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Whitney Simmons

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PRODUCT EMPTIES! All the makeup, skincare, haircare and body products i've used up... and if I repurchased them.
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Bailey Green
Bailey Green Month ago
Whit: ✨ Product empties! ✨ All of us, including the fly: 👁️👄👁️📝
Corinne Bosch
Corinne Bosch Month ago
Whitney Simmons what eyeshadow were you wearing? I LOVE it
Lianakayarr Month ago
Flies are having their moment right now 😂
kassandra E
kassandra E Month ago
elisabeth bousdas same! 😂💀
elisabeth bousdas
elisabeth bousdas Month ago
Whitney Simmons
Whitney Simmons Month ago
😂😂😂😂😂 CRYING
Aneisa Hicks
Aneisa Hicks Day ago
I love your empties videos! Keep em coming
lexi Day ago
TULA is the absolute best--I decided to try it because of you and Libby and my skin has gotten so much better!! i love it!! thank you for recommending ((:
Elena Agapii
Elena Agapii Day ago
I bought GreenClean, it doesn't remove any makeup, and I don't use any of the waterproof stuff. I am not sure what is the hype about, it is awful. Such a waste of money. Has anyone had the same experience as I did?
Hailey Forrest
Hailey Forrest 4 days ago
Is tula ok for skin with rosacea
Soha Salama
Soha Salama 11 days ago
Where are your top from whitney?
Natalia Tsinnie
Natalia Tsinnie 11 days ago
Love it!!!!! So much. I love you whit thank you so much!
Beth 11 days ago
WHIT! You need to try the Saint Jane C Drops! They are an AMAZING dupe for the skinceuticals product you showed. Clean, effective, and a fraction of the cost. You'll love them!
Kathy MacGregor
Kathy MacGregor 11 days ago
That skin is deweylious!! Can you please tell us what is on your eyeslids?
Alli Howe
Alli Howe 14 days ago
I've got my boyfriend saying "heckinbob" now.😂
Katarzyna Gąsior
Katarzyna Gąsior 16 days ago
Can you please tell us what did you use for your eyebrows on the video?
Nicole Berdar
Nicole Berdar 18 days ago
where is this top from?!
Alejandra Velazquez
Alejandra Velazquez 18 days ago
Please do a closet haul! I love your outfits!
Raquel Wynn
Raquel Wynn 20 days ago
Whit do you feel like your balm cleanser gets off waterproof mascara?! I literally can't find anything that melts that away and I 100% trust you 🤣🥰❤
Raisa Krause
Raisa Krause 25 days ago
“Just around the bits and bobs” 💀💀💀
Kelsea Nova
Kelsea Nova 26 days ago
Greg Doucette did a video on you.
Thea Ouch
Thea Ouch 27 days ago
Got yourself a new guy what happened to the Gruman or Cruman dude?
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 28 days ago
I love all Sarah’s products 💛💛
CoolStoryJo Month ago
Woo, what is that nail color though!?
Kourtney Leech
Kourtney Leech Month ago
Can you do updated skincare routine??? Also touch on what helped your hormonal acne 🤪
Andrea Reanne
Andrea Reanne Month ago
Love these !!! Also, where did you get your top?!! Looooove it
brenda9708 Month ago
Can you do a skin care routineeee!? PRETTY PLEASE 🥺
Gracie Daw
Gracie Daw Month ago
Love Brow flick! If you store it upside down it keeps the applicator juicy with product and I find it lasts a little longer! 💕✨
Hayleigh Catya
Hayleigh Catya Month ago
If a product is drying out like a mascara or brow gel, if you put a drop of contact/saline solution in it then bam it’s like brand new. I’ve halved the amount of mascara I’ve had to by because mine doesn’t dry out.
Lindsay Kirschner
Lindsay Kirschner Month ago
Dorothea Gordijev
Dorothea Gordijev Month ago
Wow!!! Looking through USposts or should I say USposts surfing in 2016 you really were down to earth!!!! What happened???? Your like not yourself.. Like it so apparent! Just shocking!
Kala Moss
Kala Moss Month ago
To avoid brow pens from drying up prematurely, use the brow flick on completely clean skin. Any gel/wax/soap will clog up the brush tip. I used to use soap brows and then go in with my brow pen and was wondering why it would dry up or get clogged. Now that I do it on clean skin it goes on better and lasts longer. Also, be sure to store it upside down and the brush tip will always have product in it.
Emilia Miramontes
Emilia Miramontes Month ago
Whits makeup is on point I love the sparkles on her eyelids 😍
Ioanna Mamoulidou
Ioanna Mamoulidou Month ago
I'm new to watching Whitney and my soul is sooooo happy I found her.
Amanda Janosik
Amanda Janosik Month ago
Can you please share where your top is from?!🥺💕
Jenna Gress
Jenna Gress Month ago
The fly sent me Hahahahahaha
Debra Carlson
Debra Carlson Month ago
More empties! What else you got? What fridge empties can you show us? 😆
Asia Bowman
Asia Bowman Month ago
Love the energy!! Need to know where to find this shirt?!❤️
Meghan Magee
Meghan Magee Month ago
Flies are having their YEAR
victoria4855 Month ago
Hey!! You mentioned the nessesaire body wash what scent do you recommend!?
