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Whitney Simmons

9 months ago

MONTHLY FAVORITES AND MUST HAVES! Current fitness, food and beauty products I can't live without lol
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MY JEWELRY ♡ my necklace is a piece created from my moms engagement ring she gifted me💕Jamie at J. Brooks Jewelers designed my necklace, rings and bracelet for me!
top I’m wearing
flexxxxxx on em chips
weight lifting shoesyyyyyys
itsaaaa blendiful day to be alive
bite foundation that's not really a foundation
best concealer ever
small scrunchies
med scrunchies
string of pearls best succ ever
vital shorts
energy shorts

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Keyanna Suddreth
Keyanna Suddreth 5 months ago
Neeeeed the energy seamless + vital seamless shorts in my life! Those colors are so cute! Definitely buying some during the Gymshark sale this week!
Angel Robertson
Angel Robertson 7 months ago
I'm gonna need a makeup routine sister!!
Victoria C
Victoria C 7 months ago
I literally just asked what shoe that was in your workout vid lol! thanks girl! ILYSM
Alyssa Kovatchis
Alyssa Kovatchis 7 months ago
These are also sold at whole foods and they are DELICIOUS
Virginia Estrada
Virginia Estrada 7 months ago
Where do you buy your plants?!
Madison Leigh
Madison Leigh 8 months ago
chica where did you get the initials necklace??? its so dang cute. also ily ok thank you
silver_04 8 months ago
Omg you remind me so much of Gina from Brooklyn nine nine 😂😂 loveeee it
Chloe MaryKay
Chloe MaryKay 8 months ago
You can get a huge bag of the chips at sams club!!
Ina by Design
Ina by Design 8 months ago
Lol I would kill to have small boobs. But have you tried using a push up bra?
AMY JANE LEO 8 months ago
Love your videos
Haley Norkus
Haley Norkus 8 months ago
Where is the initial necklace from?!
Morgan Hoisington
Morgan Hoisington 8 months ago
Omg yes the pop corners flex are soooo good! My BF thinks they’re gross lol.
Jade Seenarine
Jade Seenarine 8 months ago
Please do a what i eat in a day video! We haven't seen one in like forever!😘
Elizabeth 8 months ago
I wanted to know where the hat was from!!
JoBeth Rice
JoBeth Rice 8 months ago
Listen I LOVE those silk slip scrunchies, but my small ones have stretched out sooo bad. Like they fit around my wrist twice. Do you (or does anyone) know anyone know how to shrink them back?!
Afra Al Muhairi
Afra Al Muhairi 8 months ago
updated gym bag essentials !
Mary Will
Mary Will 8 months ago
They have giant bags of the flex chips at sams club !!!
Gabby Lopez
Gabby Lopez 8 months ago
Can you please make a video for your plant lovers and how you care for your fiddle leaf fig trees! Sunlight (where to keep them), how/when and how much to water them, etc. ❤️
JazzyJoy 8 months ago
The pop FLEX are also at Tj Maxx 😻😻
Hope Mireles
Hope Mireles 8 months ago
Did you customize your workout shoes?
Ankitha Iyer
Ankitha Iyer 8 months ago
Whitney, you're literally my favorite person on the planet
Laura Crigler
Laura Crigler 8 months ago
I’m still laughing at your grow light 😂
Alexis Smith
Alexis Smith 8 months ago
String of Pearls!! I was so excited to see that (I work at a greenhouse over the summer) She is such a popular plant😍
DannyDevan 8 months ago
the plant bit... i'm dead hahaha
Alex Clausen
Alex Clausen 8 months ago
I love Tati, too!
Yolanda Chen [Books & Makeup]
Yolanda Chen [Books & Makeup] 8 months ago
Costco has those protein popcorners! It's so good
Kayla Ebner
Kayla Ebner 8 months ago
Red is such a beautiful color on you wowza!! Slayyyy
Jaclyn Galbraith
Jaclyn Galbraith 8 months ago
Where are you necklaces from? I love them!
Jessie Pipes
Jessie Pipes 8 months ago
Why is she so dang cute lol your personality shines girl!
Kiranjot B
Kiranjot B 8 months ago
I found the flex cheddar and sour cream flavor on amazon! I don’t love the flavor, the regular pop corners are so much better but bbq looks so yummy
Kiranjot B
Kiranjot B 8 months ago
Also Costco sells a variety pack I believe!
Katie Dubs
Katie Dubs 8 months ago
Wrinkles? Liiiiieeeees I already copied your concealers! 🤣🤣🤣 ok on your hair journey you gotta add Davines! Game changer.
Jaymie Chowning
Jaymie Chowning 8 months ago
Whitney showing off her string of pearls succulent is the level of happy I'm tryin to be!
