQ
♡ NUDE BIKINI bottom rstyle.me/+LNYhDdPR3CoOUNBU-Vd_ug
♡ ALSO AVAILABLE IN YELLOW top rstyle.me/+EJ6GNlueRnexL-VBYtxy6w
♡ YELLOW bikini BOTTOM rstyle.me/+NF1zSyF5iFljVnizjEr6eQ
♡ Gooseberry Suit gooseberryintimates.com/collections/seaside/products/for-you-bikini-triangle-set-rosebud
♡ Beach Hat rstyle.me/+US3ZmPgGjHFeIHzztYtl6Q
♡ Beach Hat rstyle.me/+9LU97UE3SrUb5dijJlE9-g
♡ White Cover Up Sarong rstyle.me/+32dNzjmmZIxIwNJvGSqfgw
♡ White Cover Up Sarong Option rstyle.me/+xasdp6s2n_lDKjtnMYHcpA
♡ Cover Up Dress rstyle.me/+SF-vk_NkyjPQCPZvHxnvJg
♡ Sandals rstyle.me/+6oNH0vX7TPZ0ehPRil7Pgw

This video is not sponsored | Gymshark, Alani Nu, Amazon and Reward Style are affiliates links. Tula is a commission code. Thank you for supporting myself, this channel and helping me continue to create content for you♡

Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons 8 months ago
Hi friends 🥰 I know right now is crazy and hopefully nobody is traveling but I wanted to continue uploading my videos and hopefully help take your mind off the craziness happening in the world and brighten your day a bit!! Love you! Stay safe 🤍
Kelly Faulkner
Kelly Faulkner 6 months ago
Whitney! I or we need another clothing update with all the new clothes you've been wearing! Thank you
Kelsi Andersen
Kelsi Andersen 8 months ago
Whitney Simmons how do you safely pack your sun hats to not bend them out of shape?!
kevin davis
kevin davis 8 months ago
You should do a video on work outs at home since most are stuck at home. Just a thought.
Taylor Harman
Taylor Harman 8 months ago
Hi! I tried going to florencias like to know it to get the white top but the link is broken 😭 can you share where it’s from?
Izzi Edmunds
Izzi Edmunds 8 months ago
Whitney Simmons hey girl! Pretty please with cherries on top where is your makeup brush from your latest Instagram story from!!!?🥺❤️
Shauna Month ago
That ultra low cut white top was giving me Victoria Beckham vibes. You don't need big boobs to look good in a top like that - it flatters anyone no matter how large their chest is, I think. It's a beautiful and bougie piece! I believe that it emanates confidence on any individual.
Rosalyn Ariaz
Rosalyn Ariaz 2 months ago
You should totally do a bachelorette weekend look book!!!!! Like going to a winery, Vegas, beach, or like 5 different ways to dress for that event!!
Kate Lahr
Kate Lahr 3 months ago
wwwwhhhhhhyyyy am I just seeing this NOW!!! you are SUCH A QUEEEEENNNN😭😭😭🥰 literally my inspo inside & outside the gym. you rocked all these looks!!!😍
Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca Campbell 3 months ago
Take a shoe string and tie it through the two back/side hoops and tie it behind your back(don’t go around your body at allllll) and then tuck it into your jeans
silver_04 4 months ago
Are you wearing the sosu tan in this video? Also you look gorgeous in all the outfits 😍
Echo Lyris
Echo Lyris 5 months ago
You remind me of Tamara judge here when she first came out on the real housewives. Her look not attitude. Lol I know that lady crazy
Danae Rustad
Danae Rustad 5 months ago
Im not sure who you are but I’ve subscribed because you sound like me, when it comes to clothes - it’s making me love what you’re buying
Janna Perea
Janna Perea 5 months ago
What size is your black top? On night look 2.
Aiassem G
Aiassem G 5 months ago
Love how excited she gets !!! Too cute 😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻
Zikhona Natasha
Zikhona Natasha 6 months ago
First time subscriber♥️. I am literally watching all your videos all at once
bbycakes73 7 months ago
Random... but how do you not stain your white clothes, especially gym clothes, with your self tanner??
Ashley L
Ashley L 7 months ago
Selina 7 months ago
Had to come back and watch the "You better watch out, sir" part😂 Too funny
Attic Dust
Attic Dust 7 months ago
Ms. Whitney Simmons thank you so much for posting these videos
s a m a n t h a
s a m a n t h a 7 months ago
whitney if you’re looking for cute white sneakers check out superga!! i bought an all white alligator pair from them and THEYRE ADORABLE i wear them everyday lol love u whit ! ❤️
Krista Ferguson
Krista Ferguson 8 months ago
Hey Whit! What size top did you get for the beige house of cb two piece ?!