Debbie George
Debbie George Month ago
I only use toner in the summer months.
Awesome BnK
Awesome BnK Month ago
I love your top 😍😍😍
Jung-Won Guo
Jung-Won Guo Month ago
I had no idea you were such a skincare girl. this really excited that my two USposts worlds have collided
marcos gomes
marcos gomes Month ago
Zindee Month ago
I love how dramatic you are 😂 I’m like YES 👏🏼 GIRL 👏🏼 SING AND DANCE IT OUT 👏🏼 YES 👏🏼
Judea Contreras
Judea Contreras Month ago
Okay you're rich! I love Tatcha!
Bekah Foster
Bekah Foster Month ago
Just ordered the retinol and I can’t wait! Also, please share where this top is from! It’s so cute!
whatevdev Month ago
Whitney....girl..... CHICKA... Can you just do a little snip of what your living room looks like after you throw everything across the room 🤣 I can’t be the only one who is curious
Alessandra Martinez
Alessandra Martinez Month ago
Please do a night time skin routine!! Would love to know what moisturizer you use at night for this dry skin 🥺
Emma Rumble
Emma Rumble Month ago
MORE EMPTIESSSSS. Please. Thank you
Stormie Lynn
Stormie Lynn Month ago
LOVE THESE VIDEOS!! Keep me coming
Samantha Martz
Samantha Martz Month ago
The vitamin C serum has a hefty price tag, but since I've been watching Whitney's videos for so long that I can tell that her skin is looking better than it was 3+ years ago sooooo, imma take her advice on the serum and the retinol. (I also have dry skin, and it only get worse in my cold AF city during the winter) I've been using The Ordinary vitamin C and it's sticky and doesn't feel like it soaks into my skin, and I've also been using DE retinol for 6+ months and I still peel when I use it. So annoying. If I remember I'll give an update after I use both of them.
Lu Cullinan
Lu Cullinan Month ago
What do you think about lash serums? I wans't a believer until I tried LiLash and now I can't live without! My lashes are SO LONG!
Colbi Maison
Colbi Maison Month ago
can you please please answer where your red top is from in your engagement Q&A video :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jamie Month ago
PLEASE recycle all these by properly cleaning them and removing caps!
Caity Turner
Caity Turner Month ago
I have excema and sensitive skin too and you should also check out Kosas unscented deodorant! It's awesome and it also helps prevent ingrown hairs!
Tiffany Collins
Tiffany Collins Month ago
Lmao BITS AND BOBS. 🤣🤣 rewatched that part a couple times lol
Danielle Jenson
Danielle Jenson Month ago
You can sell ANYTHING. anythinggggggg. and we love it.
Jenny Decker
Jenny Decker Month ago
Try the Ordinary! They're super cheap and they have squalane that I use for my face and I LOVE. I think it's cheaper/ oz than the one you showed!
Richelle Ward
Richelle Ward Month ago
You are my favorite person in the influencer world. Love this topic too
Gabriela Walker
Gabriela Walker Month ago
U da best sis
Lauren Brennan
Lauren Brennan Month ago
can you plz plz plz plzzzz do an updated night time skin care routine video??
John Paul Mitchell Systems
John Paul Mitchell Systems Month ago
Yess! Undone Texture hairspray FTW!!
Shelby Taylor
Shelby Taylor Month ago
" Not in, just around the bits and bobs" lmao. You always brighten up my day!
kelsey rodgers
kelsey rodgers Month ago
Does anyone know if she has night routine with the products she mentioned here. A while ago I bought some Tula items because of her and I really liked them! I have dry skin like her so I just purchased the essence and some retinol. I’m considering buying vitamin c as well, but I’m started to think I’m going to be so confused about how to use all these products when they get here
Josselyne Escalante
Josselyne Escalante Month ago
Whit please tell us where this top is from 😩 it’s so cute!
AmandaTheJourney Month ago
omgawd, why you suuuuch a cutie girl !! . 😍
Taylor Ross
Taylor Ross Month ago
Whitney! Do you not take BCAAs?? If you do, what flavour is your fav?? If not, why?? 💗
Ashley coco
Ashley coco Month ago
can you please do a makeup video of the make up that you are wearing in your video today! Love your video BTW.
Sophie Hyde
Sophie Hyde Month ago
Whit your videos are my USposts fave! Congratulations to you and Stephen on your engagement! I can’t wait to see the wedding planning and get wedding fit with whit videos!❤️ I had a video series idea while doing a modified ration of one of your leg workouts today at the gym. Would you ever consider doing videos where you do your followers workout routine and give your opinion or critiques? I love your workout videos and would love to see your opinions on our gym routines!
Jasmin Morrison
Jasmin Morrison Month ago
Absolutely love these videos!
Hannah Waller
Hannah Waller Month ago
You are so beautiful 💕 love watching you, you give off the best vibe!