Melissa Guerrero
Melissa Guerrero 9 months ago
How do you wash the blendiful anyways ?
Paulina Cobian
Paulina Cobian 9 months ago
Whitney got slip hair scrunchies so I got slip hair scrunchies! I found them at Marshall's for $19.99!!
Clista Gussler
Clista Gussler 9 months ago
Where did you get your beautiful hat from that is in the picture before clicking on the video? 😻
Nikki Mc
Nikki Mc 9 months ago
Have you tried vitamin b / niacinamide serum for your acne ?? I used to break out around my chin and this is product is LIFECHANGING !!
theresa hutchins
theresa hutchins 9 months ago
Omg those necklaces togetherrrr 👏👏
Nicole 9 months ago
“I love them so much that’s all you need to know “ lol
Melissa 9 months ago
How do you curl your hair?
Rebecca Osborn
Rebecca Osborn 9 months ago
I just really enjoy you 💜
Katie Toups
Katie Toups 9 months ago
Soooo. I was feeling pretty good about the things I got rn whether it’s makeup, hair ties, food, you know.. the usual. But uhhh I now have a very long list of things that I titled “BUY NOW” 😅 thank you very much. My hubby just bought new tires for his truck (he rlly needed them tho) so I get to buy myself all this and it’ll still be a fraction of the price 😂
Lauren Sanders
Lauren Sanders 9 months ago
Girl that color on you IS FIRE 🔥
Caitlin Elizabeth
Caitlin Elizabeth 9 months ago
I would love to see a workout legging dupe video, and see them perform during workouts as well. I see amazon dupes for gymshark/ Lululemon but can’t bring myself buy them. Also maybe a protein powder/ preworkout dupe or recommendation video including how they specifically help your body in recovery or performance.
Claudia Ramirez
Claudia Ramirez 9 months ago
You and that plant 🤓 the cutest!
CLR R 9 months ago
I love your beautiful face in the thumbnail!! So glowy and pretty!! Love the video! Can you do a makeup of why you did in the thumbnail?❤❤❤
Sabrina Tordesillas
Sabrina Tordesillas 9 months ago
Pleeaassee do a plant care video!!! My fiddle died 😔
Lauren Heidenga
Lauren Heidenga 9 months ago
Am I the only one who LOVES favorites videos?!
Carina Oliveira
Carina Oliveira 9 months ago
Love it 😍 I was trying to find where you to talk your hair since you had breakage on your hair and what u did to help you but I can’t find it 🙁
K&M Vandehei
K&M Vandehei 9 months ago
I’ve seen the Flex chips at Sams Club
Deserea Cramm
Deserea Cramm 9 months ago
I get the flex at Costco!!
Chelcie 9 months ago
They sell the flex chips at GNC. Incase anyones looking. Love you Witney! Thanks for another great video❤❤
Lindsay Sutherland
Lindsay Sutherland 9 months ago
Please tell me you have a video on how you do your hair...I needs to know how!
Nicole Huber
Nicole Huber 9 months ago
When are you going to show where your recent bathing suits are from!?
Gabriella Rossantelli
Gabriella Rossantelli 9 months ago
I’ve been dealing with acne after stopping my birth control for some time but watch orangic olivias video about acne!! L-lysine and zinc have changed my life!!!
Ellie Nash
Ellie Nash 9 months ago
Okkkk... Whitney did you know Jojo said HOT FIRE FLAMES!! I love you and I love her and I’m in love with the idea that she watches you.. I KNOW THIS DOES NOT MATTER BUT AHHHHHHH
Kate O'Malley
Kate O'Malley 9 months ago
Welp bought this shirt immediately 😂❤️
Lolia Festus-Abibo
Lolia Festus-Abibo 8 months ago
where is it from!
angelarenee 9 months ago
Popcorners flex were at COSTCO near me 😬😁
Lauryn Forkins
Lauryn Forkins 9 months ago
Sam’s Club has big bags of Flex chips!! 😍 I had to restock mine yesterday 😃
Emily Freeman
Emily Freeman 9 months ago
For all my southerners I found a HUGE bag of bbq flex chips at SAMS today!! You better believe I bought those and thanked the good sweet Lord while I did!
19 81
19 81 9 months ago
I love Whitney's love and appreciation for her plants, it's funny and cute.
jennifer o
jennifer o 9 months ago
I've seen the Popcorners Flex at Aldi recently
nadiap03 9 months ago
Snack Kween 👑
Hiske van H
Hiske van H 9 months ago
‘If you don’t like plans you can just skip 30 seconds’ , skipped 3 minutes: Whitney still talking about the plant 😂
Salvibby 9 months ago
Those flex chips are also at Aldi nd sams 😁
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis 9 months ago
Can you do a video on the things you’ve done for your hair for regrowth?! Thanks! Love watching your videos!
