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2 years ago

DAY 6 OF WHITMAS / VLOGMAS IS HERE! A few of my top tips to help you stay healthy and happy throughout the holidays!

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Connie Cofield
Connie Cofield 11 months ago
Whitney my favorite holiday treat is Christmas colored butter cookies.
Alyssa V
Alyssa V Year ago
2:18 when i make my sims run on the treadmill
Ali Khan
Ali Khan Year ago
Good very
Ashley Michel
Ashley Michel Year ago
My favorite is the Lindt peppermint bark
Fallon Rigsby
Fallon Rigsby Year ago
Definitely peppermint bark !!
Shay Mc
Shay Mc Year ago
peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
Micayla Miller
Micayla Miller Year ago
My favorite treat is peanut butter pretzel balls
Sophie X
Sophie X Year ago
Well I discovered this channel way too late
mathilde Year ago
My FAVORIT is just simple cake. And candy. And choclate. And all that with sugar in it!!!😋
Shreya Kraft
Shreya Kraft Year ago
Chocolate mint pretzels
Tara Willette
Tara Willette Year ago
Anything dark chocolate with mint .... sign me the heck up
Vickimarie16 b
Vickimarie16 b Year ago
LASAGNA!!! Although no bakes are my favorite cookie... i eat them year round tho 😂 Instagram: vicki_marie16
Bethany Rosier
Bethany Rosier Year ago
Snowballs are my favourite holiday treat! The soft marshmallow, the chocolate, the coconut flakes, oooooh girl you bet I can eat BOXES of those!
Ceilidh Croall
Ceilidh Croall Year ago
I loveee decorating (and eating) cute lil festive sugar cookies!
Jessica Fahner
Jessica Fahner Year ago
sugar cookies
Kyana Aubin
Kyana Aubin Year ago
Chocolate chips cookies Btw I love you you’re so beautiful ❤️
Denise Coulson
Denise Coulson Year ago
Has anyone found an alternative to kodiak cakes in the UK? Xx
Christine Wasa
Christine Wasa Year ago
I can’t live without french macarons on Christmas Eve! (I know it’s not a Christmas treat, but it’s a tradition that my mom do always buy me a six pack)🤤😍❤️
Taylor Stevens
Taylor Stevens Year ago
I finally freed myself from sugar. I feel better than I've ever felt and I get pretty cut
Sara K
Sara K Year ago
chocolate covered pretzels!
yoGELLY Year ago
Peppermint bark all day!!!
Brittany Talbott
Brittany Talbott Year ago
My favorite holiday treat is buckeyes!! The peanut butter and chocolate combined....😍😍
Allyson V
Allyson V Year ago
Gingerbread cookies :)
caitlinpung Year ago
My favorite holiday treat is Chocolate Chip Cookies & Hot Chocolate!!
Zindee Year ago
My favorite holiday treat is Neman Marcus cookies 🍪😍 so dang good
Tori Smith
Tori Smith Year ago
My fav holiday treat is the chocolate Yule logs 😍 anything chocolate, or the holiday drinks they do at costa 🌚
Louisa Jones-Griffiths
Louisa Jones-Griffiths Year ago
Favourite treat is Christmas cake with marzipan and icing on top 😃
Maja Neumann
Maja Neumann Year ago
I absolutely love gingerbread covered with chocolate in the shape of a pretzel *-*
giulia saletti
giulia saletti Year ago
I'm from Italy, and my favourite holiday treat are some cookies with prune jam that my grandma makes every delicious!
Gail Elwell
Gail Elwell Year ago
I love no bake cookies.
Issie Rochelle
Issie Rochelle Year ago
Literally anything peppermint!!
Dakota Long
Dakota Long Year ago
My favorite holiday treats are sugar cookies❤ my Insta is kotaloo100
Erin Daniel
Erin Daniel Year ago
My favorite Christmas treat is banana pudding 😍
Holly Zetlmeisl
Holly Zetlmeisl Year ago
Sugar cookies with Icing are my favorite but also some good homemade sangria !! LOVE YOU GIRL
Victoria Fleming
Victoria Fleming Year ago
Sticky toffee pudding
LunaPhoenix Year ago
Totally roasted almonds!
Eleanore Étienne-Larché
Eleanore Étienne-Larché Year ago
My fav holiday treat... Well my mom and I always bake biscuits in the form of angels every year and they taste like heaven (Pun intended)
Naomi Karanja
Naomi Karanja Year ago
Sugar cookies!!
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean Year ago
My favorite treat is Christmas cookies
Favorite holiday treat will be sugar cookies 🍪 all day everyday!