Leslie Hamilton
Leslie Hamilton 8 months ago
🤣 "you better watch out sir!v
Logan Desorcy
Logan Desorcy 8 months ago
guuuuuurl! where are these necklaces from?!? I LOVE!!
autumn lynch
autumn lynch 8 months ago
It did get my mind off the craziness in the world right now! You look so great in all these outfits ...I believe we will all go on vacation again & we will be ready.. Thanks, wonderful Whitney :)
BB LS 8 months ago
Muy Bonita Whit😉😍
CristiFit 8 months ago
Hi Whitney!! I would highlyyyy recommend the alexander mcqueen white sneakers :)
maria t
maria t 8 months ago
Is this just me or princess Polly is too expensive
Carmela Blazado
Carmela Blazado 8 months ago
Whitneeeeeyy! What size you wear in PrincessPolly?
Christen Gardner
Christen Gardner 8 months ago
This video screams baddie
Christen Gardner
Christen Gardner 8 months ago
I love that you are honest. The price definitely matters
K Smith
K Smith 8 months ago
I love your style! So stinking cute!! But gurl - I really need you to say décolleté right. Throw the french accent on it, make it sexy. Keep up your amazing work and have a beautiful day!!
ally moore
ally moore 8 months ago
That bag is cow leather :(
Selina 8 months ago
Omg I love you so much Whitney!! that small bag scene got me in tears 😂
Molly Schupbach
Molly Schupbach 8 months ago
I love whitney but I stopped this real quick because, hey guys?? let's not go around buying knock offs. $400 is crazy expensive and I wouldn't pay that for a trendy white purse but at the same time, $20 for a knock off that's ripping off the original designer and produced in a sweat shop where employees aren't paid livable wages and working in dangerous conditions? and then promoting said item? no thanks.
Catarina Fitensity Workouts
Catarina Fitensity Workouts 8 months ago
Morrreee of theseeeeee!!!
kpab 8 months ago
I would love to see more of these!!!
Ceci Taylor
Ceci Taylor 8 months ago
You are a true ray of sunshine!
Paige 8 months ago
I want a social distancing lookbook pls
Taylor Zedosky
Taylor Zedosky 8 months ago
Please do more look books!!!!
Vanessa Hernandez
Vanessa Hernandez 8 months ago
Hi Whitney, what strapless bra did you use?
Patricia Soto
Patricia Soto 8 months ago
Girl you crack me up! Super cute outfits! I loved all of them ❤️
Chelley&Nay 8 months ago
This video would be nothing without the 56 snaps in the intro 😩 lmaooooo. We love you Whit!!!
Madison Whitlock
Madison Whitlock 8 months ago
How much do you currently weigh for reference? Height?
grace Bryant
grace Bryant 8 months ago
One thing I noticed throughout the video was, you kept mentioning that nothing fit you right. Get things tailored! It's actually a lot cheaper than you think it is, and it really steps up your outfits and allows you to feel more comfortable!
grace Bryant
grace Bryant 8 months ago
"we're all sick of Air Force 1's" off I just bought my first pair yesterday lol
marcos gomes
marcos gomes 8 months ago
Terren D
Terren D 8 months ago
Maybe it's my browser but some of the links are working for me T.T
Chef Kevin Riese
Chef Kevin Riese 8 months ago
Elina Karlsson
Elina Karlsson 8 months ago
What strapless bra are you wearing??😊
Marinna Albaradei
Marinna Albaradei 8 months ago
I have the pink bikini and let me tell you it’s my new favorite! So flattering and comfy.
Lucy Nguyen
Lucy Nguyen 8 months ago
I love this video! Please keep doing these :)
Britannia 8 months ago
The necklace is sold out! Any good dupes?
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham 8 months ago
love your style! So soft and girly!
Temmie Taft
Temmie Taft 8 months ago
Thanks for sharing this video. I needed to get my mind off the craziness of what's going on in the world--and this really really helped!!
KEN & HAN 8 months ago
thanks for always being so down to earth! love you so much! - ken
Cheyenne Hall
Cheyenne Hall 8 months ago
You should try out the Agolde Parker shorts!! Shopbop and Revove have them and they are A M A Z I N G.
Pam Gelenius
Pam Gelenius 8 months ago
K-Swiss white Classic VN shoes
ssuleyca 8 months ago
You are so cute and positive. I feel your vibe ✨🌺
Amber Holly
Amber Holly 8 months ago
I watch all of your videos over and over again. You have such a good attitude. You’re a great role model. 😊
ShaSha 8 months ago
obsessed with these looks!!😍
Amber J
Amber J 8 months ago
Definitely need that ASOS bikini in both colors 😍
Emily Verrier
Emily Verrier 8 months ago
OMG please post most videos like this! We need these kinds of videos during quarantine!
Dayana Botero
Dayana Botero 8 months ago
I want more of these videos!!