Denise Huerta
Denise Huerta 9 months ago
lmao at the end "am i ok?" me everyday. 😂😂
Deeds D. Schwind
Deeds D. Schwind 9 months ago
Loving that proud plant momma moment!🌱🙂
Kuja Akina
Kuja Akina 9 months ago
Try Air Max Bella 2! I love it for leg dayzzzz
Heather 9 months ago
I love your string of pearls! I have a small collection of succulents and I need a sting of Pearl's in my life!
The Walking Trainer
The Walking Trainer 9 months ago
It's no secret, You Have to Keep on Moving, right...
Carley Deaton
Carley Deaton 9 months ago
They have the flex protein crisp at Sam's Club!
Karen Beal
Karen Beal 9 months ago
Plant video please!!!! I bought a lot of indoor plants and I don’t want to kill em!
Megan Mallory
Megan Mallory 9 months ago
The last time you posted a workout video was 2 months ago. Maybe it’s time to change the “fit tips with Whit” to “lifestyle tips with Whit”
Morgan Hall
Morgan Hall 9 months ago
The pop corners flex chips are at Publix!!!😻
Kenetrice Nichole
Kenetrice Nichole 9 months ago
I just love Whitney so much. She makes my mood instantly better anytime I watch her.
sara kosberg
sara kosberg 9 months ago
I have been wearing your gymshark collection shorts a lot lately, really love it
Jessica Cunningham
Jessica Cunningham 9 months ago
That hat though!!!!
Sierra Herale
Sierra Herale 9 months ago
Girlllllll I’ve been trying to figure out where you got that shirt!!!!!?? So cute!
SpringTime 9 months ago
Girl- your videos bring me so much joy. Thank you for always being so positive and funny. I was wondering if you would ever consider doing videos about positivity, like more chatty videos. Something for us to watch when we ended a little bit of that Whitney energy in our lives, ya know? Love ya, keep bein you 😎
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 9 months ago
So happy I found your channel, your happy and positive vibes always brighten my day 😊 thank you!
Rhonda Williams
Rhonda Williams 9 months ago
How enjoyable you are. Thank you for the tips.
jekawh 9 months ago
How do you keep your white shoes clean??
Everyday I'm BRUSSELIN'
Everyday I'm BRUSSELIN' 9 months ago
The little black strap on the blendiful flips so you can use both sides.
h3ll0ashl33 9 months ago
It makes my days so much better watching your videos! GIRLLLLLL 😩❤️❤️ Love so much Whitney!
Lotte G.
Lotte G. 9 months ago
This year I also got into plants and restarted my fitness journey, the string of pearls makes me so happy 🤣
trisha carter
trisha carter 9 months ago
I want to see your nails up close!!
Brenda Michelle
Brenda Michelle 9 months ago
Wow love this video ! Super inspiring 🥰 makes me want to try on my channel but I’m not sure I can have this much confidence . Please subscribe to my channel 💞 NEW USpostsR HERE !
isabel soto
isabel soto 9 months ago
OKAY but I had to go ON NIKE and customize my own all white pair 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 yaaaas. We love a stylish gym queen 👑
Debra Carlson
Debra Carlson 9 months ago
Have you tried the Kodiak Cakes graham crackers?! They are definitely my favorite snackarooni this month.
Vika 9 months ago
Yass, you and your succulent. Loved that part lol
Jessabelle 9 months ago
Why are you so perfect you know? Ok. Ok. Whispers *Perfectttt* ok listen Linda’s lol
whatevdev 9 months ago
How in the heckinbob do you keep your white shoes clean. I think we'd all like to know :)
Ashleynicoolee 9 months ago
How do you clean your white sneakers ?! My metcons are so filthy lol
Hannah Hawkins
Hannah Hawkins 9 months ago
Hey!!! You’ve been sooo inspiring, more than you know! Could I ask? What camera do you use? Thinking about getting started in this USposts world!
Anna Nelson
Anna Nelson 9 months ago
please do a spring outfit idea video!!!
Courtney Ball
Courtney Ball 9 months ago
I have found those Flex Popcorners at Aldi 😊
S C 9 months ago
Requesting a sneaker collection and try on please!
Tiffany Welter
Tiffany Welter 9 months ago
You can buy the protein pop corners at sams club in the jumbo bag!!!!!
Tamara Power
Tamara Power 9 months ago
Katie S
Katie S 9 months ago
Whitney, literally JUST bought a big bag of the flex at Sams Club Today! Love them!!! Get someone to hook you up girl.
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