Kellie Ottoboni
Kellie Ottoboni Year ago
My fave holiday treat is bacon and French roast on Xmas morning 😍
Samie Fry
Samie Fry Year ago
ginger nut cookies! :) my insta is samifryy
Magen Wilding
Magen Wilding Year ago
My favorite holiday treat is anything peppermint @wildifitness
dontkillthedinos Year ago
My favorite holiday treat are the boom chicka pop holiday flavored popcorn and smash mallows! Soooo good.
ksyoga Year ago
Favourite holiday treat are butter tarts. Yummmmm,Christmas day is the day to let it all go, enjoy the surrounding and the family I'm with and the food!! Yes :)
ksyoga Year ago
Great tips girl!! thank you
kait schreiner
kait schreiner Year ago
I love watching your videos because you are so real! 💛💛💛
linell lopez
linell lopez Year ago
Chocolate covered pretzels 🥨😋
Zoe Norman
Zoe Norman Year ago
fav treat would be my homemade healthy almond flour cookies. they are SO delicious @ refined flour, sugar, & oil free but so tasty ;)) IG: zoenorm
Tiffany Abreu
Tiffany Abreu 2 years ago
My Favorite Holiday Treat Is The Hersey Kisses Candy Cane Ones 😩 It’s Addicting 😂 @Tiff86_
Jayda Nikole
Jayda Nikole 2 years ago
I have two because I'm extra, snickerdoodles AND no bakes ;)
Savannah Price
Savannah Price 2 years ago
literally love chocolate covered pretzels and sugar cookies at christmas!! my mom and I bake both of these together so it makes them even more enjoyable!!
Rebecca Prezbindowski
Rebecca Prezbindowski 2 years ago
Fresh baked cookies
Macie Reagan
Macie Reagan 2 years ago
my favorite christmas treat is basically anything chocolate😂 but I do really love frosted pretzels and buckeyes
Edie Classen
Edie Classen 2 years ago
My favorite holiday treat are those peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kiss in the middle. My aunt ALWAYS makes those and she makes them the best.
Shauna Browne
Shauna Browne 2 years ago
Slice & bake cookies 🍪 @shaunabthatsme insta & I should’ve just said “slice n eat” cuz who wants to wait for the bake 🤣🤣🤣
Briana Anderson
Briana Anderson 2 years ago
Giiirllll same! No bake cookies all the way, soooo good! Instagram: bmla_
Jennifer Sauter
Jennifer Sauter 2 years ago
So excited to try these I love peanut butter balls! Ig jhalter4
Lisa Lindgren
Lisa Lindgren 2 years ago
My favorite holiday treat are my mother in laws oatmeal toffee chocolate chip cookies made into an ice cream sandwich.
Rachel Patrick
Rachel Patrick 2 years ago
NO BAKE COOKIES ARE SO GOOD. Honestly, I love the basic sugar cookies that I bake and decorate. Buuut it used to be all about those peanut butter balls. My family loves them, but I get so tired of making them. Contact: @beautyandthebookshelf on IG
Joua Xiong
Joua Xiong 2 years ago
I seriously am so basic, but I love peppermint bark chocolates!
taylan cobb
taylan cobb 2 years ago
My fav is chocolate or peanut butter fudge!
Rhylee Tonkin
Rhylee Tonkin 2 years ago
to pick a favourite Christmas treat is way too hard but I will honestly eat anything with mint in it or I love a good gingerbread house 😱
Karla Romero
Karla Romero 2 years ago
My fave treat is those delicious white chocolate covered pretzels! Oh. Myyyyy. SO GOOD!
jess cascone
jess cascone 2 years ago
my all time favorite holiday treat- especially around christmas is peppermint hot chocolate:) starbs has the best!
julia grenier
julia grenier 2 years ago
My favorite holiday treat is my grandmas berry pie 😍
lisahinh33 2 years ago
My favorite holiday treat is sugar cookies!! Love you whit! Instagram: lisa_hinh
Jessie Anderson
Jessie Anderson 2 years ago
My favorite holiday treats are homemade sugar cookies... mostly bc I love making them with my family. My insta is j_anderson15
Ally Ortiz
Ally Ortiz 2 years ago
WHITNEYY you’re so cute My fav holiday treat is oatmeal raisin cookies with hot cocoa and marshmallows (the mini ones and big ones cuz mini melts and it’s just ugh so good) 🤗 yikes Ilyyyy
Ally Ortiz
Ally Ortiz 2 years ago
@allybeccaa insta
aheps011 2 years ago
I love the new gymshark camo gear!! I love my grandmas pitzel cookies!! Alishia_DC
iixchloe 2 years ago
Anything my mom bakes!!!! IG:bawaday
Morgan Hewitt
Morgan Hewitt 2 years ago
I love honey cookies that I bake with my fiancé’s family!