Jordan Jankowski
Jordan Jankowski 8 months ago
It’s driving me crazy that the necklace isn’t clasped together in the front lol
Lindsay Gatto
Lindsay Gatto 8 months ago
Where did you get your initial necklace so cute!!! 😍😍
Olivia I
Olivia I 8 months ago
All these outfits are bomb and I’m literally buying EVERYTHING rn
Birdanas Elena
Birdanas Elena 8 months ago
I can't take this 😭❤️ you're toooo cute and beautiful
Carol Lynn
Carol Lynn 8 months ago
Ruth Christina
Ruth Christina 8 months ago
The vid just started but can I just say you’re beautiful and I love you ❤️
Jess Rodrigues
Jess Rodrigues 8 months ago
I love the risqué look you did in this trip! Looking forward to more 🤍
Maddy Harvey
Maddy Harvey 8 months ago
Quarantine after my 4 month solo backpacking journey that had to end early....was going to be depressed but Whit got me feeling POSITIVE.
Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams 8 months ago
hi whit!!!! i’m stuck at home and my gym closed :( can you film some complete “at home” workouts, or specifically body weight ones!!! i don’t have any equipment at home
Elizabeth Schuen
Elizabeth Schuen 8 months ago
I love her with all my heart and soul, I've never made hate comments or anything so this isn't an attack, but I see her brows are bushy and as an Indian I'm trying to figure out if this is coming back because sis I can go all wild againnnnn
Jeanette Dombroski
Jeanette Dombroski 8 months ago
You’re adorbs.💕💕
Monique Joy
Monique Joy 8 months ago
Can you please do some at home workout videos since the gyms are closed 😔
arthurtheaardvark13 8 months ago
Now that we are all stuck inside, PLEEEEEEASE make a dedicated video about all the beautiful, new Gymshark releases!
Peyton Kuntz
Peyton Kuntz 8 months ago
Give me ALL the look books. I need you to save me.
Gabriela Villalobos
Gabriela Villalobos 8 months ago
Love all the outfits!! You are so beautiful and funny :)
Joey Pierce
Joey Pierce 8 months ago
I'm in love🥰
Jackie Passarelli
Jackie Passarelli 8 months ago
More look books PLEEEEASE
Tessa Vandentop
Tessa Vandentop 8 months ago
I'd LOVE to see an athleisure lookbook!!
Tiff Zilla
Tiff Zilla 8 months ago
Your little innocent face after saying titty 😆
Amanda Reed
Amanda Reed 8 months ago
Nah Airforces 4eva
Veronica Narbeshuber
Veronica Narbeshuber 8 months ago
Omg please do more look books. Love this ❤️
Karen Palmer
Karen Palmer 8 months ago
Shure, good content
Karen Palmer
Karen Palmer 8 months ago
You should just say that my private area 🤔
Rachel Herrin
Rachel Herrin 8 months ago
How do you travel with your hats?? I always struggle to pack my floppy hats without them taking up so much room and them getting bent up!
Louisa R
Louisa R 8 months ago
Girl youre so dorky and cute! 😂 Whitney Please dont ever change!
TheFilmbroad 8 months ago
Start taking your clothes to the cleaners and have them tailored. It is so cheap and everything you wear looks custom and more expensive; even from cheaper stores.
Samantha Wilmeth
Samantha Wilmeth 8 months ago
This is my fav video of yours plz do more outfits!!!
Sasha Goodwin
Sasha Goodwin 8 months ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this talk through look book! I mean, the Whit reactions and comments are necessary! 🤣
Chelsea Veikle
Chelsea Veikle 8 months ago
Whitney do you mind sharing where the art on your mantel is from? I’m obsessed!
Casey Kimbrough
Casey Kimbrough 8 months ago
Whitney! Are you staying away from the gym right now?? And some tips for staying active at home to get creative? Lol we ❤️ youuuu
Kaylin Larson
Kaylin Larson 8 months ago
Me wanting to buy every clothing item but being poor because I got fired (corona virus)😀
Ashley Sok
Ashley Sok 8 months ago
What can’t you look good in 😍😍😍😍
Lauren Adcock
Lauren Adcock 8 months ago
Unfortunately, all our travel plans have been canceled :(
Samantha Kesrilall
Samantha Kesrilall 8 months ago
My absolute favvvv USpostsr 😩♥️ your videos make me soooo happy
xallboutbriannax 8 months ago
Can you pleaseeeeeee do an amazon favorites video!!!!!
Abdessamad ELkenbssi
Abdessamad ELkenbssi 8 months ago
Can you halp me in youtube
Belen Yanez
Belen Yanez 8 months ago
So cute🤍
Cynthia Leaf
Cynthia Leaf 8 months ago
Very cool lewks
Shaelin Stacey
Shaelin Stacey 8 months ago
Baby girlllll look at the superga platform white sneakers! They are pretty close in price range to the nikes and they are sooo stinkin cute. xoxoxo
Victoria Calo
Victoria Calo 8 months ago
Now I have to find a boyfriend I can go on vacation with!! Love this video 🤍
Alyssa Ama
Alyssa Ama 8 months ago
Had to cancel my 4 week europe holiday but sure ill watch this and try not to cry 😅
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