PrettyXo Month ago
We love a long video Whit 💗 thanks for the recommendations xoxo
valérie bérard
valérie bérard Month ago
adding so many things to my carts because of this video🤯 btw you should try the mad hippie vitamin c it’s amazing🤍
Annika Hillerbrand
Annika Hillerbrand Month ago
What nail color?
Alyana Samantha Magpantay
Alyana Samantha Magpantay Month ago
So sad we can’t get your Tula Kit here in the Philippines 😭
Karen Edwards
Karen Edwards Month ago
The cut at 2:07... you know she went after that fly
AnnaJo7777 Month ago
Whitney, what cleaner do you use for your makeup brushes? I was looking through your other products videos and you shared which cleaner you have been using for your eye brushes, but I'd love to see what you've been using for your facial brushes! I love your product videos!
collin featherston
collin featherston Month ago
Have an awesome week, sweetie!!!
Savanna Pierce
Savanna Pierce Month ago
Updated morning and night skincare routines?!
Paige Gammon
Paige Gammon Month ago
Just snagged that hairspray for $11! 🙌🏻 it’s on sale at Ulta and you can use a 20% off coupon babyyyyyy
Megan Month ago
This shirt 😍😍 where from?!?!
Jordan Morales
Jordan Morales Month ago
Please do an updated skincare/makeup routine
Katie M.
Katie M. Month ago
Omg I love you so much but I don’t love how much you promote consumerism 😭 Less is more, save the planet ❤️
courtney cohan
courtney cohan Month ago
Have you used the marc jacobs mascara ?? I like it but have to use another mascara with it that has a finer brush/make your lashes longer first Then the marc jacobs for volume
Wilson Belsi
Wilson Belsi Month ago
the exclusive guide is worked in v1.46 my concern is *RAZORVIEWS* *COM*
Lucie Gaultier
Lucie Gaultier Month ago
the exclusive guide has truly in v2.11 my concern is *RAZORVIEWS* *COM*
SLT22xx Month ago
Please can you do a video on your psoriasis. How Stephan has dealt with it. What chemicals you use on your skin. (Retinol on your face etc) what you do to keep it in check with your diet, supplements etc!! 😃😃
Taylor Schleinitz
Taylor Schleinitz Month ago
Whitney store your glossier brow flick standing straight up with the felt tip on the bottom! It will help your product last longer because all of the product will drain to the bottom (: it's made mine last so much longer! Also the mac equivalent of the brow flick is the OG and is THE BEST! Seriously recommend!!
Erika Torres
Erika Torres Month ago
Whit I have a fitness question hopefully u can get back to me: so I have an apple body shape and my legs are skinnier than my body I was wondering if you could change your body shape like add fat to legs and keep most of my fat there I’ve done this before but I stopped going to the gym then so my point is can u keep your body fat there for a long period of time.? And in that certain place
Morgan L
Morgan L Month ago
Best empties video ever. Girl, I had oily skin my whole life til I was 30. Then I got DEhydrated. And I will tell you- I agree. Oily is better. Dry skin is a jerk.
Yessica Ayala
Yessica Ayala Month ago
I used to use the same vitamin c from skinceuticals, but I didn’t like price tag 🏷 of $169. I found the exact dupe. Same ingredients and everything, it’s only $20 (1oz) brand is called Seoul Ceuticals on Amazon.
Lauren Bearup
Lauren Bearup Month ago
you have this power over me where everything you say i wanna purchase immediately and i have to physically restrain myself to avoid going broke. but i love you.
Katja Harling
Katja Harling Month ago
Major love, keep piling up that trash girl 😍😂🥰
Callie Haake
Callie Haake Month ago
You talk about having dry skin, and the obagi Vitamin C you’re holing looks like the 20% which contains very little “oil like” properties making it a good option for very oily skin types. You would have been happier with the 10% as it has more “oil” in it, making it suitable for dry skin types. I’m a medical esthetician at a medical spa and we carry these products and I’ve studied them very well.
Zoe Lou
Zoe Lou Month ago
G Barc
G Barc Month ago
really shows how much waste makeup produces- thinking of all those containers in the landfill for the next 100 years or more
Helene T
Helene T Month ago
Thanks for info xoxoxo 😍🥰 question: should I get there Marc Jacobs eyelash primer or the Lancôme mascara? I’m only letting myself get one ☝️😂🤣
Rylee C
Rylee C Month ago
SKIN. CARE. ROUTINE. Both night and morning pleeeease❤️❤️
Carmina Mejia
Carmina Mejia Month ago
I love your videos! What is the name of the natural pink deodorant?
Kayla Marie
Kayla Marie Month ago
Pls do a Skincare routine!!!
mehakpreet kaur
mehakpreet kaur Month ago
Imagine whitney picking up everything she’s throwing in the air after the video.😂
Your personality is amazing!!! Love watching your videos!
Practically Home
Practically Home Month ago
I love your story telling about products. haha
Jordan Herrera
Jordan Herrera Month ago
Actually dying at the “not IN, just around the bits and bobs” 😂 totally going to be stuck in my head
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