Rebecca McSwain
Rebecca McSwain 2 years ago
My favorite holiday treat is fudge! But there better not be any nuts in it! Love your channel! My Instagram is @rebeccakrek
Lauren Fletcher
Lauren Fletcher 2 years ago
my favourite holiday treat is gingerbread men! insta: @lxuryy
Kärol Mõttus
Kärol Mõttus 2 years ago
chocolate chip cookies :P | ig @k2rolm
Taylor Ahring
Taylor Ahring 2 years ago
My favorite Christmas snack is my moms homemade sugar cookies. I love coming home for the holidays to them!! Ig: Taylorahring
Daisy Dimas
Daisy Dimas 2 years ago
All time favorite holiday treat is my mommas delicious tamales! I legit wait all year for these babies because she only makes them during Christmas.Insta: luvdaiz
Kate Wang
Kate Wang 2 years ago
Pilar Summerlin
Pilar Summerlin 2 years ago
my favorite holiday treat is sugar cookies! ig: p_summ
Katelyn K
Katelyn K 2 years ago
I love love love peppermint bark! Or anything peppermint reminds me of the holidays :) IG: katelynxkhay
Tina Ketikyan
Tina Ketikyan 2 years ago
Fave holiday treat: hot cocoa with marshmallows 😋
Lexi Guerra
Lexi Guerra 2 years ago
HI WHITNEY!! my favorite holiday treat is GINGERBREAD!!!!!!
Cassidy Pofahl
Cassidy Pofahl 2 years ago
My favorite holiday treat growing up and still to this day is the little candy cane sticks or peppermint sticks covered with chocolate half way! Soooo good!! cassidy7pofahl insta!!
Marina Carroll
Marina Carroll 2 years ago
My favorite holiday treat is Christmas morning coffee cake I make every year for my fam to have while we open presents! @marina_carroll
Delilah Calvillo
Delilah Calvillo 2 years ago
Favorite holiday treat is sugar cookies! Love love love them!! @u_smile728
Hunter Maxfield Vinsonhaler
Hunter Maxfield Vinsonhaler 2 years ago
Pinnapple spice drop cookies from my grandma 😍
Lily Escobar
Lily Escobar 2 years ago
My favorite holiday treat are CANDY CANES! I freaking love candy canes!!!! Or anything peppermint, peppermint hot chocolate, peppermint coffee creamer you name it! IG: lilyxcobar
Ranjna Ziprick
Ranjna Ziprick 2 years ago
My favourite holiday treats are homemade chocolates my mother in law makes! She friggin hand makes like five different kinds and melts white and milk chocolate and dips them. Some have nuts on them, some coconut. She also makes amazing shortbread cookies. Ok, my mouth is watering. Also, anything mint. I used to hate mint as a kid but now I love it. Also, I am so glad you don't like dark chocolate! Everyone goes on about how it's so good for you...can't do it! I try to like it, but it's a no for me. Xo. Instagram @rziprick
Pinja 2 years ago
My fave xmas treat is actually carrot casserole 😂 not sure if that is something people eat elsewhere. It is not like a sweet treat but lemme tell you I love it and it surely is a treat for me. 😛 Maybe I love it mostly 'cause it is eaten only in xmas time 🤔 IG: pinjase
Charles Brandee Speckman
Charles Brandee Speckman 2 years ago
I just added some more tree decorating ordiments...your adding to my spirits while working out!! I love watching your videos in the morning routine, thanks so much for that!! Favorite treat... Russian tea cake yummy! Thanks for being you, Whit!
Adriana Lenz
Adriana Lenz 2 years ago
My mom's cookies, for sure! She bakes for about 2 weeks straight and they're all family recipes
Aisling Wiles
Aisling Wiles 2 years ago
My favorite holiday treat are sugar cookies! Soooo good!!!
miranda reube
miranda reube 2 years ago
I loooooook peppermint pretzels covered in dark chocolate! Love u! @morandareube
miranda reube
miranda reube 2 years ago
Jocelyne Nunez
Jocelyne Nunez 2 years ago
The pupparoos are adorable!!!! 😍 My favorite treat is Flan!!! My mom makes this delicious homemade flan & it’s seriously THE TASTIEST THING IVE HAD!! 🥰 ILYSM!! My insta is @jocyyyy14
Tiffani Andersen
Tiffani Andersen 2 years ago
Any kind of cake or frosting cookie. Basically anything with frosting! haha
Abigail Taylor
Abigail Taylor 2 years ago
My fav is peanut butter cookies w a kiss on top!
Courtney Koput
Courtney Koput 2 years ago
My fav holiday treat are chocolate covered Oreos 😍 ig: courtneypaig3
Diana Orona
Diana Orona 2 years ago
My Fav Hoilday Treat is My mama homemade biscochitos ♥️ it's an Amazing New Mexico Cookie. ❄️ I'm super late in this one but it's okay. Love you Whit!
Chelsi J
Chelsi J 2 years ago
Ugh Whitney. You’re the best. You make this whole working out and eating right an actual thing... that I can actually do. :)
Charity Marlatt
Charity Marlatt 2 years ago
My fav treat is any and all chocolate 😍 and shortbread cookies ☺️
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